Chapter 172: I like you

Four lips firmly touched each other, and Long Yi passed a mouthful of true qi in order to avoid Ling Feng dying due to suffocation.

It’s very soft ah, how come the lips of this kid is just like that of girls? Long Yi thought to himself in his heart, feeling the lips of Ling Feng was similar to that of girls. But, very soon, he had a thought which frightened himself, still thinking about how he had stayed together with Ling Feng for such a long period of time, he hastily shook off this kind of distracting thoughts, calming down his mind.

And as for Ling Feng, she felt it much stronger than Long Yi. She admired Long Yi and at this time, getting the kiss from her beloved, her charming body got limped and numb. Moreover, her heart jumped happily as if it wanted to jump out from her throat. Subconsciously, she hugged Long Yi as she enjoyed her first kiss with her eyes closed. Gradually the feelings of Ling Feng aroused, and she was not satisfied with the simple touch of four lips, but she was an inexperienced rookie, so she didn’t know how she should kiss. As a result, with emotional upheaval, she could only forcibly suck Long Yi’s lips instinctively.

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Seeing Ling Feng forcibly sucking his lips, Long Yi thought that the true qi he was passing over was not enough, so he condensed another mouthful of true qi and passed it to her, but he suddenly felt a slippery little tongue entering into his mouth, and got entangled with his tongue. Long Yi was suddenly startled, and he felt that he was going to go crazy. At first, he felt disgusted for two men having French kiss like this, but now he really didn’t resist this contact, instead, he felt inexplicably pleasant sensation.

One had to say, Ling Feng who hadn’t learn anything about kissing was obviously grasping a little knack. Just now, she accidentally stretched out her tongue, and she suddenly discovered this feeling was so beautiful and good. She felt her body had become as light as a feather, and as if have flown up high in the clouds. That feeling was really wonderful.

Just when two people were about to sink down, this giant vortex suddenly dispersed and the surplus energy threw two people out of the water. Long Yi suddenly came back to his senses and quickly moved his lips away. He tightly held Ling Feng and began to look around. He found that this was a huge underground grotto. In the middle of this grotto was a slowly flowing subterranean river with uneven rocks ground on both sides.

Long Yi glided and landed on the ground, then cast few magic balls to illuminate. He looked at Ling Feng in his bosom for a while, and discovered that his head was crooked to one side, unexpectedly was still not awake.

Recalling that hot kiss in the water just now, a burst of strange feeling involuntarily welled up in the heart of Long Yi. He was unable to explain this feeling clearly and also failed to understand it. He laid Ling Feng flat on the comparatively smooth ground, then began to scan all around this place. The air was damp, gloomy and cold here, and he didn’t feel even a bit of air current. It seems there wasn’t any ventilation, but surprisingly, this place didn’t have the slightest bit of stuffy feeling.

At this moment, Ling Feng’s eyes open a small crack, and blankly looking at that board back of Long Yi, she was pretending to be unconscious. At this moment, she truly didn’t know how to face Long Yi. She thought that, relying on the strength of Long Yi, he should be able to tell that she was pretending. But he was not exposing her, perhaps because he also didn’t know how he should face her. Ling Feng made a wry smile in her heart, she knew that Long Yi’s heart should be in more chaos than hers at this moment. At least she knew that she herself was a girl, but he didn’t know that. Now she was hesitating over to whether tell Long Yi the truth or not.

Just when Ling Feng was hesitating, Long Yi suddenly turned around and walked over to her front. Then squatting down, he lightly stroke her forehead and mumbled: “Strange, how come he is still not awake? Should I let him keep on wearing wet clothes or help him change his clothing?”

Ling Feng immediately got anxious in her heart. If Long Yi help her change her clothing, then he would definitely find that she, in fact, was a girl. But after hesitating, Ling Feng decided and continue pretending unconscious. Under this circumstance, letting him know the truth this way was perhaps not a bad method. Although her body would be seen by him, but seen then seen, if she didn’t let him see her body, then who else should she let?

Long Yi reached out his big hand towards the lapel of Ling Feng, then slightly hesitating, he retracted his hand. After that, catching the wrist of Ling Feng, he circulated his internal force, then with true qi enveloping the body of Ling Feng, water vapor began to rise up from her clothing. And not even after two minutes, her wet clothes became dry.

Ling Feng suddenly opened her eyes, and then furiously looked at Long Yi. This dead wood, rotten wood, truly was infuriating her to death.

“Eh, you wake up, aren’t you feeling better?” Long Yi was dumbfounded and asked feeling somewhat awkward.

Ling Feng sat up, and pushing away Long Yi, she angrily said: “I am ignoring you, you blockhead.”

Seeing the fuming with anger appearance of Ling Feng, and looking at that feminine manner of speaking and expression, Long Yi secretly sighed. Looking at his appearance, he knew that he seemed to have a little interest towards him. But how will that work? He was absolutely unable to accept two grown men getting together. It seems he had to speak some matters to him so that he would understand.

“Ling Feng, I have something to tell you.” Long Ye slowly said while thinking how to speak so that he wouldn’t hurt his heart.

“What’s the matter?” Ling Feng still angrily asked.

“Well, you know I am a man, and you are also a man. We are good brothers, and you know that I have a lot of women too, so it’s impossible for you and me…… Do you understand what I am saying?” Long Yi said. Worrying about the mentality of Ling Feng, he didn’t say very clearly, but with Ling Feng’s intelligence, it was impossible for him to not understand it.

Ling Feng looked at Long Yi in a daze, and continuously looking Long Yi for a while, suddenly, she laughed. She laughed so hard that she trembled and she was not able to raise her waist.

Is this so funny? Could it be that this stabbed her hard? Looking at Ling Feng, Long Yi thought in his heart.

After laughing for a good while, Ling Feng stopped laughing. Then looking at Long Yi again, she couldn’t help but laugh again. It seems this was a truly endless trend.

“Didn’t you laugh enough?” Long Yi frowned looking at Ling Feng while thinking she was somewhat abnormal.

Ling Feng closed her mouth, then looking at Long Yi with bright eyes, she suddenly said seriously: “I like you.”

Long Yi was startled, didn’t he speak clearly just now? How come he instead is openly saying this now?

Ling Feng stepped forward to the front of Long Yi, then suddenly hugging his neck, she kissed him, and her dexterous tongue entered into the mouth of Long Yi and teased him.

After a long time, Long Yi came to his sense from the shock and immediately pushed away Ling Feng.

“You don’t dislike my kiss at all, on the contrary, you have a feeling towards my kiss, don’t deceive yourself, you also like me.” Ling Feng said with a smile, and couldn’t help but wanted to tease Long Yi.

Long Yi wiped his mouth and was rather speechless, yes, he truly had feelings. Could it be that he was also from that oft-referred-to cut sleeve [1]? Impossible, that was surely his misconception, he clearly has feeling only towards women.

Seeing Long Yi’s ghastly pale complexion, Ling Feng was rather distressed in her heart, also couldn’t bear to continue deceiving him. Then she walked forward, and embracing the waist of Long Yi, she leaned her entire body on his bosom. And just when Long Yi wanted to push her away, she muttered: “If I say I am a woman, will you believe me?”

Long Yi’s body stiffened, and he immediately said: “What did you say? You are a woman?” There were some surprises in his heart, merely this explains why he felt that way about the kiss of Ling Feng, and why Ling Feng was always showing a number of feminine action and expression occasionally.

“Do you believe or not?” This time Ling Feng used her original crisp female voice. It sounds very pleasant to hear.

Long Yi pushed Ling Feng away a little, then he carefully sized her up. He pinched her cheek, grabbed her ears and even used his hands to feel her chest, which resulted in him tracing out a flat airport.

“Is it possible that you are heavenly-gifted Princess Taiping?” Long Yi had his eyes wide open and asked in a daze. Could it be that Ling Feng was a woman that didn’t develop completely?

“Princess Taiping? Ah…you’re dead.” Ling Feng carefully thought two times, only then she suddenly came to understand what Long Yi was referring to. [T.L: Taiping: Tai=too, Ping=flat]

“Could it be that you aren’t? Then let me examine.” Long Yi mischievously smiled. Then pulling Ling Feng, his big hands pulled her lapel.

“Ah, big pervert, rape ah.” Ling Feng shouted loudly, and under her struggle there seemed to be somewhat half-hearted appearance.

With Ling Feng’s not clear cooperation, her chest quickly opened wide, revealing a thick layer of white thin silk tied around her chest.

Long Yi watched Ling Feng’s that glittering and translucent skin. With that smooth and glossy lower abdomen as well as that faint girl fragrance, even without untying that white thin silk, he knew that Ling Feng was definitely a girl through and through. He also finally understood why Ling Feng’s body always had a faint fragrance. He was sufficiently slow, he should have already seen something was wrong, but because of the first impression, he continuously believed that she merely had a somewhat feminine tendency, that’s all.

Although he was already sure that Ling Feng was a girl, but he was not a gentleman that wouldn’t take a cheap advantage. His big hand pulled that thin silk, then Ling Feng bosom’s white thin silk floated in the air and fell to the ground. After that a pair of firm and upright as if peak, and snow white as if jade ** leaped out. And Long Yi’s eyeballs were stuck above these quivering breast wave. That pink breasts’ pearls even more were as if plum blossom adorning in the snowy peak, proud, pure and holy. According to the visual estimate of Long Yi, these high quality ** were absolutely not something he could be able to grasp with one hand.

Ling Feng bashfully cried softly and wanted to use her hand to cover her chest, however Long Yi caught her hands with his one hand, then the remaining big hand infatuatedly caressed her holy and pure boobies. That smooth as if silk kind of feeling made him ** endlessly. He lightly moved that pink pearl. And under the stimulation, they proudly stood upright, bursting into bloom.

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Just then, Ling Feng couldn’t bear the stimulation and moaned. After that her brown hair and pupils began to slowly become azure blue, and her delicate and pretty face also began to fluctuate as if ripples, soon, a devastatingly beautiful face appeared in front of Long Yi.

Long Yi was shocked looking at blushing red Ling Feng, her autumn pupils were half closed, emitting passionate fiery feeling. And with her spotlessly white teeth biting her soft and fair lower lip, she looked too alluring.

“Little bewitching spirit.” Long Yi said in a hoarse voice and ** as if with earth-shaking momentum gushed out all of a sudden. He suddenly lowered his head and kissed the lips of Ling Feng, and his big hands kneaded her **. And that elastic, fine and smooth feeling made his fire of lust burn even more madly.

When Long Yi was recklessly feeling all over Ling Feng, suddenly a scorching hot feeling came from the center of his left hand. This sense of pain immediately pulled back his senses from the abyss of **.

[1] Cut Sleeve: homosexual. As for its origin, here is the short story which is copied for wiki, Emperor Ai was also famous for being the most effusive homosexual emperor of the Han Dynasty. Traditional historians characterized the relationship between Emperor Ai and Dong Xian as one between homosexual lovers and referred to their relationship as “the passion of the cut sleeve” (斷袖之癖) after a story that one afternoon after falling asleep for a nap on the same bed, Emperor Ai cut off his sleeve rather than disturb the sleeping Dong Xian when he had to get out of bed. Dong was noted for his relative simplicity contrasted with the highly ornamented court, and was given progressively higher and higher posts as part of the relationship, eventually becoming the supreme commander of the armed forces by the time of Emperor Ai’s death. Dong was afterward forced to commit suicide.

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