Chapter 174: Mountain of swords and sea of flames

Long Yi and Feng Ling were welcomed into the imperial palace with the highest etiquette of Kobold clan. This so-called imperial palace naturally had big disparity compared to the imperial palace of the big country of Blue Waves Continent. This entire palace was built using stones, and there were practically no items inside this place. Everywhere in the walls, ground and ceilings were engraved with strange carvings. Among them, the largest engraving was that of flame. But it was understandable, a fire should be the most valuable treasure and a practical thing of Kobold clan. In this vast underground kingdom, throughout the year, they needed to rely on the flame to illuminate.

The two people were led to a spacious stone room with nothing but a stone bed.

“Honorable guests, please stay here for few days, as for your companions, the patriarch has already ordered to search for them in the subterranean river.” That Kobold elder came and said to two of them.

Long Yi nodded his head, and suddenly recalled that this elder had stated that it had already been more than 1000 years since they last saw humans, in other words, more than 1000 years ago, they had seen humans. Does this mean that they had seen the people of Ice Palace and Raging Flame Villa? Then are they the one that built that secret room?

“Elder, do you know anything about the secret room with piled up dry bones above this place? We accidentally touched a mechanism of that place and were flooded to this place.” Long Yi asked, fixedly staring at the expression of this elder.

The expression of this elder stagnated. And his cloudy eyes suddenly shone and asked: “Did you all really came from that secret room?”

Long Yi and kobold elder look face to face, and from his words, Long Yi understood that he knew about this secret room, or perhaps that secret room was truly built by kobolds. These kobolds definitely had some kind of relationship with either Ice Palace or Raging Flame Villa. But it seems there is a larger chance for them to have relation with latter, didn’t kobolds worship flame?

“Yes, we were flooded out from there to the subterranean river, we also know that the dry bones in that secret room belongs to the people of Ice Palace and Raging Flame Villa, which is at that time’s two big factions of Blue Waves Continent.” Long Yi indifferently said.

The kobold elder looked at Long Yi, then said in surprise: “You knew about this? Can it be that these two factions still exist in Blue Waves Continent now?”

“They exist, but they are rarely known to anyone.” Long Yi nodded his head and said.

The kobold elder lowered his head, and he had lost in thought expression. After a long time, he sighed and shaking his head, he said: “Fire and Water are basically incompatible. Since the beginning, Fire God is our Kobold clan’s spiritual symbol, and Raging Flame Villa represent Fire God in the world, so our Kobold clan naturally had strong mutual support with them. More than 1000 years ago, during that unparalleled war inside Illusory Magic Forest, not only the vitality of Ice Palace and Raging Flame Villa was greatly injured, our Kobold clan was also similarly not spared. The remains you saw inside that secret chamber are merely a portion, that’s all. The other portions were completely annihilated with nothing left in that tragic fight.”

Long Yi and Feng Ling look face to face and shrugged their shoulder with a faint smile, Fire God? *** damn Fire God, wasn’t that just a gimmick of Raging Flame Villa? Ice Palace must have definitely declared itself as the representative of Ice God in this world, which was also a gimmick to deceive this crowd of the brainless kobold.

At this time, kobold elder pondered for a little while, then sighing, he raised his head and said: “Honorable guests, please have a rest first, after your rest, we will talk about the current circumstance of Blue Waves Continent and our understanding.”

“No problem, but I still have a request, can we stroll around in your underground kingdom, we are very curious about it.” Long Yi said with a smile.

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“You can, it’s just that our underground kingdom has few restricted zone, there is a mortal danger if you enter there, so I will arrange few guards to follow you.” After speaking, this kobold elder retreated, leaving behind only Long Yi and Feng Ling in the room.

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Long Yi turned to Feng Ling and fixedly staring at her, he evilly smiled.

“Why are you looking at me like this, so hateful.” Seeing the passionate gaze of Long Yi, Feng Ling beautiful face became rosy.

“Feng Ling, Feng Ling, you deceived me for so long and severely injured my pure heart, now you say yourself, how will you compensate me?” Long Yi smirked and said.

Feng Ling punched Long Yi and said angrily: “You did all that to me, and still want me to compensate you?”

“What did I do to you? How come I never know it?” Long Yi shrugged his shoulder and said with a smile.

Feng Ling pouted, then said: “You are not admitting it, then it would be best if you don’t admit it later too.”

“Not admit, I will resolutely not admit it.” Long Yi innocently said.

Feng Ling lowered her head, then firmly stamped her leg. Although she knew that Long Yi was joking, but her heart still felt somewhat unhappy.

Seeing the displeased appearance of Feng Ling, Long Yi smirked and said: “Okay, I’m admitting it, but I always feel that that kind of compensation is still not enough ah.”

The beautiful face of Feng Ling became bright red, then turning around, she said in a mosquito-like voice: “Then what do you desire?”

Long Yi smiled and stroke the beard stubble of his chin, then with a lewd smile on his face, he looked at shy Feng Ling. This moment she truly was too charming. Peerless looks coupled with this bashful and timid expression truly was sexy to the extreme ah. If not for having certain misgivings, then he would have truly thrown himself onto her to punish.

Feeling Long Yi’s passionate gaze sweeping her body, Feng Ling felt her whole body dry and hot, and her cheeks heated up as if they wanted to burn.

“Well, in order to compensate me for unbalancing my mind, I want to spank your little buttocks.” Long Yi smirked and said, then fixedly stared at Feng Ling’s that mellow and full pretty buttocks, imagining how smooth it would feel.

Having heard what was said, Feng Ling was startled, then biting her lower lip, she looked at Long Yi with her charming eyes. Long Yi thought that she would refuse, but she suddenly jumped onto the stone bed, then prostrating on the bed, she raised her small buttocks high.

The expression of Long Yi instantly became profound, and his Adam’s apple continuously moved up and down, this posture really was wanting the life of the people ah. He walked forward and stared fixedly at this perfect curvy buttocks, then his big hand somewhat quivered as he caressed it. Although the pants separated it, but that elastic feeling was accurate to perfection.

With the caress of Long Yi, the charming body of Feng Ling quivered slightly, and she involuntarily shook her buttocks, immediately causing Long Yi’s eyes to emit red light. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, then his big hand suddenly spanked the pretty buttocks of Feng Ling, and Feng Ling also repeatedly **, as if she was in pain and also pleased.

“You peevish little bewitching spirit.” Long Yi said in a hoarse voice, the moaning voice of Feng Ling incited his beast blood to seethe with excitement, and a kind of inexplicable pleasure surged in his heart.

Pa pa pa, Long Yi again spanked several times, and the moaning voice of Feng Ling and the swaying of her charming body nearly made him get out of control.

Long Yi breathed heavily and merely felt his heartbeat was accelerating which was accompanied by as if electric shock kind of feeling. His big hand reached out to the belt of Feng Ling, then untying it, he pulled her pants to her thigh. Then those red and white crisscrossed buttocks were exposed right before his eyes. That snow-white buttocks with palm prints gave out a kind of seductive beauty.

Long Yi lightly stroke her buttocks with his hands, and suddenly, he put forth his strength, and he immediately grabbed that soft buttocks flesh in his hand. The grabbing of the buttocks’ flesh caused her buttocks to part, and young maiden’s that pink gully covered densely with fine hair appeared right before his eyes. In the meantime, with spring nectar, it actually was very moist long ago.

“Long…Yi…” Feng Ling said while her two legs were trembling. Now she actually was powerless to support, and she softly fell down to the stone bed.

Long Yi released his hands, and again looking at the red hand prints on the buttocks of Feng Ling, the figure of Shui Ruoyan suddenly appeared in his mind. At that time, he had also spanked that beautiful teacher like this, but now she was missing. Thinking this, Long Yi suddenly lost his excitement, then pulling up the pants of Feng Ling, he also sat on the stone bed, lost in thoughts.

Feng Ling also woke up from ** and she got up, then seeing Long Yi’s depressed expression, she immediately understand what Long Yi was worried about. She tightly hugged Long Yi from behind, then leaning on his warm back, she gently said: “Long Yi, are you worried about Ximen Wuhen and others? I believe that they’ll be fine.”

Long Yi grab the hand of Feng Ling which was located on his chest and said: “I also believe that they will be fine, but I am still very worried.”

Feng Ling tightly hugged Long Yi as if she wanted to transmit her strength to him. She really loved this man very much, love very much, even though she knew that his heart was already packed with many women, but she still didn’t regret even a bit, this was somewhat not like her. The expression of Feng Ling became somewhat misty.

After several hours, that elder of Kobold clan came again, saying that the patriarch of Kobold clan wanted to entertain them.

And to the surprise of Long Yi and Feng Ling, this kobold elder unexpectedly lead them out of the imperial palace, coming to the level place outside of the underground kingdom. This place had innumerable piles of bonfires, and it seems all of the kobolds were gathering here.

“Is today the festival of your Kobold clan?” Long Yi asked this kobold elder.

Kobold elder nodded his head and said: “After two days, it is our Kobold clan’s offering day, so these past few days, we are arranging a banquet. That however is our Kobold clan’s very important day.”

Offering? Long Yi smiled, he thought that this might be the sacrificing a number of things to offer to Fire God whom they have faith in.

Seeing Long Yi and Feng Ling had arrived, those kobold bodyguards suddenly shouted, then all kobolds dispersed one after another, revealing a path of burning big fire. Numerous sharp blades were densely stuck inside this fire, and this fire path was full 100 meters long. As for the patriarch of Kobold clan, as before he was dressed in silver armor and wore the imperial crown, now was standing at the other end of this mountain of swords and sea of flames.

Long Yi frowned, what were these kobolds doing? Are they giving an initial display of their strength to us?

“This is the blessing of Fire God. As long as two honored guests walk past this road, you two will eternally be our Kobold clan’s friend, naturally, you two can also select to detour, and our Kobold clan will still regard you two as our honored guests.” Kobold elder said with all smiles.

So that’s how it is, Long Yi smirked, the mountain of swords and sea of flames? This was truly too child’s play for both of them. He and Feng Ling look at each other with a smile, then holding their hand, step by step, they trend this so-called the path of Fire God’s blessing.

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