Chapter 168: Girl’s body

Big-headed monster complacently swung its disgusting tentacles, suddenly, its tentacles straighten, and its entire body instantly became bright red. Then it kept on sneezing without stopping and spat out spicy hot powder from its mouth.

“Wa, wa, wa.” Big headed monster unexpectedly issued a childlike wail again, and tears unexpectedly gushed out from its eyes.

“Is it really crying?” Pointing at the Big-headed monster, Ximen Wuhen asked in surprise.

“Perhaps…who knows?” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said. He seemed to sense that this big headed monster had the expression of feeling wronged, ai, it must be an illusion.

“What now? Do we still attack it?” Yinyin asked.

“Attack the fart ah, this thing is a monster that will not die no matter how many times we attack, we are leaving.” Long Yi said, and lead the way back.

Because everything was already clear, Shui Ruoyan and other casted magic ball to illuminate their way. And when they saw that the place they were standing just now was actually covered densely with dead bones, and was littered with corpses, all of them couldn’t help but cry out in alarm. And very naturally, they drew close to Long Yi as well as Ling Feng these two men. Naturally, they didn’t know that Ling Feng was also a beauty.

“Second brother, did you exterminate that specter?” Ximen Wuhen asked.

“Of course, since your second brother, I make a move, I never carry out the matter half-heartedly, so how could that small specter escape from my five finger mountain ah.” Long Yi smiled and said, while clutching empty air with his big hand, with a self-important appearance on his face.

Shui Ruoyan looked at Long Yi’s face, revealing a little bit of curiosity and doubt. Just now she had seen Long Yi’s that divine seal and had sensed that abundant and vast vital energy of that golden Buddha seal, but she had never heard or seen such magic. She wanted to ask but guessed that Long Yi would definitely use ‘Light God came to his dream to teach him this move’ again as an excuse, so she had ‘wanting to ask but stopping’ expression on her face.

“Teacher Shui Ruoyan, what do you want to say?” Yinyin noticed the expression of Shui Ruoyan, so she couldn’t help but ask.

“I…it’s nothing. Even if I say, it will just be useless babbling.” Shui Ruoyan glanced at Long Yi and said in low spirits.

At that time, the attention of Ximen Wuhen and Ling Feng was also attracted, and they curiously urged Shui Ruoyan to speak.

“I just want to ask him what that dazzling golden light magic of his that subdued the specter was, but I guess he definitely will not tell the truth, so asking is also useless.” Shui Ruoyan said. And her eyes looking towards Long Yi unexpectedly had a trace of hidden bitterness.

“Yes, I also seem to have seen it, second brother, what exactly was that magic?” Ximen Wuhen pulled the sleeve of Long Yi and asked. Now her relationship with Long Yi was very close and she sometimes also loved to act like a spoiled child in front of him.

“It’s not like I don’t want to say, rather you wouldn’t understand.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“If you don’t say, then how do you know that we will not understand? I know you are intentionally hiding it.” Shui Ruoyan snorted and said angrily.

“Since you want to know so much, I will say it. I used Buddha’s seal. Did you understand now? This is why I said you will not understand.” Long Yi couldn’t help but said with a smile.

All of them looked at each other’s face, and they were at a loss. They didn’t even know what Buddha was, so they naturally didn’t understand what Buddha’s seal was.

“We didn’t understand, explain it.” Ling Feng also asked curiously. How many secrets are hidden by this brat ah? I thought his deepest secret was him being a Necromancer, but it turned out to be not like that. He always give other people surprise, seemingly have endless skill.

“Buddha is…well, it can be considered as a God who is believed by the people of a distant continent. With leniency towards all the living creatures, Buddha’s Teachings are boundless, and exorcising evil spirits and subduing demon is naturally very easy. Compared to those bird-winged people, he is many times stronger.” Long Yi explained.

“What is bird-winged people? Don’t tell me that it is winged people?” Ling Feng asked.

“Winged people? How come I have never heard of them?” Long Yi asked in confusion. Could it be that other than those Gods, there furthermore are races that have wings?

“You ignorant and ill-informed person naturally hasn’t heard about them, humph.” Shui Ruoyan mockingly watched Long Yi.

“You know? Then explain.” Long Yi asked.

“Eh…I, of course, I know, but it is better to leave explaining matters to Ling Feng. Ling Feng, explain him.” The smile of Shui Ruoyan stiffened. In fact, she also didn’t know, merely she had refuted subconsciously.

“Winged people is a subdivision of beast clan. They are born with a pair of big wings and are able to fly like a bird. It is said that, just like Elf clan, their men are handsome and women are beautiful. And they are skilled in wind magic. They are the only race among the beast clan that had great talent in magic. But unfortunately, tens of thousands years ago, they got extinct. I also saw them only in some ancient books.” Ling Feng explained while walking.

Five people soon reached the place where they had camped previously. This moment, the bonfire was already extinguished, only a faint smoke curling upward was left.

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“Since everyone is tired, all of us should go to rest. From tomorrow, we will begin to explore the unmapped area.” Long Yi said to everyone.

All five of them entered into their tent to rest. Now only the crisp humming sound of insect and the sound of rustling leaves due to the cool breeze blowing them were left in the night sky.

The meditation of Ling Feng didn’t last long. At this time, the stars were still twinkling in the sky, and there still was ample time left before the dawn. At night, they had a large scale fight with the big-headed monster, making Ling Feng feel not very comfortable, as girls always loved to clean themselves.

Ling Feng recalled that there was a clear brook not far away from their current camping ground, and thought to go to that place to take a bath properly, as her body was truly feeling too uncomfortable.

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Crawling up, Ling Feng alertly sensed the surrounding and found no movement. She assumed that all of them must be either resting or meditating. After that Ling Feng came out of her tent, then noiselessly walked towards the brook.

A short time later, Ling Feng heard the sound of gurgling water, and a winding brook appeared in front of her. Ling Feng went upstream, as she recalled that there was a riverbed of stones in the upstream of this brook which was particularly suitable to take a bath.

Ling Feng walked at a brisk pace to get there, and reaching there, she was happy. And just when she was about to undress and enter the water, suddenly, a figure burst out of the waters of this brook. Taken by surprise, Ling Feng was so scared that she retreated several steps.

A long pitch-black hair flung backward, and a peerlessly beautiful face was revealed from the water of this brook. And at that time, her sluggish eyes and Ling Feng’s startled eyes meet with each other. This moment, the brain of both of them short-circuited for the time being.

“Xi, Ximen Wuhen.” After quite a while, Ling Feng slightly came back to her senses and knew that the person inside the water was unexpectedly the little sister of Long Yi, Ximen Wuhen.

And at this moment, the sluggish eyes of Ximen Wuhen also began to move. A woman’s first reaction in such circumstance was to shout, merely just when she opened her mouth, seeing the situation was anything but reassuring, Ling Feng pounced onto Ximen Wuhen and both of them entered into the water.

Ximen Wuhen vigorously struggled, ashamed and heartbroken, as the hand of Ling Feng just happens to be pressing at her tall and straight **. With this, how can Ximen Wuhen who had always believed that Ling Feng was a man not be panic-stricken and indignant?

Ling Feng made a wry smile. If she let Ximen Wuhen cry out, then there certainly would be a big trouble. Moreover, wouldn’t that brat Long Yi peel off her skin, if he learns this? Furthermore, she didn’t know how to explain this ah, and she might possibly have to reveal that she was women in front of everyone at that time. But now, she had to tell this secret to only Ximen Wuhen, otherwise, this matter would be hard to settle, merely she hoped she could keep her secret.

“Wuhen, please don’t shout. Could it be that you want to attract the attention of everyone, I don’t have any ill intent.” Ling Feng whispered in the ear of Ximen Wuhen.

Having heard what was said, Ximen Wuhen stopped struggling, and come back to her sense. If Long Yi and others were attracted, then she would also be at a loss.

10 minutes later, Ximen Wuhen finished putting on her clothing. And with her hair draped in the back, she stared at Ling Feng with somewhat pale complexion. This damned fellow actually……she always had trusted him.

“Wuhen, listen to me……”

“You don’t have to say anything, you bastard.” Ximen Wuhen coldly interrupted the words of Ling Feng. Her pure body was seen by a man, so she felt very wrong, and recalling Long Yi for no reason, she became even sadder in her heart, then unexpectedly couldn’t help but sob. And her teardrops fell down just like snapped string pearls.


“Don’t call me…eh.” Ximen Wuhen subconsciously interrupted, but that voice wasn’t the voice of Ling Feng, rather seemed to be a crisp voice of an elegant maiden.

“If I say I’m a girl just like you, then will you believe me?” Looking at Ximen Wuhen, Ling Feng said.

Ximen Wuhen didn’t dare to believe, and only after a good while, she came back to her sense and said: “Don’t think that just because you know how to make a voice of a girl I will believe in you.”

Ling Feng smiled, then her handsome face distorted, and a devastatingly beautiful face appeared in front of Ximen Wuhen. Her brown hair and pupils also instantly changed into very dazzling sea blue color.

“Ling Feng, you…are really a girl?” Ximen Wuhen stuttered, and with surprise in her eyes, she stared at that flawless beautiful face of Ling Feng.

Ling Feng walked to the front of Ximen Wuhen, then pulling open her lapel, she unwrapped the white strip of cloth that was bound around her chest, then a pair of glittering and translucent ** jumped out, and pink ** lightly quivered coming into contact with the wind.

“You can touch to see if they are real or not.” Ling Feng smiled and said.

Ximen Wuhen raised her jade hands towards Ling Feng’s **, gently rubbing, she felt warm, smooth, slippery and hundred percent elastic. Compared to her own, they were unexpectedly a size bigger, truly making people envy.

Ximen Wuhen let go, then looking towards somewhat familiar and again very unfamiliar Ling Feng, her mood finally restored calmness.

“You are a girl, does my second brother know?” Ximen Wuhen softly asked.

Ling Feng fastened her lapel, then shaking her head, she said with a smile: “He still doesn’t know, be sure to never tell him, help me keep this a secret okay?”

Ximen Wuhen strangely sized up Ling Feng, then suddenly smiling, she said: “Every day, you are with my second brother with arms around each other’s shoulders, moreover you two live in the same dormitory room, could it be that you…”

“Don’t speak nonsense, I don’t like him, I and he are only brothers, it’s the friendship between men.” Ling Feng said with a bright red face.

“But you are a woman ah. If you are not interested in him, why are you allowing him to be so intimate, moreover, didn’t you just let him use your lap as his pillow?” Ximen Wuhen said with a smile. She didn’t believe the excuse of Ling Feng.

Ling Feng bit her lower lip and suddenly sighed softly.

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