Chapter 175: Offering Banquet

When Long Yi and Feng Ling took the first step, the bustling noises of all the kobolds instantly disappeared, and all of them simultaneously held their breath and stared fixedly at two people. In their view, whoever that could walk past this path was a person blessed by Fire God, and also was their Kobold clan’s honored guests forever.

Long Yi holding the little hand of Feng Ling stepped into the flame. Suddenly, the complexion of Long Yi changed, and the beautiful face of Feng Ling also became ghastly pale. This flame and the sharp blades actually weren’t simple, although sensing this flame from the surface, it was same as the common flame, but once inside it, the temperature of this flame was unexpectedly high beyond imagination, moreover what was even more terrifying was, this flame burned not only the physical body but also the soul of people. And in the meantime, the sharp blades were forged with extremely cold metal, and their cold qi possessed extremely strong piercing power. Furthermore, the most incredible thing was, a cold and a hot, these two kinds of opposite natural substances unexpectedly weren’t repelling each other, instead was fusing flawlessly.

Long Yi and Feng Ling who were taken by surprise nearly got screwed, fortunately, Long Yi had created a layer of spirit barrier around both of them to be ready for any eventuality, otherwise, their soul would have received an injury, which was not a joking matter. Under this sudden attack, Long Yi immediately increased the output of his spirit power to maximum, casting a layer of powerful and invisible barrier on the surface of their body. And for taking precaution against eventuality, Long Yi added his AoTianJue’s internal force to his spirit power, strengthening the barrier’s strength and thickness.

This moment, this strange flame and sharp blades were no longer able to harm both of them, so Long Yi relaxed.

Step by step, two people leisurely walked in the flame path, and Long Yi being a showy person, he generously waved his hand towards kobolds who didn’t dare to enter this flame path, putting on an appearance of a small man intoxicated by success.

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Don’t know when but kobold elder was already standing beside kobold patriarch, and standing at the end of this flame tunnel, he was watching Long Yi and Feng Ling.

“In the soul fire, they are still safe and sound, this shows both of them are the person blessed by Fire God.” Kobold patriarch nodded his head and said.

Kobold elder merely made a wry smile. Is the person that is able to cross this fire path the person that has obtained the blessing of Fire God? Back then, when Raging Flame Villa was fighting against Ice Palace, the master of Ice Palace regarded this soul fire as nothing, and relaxedly passed through it. But this had been the tradition that was passed down in Kobold clan for tens of thousands of years and was already deeply rooted in all the people of Kobold clan long ago. So saying anything against it was also useless, instead would be denounced.

Long Yi and Feng Ling stepped out from the flame path and stood in front of kobold elder and kobold patriarch with a smile. Instantly, the on-looking kobolds suddenly cheered as if an earthquake, then uniformly shouted the same slogan, as for what that was, Long Yi was unable to find that out.

At this time, Kobold clan’s patriarch crossed his hands and silently chanted an incantation, then two specks of yellow light shot out from his fingertips, which immediately entered into the body of Long Yi and Feng Ling, then kobolds cheered even more loudly.

“Henceforth, two of you will be our Kobold clan’s friend forever.” Patriarch smiled and said. Because of the language barrier, it was naturally kobold elder who translated it. (To avoid inconvenience, from now on there will be no mention of the language problem. T.L: this is the note of the author, not mine.)

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“Patriarch, then hereafter, if we have a request to some extent, then can we look for you to help?” Long Yi’s eyes shone and asked with a smile. This Kobold clan was good at digging, and they might be useful in the future.

Patriarch of Kobold clan thought for a little while then slowly said: “We Kobold clan have the instructions of our ancestor. Do not go to the outer part of this Illusory Magic Forest, and even more not to intervene in the dispute of the continent, unless……”

“Unless what?” Long Yi curiously asked. If Kobold clan always stayed in this godforsaken land, then they wouldn’t be able to help him in any way.

“This ancestor instruction is something my forefathers vowed to Fire God, so unless you are Fire God, we are powerless.” The patriarch of Kobold clan said.

Long Yi rolled his eyes, this old man was simply speaking rubbish, if he was Fire God, then could that old man PuXiushi be able to injure him at that time?

At this time, kobold elder said to patriarch: “Patriarch, it’s almost time.”

Kobold patriarch nodded his head, then walking to that circular stone platform, he chirped speaking in bird language, and his voice was unexpectedly vigorous and continuous, seems to have some skills.

After speaking, all the kobolds began to surround the bonfires while dancing and singing. The smoke of bonfires curled up, making this hazy as if an illusion and those men and women’s hoarse or pitch singing voice also spread out little by little. Long Yi and Feng Ling sitting on the stone stool of one side had a kind of unreal feeling looking at everything happening before them.

Long Yi looked at Ling Feng who was using his shoulder as a pillow, then lightly hitting her with his elbow, he said: “Ling’r, don’t you feel these kobolds’ singing is slightly strange?”

Feng Ling’s face nevertheless became bright red, and said angrily: “Where are you hitting with your hand, you dishonest fellow.”

Long Yi was dumbfounded, and again moving his elbow, he felt elastic and soft flesh, then he said with a smile: “Accident, it’s a pure accident.”

Feng Ling snorted, naturally had no other opinion, in any case, he had already seen and touched all of them. After that, she carefully listened to the song of kobolds and discovered a kind of faintly discernable free and natural feeling. A note after a note, modulation in tone, carried the change between nothing and stagnant feeling, seemed a kind of very peculiar rhythm.

“Yes, it’s slightly strange, but it sounds very comfortable.” Said Feng Ling.

Long Yi smiled, and his brows slightly creased, he didn’t know whether this was his misconception or not, but he felt this sound of singing had somewhat similar to hypnotic effect.

The festive singing and dancing of Kobold clan continued for two or three hours, then they dispersed and sat around the bonfires. And at this time, the girls of Kobold clan began to pile the pots created with metal in front of bonfires taking turns.

Long Yi and Feng Ling were naturally invited to the side of kobold patriarch as well as kobold elder. And there they saw inside the pot was a long earthworm-like thing, which intertwined with each other, moreover, a white colored foam was mixed in it. It truly looked rather disgusting.

“Patriarch, this is?” Long Yi asked confusedly.

This kobold patriarch used his hand to pick up this long worm while smiling happily, then roasting it in fire, he placed it in his mouth and bit it with relish, and while chewing, he said: “This is Land Digging Worm, it is very delicious, merely you can eat this only in offering festival, you don’t need to be polite, eat as much as you like.”

Long Yi had a burst of aversion. Although in his past life when he was carrying out a task in Dragon Group, in order to survive, he had also eaten a raw mouse, snake and even cockroach, but now was not a critical juncture of life and death, so only a mentally disordered person would eat this kind of thing.

Seeing each and every one of the kobolds all around was eating these Land Digging Worm making chewing sounds, the stomach of Feng Ling churned. Fortunately she was a necromancer, and usually saw skeletons and zombies, otherwise, she would have been unable to suppress.

“We are not accustomed eating these things, we have our own food, you all enjoy your meal.” Long Yi smiled and said.

Kobold patriarch suddenly understood and said: “Yeah, I almost forget that you were a human, since it is like that, then we’ll not force you to eat, but you have to drink our Kobold clan’s wine, Beauty wine. It is brewed using underground river water.”

Long Yi smelled that more pungent than horse urine wine inside the metal bottle given to him by kobold patriarch, and said with a stiff smile: “The wine of your Kobold clan is too strong, we definitely cannot drink it.”

Kobold patriarch proudly smiled and said: “Correct, this wine is very strong, and this is the wine only us Kobold clan can brew.”

Long Yi looked towards kobold elder who had a somewhat awkward expression, then laughed. After that, he pulled the hand of Feng Ling and went to one side. This patriarch of Kobold clan had great ambition but little talent and was just a frog that looked at the sky from the bottom of a well. Perhaps after staying in the underground for a long time, he considered himself in the right, but, that kobold elder was not a simple character.

Long Yi and Feng Ling had prepared a large amount of food inside their space ring. They spread a brocade cotton cloth on the ground, then placing several plates of delicacies, they took out two bottles of good wine. Compared to the banquet of kobolds, this simply was as different as heaven and earth.

Long Yi bit a mouthful of fresh and tender fire rabbit meat, then sip a mouthful of best quality wine of Intoxicated Fragrant Building and would frequently eat Feng Ling, this small beauty’s tofu, truly was spitting image of celestial being ah. And what made other people admire him the most was, this fellow’s amazing adapting ability. Perhaps this moment, even if he was in the mountain of corpses and sea of blood, he would be able to eat and sleep as before.

Suddenly, a figure appeared before Long Yi and Feng Ling, and his cloudy eyes staring at those delicious foods on the ground emitted a green light. And not waiting for Long Yi to open his mouth, kobold elder grabbed one plateful of foods after another as fast as lighting, and like a reincarnation of a hungry ghost, he squeezed all of them in his mouth. That truly was too astonishing, even Barbarian Bull was readily inferior to this.

In a blink of an eye, the foods on the brocade cotton cloth were cleared off by this kobold elder, then burping, he snatched the bottle of wine in the hand of Long Yi and poured it in his mouth, then revealed a perfectly content face. That appearance simply was just like **.

“I say, elder, aren’t you going to enjoy your own delicacies? How come you are coming here to rob our food?” Long Yi complained.

Kobold elder smiled, and that as if bark skin appeared even more wrinkled. Then he said: “Do you think I am senile, our Kobold clan live underground throughout the year, and although we have several kinds of eating things, but how can there be any as delicious as human’s foods here?”

“Your patriarch doesn’t seem to think so.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Kobold elder smiled and looking at the distant kobold patriarch, he sighed: “He is still young, he will slowly understand in the future.”

Long Yi and Feng Ling looked at each other feeling surprise then said: “He is still young? With such amount of beard, he is old enough to be my grandfather.”

“The average lifespan of our Kobold clan is several times more than that of you humans. Now patriarch is only 60 years old, naturally is young.” Kobold elder said.

Long Yi’s heart immediately got somewhat unbalanced, why was the lifespan of human so short, and these aliens however live for a long time, but thinking about the unparalleled creativeness and wisdom of human, he felt this doesn’t matter.

Just then, the ground suddenly shook, and many kobolds that were happily enjoying their delicacy fell down to the ground. A roar as if thunder came through underground. That roar was so domineering that it made Long Yi and Feng Ling’s heart to tighten, and their chest became heavy as if a large stone was placed on their chest.

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