Chapter 180: Captivating Scenery

Mea Principality, Xiao Yi was indifferently tending the flowers and plants of the courtyard. She seemed to same as before without any change, merely for a good period of time, she hadn’t entered that secret room inside her bedroom.

Tyrant Bear and Xiao Yi had depended on each other for survival since childhood, perhaps other might not be able to see the changes of Xiao Yi, but he perceived it. Although he was huge, but his mind was very cautious and meticulous, otherwise his Tyrannical Bear mercenary group wouldn’t have developed to this point. Although Xiao Yi was same as before on the surface, had peaceful face, and would thinly smile as before when she faced him, but recently he noticed that she was often absent-minded, frequently fry dishes until they were burnt, and frequently when doing some things, she would suddenly stop, then blankly stay for quite a few hour. When he asked, she would only smile saying it was nothing.

Tyrant Bear was not stupid, according to his conjecture, Xiao Yi becoming like this had a great possibility of something to do with Long Yi, that mysterious and unfathomable youngster. He went to Holy Magic Academy to look for Long Yi, however was told that Long Yi had participated in Adventure Convention, and would return only after two months.

Xiao Yi was trimming beautiful bird-of-paradise flower, and although the shears was trimming, her pupils weren’t focused, merely the shears in her hand was repeating the same movement, resulting in several beautiful flowers being cut off and fell to the ground, but she felt nothing as before. Her heart was in a mess, as if shears that was continuously entangling with a ball of string, but she didn’t know why, really didn’t know? That day when she had used Cosmic Celestial Magic Spell on Long Yi, she had not thought a clever person might become the victim of his own ingenuity. And at that time, she signed a blood contract with him which couldn’t be removed forever, and she was destined to become his slave throughout her life. She really was very unwilling.

But, since that day, Long Yi never came to see her, and she only knew that he had participated in Adventure Convention organized by Holy Magic Academy. Afterward, thanks to the connection of blood contract, she sensed Long Yi was in danger quite a few times, and her heart felt pain as if someone was tightly gripping, because if Long Yi died then she would also be unable to live, so she was worried. But there was also a voice in her heart which denied loudly, she felt that her spirit seemed to have some problem.

Tyrant Bear at one side could no longer watch this, so stepping forward, he caught the wrist of Xiao Yi, then took away that shears in her hand.

“Brother, what are you doing?” Xiao Yi came back to her senses and confusedly look at somewhat angry Tyrant Bear.

“What am I doing? You ask yourself, what happen to you? Did that dumb idiot, Long Yi bully you? Wait until he returns, and I will go to look for him to settle the account.” Tyrant Bear droned and his eyes were burning with fire. Furthermore, he was worried and was also blaming himself.

Xiao Yi shook her head, and thinly smiling, she said: “Brother, what kind of nonsense are you talking, why would Long Yi bully me?”

“Don’t lie to me. Several female magicians and Sword Masters of our group who are responsible for your safety said that you were calling the name of Long Yi in your dream quite a few times.” Tyrant Bear said.

The beautiful face of Xiao Yi became red, then turning around her body she softly said: “Where is ah, I did not, they must have definitely heard it wrong.”

Tyrant Bear sighed and said: “Since Long Yi didn’t bully you, that must mean that you like him, isn’t it?”

Xiao Yi was startled, and her complexion suddenly became ghastly pale. Like? Did she have the qualification to like him now? She was merely his slave, that’s all, moreover, an abandoned slave.

“Brother.” Xiao Yi suddenly called out.

“What’s the matter?” Tyrant Bear asked.

“If Long Yi returns from Adventure Convention, then follow after him. Regardless of anything as long as he speaks, just do as he says.” Xiao Yi slowly said.

“Little sister, what did you see?” Tyrant Bear asked.

“Your dream will be fulfilled beside him.” After Xiao Yi finished speaking, she turned around and ran inside the house, leaving behind dumbfounded Tyrant Bear standing in the courtyard by himself.

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Long Yi came back to his sense, then he picked up Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade from the ground. But he found that there were no changes in them, could it be that the legendary infinite amount of magical power contained within them could only be used by Little Three? In the end, what are their uses, Long Yi still was unable to find.

“Smelly Long Yi, how many still unused secret treasures do you have ah?” Feng Ling behind him suddenly said faintly.

Long Yi turned around, and looking at hesitating Feng Ling, he walked over, then hugging her, he said: “How many unused secret treasures do I have is not important, do you hear my heartbeat?”

Feng Ling nodded her head in the bosom of Long Yi. His vigorous heartbeat sound made her feel relieved.

“As long as it is still beating, there will always be a girl called Ling’r inside it.” Long Yi gently said, then folding his arm, the entire body of Feng Ling was surrounded within his bosom.

Feng Ling was instantly touched, and she felt that no matter how difficult a matter was, as long as Long Yi was beside her, it would not be a big deal.

“Sweet words and honeyed phrases.” Feng Ling protested coquettishly while rubbing her little head in the warm bosom of Long Yi. She just wanted to be hugged like this by Long Yi. Even after thousands of years when they became fossils, she wanted to be still hugged like this, how wonderful was that.

“You don’t like listening to them, then I will not say.” Long Yi smirked and said.

“Don’t, I like to listen, I want you to tell me every day, more than any other girls.” Feng Ling muttered.

“Good, then I will say them every day, say for the rest of my life until you are fed up with listening.” Long Yi said with a smile, and his heart was full of dense warmth.

“That’s what you said, you are not allowed to go back on your words.”

“Won’t go back on my words.”


Two people hugged each other and spoke words full of tenderness like this as if only two of them were left in this world. And as for Little Three and Fire Qilin as well as Violent Lightning Beast, they were curiously looking at two people, they weren’t able to understand why they were hugging each other like this, could it be that they don’t feel hot?

Don’t know after how long, one hour, two hours or even more, the two people with dense affection finally separated from their conjoined state.

“Long Yi, do you still have that specter we caught in Illusory Magic Forest?” Feng Ling suddenly asked.

“I have in my dark dimension space, you…do you want to refine it into a blood specter here?” Long Yi looked all around, and immediately noticed the intention of Feng Ling. Beside this lava was the most suitable place to refine blood specter.

“Mhm, this kind of environment can be discovered but not sought, how can I miss?” Feng Ling smiled and said.

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“Fine, then I will guard you.” Long Yi said and took out that specter from inside his dark space dimension.

Specter naturally liked Yin and cold land, and now being beside this extremely hot lava, it naturally felt uncomfortable and wanted to run away. But now it was surrounded by experts and furthermore a god-beast, and if they let this specter run away, then all of them should simply do a group suicide.

Easily controlling the specter, Feng Ling shot out two black qi from her finger which hit this specter, forcibly erasing its budding consciousness, but still left its wisdom. If refining blood specter was a success using this extremely good material, then just like the super skeletons of Long Yi, it would also have the ability to grow, and to what extent it would grow, no one knows now.

Feng Ling sat cross-legged while reciting the obscure incantation. It seems the refining method Long Yi knew was rather different. Her body emitted pale black qi, and she suddenly opened her azure blue eyes, then spat out a mouthful of blood towards the specter in the front. Although this specter had no substance, but surprisingly, the fresh blood of Feng Ling dyed this specter bright red.

Long Yi wasn’t surprised at all because he knew that refining blood specter was using one’s essences blood to stimulate the specter spirit’s ferocious nature and potential. Refining in such place with high temperature, and simultaneously adding different materials, such as specter’s soul as well as a number of yin and cold things, he believed that Ling Feng had many of these things.

The specter dyed red by blood was put into magma by Feng Ling, refining it quite a few times, and finally changed to dark red in color. After that, she took out several tens of specters and various kind of rare yin and cold things from inside her space ring, then after she used a special magic spell, these things emitted a black qi and began to merge with that specter.

This moment, it was a critical moment. The success rate of refining blood specter was very low, but the requirement of materials and the user carrying out the refining was very high. Feng Ling forcibly fused the materials and specter, then again put it into the lava to refine. Now after 48 hours, she would know whether this was a success or not. In this 48 hours, she couldn’t have even the slightest bit of distraction and error, otherwise, all her previous efforts would be wasted.

Long Yi guarded beside Feng Ling, he had already surrounded the area around with his spirit barrier. Furthermore, with this place being the lair of Fire Qilin, there should be no one that dares to break in.

Time passed second after second, and in a flash, 48 hours passed. In the meantime, many kobolds came here to see without making any sound of activity quite a few times, but the spirit barrier of Long Yi blocked them, and Long Yi was too lazy to pay any attention to them.

Suddenly, Feng Ling let out a muffled roar, then began to chant incantation more and more urgently, then raising her hand in the air, dark red shadow burst out from inside the magma, and dense bloody qi and yin qi spread throughout the air. Fire Qilin and Little Three staying at one side immediately got into an attack posture.

“Success.” Feng Ling cheered and stood up, but because her spirit power was greatly exhausted, her charming body staggered and collapsed. Fortunately, Long Yi quickly held her.

After resting for a good while, Feng Ling recovered some physical strength, then said to Long Yi: “Long Yi, we should go out early, staying underground is truly too uncomfortable.”

Long Yi nodded his head. Shui Ruoyan, Ximen Wuhen and Yinyin were not necessary washed into the underground river and might still be above the ground.

When they got up, Fire Qilin however was unwilling to leave and kept on whining without stopping, but Long Yi didn’t understand what it was saying, perhaps there was something here that it was reluctant to leave.

Fire Qilin suddenly plunged into the magma, and even after a few moment, there was no activity.

After waiting for several minutes, Long Yi intended to leave. He wanted Fire QIlin to follow him. Like this, he would have an additional helping hand, but it was a god-beast, and if it was unwilling to go with him, then he also couldn’t force it, even with the call of Little Three, there was no reaction, so what else could he do?

But just then, the magma suddenly boiled over, and the magma right in front of the cliff split apart, and below, there unexpectedly was a stone door.

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