Chapter 170: Bones at the bottom of brook

Long Yi held onto the shoulder of Ling Feng and practically dragged her behind the distant tree.

“Long Yi, what are you doing? Now my shoulder is aching to death.” Ling Feng rubbed her shoulder and complained.

Long Yi smiled, then stretching his hand, he lightly rubbed the thin shoulders of Ling Feng and said: “I’m sorry, but be honest with me, are you having the idea of playing around with my little sister?”

Ling Feng blushed and push aside the big hands of Long Yi, then rolling her eyes, she said: “Yes, I am having such ideas, come bite me.”

Long Yi was startled, and that sour feeling in his heart became increasingly dense, so he couldn’t help but ask himself, what’s exactly is happening to me? Why is there such a strong possessive desire towards Ximen Wuhen inside me? Could it be that… Long Yi didn’t dare to continue thinking. He fixedly stared at Ling Feng and asked: “Tell me, are you really in love with Ximen Wuhen but not merely seeking amusement like before?”

Ling Feng somewhat strangely looked at Long Yi and forcibly resisting her desire to laugh, she nodded her head.

“Since that is the case, I, her big brother also has nothing to say, but if you dare to make her sad, then don’t blame me if I fall out with you.” Long Yi heavily slapped the shoulder of Ling Feng.

Ling Feng hissed in pain, and said angrily: “You murderer ah, you smashed my shoulder.”

“Is it? Then let me see.” Long Yi smiled and stepped forward to pull the clothing of Ling Feng.

Ling Feng as if a rabbit ran far away, then suddenly turning back, she happily smiled and said: “I and Ximen Wuhen are indeed each other’s sunshine, but this feeling is our friendship. You don’t need to misunderstand that I will rob your younger sister ah.”

Long Yi had his eyes wide open, and just when he was about to say few words to cover up that hint of joy in his heart, suddenly his expression stiffened, then in a flash, leaving behind afterimages, he instantly appeared beside Ling Feng.

“How…ah…” Just when she was about to ask, Ling Feng suddenly saw a huge shadow not far away and involuntarily exclaimed.

Two people glared at that big headed monster of yesterday. This ugly fellow was waving its tentacles towards them, and it seemed to be in a very happy mood. And after a while, its that spherical shape body rolled towards the direction of Long Yi and Ling Feng. En route, it knocked down several tens of big trees but it didn’t show any reaction.

Ling Feng frowned and was about to use magic to attack it, but Long Yi caught her hand.

“Don’t waste your strength and don’t care about it. Now it is no longer early in the morning, so let’s pack up and be on the road.” Long Yi said, then pulled Ling Feng back to the campsite.

And as for big headed monster, seeing Long Yi getting far away, it cried out feeling infinitely aggrieved. This shows that this monster was perhaps born with this kind of voice and it really was not making such voice to attract the prey.

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When Long Yi and Ling Feng returned to the campsite, they were surprised to see Ximen Wuhen and Yinyin. And Shui Ruoyan also hurriedly came out from the tent.

Long Yi thought for a bit, and understand what was going on. They had just heard the crying sound of that big headed monster not far away.

“What’s going on? Is that monster chasing after us?” Shui Ruoyan immediately asked seeing Long Yi. Yesterday that monster with abnormal defense had given her a deep impression. As a proud Mage, even after she continuously attacked, she actually was not able to even injure the latter’s fur. This naturally had somewhat injured her self-esteem.

“I don’t know if it is coming for us or not, but we should leave as quickly as possible.” Long Yi said, beginning to pack up the tent and other things.

After that five people turned and rushed towards the unmarked area. And with Long Yi’s Gale Magic, all of them naturally was very fast, shaking off that big headed monster far behind them.

All the way, five people didn’t encounter any unusual situation. Throughout the journey, they only saw a number of low-level magical beasts. And under their fast speed, five people quickly crossed the northwest area assigned to them by the academy, reaching the shaded area.

Long Yi looked left and right but didn’t see any difference between the places they had come from and this place, and the level of the magical beasts was also unchanged, the highest level was only mid-C-class.

“Let’s take a rest here. And after eating, we’ll walk again.” Long Yi waved his hand and said. He had believed that this place would be different, but the result disappointed him.

Long Yi took out the captured wild chicken and said with a smile: “Today I will make exceptionally delicious food, and I guarantee that this food will leave a lingering aftertaste for a long time.”

Long Yi went to a brook and washed the chicken clean, then smearing the seasoning, he stuffed its belly with the variety of ingredients. After that used an oilpaper to firmly wrap the chicken, then he took out some mud from inside the brook and smeared all over the chicken.

“Long Yi, what is the exceptionally delicious food you are going to make, still using mud, can this be eaten?” Shui Ruoyan with a disgusted expression on her face asked unhappily.

“What do you know, this dish is called Beggar’s Chicken. Even if other people wanted to eat, they are unable to eat it. In a moment, you will not only eat this, you will even swallow your tongue.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Beggar’s Chicken? This name is truly coarse.” Ximen Wuhen said.

Long Yi just smiled and was too lazy to explain. He dug two holes, and buried chicken in one hole, and throwing a fireball in another hole, he roasted it. Using magic, it was convenient, efficient, time-saving and labor-saving.

Other four curiously surrounded the fire and watched. They had never seen anyone ever roasting chicken inside the soil.

After half an hour, Long Yi put out the fire and then took out the chicken that was covered with mud from inside the hole. After that he punched it, then the mud cracked and came off in succession, slowly revealing the oilpaper. And after he opened that oilpaper, a burst of thick fragrance accompanied by hot air spread out, directly stimulating the greedy worm inside the stomach of everyone. And a large amount of saliva also began appearing in their mouth.

“Great smell, great smell ah, let me have a quick taste.” Ling Feng was unable to wait till it got cold. And she immediately tore one chicken leg from the Beggar’s Chicken and placed it in her mouth.

“Crunchy outside tender inside, slippery but not greasy, superb item, superb item ah.” Ling Feng grasped in admiration and had an intoxicated expression.

Naturally, the entire Beggar’s Chicken was immediately eaten clean by five people. And the face of everybody had a dissatisfied expression, yes, dissatisfied, or at least very close to it.

Women were creatures that wanted to taste good, no need to mention whether Long Yi’s Beggar’s Chicken was delicious or not, all girls immediately caught several wild chickens, wash it clean and then repeatedly asked Long Yi to once again move his golden hand.

And Long Yi once again went to the brook and dug out the mud from its bottom. And at that time, he suddenly felt a hard and round thing. Long Yi took that thing out and washed away the mud on it. Then seeing the appearance of that thing, Long Yi was startled.

“Amethyst coin, how can there be Amethyst coin here?” Long exclaimed in surprise.

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Hearing Long Yi yelling, all other surrounded Long Yi and watch, and saw he was holding Amethyst coin.

“Isn’t this just an Amethyst coin? Why are you feeling so surprised?” Shui Ruoyan asked in disdain.

Long Yi rolled his eyes looking at her but didn’t say anything. He merely tossed and turned this Amethyst coin in his hand to study it.

Seeing the Amethyst coin in the hand of Long Yi, Ling Feng said in surprise: “This Amethyst coin doesn’t have date engraved on it, this shows that it is at least 1500 years old coin. After that, all the coins had date engraved on them.”

“Keep digging, and see if there is anything else in the mud.” Long Yi slightly frowned, and using internal force, he cut open the water of this brook to two sides and immediately used water magic to freeze it.

After that five people dug in the different places, and not even a while later, Long Yi dug out several same kinds of Amethyst coins. And Ling Feng dug out a broken-down armor and remaining three also dug out a number of accessories.

“Ah……hand…hand…” Suddenly, Yinyin screamed in horror and retreated backward, she almost fell down to the ground.

Long Yi and other quickly rushed over there and saw a hand-like thing inside the mud where Yinyin was digging. Shui Ruoyan shot a Water Ball Magic to that place, and the mud slid away, revealing an eerie skeletal claw. It seemed to be the hand of a human.

“This, how can this place have a buried corpse?” Ling Feng confusedly asked.

Long Y walked forward, and grabbing this bony hand, he looked at it. After carefully looking at it, he noticed that there was a long crack in the spine of this bony hand. This person had apparently fought with someone else before dying.

“I think the answer should be underneath this place. This place definitely isn’t the burial place of only this corpse.” Long Yi surely said.

The more they dug, the more shocked the heart of Long Yi and others become. One after another the remains were dug out. Magic wands, huge swords, and various kinds of magic accessories, they found a lot of them. All of them were high-grade things, among them, there were several Saint grade weapons too, and there was also an item that was only inferior to Divine grade.

With the financial capacity of all five people, no one showed wild with joy expression, but all of them had curious look. So many experts had died in the same place, that was really rare unless there was a war. Could it be that this Illusory Magic Forest is the battlefields of ancient times? But this sheer size of this Illusory Magic Forest is not something that can be achieved in merely several thousand years, moreover, there are many plants which have over ten thousand years of history. From this side, war is too unlikely.

Long Yi pondered, he wondered why the magical beasts of Illusory Magic Forest were low level, but there were so many unearthed treasures? And even after Holy Magic Academy sending several hundred students every two years for the treasure hunt, there still was a continuous steady stream of high-grade items. Perhaps the answered lies in these bones.

Just after the five people dug to a certain depth, they suddenly felt the ground was sinking. All five people simultaneously came out to the shore, and just after that, they heard a rumbling sound as the entire brook’s bottom collapsed, sending clouds of dust and smoke flying.

When clouds of dust and smoke settled, the scene that appeared in front of everyone, simultaneously shocked all five people. Even Long Yi who had a firm will as if a rock was no exception. Five people look at each other in blank dismay, and all could only see the shocked expression in each other’s eyes.

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