Chapter 169: Misunderstanding

The expression of Ling Feng became somewhat complicated, does she really feel such about Long Yi? Honestly speaking, even she herself couldn’t believe it. Sometimes, she would also have the impulse of wanting to tell him the truth that she was a girl, merely she didn’t know what kind of reaction Long Yi would have after he knew it. A person whom he had continuously treated as brother suddenly turned out to be a woman, wouldn’t that be difficult to accept? Moreover, it was difficult to break the shackles of her identity…… Ling Feng was lost in thought, and a trace of resentment and helplessness unexpectedly flashed in her azure blue eyes. Who to resent? Who to hate?

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Seeing the ever-changing expression of Ling Feng, although Ximen Wuhen didn’t understand her sufferings but she knew that Ling Feng was certainly in love with her second brother. She couldn’t help but sigh seeing the changeable affairs of human life. The ignorant and incompetent profligate son of rich parents, who was once known as the sex fiend among the not yet betrothed ladies of Soaring Dragon City, now unexpectedly was the center of women. Moreover, all of these women were peerless and devastatingly beautiful, so much so that sometimes even she would have some ethics defying thoughts. If Long Yi was not her blood related second brother, then would she also have fallen in love with him?

“Ling Feng, is your name really Ling Feng? It’s just like the name of a male.” Ximen Wuhen suddenly smiled and asked.

Ling Feng came back to her sense, then hiding all her thoughts to the innermost part of her heart, she smiled and said: “Why don’t you read it in reverse order.”

“Ling Feng, Feng Ling? Feng Ling!” Ximen Wuhen immediately understand.

Ling Feng nodded her head, and her expression suddenly became somewhat desolate and she said: “In fact, only a few people know this name, most of the time, I am called Ling Feng.”

Ximen Wuhen never knew that Ling Feng who was always excessively giggling on the surface also concealed so many worries. She didn’t ask about it again, rather lightly smiling, she said: “Didn’t you come here to bathe, let’s bathe together.”

Early in the morning, Long Yi woke up from his meditation, and leaving the tent, he stretched out himself. Just when he was only half stretched, he suddenly saw Ling Feng and Ximen Wuhen walking back from a distant point while talking and laughing.

Long Yi was stunned, and muttered: “This brat Ling Feng, he truly is daring ah, but when did they become so close.” Long Yi felt somewhat unwell in his heart. Perhaps all the elder brother in the world feels similar. When their originally very close younger sister suddenly got close to another man, elder brother would naturally feel somewhat sour in their heart.

If they are each other’s sunshine, then he should feel happy for them, Long Yi thought like this in his heart, but still felt somewhat uncomfortable in any case.

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“Second brother, we found a lot of these wild berries over there. They are very sweet.” Seeing Long Yi, Ximen Wuhen happily dashed over, holding two red-colored beautiful fruits.

“Is it? It is so brightly colored, isn’t it poisonous?” Long Yi took the fruit, and after looking at it for a while, he said.

“I checked it, there is no poison.” Ling Feng smiled and said.

Long Yi looked at Ximen Wuhen who was smiling brightly for a while, how is this not the look of girl immersed in love? Long Yi held Ling Feng’s shoulder in his arm, then said with a smile: “Ling Feng, come with me, I have something to speak with you.”

Ling Feng shoots a glance at Ximen Wuhen, and her face became a bit red. She wanted to struggle free, but Long Yi’s death grip tightened.

“Second brother, what do you want to speak ah, I also want to know.” Ximen Wuhen quite curiously said.

“This is a matter between us men, not some jolly time a little girl can participate.” Long Yi said and forcefully dragged away Ling Feng, but he still had a brilliant smile on his face as before.

Looking at the back view of two figures going far away, Ximen Wuhen chuckled: “Matter between men? Hee hee.”

Turning her head, the smile of Ximen Wuhen froze. Because she saw Yinyin standing at the entrance of her tent was looking at her with complex and hurt eyes, obviously just like Long Yi, she had also misunderstood the relation between Ling Feng and Ximen Wuhen.

Ximen Wuhen was startled and didn’t know what to say for the time being. She however had promised Ling Feng to keep her secret, but this kind of feeling of being treated as the rival in love was too uncomfortable, moreover, this matter really was too muddled. Feng Ling, that girl was obviously a girl wilfully pretending to be a man while attracting bees and butterflies everywhere.

“Yinyin, I…I really have nothing to do with Ling Feng, don’t misunderstand.” Ximen Wuhen somewhat awkwardly said. This feeling was very odd. She, a girl, was explaining to another girl, that she and yet another girl were not in lovers relation. This was so awkward.

“Ximen Wuhen, don’t lie to me, although Ling Feng chased around many girls, however he never got close like this with any girls, you……” Yinyin said with a pale complexion. Suddenly her throat tightened, and felt her maiden heart sour and painful, and with her eyes getting red, she was unable to finish what she was saying.

Seeing Yinyin was so hurt, Ximen Wuhen urgently said: “Believe me, I swear in the name of Light God, there is no love of man and woman between I and Ling Feng.” And she added ‘only sisters friendship’ in her heart.

Seeing Ximen Wuhen’s sincere face, moreover hearing her, a priest, vowing to Light God, Yinyin thought that this shouldn’t be false, however her heart always had a thorn.

“In fact, Ling Feng only treats me as a younger sister. You should know that he and my second brother are good brothers, so treating as a younger sister naturally seems a little close.” Ximen Wuhen explained with great difficulty. She felt that she was going to faint soon. This relationship truly could become so chaotic. If Yinyin knew that the target she admired so much was unexpectedly a girl just like her, then what kind of expression would she have?

“Really?” A light of hope flashed in the pale face of Yinyin, and as if she got the hold of life-saving straw, she stepped forward and catching the hand of Ximen Wuhen, she said with expectation: “Since Ling Feng treats you as a younger sister, please help me okay? Without Ling Feng, it truly is impossible for me to live.”

Ximen Wuhen was speechless, what should she do now ah, if she created an opportunity for Yinyin and Long Yi, that would still be justifiable, but Yinyin with Ling Feng, this was destined to be an impossible situation.

“Wuhen, I beg you.” Yinyin earnestly said. A girl in love would reach to such point that she even tossed away her dignity, Ximen Wuhen couldn’t help but sigh with feeling to this power of love.

Ximen Wuhen softly sighed, then holding the hands of Yinyin, she said: “Emotional things cannot be forced. Twisting it strongly will only cause pain to both people. Moreover there will be no one in this world if they cannot live because they don’t have love. In this world, other than love, there furthermore are many things worth cherishing, such as family relation, friendship and so on, do you want to ignore all of them because of love?”

Yinyin was startled and didn’t speak for a long time. Over this past one year, she had wholeheartedly devoted to Ling Feng, and all of her former close friends slowly drifted apart, moreover, she had made no contact with her family for a long time. For the sake of love, she lost a lot, had made many mistakes, and the value of result was unworthy. Now Yinyin was rather confused.

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