Chapter 177: Insane battle

Currently, Long Yi was feeling slightly strange. In the myth of China, Fire Qilin was regarded as an auspicious beast, but how come this Fire Qilin of a different world is so fierce?

Long Yi floating in the sky and Fire Qilin looked face to face. And its powerful aura made him apprehensive endlessly. Merely looking at how it was treating several thousand degrees magma as a hot spring, he knew that the strength of this beast was in no way inferior to Violent Lightning Beast, perhaps was even higher by a level. This moment, Fire Qilin had already locked on to Long Yi, and its copper bells like big shiny eyes were looking at Long Yi. And it unexpectedly showed interested expression, actually was treating Long Yi and Feng Ling as playthings.

Long Yi secretly pinched the little hand of Feng Ling, then using Sound Condensing Magic, he said: “After I attract the attention of this big fellow, quickly open the passage and run. I think this big fellow is not that easy to deal with.”

The jade hand of Feng Ling pinched the soft flesh of Long Yi’s waist with strength, then panting with anger, she glared Long Yi. Her quick-witted big eyes clearly showed her intention, which was, she would absolutely not leave Long Yi even a half step.

The handsome face of Long Yi immediately stiffened, then transmitted his sound: “Be obedient, you will only distract my attention being here, do you still not believe in me? When talking about escaping skill, if I say I am second, then there is no one who will dare to say they are first.”

Feng Ling couldn’t help but smile, this smelly fellow’s skin was too thick, making even escaping sound so in the right and self-confident. She was also not a woman who didn’t know how to distinguish propriety, although her undead magic had already reached Mage rank, but fighting Fire Qilin in the lava was unwise beyond doubt. If the undead she had summoned couldn’t fly, then she feared they would be melted by the magma, moreover, she had a kind of blind faith in Long Yi. Well, escaping shouldn’t be a problem to Long Yi. So she gave a little nod to Long Yi, and her autumn eyes became gentle and soft as water.

And at this time, Fire Qilin had already lost its patience, and roaring, it caused a blast of red-hot magma beside it to curl up. And as if heavenly maiden dispersing flower, they fiercely shot towards the sky, and that ultra-high temperature seemed to be burning the air itself. Thickly dotted with no gap, they completely blocked all the route of retreat of Long Yi.

Long Yi actually smirked, with regarding the attack of Fire Qilin, he was already prepared. He took out a huge sword from his space ring, then circulating his douqi, he suddenly revealed bright light blue radiance.

“Ice Douqi’s Wind Loop.” Long Yi let out a muffled shout which reverberated in this wide cave. And he slashed in the air drawing a circle, then sparkling and translucent small tornados formed from the ice and wind. After that, along with the pointing of Long Yi’s sword tip, they whistled towards the blast of magma. And those blast of red-hot magma were unexpectedly frozen into an ice crystal in an instant. And as sudden as a flash of lightning, they advanced towards Fire Qilin, and with several bang sound, Fire Qilin was directly smashed and was forced to sink into the magma.

“Long Yi, You are really awesome.” Feng Ling cheered.

Long Yi however pushed Feng Ling towards the entrance of the tunnel, then said loudly: “Quickly leave.”

Feng Ling exclaimed, and seeing the attack power of Long Yi, she greatly relaxed. Then she summoned her Green Furred Corpse King of different space and instructed it to dig out a passage.

Green Furred Corpse King’s strong physical attack accompanied with Feng Ling’s earth magic, they quickly opened up a passage.

Seeing Feng Ling had left, Long Yi sighed out of relief, but his complexion was somewhat ghastly pale, and there was a trace of sweat on his forehead. The magic elements within his sea of consciousness shrunk making him feel dizzy. This move Ice Douqi’s Wind Loop he had used just now was not simple at all, he had fused together his internal force, water magic element, battle qi and also wind magic element, otherwise, this move wouldn’t have such powerful might. The fusion of compound magic was already hard enough, not to mention this time Long Yi fused compound magic with douqi.

That warm internal force of AoTianJue circulated all over his body, and the dizzy feeling of Long Yi began to mitigate a lot. The Fire Qilin still didn’t float up from inside the magma, but Long Yi absolutely didn’t believe that his attack of just now had inflicted it a heavy damage, at most it must have only felt pain, that’s all.

Long Yi looked towards the passage from where Feng Ling had escaped, if he used Great Cosmos Shift to run out, then he shouldn’t have any problem, merely if he ran away, then wouldn’t Kobold clan suffer the disaster? Since this calamity was provoked by him, if he didn’t prevent it, then there was no meaning of him saving those offerings of Kobold clan. Since he had already meddled in, how could he just walk away from it?

Long Yi thought of this and suppressed the thoughts of slipping away. This moment, he recalled that, from the very beginning, although he had fought all-out against Fire Qilin, but he never had a thought that he had any chance of winning, this was contrary to his character. Long Yi pondered and thought for a while, then he deemed that the aura of Fire Qilin which was dense as if big mountain and sharp as if the sharp blade was quietly affecting him from the very beginning, making him have the thought that he would be defeated from the beginning.

Suddenly, the magma underneath him burst, and Fire Qilin’s huge body slowly emerged with fiery red magma sliding down its those sparkling scales. It raised its head and looking at the eyes of Long Yi which were filled with fighting spirit, and a trace of human-like surprise flash through its eyes.

This moment, the thoughts of Long Yi had completely changed, those negative thoughts no longer exist in his heart, and was replaced by a dense fighting spirit. His blood was also seething with excitement, and his teeth were trembling due to the excitement.

“Big Fellow. Come on, use your true skill, look how your father, I will peel off your scales.” Long Yi smiled and said while pointing straight towards Fire Qilin in the magma with his sword.

Fire Qilin seemed to understand the ridicule of Long Yi and it roared, then several tens of magma pillar rose, which unexpectedly intertwined with each other in the air, trapping Long Yi. Looking from the outside, this looked just like a fiery red flower. After that this flower suddenly folded, and as if nothing, passed through the body of Long Yi, and trickled down just like raindrops.

As for the figure of Long Yi in the sky, it slowly became light, finally dissipating into the air. As it turned out this was only the afterimage of Long Yi, and real Long Yi had used Great Cosmos Shift to get away from the encirclement long ago and was standing on one corner of the cliff.

“Big fellow, aren’t you a female, or, your master is a female? Your embroidering skill is pretty good.” Long Yi smirked and said. He suspected that this monster most definitely understands the human speech.

Fire Qilin got even angrier, and it no longer used magma attack, rather flew directly, then opening its big mouth, it fired innumerable fire lines towards Long Yi.

The figure of Long Yi flashed, with Soaring Magic combined with Great Cosmos Shift, now his speed was even faster than the ghosts. But, although the fire spat out by Fire Qilin was weak, but the fatal aspect of this attack was, those fire lines were homing, and just like the maggot attached to the bone, they firmly chased Long Yi. Moreover, they were dispersed, and they were also numerous, so although the speed Long Yi was fast, there were quite a few times he nearly got entangled with those fire lines.

Seeing its attack wasn’t successful for a long time, Fire Qilin unexpectedly again spat out god fire, and the number of fire lines suddenly increased by twice as much. This moment, Long Yi however was powerless to dodge all of those fire lines.

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The arm of Long Yi was tied up by a fire line, and the internal force protecting the body of Long Yi unexpectedly melted rapidly. And the speed of Long Yi began to slow down, then more and more fire lines tied up his body, finally as if a thickly dotted fire net, Long Yi was trapped.

With so many fire lines tying him up, the internal force protection of Long Yi around his body was consumed rapidly. Finally, these fire lines passed through his internal force protection and directly melted his clothing, burning his skin.

The entire body of Long Yi trembled, and he let out a groan of pain from his throat, however biting his lower lip, he didn’t scream loudly.

“Soul Fire.” These words appeared in the mind of Long Yi. The specific property of these fire lines and Kobold clan’s that blessing of Fire God’s flame path were about the same. Both of these flames could directly injure the soul but in terms of the might and penetration power, these fire lines were many times more powerful. And because of that, it was very hard for him to withstand with his internal force and spirit power.

Feeling a burning sensation that came from the depth of his soul, as a person with a high amount of spirit power, Long Yi was very sensitive, so it can be said that this pain coming from his soul was the most painful experience he had ever had since his second incarnation.

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Long Yi stubbornly didn’t scream out of pain, and now his handsome face was twisting because of pain. Currently, his entire body was laid bare and was tightly clenching his hand.

And the pain of Long Yi was feeling was also perceived by Violent Lightning Beast who had blood contract connection with him, so it was ceaselessly using its thoughts to ask Long Yi to let it out. And this moment, Long Yi also couldn’t help it, so he used his thoughts to summon Violent Lightning Beast from inside the dark dimension space.

Immediately after Violent Lightning Beast came out, it got into an attacking state while floating in the air, then without any nonsense, it cast two lightning forbidden magic spell in succession towards that triumphant looking Fire Qilin. With the sudden appearance of innumerable as thick as arm lightning in the sky, the entire underground space became silvery white.

The entire body of Fire Qilin suddenly covered with almost transparent flame, which unexpectedly resisted the two forbidden magic spells of Violent Lightning Beast, but under the attack of such fierce forbidden magic spells, the cliff however was smashed and rocks fell down as if rain, causing the magma underneath to toss about. As for Long Yi who was tied by fire lines, not only his soul was bearing torment, he even more was unable to escape ** by sheer luck. Now due to the burning of his skin and muscles by these fire lines, his body was emitting the sweet smell of roasted meat.

Now fire Qilin and Violent Lightning Beast were intensely fighting against each other in this narrow space, and Long Yi was firmly stuck close to the cliff with fire lines still burning his soul and body. The view before his eyes began to shake, and he didn’t feel anything even though the rocks that were falling down and the splash of magma hit his body.

Long Yi bit the tip of his tongue, making himself sober up a little. He was very clear in his heart that although Violent Lightning Beast and Fire Qilin seemed to be fighting intensely, but Fire Qilin’s that relaxed appearance clearly shows that it hadn’t gone all-out, rather was like a cat that had caught the mouse, enjoying itself.

Long Yi got angry and flared up. Perhaps because his soul being burned made him somewhat insane, he actually felt a little bit of strange pleasure.

Just then, Fire Qilin used god fire to knock Violent Lightning Beast against the cliff, and this beast unexpectedly revealed an insufferably arrogant appearance. And as for Long Yi, when Fire Qilin was feeling complacent, his body which was tied up by fire lines unexpectedly disappeared into the thin air. The pain stimulated his hidden potential and explosive power, so now his speed of Great Cosmos Shift was unexpectedly several times faster than previous.

Before Fire Qilin could react, Long Yi was already riding its back, and he had somewhat crazy looks in his twisted handsome face. After that, he bit Fire Qilin’s that yellow colored flesh on the head from where its horn had sprouted out because that was the only place that appeared he could bite through, as all other places were covered by harder than diamond scales.

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