Chapter 166: Adventure Convention

Time passed slowly, and Long Yi’s days also passed without any great waves. He threw himself into the sea of books as well as the research of magic compression and magic combination. Once in a while, he would go to the class to play with female classmates, and would also accompany Ximen Wuhen to have a meal. He seems to forget about Mea Empress and also Xiao Yi, this newly acquired slave.

In these days, Long Yi had achieved initial success in magic compression. Now the casting speed of compressed magic had shortened by several times. And he discovered that the more he compressed the gap between the elements, the more the might of the magic, but the consumption of energy and magical power was also was much more. So he felt that it was not necessary to compress the magic until it was no longer possible to compress, as long as the compression was only one-fifth of his previous compression, the effect was already very good. Moreover, the speed would also be a lot faster. Although it was still too slow compared to casting only magic without compression, but at least he had substantial progress.

Moreover, a matter that was worth becoming happy was, Ximen Wuhen finally break through the realm of Advance Magician and officially stepped into Master Magician realm. At that time, when Long Yi and Ling Feng were meditating, they suddenly heard someone slamming the door of their room. And after opening the door, Ximen Wuhen excitedly shouted and hugged his neck, and just like a little girl, she happily shouted and also danced around, which was the most intimate gesture she had ever shown to him so far. On that evening, in order to celebrate the breakthrough of Ximen Wuhen, Ling Feng, Long Yi and Ximen Wuhen went to Intoxicated Fragrant Building and had a big celebration till dawn without restraint. And the relation between Long Yi and Ximen Wuhen suddenly became closer, and as for Ling Feng, his attitude was rather strange. He treated Ximen Wuhen so nicely, that this made Long Yi think that he was coveting Ximen Wuhen, but this fellow nevertheless would die than to admit it.

Very quickly, the Adventure Convention which was held once every two years in Illusory Magic Forest of Mea Holy Magic Academy was beginning. Practically all the students of Advanced Magic class signed up to participate. This however was not a dangerous treasure hunt, but even if it was dangerous, with the attraction of divine artifact level items, perhaps there would still be many people signing up to participate.

Early in the morning, Long Yi and Ling Feng leisurely walked outside. And staying beside Long Yi for a long time, Ling Feng was unconsciously contaminated by many habits of Long Yi. For instance walking, those unbridled steps were exactly the same as Long Yi. Also, that habit of Long Yi hugging his chest and caressing his chin when he was thinking deeply, Ling Feng had already learned this point accurate to perfection.

When two people, with the same pace, reached the dormitory of Ximen Wuhen, they saw Ximen Wuhen and two other beautiful girls were talking and laughing.

The complexion of Ling Feng immediately changed, he pulled the sleeve of Long Yi and asked: “Why is Yinyin here? Are you messing with me?”

Long Yi innocently shook off Ling Feng and said: “How do I know? Her legs are on her body, so if she wants to come, who can stop her ah.”

After two of them walked over, all three girls looked at them with a smile on their face.

“Eh, teacher Shui Ruoyan, are you here to see us off?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Yes, I am here to send you off all the way until you return.” Shui Ruoyan smiled and said, while slyly looking at Long Yi.

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“You… you’re not going to join us in the Adventure Convention, are you?” Long Yi asked in surprise. He had just asked her to help add Yinyin in his group but did not seem to ask her to come too.

“Why can’t I?” Shui Ruoyan pricked up her eyebrows and said. Now her beautiful eyes were full of smiles.

“But aren’t you a teacher ah?” Long Yi gloomily said. It seems what Ling Feng had said at that time was indeed correct. After Shui Ruoyan had cried in his bosom last time, she frequently pestered him. Sometimes she would initiate a harmless prank, or would frequently tease him. And when Long Yi wanted to go a step forward, she would flee just like a frightened bunny, making Long Yi think that this woman was intentionally toying with him.

“The academy does not stipulate that teachers are not allowed to participate, moreover I am responsible for leading this group.” Shui Ruoyan proudly smiled and said.

Long Yi was speechless. And this moment, Ling Feng however shrunk behind him, and the reason for this was, that idiotic passionate gaze of Yinyin, as if moth meeting fire, was stuck in his body. If it was any other male student in his place, then they would have a big smile on their face, but this kid Ling Feng was continuously avoiding it just like a plague. This was something Long Yi was unable to understand till now. Even if a man doesn’t accept a woman, he also wouldn’t be so cold and heartless.

In fact, Yinyin looked very pretty. Dressed in a light blue magic robe, she looked very beautiful and graceful, and her figure was also very high level. If it was not for the splendor of Ximen Wuhen, this peerless beauty, then she was absolutely a dazzling beauty.

“The time is almost up, we should go to the gathering point of the mountain behind now.” Shui Ruoyan said.

Five people walked towards the mountain behind. And the combination of handsome men and beautiful women attracted a lot of attention, and especially each one of these five people was man and woman of the moment of the academy, so the effect naturally was 200%.

The ancient transmission formation in the mountain behind Holy Magic Academy was a very secluded place. Usually, this place was deserted, because, for the activation of this magic formation, it required a large number of magic cores as well as three Archmage of Magic guild of Mea Principality to unseal it, so even if a person found this place, it wasn’t a big deal.

But this moment, this entire mountain was jam-packed with several thousand students. As a matter of fact, the entire Advance Magic department only had 400 or so students that’s all. And the greater part of students here were the junior students joining in for the fun.

At this moment, a large number of magic cores were already placed, and three Archmages had also already taken up their positions, beginning to chant in low voice. Suddenly, several piles of magic cores began to shine, and with energy circulating in the pattern of the magic formation, entire magic formation began to emit brilliance. This looked extremely beautiful and spectacular, making many on-looking students gasp in amazement.

And at that moment, a teacher began to call out the names of the students from the name list. And one group after another stepped into the magic formation, and they instantly disappeared inside the magic formation.

Soon the name of the group of Long Yi was also called, and after all five of them stepped into this magic formation, they only felt darkness before their eyes, then they immediately felt the state of weightlessness. And after they again opened their eyes, they were already inside a green forest, and with fresh air blowing against their face, they felt very comfortable.

All the students that had entered before them had already spread out. Each group had a map of their own and were assigned to their own area in order to prevent any event of robbing each other. This Illusory Forest was very vast, and only a portion of this forest was marked on the map. And before entering this forest, all the teachers had warned them to not enter the unmarked unknown region, moreover, the time limit of this Adventure Convention was merely two months. Because this transmission formation was too old, once it was activated, it could only be maintained for two months. After two months, it would automatically stop its operation. And after that, if you want to activate again, then you have to wait next two years to open this transmission formation again.

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Long Yi looked at the map for a while, and seeing they were assigned to the northwest area, he waved his hand and shouted: “Advance towards the divine artifact.” Five people quickly rushed towards the northwest direction. And with Long Yi casting few Gale Magic on everybody, their speed was much faster compared to other people.

Although no one was the leader of this group, but everybody subconsciously obeyed the command of Long Yi. His charisma and temperament were too prominent. At that time, when he, Ha Lei and others had formed a group to go to Huangmang plain, he had replaced Ha Lei as the leader of the group unknowingly, and all the layouts and progress were basically under his decision.

Throughout the way, they came across a number of low-leveled magical beasts, which were easily taken care of using magic. Although the magical cores of these magical beasts could be sold for few coins, however, all of them were rich, and they basically didn’t care about these merely C classed magic cores. No need to speak about Long Yi and Ling Feng who practically had an inexhaustible amount of money, Shui Ruoyan who was wearing top grade magic accessories all over her body was also obviously wealthy. And Yinyin was the only daughter of Nalan Empire’s big aristocrat, obviously didn’t lack spending money.

“Where are the treasures ah? How come we aren’t finding any of them?” Yinyin said in her charming voice.

“The reason why treasures are called treasures is naturally because they are rare things, do you think they are stones to find so easily?” Ling Feng who was pestered by Yinyin all along the way angrily said.

“Yes, why didn’t I think of that, Ling Feng, you are so intelligent.” Yinyin charmingly said while looking at Ling Feng with adoring gaze.

Long Yi and other two looked at each other and simultaneously trembled, and thought, are all the girls in love so love-struck idiot?

After traveling for the entire day, Long Yi and his group finally arrived at their assigned area, which was the most west side of the map. But how vast was this area, this was not shown on this map.

Since the sky was already dark, five people camped on the spot and sat together waiting for Long Yi’s specialty which was roasted meat. And with Long Yi and Ling Feng, these two fellows who liked to show off, coupled with Shui Ruoyan who liked to bicker, this place naturally was filled with happy laughter and cheerful voices, just like a camping trip.

Long Yi took out the map, then looking left and right side of the map, he stared at those black area on the map. That was the area where teachers had warned them that they shouldn’t go.

Long Yi clapped his hands to attract the attention of everyone, then said with a smile: “This Illusory Forest opens once every two years, and many people have already come here before to hunt treasures, so I think nearly all the treasures in these areas have already been dug out, so perhaps we might not be able to find any treasure here, wouldn’t that be boring ah?”

The eyes of Ling Feng shone, and looking at Long Yi, she giggled: “You brat, don’t you want to go over there to look?” Pointing towards that dark areas, Ling Feng said.

“No, that place is an uncharted area, if there is an accident, then what would you do?” Shui Ruoyan immediately opposed.

“I say teacher Shui Ruoyan, aren’t you an Archmage, but how come your guts is as small as a mite ah.” Long Yi smirked and said.

“It’s useless to prod, I am a teacher, so I have the final say.” Shui Ruoyan snorted.

“You are my woman, and woman should naturally listen to her man.” Long Yi rolled his eyes and said.

“I…I don’t feel like reasoning with you.” Shui Ruoyan turned her head with ambiguous expression, and her cheeks became rosy.

Long Yi looked at all of them and said: “Since someone opposed, we will use democratic means, raise your hand to vote, and minority obeys the majority. I agree with this proposal.” Long Yi raised his hand first.

“I also agree.” Ling Feng also raised her hand, and Yinyin who followed all the steps of Ling Feng also raised her hand.

As for Ximen Wuhen, she looked at Shui Ruoyan, she actually wanted to raise her hand, but now that the decision was already made, to show consideration to Shui Ruoyan, she also didn’t raise her hand.

Long Yi gave Ximen Wuhen a grateful gaze, and said with a smile: “3:2, this matter is decided, tomorrow we will immediately go over this area.”

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