Chapter 181: Goddess also have twins?

Long Yi was shocked, he had never thought that there unexpectedly was a secret room in this magma. In the end who had such skill of wonderful workmanship? Could it be those kobolds? Do they have such ability?

At this time, the stone door suddenly issued a ‘kacha’ sound and opened up from the middle, and Fire Qilin bore out from the magma, then stood in front of this stone door. After that, looking towards Long Yi and others, it issued a low roar, seemed to be calling them to follow after it.

“Long Yi, shall we go in?” Feng Ling pulled the sleeve of Long Yi and asked.

“Go in, of course, go in, could it be that you don’t want to know where Fire Qilin wants to take us?” Long Yi smirked and said. He basically didn’t have the second choice, moreover, it was Fire Qilin that was leading the way, so there shouldn’t be any danger.

Feng Ling would naturally listen to Long Yi, then two people packed up, and with Little Three and Violent Lightning Beast behind them, they followed after Fire Qilin. Just after they entered, the stone door automatically closed, and the magic lamps on both sides of passage simultaneously lit up. This kind of magic devices, Long Yi recalled seeing them only in Huangmang plain’s Lost City.

This passage was very long, even after walking for a long time, they didn’t see the end of it, only God knows, how much manpower and materials were spent to build this passage. And after walking for a good while, Fire Qilin suddenly stopped. Long Yi was somewhat puzzled, as they still hadn’t reached the end of this passage.

As for Fire Qilin, it looked towards left side stone wall and spat out a mouthful of god fire, then this stone wall immediately slid to two sides, and a burst of dazzling red light came out from inside. When the stone wall completely opened, Long Yi saw raging flame burning inside, and a blazing blast rushed in his face. Needless to say, this flame was absolutely not an ordinary flame, at least was a rank higher than the fire which was spat out by Fire Qilin.

High, truly high, Long Yi secretly praised in his heart. No need to talk about these most powerful flame, just the intelligence of the designer of this was extraordinary. He considered the accustomed nature of the people, so that, even if someone enters this passage, they would immediately determine the end of this passage as a target place. But who would have thought that the real secret room was located halfway through the passage?

This was a several hundred square meter stone room. All the stone walls of this stone room were burning red, but strangely, they didn’t melt. Every inch of this stone room was burning with a flame. There was basically no place to set one’s foot on, and it could be said that, other than flame, there was nothing here.

Long Yi was very confused, why did Fire Qilin bring them here? Just then, don’t know what mechanism Fire Qilin touched, but the flame burning inside the stone room unexpectedly moved aside, making a way. And after Long Yi and Feng Ling walked forward, there unexpectedly was a passage of stone staircase leading underground in the middle of this room.

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“This truly is sufficiently complicated, I wonder what kind of treasure is hidden underneath?” Feng Ling said with a surprised expression.

“Perhaps a peerless great beauty?” Long YI smirked and said.

Feng Ling coldly looked at Long Yi and said angrily: “Dream on, there might also be a handsome guy.”

Two people gigged while following Fire Qilin down the stone stairs. Fortunately, this stone staircase was not like the long passage without end, only had extremely short ten steps.

When Long Yi and Feng Ling arrived in front of another stone door, it opened automatically, and they sensed a burst of fragrant wind rushing in their face. And what appeared before their eyes was unexpected an unusually gorgeous bedroom. Looking at this furnishings and decorations, it was obvious that this was a lady’s bedchamber of a girl. Could it be that Long Yi’s words turned into a reality? Is there really a peerless great beauty living here? Merely, making a lady’s bedchamber underground, this naturally was too strange.

“Crow’s beak [1].” Feng Ling said.

“Should be magpie’s beak, it’s not a bad thing.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Two people walked into the room. And looking all around, the pupils of Long Yi suddenly enlarged, and nearly exclaimed aloud.

“Wow, what a beautiful woman.” Feng Ling exclaimed. Then looking at that shocked appearance of Long Yi, she believed that he was captivated by this female beauty. Then immediately panting with rage, she pinched the soft flesh of Long Yi’s waist and said: “You pervert, this is just a statue, what’s with this charmed appearance?”

Long Yi gritted his teeth, then firmly pinched the pert buttocks of Feng Ling, provoking young girl’s resentful scream. After that, Long Yi look at this statue in one corner of this lady’s bedchamber once again and muttered: “It resembles, it really is too alike, simply is exactly the same ah.”

“What exactly the same ah?” Feng Ling asked.

“This statue, she is exactly the same as the statue of Ice Goddess I have seen inside the Ice Palace of Origin Ice.” Long Yi said. Outside of the clothing she wore and the magic staff on her hand, her facial features and figure were exactly the same.

Long Yi stepped forward, then his wolf claws grabbed the bosom of the statue, then said with a smile: “Even the size is same.” At that time, he had also grabbed the bosom of Ice Goddess.

Feng Ling didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry watching Long Yi. This dirty bastard was too immoral, even feeling the statue without life, could it be that the statue’s felt better than her own to touch? Feng Ling unconsciously thought this aspect, and immediately afterward, her face turned red just like a sunset glow.

Long Yi’s brain however was thinking of various guesses, could it be that this woman who looked exactly the same as Ice Goddess is Fire God? Is Fire God actually a female? Merely, Ice Palace and Raging Flame Villa is sworn enemy, one believed in Water God and one believed in Fire God, but how can these two Gods look exactly the same? Could it be that they are twins? It’s truly too strange.

Long Yi picked up this shrunk Fire Qilin, then flicking at its horn, he asked: “Did you bring us here to see this statue?”

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Fire Qilin whined as if it was doing its utmost to tell Long Yi was correct.

Long Yi was helpless, then put aside Fire Qilin. The reason why this Fire Qilin refused to go with them should be because of this statue, as this statute was its master. Merely this was strange ah……

Long Yi began to ponder, more than a year ago, he had seen the statue of Dark God inside the dark space of Lost City, later in Ice Palace, he saw the statue of Ice Goddess, and now he was seeing the statue of suspected Fire God. Long Yi didn’t believe that this world had Gods at all, even after seeing the pet of legendary Fire God, Fire Qilin, he only considered that these so-called Gods were merely humans or other special races who had cultivated to a certain level, then becoming a myth. But seeing the so-called God’s statutes in quick succession, altogether Long Yi felt that there seemed to be a number of deep-seated things hidden.

And the most surprising thing was this statue was located in the underground lady’s bedchamber. Who would have such strange idea to build an underground lady’s chamber like this, then place the statue of Fire God in there, as if this lady’s bedchamber really was where she resided.

Long Yi strolled inside the room, and sitting on the bed of this room, a faint fragrance entered into his nose. Now Long Yi could be regarded as a veteran regarding flowers, and smelling this fragrance, he knew that this fragrance was absolutely the body fragrance of a girl and not some artificial perfume.

For determining his judgment, Long Yi took the brocade quilt and smelled it, then a fragrance penetrated deeply into his heart.

“Long Yi, you pervert.” Seeing Long Yi was actually holding the brocade quilt and was drunk in smelling it, Feng Ling couldn’t help but scold in jest.

Long Yi just smiled and said while waving his hand: “Ling’r, you also come and smell.”

“No, do you think I am like you?” Feng Ling chuckled and said.

“I am speaking a proper matter with you, come and smell to determine whether this is the body fragrance of a girl or not?” Long Yi kept a straight face and said.

Feng Ling just walked over and smell the brocade quilt and really did smell a very simple yet elegant particular fragrance, then she said: “I indeed smell fragrance, as to whether this is a body fragrance of a girl or not, I don’t know, unlike you big pervert with so rich experience.”

Long Yi pulled Feng Ling, then buried his head in her neck and took a deep breath, then said: “Yes, although isn’t too same, but is definitely a body fragrance of a girl.”

“Then…is my fragrance pleasant to smell or the fragrance of this brocade quilt pleasant to smell?” Feng Ling asked with a red face.

Long Yi rolled his eyes, then placing his big hand on the shoulder of Feng Ling, he said treating her like brother like before: “Could it be that you don’t feel strange?”

“Strange? What’s so strange?” Feng Ling asked.

Long Yi pinched the nose of Feng Ling and said: “Ling’r, how can you be so stupid, or was Ling Feng more intelligent?”

Feng Ling slapped off the hand of Long Yi and angrily said: “Isn’t this all your fault?” Although she spoke so, but she began to seriously think where was strange. Soon, she shouted loudly: “I got what you are saying, you are so sure that this is the body fragrance of a girl, which proves that the bed must have been used by a girl to sleep, but now there is still a fragrance, this means that a girl was sleeping in this bed until not long ago, isn’t that so?”

“Smart, here is your reward kiss.” Long Yi smiled and kissed the lips of Feng Ling all of a sudden.

“Of course I am very smart.” Praised Feng Ling excitedly smiled and said. Why do the IQ of women in love always become zero? That is because they become dependent and habitually put all the matters aside to men, as well as they habitually visualized that everything was fine, thus sometimes, they lose the ability to judge regarding some matters.

“That’s it, now think, who live here?” Long Yi said as if asking to Feng Ling and again as if talking to himself.

“I guess it must be the Earth Goddess. Think about it, there is Light God, Dark God, Water God and Fire God, so there is no reason for our Earth element to not have a God ah. The relationship between these Gods must be relatively close, and perhaps Earth Goddess and Fire God were on friendly terms, so she helped her to look over her house and also help her to clean up.” Feng Ling thought and suddenly said while grinning.

Long Yi was dumbfounded, then said with a smile: “Ling’r, isn’t your imagination power too abundant?”

“It’s always been my virtue, you know?” Feng Ling imitated Long Yi’s smirk and said, even her tone was exactly the same.

“Mimicking me, you need a spanking.” Long Yi spanked the snow white buttocks of Feng Ling, and that trembling elastic buttocks’ flesh made Long Yi tongue dry, and he became restless.

“Oh, be gentle.” Feng Ling’s pink lips slightly opened and softly spat out the words, and her azure blue eyes had a layer of passion.

The breathing of Long Yi stagnated, then holding onto Feng Ling, he rolled on this big bed, conveniently pulling down the bed curtain.

[1] Crow’s beak is the literal translation meaning person who has made an inauspicious remark

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