Chapter 171: Thousand year resentment

After the bottom of this brook sunk, it revealed a gigantic stone room. And the most astounding thing was, inside this stone room, there were human remains piled up like a hill, one on the top of another. Those thick bones were preserved intact with some pieces of clothing on their body and they also held weapons in their hands. It seems all of them had died in a great conflict.

Long Yi came back to his sense after a short while, and without any delay, he jumped down. Immediately, a pungent smell assailed his nostrils, and he hastily held his breathe. After that he discovered that this entrance on the bottom of the brook was merely a corner of the stone room, behind, there furthermore was wide space which similarly had piled up bones. Roughly there were several thousand people, and some of the bones were already cracked. Moreover, because of the phosphorus contained inside the marrow, they emitted green colored tragic rays of light in the dark. It looked very terrible.

Soon afterward, women also jumped down, and seeing such abnormal scene, they involuntarily screamed simultaneously. It had been only less than two days since they came to this Illusory Magic Forest, but they were already shocked more than once. Before, many senior schoolmates had come to this Illusory Magic Forest, but all of them were happy and came back with good results. But the matter and things that they came across were simply testing their heart’s endurance.

“Oh, Light God, what actually gave rise to this situation? Why did so many people die here?” Ximen Wuhen patted her chest and subconsciously stuck close to Long Yi.

Long Yi’s eyes scanned this room filled with dry bones, and suddenly, his expression stagnated, then hastily moving forward, he tore out a piece of tattered clothing from the dry bones. This was already faded and weathered cloth, all of them have already broken off, but one of the patterns in the cloth could be argued.

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“Eh, it seems to be a phoenix, but how come this pattern is similar to the clan insignia of Phoenix clan ah?” Ling Feng got closer and look, then exclaimed in surprise.

“Not similar, it’s exactly the same.” Long Yi lowered his voice. How could so many people of Phoenix clan die here thousands of years ago? Then he suddenly recalled Phoenix clan and Ice Palace’s grudge, could it be that…

Long Yi didn’t think much, he just pried open other dry bones. And dry bones with clothing still intact appeared before his eyes, and the embroidery of its clothing was a snowflake shaped symbol, this made his eyelids to twitch. This symbol was naturally the symbol of Ice Palace. At that time when he was in Ice Palace, he had seen such symbol on the clothing of that masked women.

Two factions fought with each other and unexpectedly so many people died. And what was truly shocking was, from these dry bones that were holding the weapons, he could sense that all of them were experts, there was no one who was lower than Advance Magician realm. This shows how prosperous these two factions were at that time. But now, Ice Palace is hidden in Origin Ice and there is only one woman left in the palace, and although another one seemed to have rebuilt themselves on the continent, but compared to the past, the difference was just like heaven and earth. For instance, Mother of Yu Feng, Phoenix Matriarch, even if hundreds of her was added together, they were not necessarily the opponent of that masked woman of Ice Palace. In the end what made such two strong factions to do all they can to fight each other, to such an extent that both sides suffered such a heavy losses that they were unable to restore their vitality in even thousands of years?

“Long Yi, why are you absent-minded? What should we do now?” Shui Ruoyan discontentedly pushed absent-minded Long Yi.

Long Yi came back to his sense, then lightly sighing, he felt some sadness in his heart. He didn’t have a shallow relationship with these two factions, Phoenix clan’s Yu Feng was his woman, and the current successor of Ice Palace Wushuang was also same. If these two women fought against each other because of this old hatred and resentment, then that really would be a real headache.

“This place shouldn’t be the only built stone room, look everywhere to see whether there is a mechanism or so on, perhaps there is a completely different world inside.” Long Yi said.

Five people immediately searched all around the stone room, but because there were too many bones, a lot of walls were blocked. This made searching rather troublesome.

Just then, Ling Feng pulled Long Yi and softly asked: “Long Yi, I see there are many good things inside these bones, how about we pick them up, they can be worth a lot of money ah.”

Long Yi smiled, and used his fist to lightly thump her chest and said: “If you want to pick up then pick up, there is no one blocking you. A man dies the way a lamp goes out [1], and the things left behind are naturally for the use of later generation’s benefit.”

Since her chest was attacked, the face of Ling Feng suddenly become red. Although she had tied up her chest, but she after all still had a feeling.

“Eh, why are you blushing ah? Don’t tell me that you are embarrassed to pick up the things of the dead? But you don’t seem to be that kind of person ah.” Long Yi curiously asked.

Ling Feng got angry due to shame, then glaring at Long Yi, she was about to go and pick up the wealth of the dead from inside the pile of dry bones.

Just then, Yinyin suddenly shouted loudly: “Quickly come here, I found the mechanism.” After shouting, she turned the protruding stone on the wall.

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Long Yi looked over, and he suddenly had a bad premonition, so he shouted hurriedly: “Don’t turn it.” Because the person who designed the mechanism would never set it up in such obvious place, many were just a disguise, which would actually open the death door. This mechanism was very likely to be a deathtrap mechanism placed in here.

Merely, he was already too late, Yinyin had already turned the stone, and having heard what Long Yi had said, she just strangely looked at Long Yi.

But even after a long time, there was no change in the stone room. This made Long Yi sigh out of relief. As it turned out this was a fake mechanism. He had truly feared that this was a death mechanism. Looking at the strength of Ice Palace and Raging Flames Villa (Predecessor of Phoenix clan) thousands of years ago, the construction of this underground secret room also wouldn’t be mediocre.

And just when Long Yi wanted to warn them again, suddenly the entire stone room began to shake. And before anyone of them could react, that wall where Yinyin had turned a stone just a moment ago instantly disintegrated, then floodwater flooded towards them. Long Yi was only able to catch the hold of Ling Feng beside him before they were submerged in the flood.

Long Yi crazily circulated internal force to protect Ling Feng on his bosom. And he tried his best to look for other ladies, but the torrent and pressure of floodwater made him see only a vast expanse of white.

Then suddenly, a huge vortex began to form, and a powerful suction force instantly pulled Ling Feng and Long Yi into it. Long Yi only felt his body revolving with the vortex, he wasn’t able to control his own body, and this rotation for a long time began to make him dizzy.

And after an unknown period of time, the body of Ling Feng suddenly stiffened, and her hands embracing Long Yi suddenly exerted strength, as if she practically wanted to enter into his flesh.

Long Yi knew that this was anything but reassuring. There was no air in the water, and after a long time, it seems Ling Feng wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. But both of them were still spinning nonstop in the middle of the vortex, and it seems it would not stop for a short while either.

The hands of Ling Feng began to tighten more and more and her body also began to slightly struggle. Now Long Yi had no choice, it seems he had to sacrifice a bit. He gathered true qi in his mouth, then advanced his lips towards Ling Feng in his bosom…

[1] A man dies the way a lamp goes out (phrase): everything is gone after death

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