Chapter 165: Cosmic Celestial Magic Spell

Seeing such action of Xiao Yi, the heart of Long Yi jumped irregularly in disorder. What does this little girl want to do? If she really wanted to have a sexual relationship with him, then that would be too unbelievable, moreover, she had no reason to behave this way.

While Long Yi was pondering, Xiao Yi had already shyly taken off all of her clothing, revealing her **. Although her appearance was not the best, but her body was pretty good. Her snow-white skin was glossy, had ivory colored luster, and appeared smooth and elastic. Her pair of ** proudly stood upright on her bosom, and two bright red dots on them could cleanse people’s will, and her pretty waist was very thin and soft. And in the thin fine hairs between her thighs, a maiden’s mysterious private parts were indistinctly visible.

Long Yi who had slightly opened his eyes had a panoramic view of everything and was forced to spend a lot of perseverance to stop his little brother from getting ready to make trouble.

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Xiao Yi squatted down, supported Long Yi to sit up, and then she sat behind Long Yi. After that, she lightly placed her jade hands on his head and cervical vertebra, and began reciting obscure difficult to understand incantation.

Along with the chanting sound of Xiao Yi, the three-dimensional star-shaped pattern inside the secret room began to fluctuate, and rays of light flowed down, forming a mysterious runes seals above the naked body of two people. And the expression of Xiao Yi became more and more pious, and her crisp voice suddenly became hoarse, and the hands that were pressing against the body of Long Yi also became almost transparent.

Long Yi only felt as if there was a vast universe within his body, and he was surrounded by countless stars and constellations, moreover, a number of scattered memory fragments flew over inside his brain, which were being led to his consciousness by a warm aura.

Long Yi was abruptly startled and awakened by this beautiful feeling. Although he didn’t know what had happened, however, knew that this was all an illusion, and was the doing of this strange girl behind him. Long Yi’s consciousness sunk and arrived at his innermost consciousness, then he used powerful spirit power to firmly guard himself.

The chanting voice of Xiao Yi became more and more urgent, and her charming body also trembled involuntarily. And the runes above the body of these two people began to flicker, moreover, with each flicker, it became dimmer.

“Puff.” Xiao Yi suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood on the back of Long Yi, and her charming body softly fell down. After that, the two runes above the body of both people disappeared thoroughly, and the star-shaped pattern of the secret room also disappeared in the air. Furthermore, the constellation carved on the stone walls also revert back to the same old way, as if everything that had happened just now was an illusion.

Long Yi opened his eyes, wipe the blood from his back, but he however didn’t notice a dark red mark was already engraved on his skin. And after he put on his clothing, he turned around. He saw Xiao Yi was lying on the bed, her transparent pupils were dim without any luster, and she was absent-mindedly watching him.

Long Yi pulled a piece of cloth and covered the body of Xiao Yi and said indifferently: “Say, what did you want to do?”

Xiao Yi struggled to sit up, and without answering Long Yi’s question, she softly asked: “Weren’t you awake all along?”

“Yes.” Long Yi nodded his head.

Xiao Yi softly sighed and muttered: “The will of Heaven is hard to fathom. Even using Cosmic Celestial Magic Spell, it was also in vain.”

“Cosmic Celestial Magic Spell? What are you talking about?” Long Yi frowned and asked.

Xiao Yi raised her head, then watching Long Yi’s those black pupils that arose terror, her transparent pupils had a trace of Long Yi’s black pupil. And as if her pupils also changed into black, she muttered: “You should have God’s will and life, so how can I predict? Master and I, both of us are wrong, we vainly hoped to defy the heaven to change fate, we should suffer the wrath of Heaven.”

The eyes of Xiao Yi became increasingly dim, and she had faint sadness and loneliness expression. She was alone when she born, and now she again was alone when she was about to die. She shook her head in a self-deprecating manner and said lightly: “The mechanism to open the door is that square metal, pull it to the right side and the magic door will open, then you can go out.”

Long Yi got up and flew past the stone platform, then after walking two steps, he couldn’t help but turn around his head, and saw Xiao Yi slowly closing her eyes, softly falling down.

Long Yi’s heart tightened, and in a flash, he came down and supported the charming body of Xiao Yi. He then discovered that her bodily function was getting weaker and weaker, and her vital signs were slowly disappearing. Long Yi immediately used true qi to protect her heart’s vein, and softly called out: “Xiao Yi, wake up.”

Xiao Yi somewhat arduously opened her eyes, and said powerlessly: “Why are you still here?”

Long Yi secretly sighed, after coming to this world, his heart seemed to have softened. If it was his previous incarnation, then with regarding such a woman who had treated him like this, he would have ignored, but now he was somewhat unable to bear, or perhaps because Xiao Yi had never had any thoughts of killing him.

“Tell me, how can I save you?” Long Yi asked.

The dim eyes of Xiao Yi brightened a bit, then she said with great difficulty: “I just treated you like this, but you still want to save me?”

“Then I will ask you, if your Cosmic Celestial Magic Spell had succeeded, then would I have died?” Long Yi asked.

“No, just your fate would have been transferred.” Xiao Yi replied.

“That’s it. In fact, I never believed in fate, as long as I am not dead, I think I will obtain all the things I want, relying on my own effort as before.” Long Yi lightly laughed and said.

Xiao Yi blankly looked at Long Yi, a trace of blood suddenly flowered down from the corner of her mouth.

Long Yi got impatient in his heart and asked: “Just speak, in the end, how can I save you?”

Xiao Yi weakly laughed and said: “In fact, you are the only one in this world that can save me, as long as you drip a drop of your blood in the space between my brows, I will be saved.”

Long Yi was stunned, so simple? Could it be that my blood is an immortal medicine that can bring a dying person back to the life? But seeing Xiao Yi was about to die already, he didn’t think much about it and cut open his finger, then dripped a drop of his blood in the space between Xiao Yi’s eyebrows. This drop of blood quickly entered into her skin, and suddenly a glistening red light flashed.

Long Yi only felt a burning sensation on his back, and unexpectedly a red light passed through his robe and came out. And in the pale complexion of Xiao Yi, gradually redness appeared, and her dim pupils also revert back to lustrous.

Now in the space between the eyebrows of Xiao Yi, a speck of red blood mark appeared, which looked just like a small mole. This actually increased her charm.

Xiao Yi got up from the bosom of Long Yi, and somewhat complexly looking at Long Yi, she suddenly fell down to her knees, and softly said: “Slave Xiao Yi greets master.”

Long Yi was stunned, and looking at Xiao Yi, for a moment, he didn’t know how to react. And Xiao Yi also motionlessly knelt on his ground.

Only after a long while, Long Yi came back to his senses and pulling up Xiao Yi, he asked in surprise: “What are you doing? I never asked you to become my slave ah.”

“Slave’s essence blood had already entered into the body of Master, and with a blood contract, you bestowed me a life, this…this is the will of Heaven.” Xiao Yi indifferently said.

“Blood contract? Essence blood?” Long Yi totally confused. Could it be that just now dripping a drop of blood in the space between the eyebrows of Xiao Yi was the blood medium to complete blood contract?”

Don’t know from where but Xiao Yi took out a magic mirror, then walking towards Long Yi, she pulled down Long Yi robe, exposing his entire right shoulder, then placed a magic mirror behind his body.

Long Yi slightly turned his head, then in the magic lamp, he saw a star-shaped dark red blood mark on his right shoulder. He suddenly recalled Xiao Yi vomiting blood on his back. Could it be that that was her essence blood?

“Slave vainly hoped to defy the heaven to transfer the fate, and this is the wrath of Heaven. My essence blood has already entered into the body of Master, if not for the blood contract of Master, the only path for this slave would have been death.” Xiao Yi gently helped Long Yi to tidy his clothes, and said.

“So it was like that. Then can I ask, who do you want to transfer my fate to? Was it your brother Tyrant Bear?” Long Yi asked.

The complexion of Xiao Yi changed, then gritting her teeth, she said: “Please forgive this slave for not being unable to answer this. In any case, I can’t reveal it, if Master is angry, then you can take back the life of this slave.”

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile: “Forget it, why are you calling yourself a slave, you are still Xiao Yi. Although there is a blood contract between us, but I don’t intend to use this to threaten you.”

“The fact is fact, that is unable to change. Now Xiao Yi is no longer former Xiao Yi, she is only the slave of Master.” Xiao Yi indifferently said, and her tone revealed a little unwilling feeling.

Although the matter had dramatically developed to this point, he however was unwilling to get entangled with Xiao Yi. Then walking straight to magic door, he said: “Let’s end the matters here, since you insist on recognizing me as your master, then be obedient and listen to my words, I will return back first, and if you have nothing to do, don’t come looking for me.”

Long Yi opened the magic door and left, leaving behind Xiao Yi blanking standing in the same place.

Long Yi returned to the dormitory and discovered Ling Feng still haven’t rested. It seems he was waiting for his return.

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Seeing Long Yi had returned, Ling Feng immediately got up and walked towards her bedroom, and her expression seemed quite relaxed.

“Why on earth are you leaving after you see me? Still angry?” Long Yi pulled the hand of Ling Feng and said with a smile.

“Angry? Why would I be angry?” Ling Feng confusedly asked, pretending to be really confused.

“Are you still asking me? Today morning, weren’t you angry? Say, weren’t you jealous?” Long Yi smirked and asked.

“Jea…jealous, what sort of joke is this, whose vinegar did I eat ah?” Ling Feng stutteringly said feeling somewhat agitated.

“Of course you ate my vinegar, you boy, aren’t you secretly in love with Shui Ruoyan, otherwise when I said that I will sleep with her tonight, why were you so angry?” Long Yi smiled and said. But he was depressed in his heart, if Ling Feng, this boy was really in love with Shui Ruoyan, then what should he do ah?

“I don’t care who you sleep with, or who you love, and I definitely don’t like that old woman.” Ling Feng said.

Long Yi was dumbfounded, and hearing his words, he felt something was wrong. But seeing the pondering appearance of Long Yi, the face of Ling Feng reddened, and getting rid of Long Yi’s hand, she ran into her bedroom.

“What is this boy thinking? Why is he so grumpy like a woman?” Long Yi shook his head and muttered, then returning back to his room, he meditated.

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