Chapter 182: Meet again

“Long Yi, you…what do you want to do?” Feng Ling asked with a flushed red face. Her gaze glimmered, and her maiden heart jumped as if a fawn.

Long Yi looked at Feng Ling with tender and also aggressive gaze, then his big hand lightly caressed on her arm, and feeling her charming body was trembling slightly, he said with a smile: “What do I want to do? Don’t tell me that you don’t know?” Finished speaking, he slowly lowered his head, advancing directly towards the pink lips of Feng Ling.

Feng Ling instantly got somewhat flurried, and she didn’t know where she should put her hands. She was somewhat looking forward but was also somewhat afraid. Although she had long ago already considered herself as the woman of Long Yi and was also already prepared to offer her pure as jade and clean as ice body to him, but when things came to a head, she still couldn’t help but got flurried. Does he really want to do it here?

When the two lips of Long Yi covered the lips of Feng Ling, her mind instantly exploded into a blank space, all of her thoughts were blown away beyond the highest heavens.

Two people passionately kissed each other, while caressing and rubbing each other’s body.

The clothing of Feng Ling slid off, revealing her snow-white as if jade **, and her flourishing boobies proudly stood erect, which was compact and also full of elasticity. Long Yi lightly licked his somewhat dry lips, then opening his big mouth, he sucked one pink cherry of the mountain peak without hesitation.

Feng Ling moaned, and watching Long Yi crazily sucking her **, she became silly, and only felt her maternal instinct gushing out from the deep within her heart. She stuck her hands into the dense black hair of Long Yi, allowing herself to undulate in the deep sea of **.

Just when two people’s ** were about to go out of hand, Long Yi suddenly shivered, and all the fine hairs on his body stood erect. He felt a pair of eyes were watching them inside the room. Under great alarm, Long Yi immediately used brocade quilt to wrap up Feng Ling who was on the verge of **.

“Long Yi?” Feng Ling confusedly looked at Long Yi.

“Who’s there?” Long Yi shouted. Quickly putting on the clothing, he lifted up the bed curtain, but inside this stone room, there was only Little Three, Fire Qilin and Violent Lightning beast playing around.

Long Yi closed his eyes and sensed carefully. Now he discovered that the feeling of being peeped had disappeared without a trace.

“Could it be that it’s those kobolds?” Long Yi thought in his heart. Although those kobolds could only come from the passage below the magma to enter this stone room, but he couldn’t eliminate that there was no other tunnel that led to this place. But very soon, Long Yi again denied this speculation. Those kobolds absolutely didn’t have the ability to give him this kind of ‘having his hair standing on the end’ feeling.

“Long Yi, is there someone here?” Feng Ling quickly put on her clothing inside the brocade quilt, then jumped out and tensely asked.

“Perhaps, it’s just my misconception.” Long Yi shook his head, then looking at Little Three and others, he thought in his heart, their senses were more sensitive than him. And since they didn’t feel anything, it might really be his misconception.

Long Yi frowned, then he suddenly recalled that shadow inside his sea of consciousness. That shadow is unlikely to be a pervert, but I also don’t know whether that shadow is a man or woman, moreover, even if the shadow is peeping, that shouldn’t be a huge loss.

“Jie jie jie.” Just when Long Yi was thinking like that, an ear-piercing strange laughing sound resounded in his brain. That shadow had unexpectedly appeared in his sea of consciousness.

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“Sure enough, it’s you. You wicked, damned pervert, peeping maniac.” Long Yi rained down curses inside his sea of consciousness.

Shadow coldly snorted and said: “Who wants to see your disgraceful affair? Letting me see this, I am disgusted.”

Long Yi gnashed his teeth, but he was utterly helpless, and said: “Who knows what kind of person are you? Last time, inside the magma, why did you only mention one-half and run away, causing me to nearly die there.”

“Do you think I wanted that? There is no benefit for me if you die, as long as my energy is exhausted, I have no way. Besides, aren’t you still alive now?” Shadow strangely laughed and said.

Long Yi suddenly understood. As it turned out this shadow also couldn’t freely run into his sea of consciousness, this is good.

“I say, brother, you have lived for such a long period of time, so you must be experienced and knowledgeable. Take a look, is this statue the statue of that legendary Fire God? Why does she look exactly the same as the Ice Goddess of Ice Palace?” Long Yi turned his head towards the statue and asked.

The shadow suddenly became silent, and hearing no answer even after a long time, Long Yi became impatient, but just then, the shadow strangely laughed and said: “I cannot see the statue, go in front of that statue, and thoroughly touch her entire body, then I will know.”

Long Yi was doubtful in his heart, but still walked to the front of the statue and began to touch her from her head as the instruction of the shadow.

“Don’t miss anyplace, listen clearly, don’t miss anyplace, otherwise I will be unable to see the appearance of this statue.” The shadow in the sea of consciousness of Long Yi added.

Long Yi obediently did as instructed, in any case, he was merely touching a statue, so it doesn’t matter. He touched the head of the statue, traced out the bosom of statue, underarm, buttocks and even the private part between the two legs.

“Long Yi, what are you doing?” Seeing Long Yi indiscriminately touching this beautiful statue, Feng Ling couldn’t help but grumble in a flirty manner.

Long Yi turned his head and said while laughing hollowly: “I am inspecting to see if there is any secret inside.”

After a little while, Long Yi finished touching this statue from head to toe. After touching every inch of this statue, he asked inside his heart: “Well, now do you see what the statue looks like?”

Shadow nodded, and said with a smile: “Yes, I see, she is a peerless great beauty.”

“Then is she the legendary Fire God?” Long Yi asked.

“Well, her appearance seemed somewhat familiar, but I am unable to remember for the time being, so after I recall, I will let you know.” Shadow smirked and said.

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Long Yi nearly fell to the ground. He felt that this shadow seemed to be intentionally playing with him.

“I can’t talk with you any longer, as I can’t stay in your sea of consciousness for a long time, and by the way, there is someone outside.” Finished speaking, shadow disappeared from his sea of consciousness.

Long Yi was startled in his heart, someone? Who else would come here?

Just then, the ears of tiger cub Little Three suddenly stood erect, then looking towards Long Yi, it roared as if it had also sensed that someone was breaking in.

Fire Qilin nevertheless got up, and its eyes flashed with an ominous glint. It would absolutely not let someone else intrude the place it was guarding. It opened the stone door, then walking out, it immediately exploded, and the screaming sound of several girls came from outside.

The complexion of Long Yi and Feng Ling instantly changed, then seeing Fire Qilin was attacking, Long Yi rushed out and shouted loudly: “Don’t.”

Having heard what was said, Fire Qilin swallowed down the god fire in its mouth it was about to spat out, then glared at the three figures not far away just like a tiger eyeing its prey.

The body of Long Yi shook, these three figures were unexpectedly Shui Ruoyan, Ximen Wuhen and Yinyin who were separated from him in that flood. This moment, these three women looked rather miserable. Their clothes were dirty and were disheveled, it seems they have experienced a lot of sufferings.

Seeing Long Yi, three girls also similarly fell into the petrified state, and only after a long while did they come back to their senses, and the tears of grievances flowed down their eyes.

“Second, second brother.” Ximen Wuhen spoke haltingly, then suddenly dashed into the bosom of Long Yi and held tightly without letting him go.

“Little sister, don’t fear, your second brother is here.” Long Yi hugged the shoulder of Ximen Wuhen with one hand, and the remaining hand ceaselessly lightly stroke her long hair.

“Second brother, I thought that I will never be able to see you again in this life.” Ximen Wuhen wept in the bosom of Long Yi. The burden and fear she had endured for these past few days made her lose control of herself seeing Long Yi. Only in the embrace of Long Yi, she felt a heartfelt warmth, and only this warmth dispelled the fear of her heart.

“Silly girl, second brother is sorry, second brother was unable to properly protect you.” Long Yi said blaming himself.

Ximen Wuhen shook her head in the bosom of Long Yi, and only after a good while did her state of mind calmed down. Then she left the bosom of Long Yi with a somewhat red face and looked at Long Yi with a glittering gaze.

“Second brother, only now I notice, as it turned out you are quite handsome.” Ximen Wuhen suddenly smiled lightly and said.

“Is that so? But I thought that you always knew it.” Long Yi smirked and said. Then looking towards Shui Ruoyan and Yinyin not far away who were enduring their tears from flowing out with great difficulty, he spread open his both arms and said: “Two beauties, quickly come over and let this brother hug you.”

Shui Ruoyan gritted her teeth, eventually couldn’t help but dashed into the bosom of Long Yi, but Yinyin however had disappointed expression, and her beautiful eyes were scanning behind Long Yi.

“Long Yi, what about Ling Feng?” Yinyin asked in a hoarse voice. She had experienced so much and she would also like to find a bosom to lean on, but her sweetheart was not there.

Long Yi who was hugging Shui Ruoyan was startled. He opened his mouth to reply, but no words came out from his mouth. Now, this was a big trouble, handsome young man Ling Feng had changed into Feng Ling all of a sudden, moreover had become his woman, if Yinyin was to know this, then could she be able to bear this news without passing out?

“He…he…” For a long time, Long Yi found it hard to speak out.

“What happened to Ling Feng? Tell me what’s wrong with him? He is fine, right?” Seeing such expression of Long Yi, Yinyin thought that Ling Feng had an accident so she immediately panicked.

Long Yi mumbled, and he didn’t know how he should reply. He looked at the stone door behind him, then everyone also followed his gaze and looked at that stone door.

Just then, the stone door suddenly opened.

“Ling Feng.” Yinyin exclaimed in pleasant surprise, then rushing over, she tightly hugged Feng Ling, no, now was Ling Feng.

Long Yi stared blankly at Feng Ling who had changed back into Ling Feng, then made a wry smile. This girl is too sly ah.

Ling Feng apologetically looked at Long Yi, then wanted to push away Yinyin who was wrapping around her body like an octopus, but who would have thought that Yinyin was firmly holding her with determination, and was continuously shrinking in her bosom.

Seeing she wasn’t able to push away Yinyin, and again looking at her crying in her bosom, she sighed, and she soothingly lightly patted her back.

Ximen Wuhen looked at Ling Feng and Yinyin hugging together and again looked at Long Yi and Shui Ruoyan hugging together, then suddenly felt discontented. After that, she pulled open one hand of Long Yi, and pushed Shui Ruoyan a little bit, then nestled into the warm bosom of Long Yi.

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