Chapter 178: Sea of consciousness’s shadow

Long Yi used his internal force and went all-out in biting, and he was unexpectedly able to easily bite through the flesh of Fire Qilin, then a warm liquid flowed into his mouth, but he didn’t know whether this was a blood or other.

Long Yi was very lucky, the flesh around the sharp horn of Fire Qilin was its only weakness, and that liquid however wasn’t its blood rather its essence of cultivation which was also Fire Qilin’s supply center of fire energy. But there was no way for Long Yi to know this, his consciousness was already in semi-coma state, and he only knew to bite firmly without letting go.

Fire Qilin roared madly, the energy it had painstakingly cultivated was being absorbed by this human, this simply was an unforgivable crime. Fire Qilin emitted transparent flame from all over its body, wanting to burn this human’s ** as well as soul to ashes. As for Long Yi, the more pain he felt in his ** and soul, the harder his bite became, and when he found that gulping down this liquid would relieve the pain for few moments, he began to crazily absorb that liquid.

Fire Qilin got even angrier and directly entered head first into the fiery red magma.

“Don’t, Long Yi.” A wailing sound came through, Feng Ling appeared at the tunnel entrance of just now. When she was some distance away, she felt the shaking of the earth, and also heard the loud roar of Fire Qilin, then feeling ill at ease, she again returned back. But who would have thought that, just when she reached the entrance of the tunnel, she would see this tragedy.

Feng Ling suddenly became lifeless and slumped on the ground. Now she was filled with grief and indignation, and she felt as if her heart was forcibly torn into pieces, and her tears even forgot how to flow down.

In the mid-air, Violent Lightning Beast who was smashed against the cliff struggled to come out, then retracting its body to its puppy form, it fell beside Feng Ling and used its tongue to lick the wounds on its body. Violent Lightning Beast looked towards the boiling magma and purred, but it didn’t reveal any sad expression, because, with its connection of blood contract, it knew that its master was still alive.

Feng Ling slowly stood up, then she crazily threw magic into the magma, causing the magma splashes to fly in all direction.

“Beast, give Long Yi back to me.” Feng Ling hysterically roared loudly.

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But after a long time, even after Feng Ling was exhausted, there was no reaction in the magma. The lips of Feng Ling trembled, and her azure blue big eyes changed into cold ashes.

“No, Long Yi will not die.” Feng Ling mumbled, seemingly wanting to convince herself.

“No, no.” Feng Ling shook her head, and everything she had done together with Long Yi appeared in her mind, from the very beginning of being an acquaintance, later drinking wine and eating meat as brothers, and talking about everything under the sun including women. Two people hugging together to sleep, the nervousness and embarrassment feeling when he barged into the bathroom when she was bathing and so on, every scene appeared in her mind one after another, instantly collapsing her.

Feng Ling was in a daze and was muttering. Carefully listening, she was repeatedly calling the name of Long Yi without stopping.

Since she couldn’t live together with Long Yi to the end, then she would accompany him to Yellow Springs. This thought flashed through the mind of Feng Ling, then she immediately put it into action. She walked two steps forward, then jumped towards the surging magma. She closed her eyes and spread open her hands. Just like honor doesn’t allow one to glance back, without hesitation, she jumped, and had a sweet smile on her face, as if she was not jumping into the deadly lava, but into the warm bosom of Long Yi.

Suddenly, Feng Ling fell to the ground, and as if sitting on the rocket, again flew back to the cliff. Feng Ling confusedly opened her eyes and saw pocket-sized Violent Lightning Beast. Its adorable big eyes were looking at her while purring.

Feng Ling was rather dumbfounded, she recalled that she had clearly jumped down, but how come she has again returned to the tunnel entrance? Is it possible that this little fellow had pulled her up, or, everything was just her dream, and now she was precisely in the middle of the dream? Because when Fire Qilin had smashed Violent Lightning Beast against the cliff, Feng Ling wasn’t here yet, and when she arrived here, she only saw Fire Qilin taking Long Yi into the magma. After that she was dazed, basically was unable to notice Violent Lightning Beast until now.

Feng Ling pinched her beautiful face and felt very painful, which meant this was not a dream, so she couldn’t help but feel sad from the bottom of her heart. She stood up and once again wanted to jump, but Violent Lightning Beast bit the edge of her pants.

Feng Ling fell to the ground, then turned her head to look at Violent Lightning Beast, and notice that its eyes were unexpectedly showing comforting looks, so she couldn’t help but got surprised. Slowly, her brain began to function properly, then carefully sized up Violet Lightning Beast. She had never seen this little fellow, and it seemed to appear out of thin air here, could it be that it is the pet of Long Yi?

Suddenly, the charming body of Feng Ling trembled, and her autumn pupils showed wild with joy expression, then she muttered: “Long Yi isn’t dead, Long Yi isn’t dead.” Because she noticed a red blood mark on the forehead of Violent Lightning Beast, she clearly knew that this was legendary blood contract, so if this little fellow was the pet of Long Yi, then if Long Yi died, then it was also bound to die, but now it was still alive and kicking here, didn’t this explain Long Yi is not dead yet?

Feng Ling cried the tears of joys, just now when she was feeling such grief and indignation, her tears didn’t flow out, but now her tears unexpectedly streamed down to her cheeks. She held Violent Lightning Beast to her bosom as if she was grasping a life-saving straw. It was her last hope.

Long Yi sucked the liquid that flowed out from the flesh of Fire Qilin as if his life depended on it, as this was the only way to mitigate his ** and soul’s pain. But after Fire Qilin suddenly plunged into the lava whose temperature reach up to several thousand degrees, with no protection of his spirit power and internal force, in less than a second, he would be melted without leaving any remains.

But when Long Yi was about to make a contact with lava, his body was suddenly covered with a layer of black qi, which forced out the fire lines that were tying up his body, and that boiling magma as well as Fire Qilin’s transparent flame unexpectedly didn’t injure him even a bit.

With pain suddenly alleviating, Long Yi subconsciously loosened his mouth, and the wound in that flesh from where the horn of Fire Qilin was originate healed rapidly, without leaving even the slightest trace.

Vaguely, a shadow seemed to have appeared in front of Long Yi, and a pair of black pupils were curiously watching him. But this other person was as if an illusion, and Long Yi wasn’t able to see clearly.

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“Who are you?” Long Yi weakly asked. His consciousness was somewhat hazy, but looking at those black pupils, he had a déjà vu feeling.

“You don’t need to know.” That erratic voice of that shadow came from all direction, and he was unable to differentiate whether this was the voice of man or woman.

“Did you save me?” Long Yi asked.

“Do you still need to ask? You idiot.” The shadow said with some mockery, and a radiance was wandering about in those pitch-black eyes.

Long Yi frowned, then calming down his heart, he suppressed his curiosity and closed his eyes, no longer speaking. When Long Yi was about to lose consciousness again, a peculiar power woke him up again. Instantly opening his eyes, he again saw that hazy shadow.

“Are you not curious about who am I? And why did I appear in your sea of consciousness now?” Shadow asked.

Long Yi was dumbfounded, as it turned out, now he was inside his consciousness, no wonder he felt so strange.

“If you want to speak then you will naturally speak, there is no difference whether I ask or not.” Long Yi said.

Shadow was silent for a long time, then chuckling, this shadow said: “Interesting, right, even if you ask me, I might not tell you.”

“I don’t care who you are, but you do not have my consent to enter my body, this truly is somewhat hateful, can you please leave immediately.” Long Yi wasn’t angry towards this shadow, but he was worried about whether this shadow could know all of his deepest secrets or not.

“If I leave now, then I am afraid you are going to be out of your wits. You can rest assured, I also don’t want to stay in your body, merely I have no choice but to enter your body to save you, also I don’t have any interest to look at your thoughts.” Shadow bluntly said as if seen through the worry of Long Yi. In fact, the shadow really wanted to know what Long Yi was thinking, but the shadow discovered that the willpower of Long Yi was very strong, and the shadow simply couldn’t explore.

Having heard what was said, Long Yi was somewhat relieved. Without danger, his brain began to activate. This shadow was not living inside his body, so it must be dwelling in certain something on his body. It seems this shadow was not a soul of an entity, could it be that this shadow is that specter he caught in Illusory Magic Forest? But Long Yi quickly dismissed this speculation.

Long Yi look at those strange black eyes of the shadow, and always felt as if he had seen them somewhere before. Suddenly, he exclaimed: “It’s you, aren’t you those eyes inside the Demonic Stone? You are living inside the Demonic Stone.”

“Well, you are not that stupid, not bad, yes that’s me.” Shadow laughed and said, and that voice sounded truly creepy.

“I am stupid, but you are even more pitiful, being trapped in the Demonic Stone for unknown numbers of years.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Shadow didn’t speak, just sighed lightly, this made Long Yi even surer about his conjecture.

“Meeting each other is predestined, brother, you don’t need to worry, just wait until I reach God realm in undead magic, then after looking for a suitable body, it will be easy to resurrect you.” Long Yi said with a smile. He was unexpectedly addressing this shadow as a brother.

Shadow was startled, then suddenly laughed. This strange laughing voice made listening people feel uncomfortable as if they were weightlessness.

“Do you know why I called you stupid? Because you always like to think yourself clever.” Shadow said with a smile.

Long Yi speechless. Get no thanks for his good intention.

“Boy, you know? You have treasure mountain, but you don’t know how to use, and stupidly fight recklessly against a saint beast Qilin. If it was not for me, then you would have already been out of wits.” Said shadow.

“Treasure mountain?” Long Yi racked his brains thinking about what was the treasure he had that could make this fierce fellow Fire Qilin to admit defeat, but no matter how much he thought, he wasn’t able to come up with anything. Even Violent Lightning Beast was no match for it, so what else was there that could defeat it?

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