Chapter 176: Fire Qilin

The complexion of kobold elder changed, and his eyes showed looks of aghast. And all other kobolds were also trembling on the ground, and they even more couldn’t bear. Each and everyone hugged together while trembling as if they had seen the ghost.

“How can it be, isn’t there still time for that?” Kobold elder muttered.

And at this moment, kobold patriarch chirped, issuing a long series of instruction. Then a group of guards behind him immediately turned around and left.

Long Yi calmed down, then pulling the kobold elder, he asked: “What’s going on here? What kind of monster is that?”

Kobold elder lightly sighed, then with somewhat complicated expression, he said: “That is flame god beast that resides in underground lava, is Fire God’s pet. Every time, we always offer 18 virgin boys and maidens to appease the fury of this god-beast, otherwise, we Kobold clan would have already been destroyed by it.”

Long Yi and Feng Ling were dumbfounded, and Long Yi asked in surprise: “Aren’t you all the believer of Fire God? But why is his god beast treating you all like this?”

Kobold elder nodded his head, then sighing, he said: “Yeah, our Kobold clan is forever the servant of Fire God, and for those 18 virgin boys and maidens, being able to be the offering of flame god beast is naturally their honor.”

Looking at kobold elder’s that sour expression on his face, Feng Ling couldn’t help but chuckled: “But elder’s words seemed somewhat insincere ah.”

The expression of Kobold elder stagnated, then making a wry smile, he shook his head.

As for Long Yi, he was very angry in his heart, as a soul that had come from the 21st century of the Earth, this type of action was simply absurd and stupid to the extreme. And at this moment, 18 virgin boys and maidens with wet hairs of Kobold clan were brought out. They obviously had hastily taken a bath. Their childish eyes revealed panic and unease, however surprisingly they didn’t cry.

The kobold patriarch chirped out several sounds, then a long procession began to march forward. There was a group of kobolds wailing and chasing behind this procession, obviously were the family member of those 18 virgin boys and maidens, but the rear guards ruthlessly knocked them down to the ground, and they could only watch their sons and daughters walking to the death helplessly with their own eyes. That hissing sound and spitting lungs wailing made Long Yi and Feng Ling feel sad.

Kobold elder rushed to the front of this procession, and Long Yi and Feng Ling also tagged along after this procession of guards. They wanted to see whether this flame god beast had three heads and six arms or not.

The procession turned left and right through the underground passage, and they passed through twisting and turning corners one after another. As they moved forward, that roaring sound of that flame god beast became clearer. Finally, its true body’s powerful aura rushed directly to their face.

At this moment, the procession entered inside a red tunnel, and the temperature suddenly increased by 10 or 20 degrees, as if they had entered into a huge oven. Long Yi realized that in front of them should be the lair of that flame god beast.

No long after, the procession stopped, then uniformly knelt on the ground. Even kobold elder and patriarch were also no exceptions. Long Yi looked as far as his eyes could see and saw at the end of this tunnel, there was a fiery red crater, from where magma was frequently splashing, and a burst of red-hot heat wave spread out making people feel as if they were burning thoroughly.

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After a while, kobold elder stood up, then used his withered claw-like hands to point out several children among those 18 virgin boys and maidens, then pointed towards that crater where magma was splashing. Immediately after that, the guards got up and carrying those virgin boys and maidens, they advanced towards that crater.

Seeing this, the eyes of Long Yi narrowed. This was the matter of Kobold clan, so he didn’t want to meddle in it, but seeing these children of Kobold clan were about to be thrown into the magma with his own eyes, he felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

Just then, the first pair of virgin boy and maiden was thrown. Seeing this, Long Yi suddenly opened his eyes wide, and without thinking, he let out a muffled shout, then rushed forward. Leaving behind afterimages in the mid-air, he caught the empty void with his hands, then a pair of children that were already dropping down was pulled to his hands. And he also happens to see a fiery red huge monster in the magma.

“Fire Qilin?” Long Yi exclaimed and didn’t dare to believe what he had seen. This monster was really very much like the Fire Qilin of Chinese mythology. Moose body, oxtail, horse’s hoof, body covered with a layer of fiery red scales, sharp and glittering horn on its head, and yellow colored flesh in the head from where this horn was originated.

But this Fire Qilin obviously was very angry at Long Yi for snatching the food from its mouth, and it let out a violent roar. Then red-hot magma surged and shot towards Long Yi in the sky.

Long Yi easily scattered the magma with his palm, then his Wind Coiling Ice Roar Magic whistled towards Fire Qilin of the magma. And at the same time, he used Great Cosmos Shift to return back, then allowing no explanation, he placed the pair of kobold children who had fainted from fear into the hands of those guards.

Kobold patriarch and elder pointed at Long Yi with trembling finger and were speechless for a long time.

Fire Qilin forcibly shattered Long Yi’s Wind Coiling Ice Roar Magic, then furiously seethed through the magma. The entire underground passage began to shake and rocks began to fall from the top one after another.

Kobolds also didn’t have time to speak with Long Yi, and as if a scared rabbit, they ran away from here rapidly, and in a blink of an eye, only Long Yi and Feng Ling were left in this place.

Feng Ling looked towards Long Yi and Long Yi just chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. Looking at this situation, it seems that fiery red magma was about to erupt out like a volcano eruption and cover the sky.

Long Yi strangely shouted, then a world of snow and ice covered the cave mouth, but merely after half a second, it melted down. Looking at the magma that was gushing out, Long Yi took a deep breath, then floating in the air, he slowly raised his both hands, leaving behind innumerable illusionary shadows, then he shouted: “Infinitely Compassionate and Merciful Thousand Leaf Gale Palm.” This was the fusion of China’s ancient martial arts, Infinitely Compassionate and Merciful Thousand Leaf Palm and Wind magic. This was Long Yi’s first experiment. Innumerable palm shadows shot out innumerable spirit qi, and between spirit qi, he skillfully placed the cyan colored wind magic elements, forming an inescapable net as if spirit qi net. With this, not only the speed was faster, the might was also enhanced by several times.

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That violently gushing out magma was firmly stopped by the inescapable net of Long Yi, and was directly knocked back.

“What is this magic?” Feng Ling asked in surprise. This Infinitely Compassionate and Merciful Thousand Leaf Gale Palm move of Long Yi was truly too beautiful, it looked elegant, and those innumerable different postured arms were very amazing.

Long Yi smirked, and just when he was about to answer, he heard a rumbling sound, and the entire cave collapsed. Long Yi immediately hugged Feng Ling, and afterward, both of them were instantly buried alive within rocks.

The true qi of Long Yi flowed all over the place, then with a boom sound, he bore out from the pile of rocks with Feng Ling, directly shooting towards the sky. After that, silently floating in midair, his as if star eyes looked at Fire Qilin standing on the wave of magma.

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