Chapter 167: Perfect killing combination

Shui Ruoyan snorted to show dissatisfaction, but also no longer opposed. Stopping them was merely her duty as a teacher, but her adventurous traits were not any inferior to Long Yi. At that time, to reach Master Magician realm, she once went deep inside Huangmang plain by herself, nearly losing her life, but she endured through it, successfully rising in rank.

Long Yi looked towards the crescent moon in the sky. It seems there was no difference between this place and Blue Waves Continent. He guessed that this Illusory Magic Forest should not be an independent space, rather a certain corner of Blue Waves Continent.

After eating the delicious roasted meat, they again laughed and chatted with each other for a little while, then unconsciously everyone quieted down, and they blankly stared at the fire. Now other than the popping sound of the bonfire, the surrounding was quiet.

Long Yi patted the knees of Ling Feng, and comfortably lying down, he used her thigh as his head pillow, looking towards the starry sky. He unconsciously recalled Xiao Yi, that mysterious girl, if her Cosmic Celestial Magic Spell was truly successful at that time, then would everything he had possessed obliterate completely?

Ling Feng stare at Long Yi, and seeing him blankly looking towards the sky, she gave up resisting. She seemed to be somewhat accustomed to the body contact with Long Yi.

Suddenly, a crisp wailing sound resounded in the night sky, which was similar to the sound of infant crying. Long Yi immediately got up, and five people looked at each other in blank dismay. One should know that this was Illusory Magic Forest, so how could there be any infant here, they couldn’t help but feel cold on their back and had their hair stand on end.

“Ling Feng, come with me to take a look, as for you three, stay here.” Long Yi immediately instructed.

“No, we’re going together, what are you thinking by casting aside only us three girls here?” Shui Ruoyan pulled the sleeves of Long Yi and said. She had a panic-stricken expression on her face.

“Yes, we’ll go together. What will we do if that terrifying thing came here after you two went away?” Yinyin said.

“Then you all will use magic to attack it ah, otherwise what’s the use of learning magic?” Long Yi helplessly said. Girls however are troublesome ah.

Just then, again infant wailing like sound reverberated through the night sky.

“Ah.” Yinyin was startled and she firmly grasped the arm of Ling Feng.

And this sudden scream of Yinyin made Ximen Wuhen and Shui Ryoyan even more terrified. Then one on the left, and one on the right, they lean closely against Long Yi.

“Second brother, I am afraid, take us together with you.” Ximen Wuhen said in trembling voice.

Long Yi was dumbfounded, among these two women, one was Archmage and other was light magician specializing in exorcizing evil spirits, but both of them were actually afraid like this, this truly was inconceivable. But this was also not surprising, as, if women have someone they could depend upon beside them, then they would generally change and become weak. Besides, this strange cry was indeed scary, and no one had ever heard this kind of cry in Blue Waves Continent. Skeletons and zombies, they all were just the body without a soul, and resentment transforms into specters. But this wailing sound was sharp, which was different from the sound produced by a number of known things. And people are always fearful of the unknown things.

Thinking it was not a good idea to leave behind three girls here, Long Yi decided to take them along.

Five people alertly advanced towards the place from where the sound had come without any magic illumination, otherwise, they would be too obvious. Five people increasingly went deeper, and the trees also become increasingly tall and dense. Now even the moonlight didn’t come in. Fortunately, Long Yi had night vision and serving as an eye for everybody, five people slowly moved forward.

Long Yi used spirit power to make a guard shield in order to cut off their aura.

“Aiya.” Yinyin suddenly staggered and cried.

“What happened?” Long Yi asked.

“Nothing, I merely tripped on the stone of the ground.” Yinyin said feeling somewhat embarrassed.

Long Yi looked down and sideways, and his pupils suddenly shrunk. There weren’t stones on the ground, they clearly were skeletons of magical beasts. Not only one, Long Y discovered scattered bones everywhere.

“Be careful everyone, that monster should be nearby.” Long Yi softly said.

Just then, Ling Feng suddenly moved closer to the ear of Long Yi and whispered: “Yin qi is very dense all around this place, should be a powerful specter here, do you think it is a specter that was wailing?”

“That is a possibility, but I have never heard specter wailing like that.” Long Yi softly said.

“If it is a specter, and if this yin qi was brought about by this thing, then it would be ‘can be discovered but not sought’ best quality material ah.” Ling Feng lightly said. She had a desire in her tone.

“What are you two whispering about? Quickly walk, this place is ghastly, it’s making even my heart feel cold.” Shui Ruoyan said.

“The evil qi in this place is so dense, there should be specter here, I will cast a Holy Light Magic to exorcise it.” Ximen Wuhen was a light magician, so she was naturally more sensitive to this evil qi. After speaking, she immediately began to chant the incantation.

“Don’t, little sister.” Long Yi quickly stopped Ximen Wuhen. Now the matters weren’t clear, so rashly using Holy Light Magic might instead attract trouble.

Ximen Wuhen stopped chanting incantation and softly asked: “Why?”

“Wa.” A sound as if infant wailing came from close proximity, thumping the heart of several people here.

Just then, Long Yi suddenly sniffed, and he smelled a faint smell of blood floating in the air. Then he understood that this was not a specter, as, specter didn’t have an entity, and they directly attack the soul of other living things without injuring the physical body, but now, there was a smell of blood, which proves that the monster in front had an entity. A monster having entity made this place change into a place like this, one can well imagine its strength from this.

And at this moment, the smell of blood got thicker and thicker, so others were also able to smell it. They were not stupid, so they naturally thought this aspect.

Five people slowly moved forward under the lead of Long Yi. And to take precaution against any cases. Long Yi was prepared to summon Violent Light Beast from his dark dimension at any time. But unless it was last resort, he didn’t want to do so.

Suddenly, their front became open and spacious, and the scene appeared before them made them turn pale with fright. Under the moonlight, a gigantic ball-shaped monster stood on the ground, no, it should be mentioned that this monster was a huge head. Its huge mouth occupied two-thirds, and from the remainder places, disgusting long tentacles grew all over. That as if infant wailing sound was issued by this ugly to the extreme monster, and what made people even more surprised was, a transparent specter was intimately floating beside it. Even from so far away, one could feel its tyrannical qi. And every now and then, various kind of magical beasts would come over, then obediently go to the front of this monster. After that, that specter would absorb their soul first, then their physical body would be swallowed by this monster, truly was a perfect killing combination.

Knowing what kind of monster in front of him was, Long Yi wasn’t nervous in his heart. The reason why those magical beasts were obediently coming here to get killed was because of that specter’s spirit power. With its a kind of strange spirit wave, it brought about a kind of hypnotizing effect.

There indeed is no lack of strange things in nature, Long Yi sighed. It was amazing that these two, one yin one yang, things to actually know how to unite. Each took what one needs, naturally could cause people exclaim in admiration. This disgusting looking big headed monster clearly had a weak mobility, could only rely on its infant like wailing to attract its prey, but when the prey notice danger, they would immediately escape, who would obediently deliver itself to get eaten. But this specter made up for this point. Generally, the move of specter also wouldn’t have such big effect. It also needs to rely on this big headed monster’s wailing to attract magical beasts. Judging from this, this specter had actually given rise to some wisdom, so it absolutely was a divine artifact level material in the eyes of Necromancer. Ling Feng also seemed to understand this point.

“Long Yi, what should we do now?” Shui Ruoyan asked. After the matters were clarified, these few women also seemed to have calmed down.

“That evil specter must be eliminated. If it keeps growing, then it will definitely become a calamity to mankind.” Ximen Wuhen said. As a priest of Light Church, she utterly detested all dark things. When she knew Long Yi and Ling Feng were Necromancer in the future, then her reaction of at that time would definitely be interesting to watch.

“You’re right, this specter is already beginning to develop wisdom, absolutely cannot leave it alone.” Long Yi nodded his head. But he was thinking of various ideas within his mind. He didn’t want these three women to hinder him, that way, he would freely obtain this specter.

“I will deal with that specter, you all deal with that monster.” Ximen Wuhen said seriously and took out a magic wand from inside her space ring. She was very clear about the difficulty of dealing with this specter.

Long Yi gave a meaningful glance at Ling Feng, then catching the little hand of Ximen Wuhen, he said: “With I, your second brother here, how can I let you take risks? Leave this thing to me, as for that ugly monster, you all hold it down, it shouldn’t be very powerful in close range attack.”

“But, that is a specter, beside light magic, other magic is basically ineffective against it.” Ximen Wuhen looked at Long Yi with a concerned expression, and warm feeling rose in her heart.

“Rest assured, leave it to me. Ling Feng, deal with that monster with them.” Long Yi winked towards Ling Feng.

“No problem.” Ling Feng said with a smile. After she had seen Long Yi’s super skeletons, she had been very envious. If she could obtain this specter and temper it into blood spirit, then it absolutely wouldn’t be inferior to Long Yi’s super skeleton, moreover, it would be even more superior, because any physical attacks would be useless against it. Furthermore, this kind of ferocious things wouldn’t be that injured even with light magic, absolutely was a good thing ah.

Long Yi suddenly withdrew his spirit shield and rushed out as fast as lightning with his spirit power pressing at this specter. And at the same time, Ling Feng and three women also launched attacks towards that monster. Shui Ruoyan immediately released the Icebound Magic sealed in her ring, then began chanting rank 10 water attack magic, Divine Ice Lance, which was powerful enough to pierce through a small mountain.

That specter screamed, and its spirit power took the form of a strange wave, gushing towards Long Yi. But Long Yi was already prepared, moreover, his spirit power was first-class in strength. And after arriving at this different world, his spirit power had increased sharply, so how can this kind of little trick injure him?

The spirit power of Long Yi rapidly bound specter, but this specter was also very tenacious. After absorbing the soul of countless magical beasts, those specters he had come across in the secret room of Lost City’s city lord mansion was not comparable to it. Furthermore, it unexpectedly could absorb the spirit power of Long Yi, nibbling off the binding spirit power of Long Yi.

This specter already had wisdom, and it knew that Long Yi was difficult to deal with, so it actually turned around to flee. It was different from other specters, that only get angry and only knows to pounce on.

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“Want to run, if I let you escape, there where should I put my face?” Long Yi smirked, then suddenly leaping swiftly, his expression became solemn. And with his hands intersect in the sky, an illusory shadow formed Buddha’s seal.

“Vajra Subduing Devil Seal.” Long Yi’s booming voice reverberated through the air. A golden Buddha’s seal shot out from Long Yi’s hand. It got increasingly bigger, and as if a huge spirit palm, it firmly held down fleeing specter.

“It seems that old Buddhist monk’s things are still useful, deserve to call Buddhism orthodox school.” Long Yi thought in his heart. His Shaolin kungfu was imparted to him in person by the master of his previous incarnation’s Shaolin monastery, naturally was very genuine.

Looking at specter struggling in Buddha’s seal, Long Yi however had a headache. Binding it with spirit power was useless, and using different soul fire again would burn its soul, then the effect of refining would be much worse.

“Forget it, I will just throw it into blood skull space, and let Violent Lightning Beast and Little three carefully look at it.” Long Yi thought inside his heart. Then turning around his head, he couldn’t help but be somewhat surprised. He had thought that with Shui Ruoyan, this Archmage with them, the battle would end quickly, but to his surprise, even with four of them working together, they actually were powerless to hold down this big headed monster.

Long Yi saw no-one was paying attention to him, so he quickly threw that specter inside the dark dimension space, and simultaneously used his thoughts to instruct Violent Lightning Beast and Little Three to carefully observe it. After that, he carefully watched the fight over there. He discovered that this ugly big headed monster was actually swallowing down the magic attacks of these women. Even the rank 10 water attack magic of Shui Ruoyan was swallowed by this monster, moreover, it had an appearance as if it had just enjoyed most delicious delicacies.

Long Yi was utterly surprised, this however was a real monster. When did such terrifying creature appear inside Illusory Magic Forest, simply was shocking.

Long Yi snapped his fingers, and a head-sized magic ball appeared above his finger, then using spirit power, he began to compress. The strongest might of this fireball, after it was compressed, was an explosion. Slowly, this fireball was compressed to thumb size fireball with dazzling light. After that using internal force, he threw it into the mouth of this big headed monster. With a ‘bang’ muffled explosion sound, the huge body of big-headed monster shook, seemed somewhat uncomfortable, but very quickly restored to normal.

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Seeing Long Yi had already finished his battle, all four of them came closer to Long Yi.

“Long Yi, we can’t deal with this monster, let’s forget about it.” Shui Ruoyan wiped the sweat from her forehead and said. And all other also had solemn complexion.

Long Yi squinted his eyes looking at that big headed monster. Right now this big headed monster seemed very proud of itself.

Long Yi rolled his eyes, then smiling sinisterly, he said: “Hey ugly, don’t you like to eat? I will let you eat something good.” From inside his space ring, Long Yi took out two big bottles of ground pepper used for seasoning. And he poured all of them into the invisible container made up of his spirit power, then threw it towards this big headed monster. And this big headed monster fearlessly swallowed it.

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