Chapter 173: Kobold Kingdom

Long Yi came back to his sense, then spreading out his palm, he saw that Demonic Stone that had fused together with the blood-colored skull was glimmering with faint black light. That scorching hot feeling was precisely coming from this.

Long Yi had a kind of feeling as if this Demonic Stone was warning him of something. As for Ling Feng in his bosom who was burning with passionate feeling, she was ceaselessly swaying. It seems she was extremely discontented with Long Yi stopping his hands, making her entire body as if was left hanging in the mid-air.

This moment, Long Yi alertly looked all around him, then he pulled up the clothing of Ling Feng.

“Long Yi?” Ling Feng also became clear-headed, and somewhat confusedly asked.

Long Yi bent over and kissing her forehead, he said: “Darling, put on your clothes, your first time shouldn’t be in this awful place.”

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Having heard what was said, Ling Feng got out from the bosom of Long Yi, then just when she was about to wrap her bosom with that white silk, Long Yi stopped her and said: “You shouldn’t wrap them like before, otherwise your bosom will be deformed, and at that time, one side will be high and another side will be low, looking ugly ah.”

“Ah, is that for real? Then are they deformed now?” Ling Feng nervously asked.

“Now they are still not deformed yet, but don’t mistreat them again, okay.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Ling Feng looked at Long Yi with supercilious eyes, then closed her lapel. Now with her bosom bulging, her stomach seemed somewhat vacuum.

Seeing Long Yi’s admiring gaze, Ling Feng was delighted in her heart, then holding the arm of long Yi, she charmingly said: “Long Yi, my real name is, in fact, Feng Ling. Hereafter, call me Ling’r.”

“Ling’r, really is smooth, hehe. Do all the people of Dark Church have the habit of disguising? Youyou was also the same before.” Long Yi smiled and said.

Hearing Long Yi mentioning Leng Youyou, Feng Ling’s autumn pupils flashed with unusual radiance, then catching the hold of Long Yi’s hand, she said: “You say, am I beautiful or that girl Youyou is beautiful? Do you like me more or like her more?”

Long Yi was dumbfounded, and Leng Youyou’s that desolate appearance appeared in his mind. He also recalled every little detail of the time he had spent together with her, and his expression became gentle and soft.

“Humph.” Seeing the expression of Long Yi, how could Feng Ling still not understand who he was thinking? She snorted and used the innate pinching skill of all women, fiercely pinching Long Yi’s soft flesh of his waist.

Long Yi made a wry smile, why are all the women same ah? Like this, wasn’t brother Ling Feng of before on better terms with him?

“Ling’r, actually……”

“Don’t say it, I don’t want to know.” Feng Ling interrupted Long Yi’s words and sighed in her heart. She had asked this only out of her instinct of girl, in fact, she understood who weights heavier between herself and Leng Youyou in the heart of Long Yi, but she believed that hereafter she would absolutely become more important than Leng Youyou in the heart of Long Yi. She will become Long Yi’s confidante and also his right-hand man.

Just then, Long Yi suddenly felt a sense of being spied on. Somewhere in this darkness, there seemed to have eyes staring at them. His sharp eyes scanned around the darkness, but other than this subterranean river, there was no other place where someone could hide.

Feng Ling also seemed to have perceived this. She firmly leaned close to Long Yi, and also looked all around.

The center of the left palm of Long Yi began to heat up again, and he spread out his hand. Then Demonic Stone suddenly shoot out three rays of black light straight towards the three location of the cliff of the grotto. The eyes of Long Yi shone violently and issuing a muffled shout, he instantly sent out three palm seal attack towards the cliff those three black lights had pointed out. With a bang sound, broken stones flew around, but it was accompanied with several sharp screaming sounds. Three big holes were revealed in the cliff, and several figures with strange appearance fell to the ground while screaming endlessly.

Long Yi immediately used his spirit power to bind these several people, and going before them with Feng Ling, he looked at them, then they couldn’t help but look at each other with blank dismay, as these several people had a wretched appearance. Triangle eyes, long ears and extremely short and thin figure, they seemed like youths who were brought up badly, but their face seemed there were at least 30 or 40 years in age, and their clothing was also coarse, don’t know what materials were used to create them.

“Ling’r, do you know what race they are?” Long Yi asked Feng Ling beside him.

Feng Ling frowned sizing up these several boorish fellows, then she said with uncertainty: “I have read a book that had the record of a kind of existence called Kobold race. They lived underground all year long without seeing sunlight, are the founder of underpass mechanism, establishing a gigantic underground kingdom, but that was also merely a legend.”

Long Yi picked up one fellow among them, then asked: “Who are you? Why did you come here?”

That fellow was at a loss and merely looked at Long Yi in panic.

“Perhaps they don’t understand our language, what should we do now?” Feng Ling said.

Long Yi frowned, then put down this fellow of unknown race. Suddenly, his face changed and he squeezed out a brilliant smile, then with an amiable appearance, he patted the shoulder of this fellow to show friendly relations and grabbed his those claw-like hand, expressing that they didn’t have any evil intention.

These several people were surprised and bewildered looking at Long Yi, opening their mouth, they issued several chirping sounds just like the birds. And Long Yi didn’t understand what they were saying?

“Perhaps they want you to undo their binding. Their face seemed to have the appearance of feeling unwell.” Feng Ling said to Long Yi.

Long Yi nodded his head, then waving his hand, he undid his spirit binding from these people. After that one that seemed to be the leader walked few steps forward, then waved his hands towards Long Yi and Feng Ling, seemingly asking them to follow after them.

These several short and small fellows went to the underneath of the tunnel entrance. With their that figure, it was impossible for them to fly. They simultaneously took out a rope from their waist. The one end of this rope had a metal hook attached to it. They threw this rope up and it firmly hooked to the ground, then all of them skillfully climbed up the ropes. Finally, that leader fellow threw down a rope signaling Long Yi and Feng Ling to climb up.

Long Yi and Feng Ling looked at each other and smiled, then they flew up, directly landing beside these fellows. These several small dwarfs were startled and looked at Long Yi and Feng Ling with a kind of reverence gaze.

Long Yi looked all around and saw that he was unable to see the end of this winding tunnel. The walls had torches in fix distance, moreover, there seemed to have innumerable forks throughout the tunnel. It seems this really was a gigantic underground network. Can it be that they are real legendary Kobold clan?

Two people followed these several dwarfs and began to turn left and turn right. Along the path, they ran into several teams of similar looking dwarfs, and all of them were surprised to see two of them. And the leader that was leading Long Yi and Feng Ling would chirp putting on airs while pointing at them two, then all other dwarfs would also look at them with reverence.

After walking for about half an hour, two people suddenly saw the light before them and looking at the scene before them, both of them were speechless. This place was actually a large underground city. The ground on the bottom and top was tens of meters apart, and this city was built in the open space between them. The stones and soils were used to build houses row by row, they were very systematic with a broad street, but unlike the city of human that possess stores, these kobolds still remained at primitive livelihood pattern, they still didn’t have a business transaction.

The arrival of Long Yi and Feng Ling immediately attracted the attention and caused a sensation. Many kobolds that were holding unusual weapons surrounded them, and alertly looked at them. It seems this truly was a city with every citizen a soldier ah.

Several kobolds that were leading Long Yi and Feng Ling shouted for a while, then all the kobolds orderly got out of the way, opening a path, then pointing towards Long Yi and Feng Ling, they talked with each other. It seems watching the excitement was the natural instinct of every race.

Long Yi also looked all around and discovered that the female kobold looked similar to men, truly was underwhelming. Although Elven clan similarly possessed long ears, but their appearance simply was heaven and earth apart ah.

Very quickly, the two of them were lead to the huge stone building which was located in the middle of this city. It seemed to be the imperial palace of Kobold clan. At this moment, in front of this imperial palace, there was a group of kobold bodyguards holding lance. All of them were clustering around a middle-aged kobold wearing a silver armor and also an imperial crown made with a gem. This person should be the patriarch of Kobold clan. The treatment of all of them was not too different. All these residents and guards were dressed in rags, and similarly, this fellow was also in rags but had put on airs, moreover, that crown seemed to be able to fetch an extremely high price in Blue Waves Continent.

Long Yi and Feng Ling stood in front of this patriarch of Kobold clan, and with the chirping sound of this kobold patriarch, a hunchbacked old man of Kobold clan came out from inside the imperial palace of Kobold clan. Although his eyes were cloudy, however they glimmered with wisdom.

“Humans, where are you from? Why did you come to our Kobold Kingdom?” This old man unexpectedly spoke the common language of Blue Waves Continent. Perhaps because he didn’t use this language often, it seemed very stiff, but it was at least understandable.

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Long Yi and Feng Ling were pleasantly surprised, at least the problem of a language barrier was resolved, now there should be no problem here, so their current main worry was Shui Ruoyan, Ximen Wuhen and Yinyin, these three women’s safety. Currently, they didn’t know anything about their safety.

“Respected mister kobold, we unintentionally arrived at your noble territory after we were drawn into the flood, if we have disturbed you, then we are very sorry.” Long Yi politely said.

This old man translated the words of Long Yi to the patriarch of Kobold clan, then said: “It has already been more than 1000 years since our Kobold clan last saw humans, we welcome you all, our patriarch requests you all to stay here for few days, our Kobold clan will entertain you two honored guests with the highest etiquette, naturally, we also have a request, is it possible for you to speak a little about the current circumstance of Blue Waves Continent?”

“This is absolutely not a problem, but we still have three of our companion missing. Their current whereabouts are unknown, so can I ask Lord to help us look for them?” Long Yi said. He was also very curious about this legendary Kobold clan. But although he didn’t know clearly whether Shui Rouyan and other two were involved or not, but to be better safe than sorry, he asked Kobold clan to look for them all around the underground river. These three women truly made him worried ah.

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