Chapter 179: Mystical Little Three

Long Yi searched his guts and belly [1], then he suddenly recalled those Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade which were thrown into his space ring. Could it be that they are the things that were pointed out by that shadow? But he really didn’t know how to use them.

“Brother, are you talking about Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade.” Long Yi asked.

Shadow strangely laughed and said: “Yes, but, they are only one part.”

“One part? What else is there?” Long Yi asked. This was the matter concerning life and death, how could he not be urgent?

“In addition……!” Just after this shadow spoke these two words, the voice of this shadow suddenly ceased abruptly as if the radio whose electricity was cut off, and the shadow also unexpectedly disappeared in an instant.

“Hello, hello, where did you go? You still haven’t said anything.” Long Yi anxiously said. Then his consciousness began to sink, and he suddenly woke up.

Long Yi felt that the black qi covering his body was beginning to slowly dissipate, and he was already feeling a burst of scorching hot feeling. And just when Long Yi was getting extremely anxious, Fire Qilin suddenly rushed up quickly, and Long Yi was tossed off.

“Long Yi.” Hearing the sound of activity, Feng Ling who was at tunnel entrance looked over. And seeing Long Yi was thrown off by Fire Qilin, she loudly shouted in pleasant surprise. And just when she wanted to rush up to catch him, Violent Lightning Beast however was a step faster than her to catch Long Yi.

But a matter contrary to the expectation of Feng Ling occurred. After Violent Lightning Beast caught Long Yi, its body suddenly trembled, and it threw off Long Yi from its back. Only at this moment, Violent Lightning Beast noticed that the body of Long Yi was unexpectedly emitting almost invisible transparent flame, which was exactly the same as Fire Qilin’s transparent flame.

Violent Lightning Beast endured the burning pain of its soul and **, and actually again placed Long Yi on its back, then returned to the tunnel entrance. The majority of its purple furs on its back were already burned, and its skin was also burned black.

Long Yi staggered to stand up and only felt that his whole body was scorching hot as if every cell of his body were burning. His clothing had already turned to ashes, revealing his entire strong and handsome body. And with transparent flame emitting from his entire body, his black hair was fluttering as if it was being blown by a gale. This made him look as if he was Sun God Apollo of the myth.

Seeing Long Yi was in pain, Feng Ling wanted to rush into the bosom of Long Yi, but that blazing high temperature of Long Yi made her unable to approach him. She noticed that the stone beside Long Yi was beginning to slowly melt, and with this, she could imagine how high his current temperature was.

Long Yi took a deep breath and began to restrain his sea of consciousness which was about to explode. He had absorbed a large quantity of Fire Qilin’s fire energy, and now they had already begun to transform into a vast amount of fire magic elements in his sea of consciousness.

“It seems another magic core is about to form again.” Long Yi made a wry smile while thinking. Now he didn’t know whether he was feeling pain or getting excited. And just when he was thinking about such thoughts, he felt the explosion in his sea of consciousness, which indeed resulted in the formation of a fiery red magic core. And the transparent flame on his body began to retract within his body, and his long black hair also gently hanged down.

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“Long Yi.” Seeing Long Yi had reverted back to normal, Feng Ling threw herself into the bosom of Long Yi while crying tears of joy.

Long Yi hugged Feng Ling, and lightly patting the back of Feng Ling, he slightly pushed her back. They were still yet to be out of dangerous situation.

“Why did you run back again, you disobedient girl, I will see you later to punish.” Long Yi pretended to be angry and glared at Feng Ling. In fact, how could he not know that Feng Ling had return back because she was worried about him?

Feng Ling as if a little girl who had done something wrong lowered her head, looking delicate and charming, but how could this conceal her that firmness and stubbornness?

And at this moment, the bronze bell sized eyes of Fire Qilin who was standing on the lava showed a little confusion. It was wondering why the body of Long Yi had a same kind of aura as itself.

Feng Ling looked below, and seeing Fire Qilin seemed to be in a daze, she pulled his hand and said softly: “Long Yi, while it is not paying attention, let’s get out of here quickly.”

Long Yi however only shook his head without moving an inch. If he had wanted to run away, then he would have already done so, why would he wait until now.

“No, if we run away, then what would happen to Kobold clan? Since I was the one that provoked this matter, I can’t place this burden on other people and leave. Moreover, if I were to do so, then would I, Long Yi still be a man?” Long Yi said.

Feng Ling bit her lower lip and nodded her head, yes, how could Long Yi be that kind of person? Although he was flippant and wasn’t honest, but in the bones, he nevertheless was a real man. He feared neither Heaven nor Earth, but has a strong sense of responsibility of man.

“Long Yi, if something happens to you, then I will also not live alone.” Feng Ling sniffled and resolutely said looking at Long Yi.

“What dying and living ah, do you not believe in me? I’m telling you, I was playing with it just now, if I get serious, then with a snap of a finger, I can make it obedient just like a small kitty.” Long Yi raised his head and said with the appearance of insufferably arrogant.

Feng Ling chuckled with tears in her eyes, she knew that Long Yi was teasing her to make her smile, so although she didn’t find it funny, and was still sour in her heart, she still cooperated and revealed a smile.

Fire Qilin was worthy of being called god-beast, after thinking for a long while, it finally understood why the body of Long Yi had a similar aura to itself. That was because Long Yi had absorbed its energy which he had taken a great pain to cultivate. It immediately flew into a rage, madly roaring, it flew up, then firmly stared at Long Yi who was at the tunnel entrance. As for Feng Ling and Violent Lightning Beast, it completely ignored them.

Long Yi immediately pushed Feng Ling behind him, then clenching his hands, he noticed that his hands had a layer of sweat. Long Yi repeatedly cursed that damned shadow in his heart. This mysterious fellow only spoke half, so he didn’t know in addition to Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade, what else was needed.

And when Fire Qilin opened up its big mouth and was about to fire god flame, Long Yi no longer had time to think more, he directly took out Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade from inside his space ring. One black one white, two pieces of jade tablets emitted faint black and white light respectively, then automatically floated in the air.

Fire Qilin immediately closed its opened big mouth, then fixedly stared at those two pieces of jade in the air, and its eyes unexpectedly revealed the look of revere.

Seeing the expression of Fire Qilin, Long Yi sighed out in his heart. It seems these two pieces of jade were of some use. At this moment, with a clicking sound, Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade suddenly joined together, then black and white radiance began to infiltrate and get entangled with each other, just like a pair of a lover in love with each other.

This crisp sound woke up Fire Qilin from the daze, then it hesitatingly looked at two jades in the sky and again at Long Yi repeatedly. After several times, its eyes unexpectedly showed ominous glint. It was unexpectedly able to shake off its attention from those two jades.

Long Yi secretly cursed in his heart while thinking. That shadow had said that Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade were only a part, but what exactly is the other part ah?

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And seeing Fire Qilin was again making preparation to attack, Long Yi gritted his teeth, and was ready to go all out. Then with a thought, he let out 18 super skeletons and 5 Seven Baleful Puppets as well as tiger cub Little Three from his dark dimension space. In any case, if he died, then they would be trapped in all black dark dimension space forever. Such being the case, it was better for them to fight.

If this was on the Blue Waves Continent, then this lineup absolutely was a super luxurious attack lineup. They would have no problem to advance and retreat fighting against thousands upon thousands of men and horses, merely now they were confronting a god beast Fire Qilin. It was not an exaggeration to describe its defense was abnormal. It was able to forcibly withstand two lightning forbidden magic spell of Violent Lightning Beast and was completely unscathed. Moreover its attack, just thinking about it, the heart of Long Yi would get cold, its that homing god fire was basically something that an ordinary person couldn’t resist.

And just when Long Yi wanted to use his thoughts to issue the command to attack, tiger cub Little Three suddenly issued a loud tiger roar, then its figure suddenly got big. Its one black one white pupils emitted strange radiance, then the Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade in the sky suddenly separated, and as if iron encountering a magnet, they flew over to Little Three and continuously revolved above its head. After that, they suddenly shoot out one black and one white light beams, which respectively entered into one black and one white pupil of Little Three.

“Roar.” Little Three raised its head and roared loudly, emitting dazzling black and white radiance from its body. And the pressure that was being emitted from its body was unexpectedly somewhat more powerful than Fire Qilin.

After the radiance disappeared, seeing the scene before their eyes, Long Yi and Feng Ling looked at each other in blank dismay. They saw Little Three merely staring at Fire Qilin with its one black and one white pupil, then Fire Qilin lowered its head, and its huge body began to slowly shrink, finally changing into a pocket-sized Fire Qilin.

“Little Three?” Long Yi muttered. Was this truly his Little Three? That Little Three who knew nothing but eating, and that Little Three that could cast only an elementary dark and light magic?

Hearing Long Yi’s calling, Little Three turned around, then shrinking its body, it excitedly shook its tail and licked the leg of Long Yi. And at this moment, the radiance surrounding those two jades floating in the sky disappeared, and they fell to the ground.

Long Yi came back to his sense, then taking out clothing from inside his space ring, he put them on, then squatting down, he pulled the ears of Little Three and looked all over its body. Yes, this clearly was his Little Three.

After that Little Three looked towards Fire Qilin and roared, then the pocket-sized Fire Qilin immediately ran over to Long Yi, and pitifully looked at Long Yi.

The expression of Long Yi fluctuated, tiger cub Little Three, Fire Qilin, Dark Jade, Holy Jade and Shadow, what is the relationship between them? Long Yi tried his best to figure out some clues. Now, even though the crisis was accidentally over, he was even more confused. Some of the legendary things continued to come out as if all of them had an unclear relation with him.

According to legend, Dark Magic Jade is Dark God’s spirit tablet, and Holy Light Jade is Light God’s spirit tablet, Fire Qilin is Fire God’s pet, then what exactly is Little Three? Could it be that it is also a god-beast, and is the integrated thing of dark and light? Looking at the respectful and submissive expression of Fire Qilin towards Little Three, it seems this is a possibility but isn’t dark and light mutually opposite?

While Long Yi was thinking long and hard, Feng Ling slowly came back to her senses from her surprise. Looking at Long Yi who was just like the moon that was surrounded by a myriad of stars, the beautiful eyes of Feng Ling blurred. Long Yi ah Long Yi, what kind of person are you ah? Is it fortune or misfortune to meet you?

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