Chapter 183: The statue is alive?

Five people entered the lady’s bedchamber, and seeing the decoration and that extremely beautiful statue, Ximen Wuhen and other two exclaimed in admiration.

“What happened to you all after the flood? How did you all arrive here?” Long Yi asked.

Three women looked at each other, and Shui Ruoyan who was firmly leaning close to Long Yi with lingering fear slowly opened her mouth.

As it turned out, when that flood came, all three of them had no time to react and were also swept away. After that, they only felt dizzy, and all of them struggled desperately, however their struggle was in vain. Not long after, they lost consciousness under the pressure of floodwater. They didn’t know after how long, but after waking up, they discovered themselves inside the underground passage, and beside this underground passage, there was a torrential subterranean river. Since they had just submerged in floodwater, all of them had a kind of instinct to avoid water, so they abandoned waterway and began to explore the passage. But who would have thought that that passage was actually an underground maze, and not long after, three women lost their way, and could only scurry in disarray inside the passages. But getting lost was really not the most frightening thing, the most frightening things were, everywhere in the many passages, various kinds of ingenious and powerful magic mechanisms were laid out. Quite a few of them nearly took the lives of these three girls.

They were so tense inside the passage when advancing that more than one week passed in an instant. Fortunately, all three of them had edibles and drinking water inside their space ring, otherwise, even if they could avoid those mechanisms, they would have been starved to death inside the underground passage. Afterwards, Ximen Wuhen accidentally touched unknown mechanism, and all three of them fell down here. Then walking along the cliff, they unexpectedly meet Long Yi and Ling Feng here.

Long Yi sighed in his heart, it seems, Heaven still favored them, actually allowing them to accidentally meet here in such a vast underground world. He had no choice but to say, they were very lucky.

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At that time, Ximen Wuhen also asked Long Yi and Ling Feng about their encounter.

Long Yi naturally concealed nothing and spoke about their encounter with legendary Kobold Clan, and because of the sacrifice matter, he encountered god-beast Fire Qilin. Naturally, he concealed the matter of Ling Feng being Feng Ling, because it seems, Feng Ling didn’t intend to let them know her true identity. But he didn’t know that, other than himself, his little sister Ximen Wuhen also knew Ling Feng was a girl long ago. With the talking skill of Long Yi, all these matters he talked about were incomparably breathtaking and were filled with suspense. Three girls often cried out in alarm hearing him, as if they were personally on the scene. But returning to the main point, if it was not for the good fortune of Long Yi, narrowly escaping death, then he might have truly suffered the loss in the hand of Fire Qilin.

When Long Yi completed telling what they had experienced these past few days, the room was completely silent. Everyone was as if still trapped in the scene that was told by Long Yi, and didn’t come back to their senses.

“Second brother, let’s quickly return above the ground, I really don’t want to stay underground any longer.” Ximen Wuhen pulled the sleeve of Long Yi and said. She was a light magician, and she naturally didn’t like dark and damp underground.

“Yes, let’s quickly leave this place. This place is truly not a good place for a human to live.” Shui Ruoyan followed after, and others also chimed in one after another.

“Teacher Shui Ruoyan……aiyo, why on earth did you sneak attack me?” Long Yi hissed in pain, catching the little hand of Shui Ruoyan which was pinching his waist.

Looking at the ambiguous glances of other girls, the beautiful face of Shui Ruoyan couldn’t help but reddened. As a matter of fact, she already had peculiar feeling towards Long Yi, merely she was uncertain as well as was reserved as a girl, so at the crucial moment, she would subconsciously evade. But, being trapped underground these past several days, she finally understood her heart. What’s more, beauties were increasing more and more beside Long Yi, and she feared she would not have a proper place to stay in the heart of Long Yi. And right now, hearing Long Yi calling her teacher Shui Ruoyan, she became somewhat unhappy in her heart. Although now their action was just like that of a pair of couples, but this form of address however appeared not intimate enough. She wanted Long Yi to directly call her name. But before the gaze of other girls, how could she say these words.

“You, served you right.” Shui Ruoyan lowered her head and said angrily. This truly baffled Long Yi. Even he who called himself a very experienced veteran in flowers, with regarding the ever-changing mood of girls, he however hadn’t made a breakthrough.

“Well, since everyone wants to leave, then we’ll leave.” Long Yi said. Then again looking at that statue in one corner of this lady’s bedchamber, he shook his head and walked away. In fact, he didn’t quite understand, did Fire Qilin brought them here merely to let them see this statue? Did it want to explain that it must guard this place, so it cannot leave with them?

When everyone left the stone door, Fire Qilin who was leading the way in the front suddenly stopped. Then it roared and dashed into the room again, then the stone door closed with a bang, making Long Yi and others look at each other in blank dismay.

“If it is trying to trap us here until we starve to death, then what will we do ah?” Yinyin said with fear.

“No, it definitely has some matter, it will come out.” Long Yi said. He looked at tiger cub Little Three, but Little Three just shook its head.

No long after, the stone door opened again, and after Fire Qilin dashed out, the stone door closed with a bang again. When the stone door had opened, Long Yi was able to take a quick glance inside the room and noticed that that statue in one corner of the room felt somewhat not too right.

Fire Qilin led in the front, and Long Yi followed behind while pondering. While walking, he suddenly slapped his thigh and exclaimed. He finally recalled what was not too right, it was posture, the posture of the statue was amiss. When he entered before, that statue’s right leg was in the front and life leg was behind, but just now, he saw that both legs of that statue were parallel.

Long Yi’s exclaim startled everyone, and all of them suddenly took out their weapons and tensely look all around them.

“Nothing, nothing, I just recalled something, let’s hurry with our journey.” Long Yi smiled and said, but that smile looked rather strained.

Could it be that that statue is alive? Long Yi anxiously thought in his heart. Recalling how he had touched all over the body of the statue in the instigation of the shadow living inside the Demonic Stone, his heart involuntarily shivered. No matter what one said, that however was legendary Fire God, and touching the entire body of the Fire God, the consequences… And he guessed that, just now she had called Fire Qilin to enter alone, could it be that she commanded it to take his life in spite of Little Three’s existence.

While Long Yi was letting his imagination run wild, Fire Qilin had already led them to the stone door under the lava.

Seeing that boiling lava close at hand and that heat waves directly blowing against their face, Ximen Wuhen and other two girls who had seen this for the first time exclaimed in amazement.

All of them rose high in the air, then flew past the fiery red lava, arriving at the small passage entrance. Fire Qilin reluctantly looked at the place where it had stayed for unknown numbers of years, and unexpectedly followed after Long Yi and others.

Seeing Fire Qilin was following after them, Long Yi was startled in his heart. Could it be that his guess was real? Did Fire Qilin really received that command and came? Otherwise, why would it follow them when it was very unwilling to leave with them at the beginning?

But the thoughts of Long Yi turned again, perhaps it was not like what he was thinking. Perhaps, Fire Qilin decided to follow after him on its own. If it really wanted to take his life, then why would it wait until now? Although Little Three could deter it, but the actual attacking power of Little Three was practically negligible. As long as Fire Qilin spat out few god fire, even several Long Yi added together would be done for.

Thinking this, Long Yi relaxed a lot. They quickly arrived at the end of the passage where Long Yi had arranged a spirit barrier. After Long Yi dispelled the spirit barrier, he saw a group of kobold guards guarding here. And when they saw Long Yi and others, all of them were dumbfounded simultaneously.

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And just then, Fire Qilin came out from behind Long Yi, then looking towards this group of Kobold guards, it roared. Seeing Fire Qilin, this group of kobold guards’ knee suddenly softened, then collapsing to the ground, they curled up and shivered continuously, and they use their chirping language to speak something.

“These are kobolds, they look very ugly ah.” Shui Ruoyan curiously sized up the group of kobold guards prostrating on the ground. And seeing they were short as well as ugly, she said.

“Hehe, aesthetic standards are different. In their eyes, a great beauty like you, teacher Shui Ruoyan instead is not eye-pleasing.” Long Yi smiled and said.

Shui Ruoyan glared at Long Yi, but hearing him praising her as a great beauty, her heart however was secretly delighted.

Long Yi raised the kobold guard that was kneeling at the front, then using the kobold language, he said ‘elder’. This was one of some words he had learned. He wished to call bodyguards, but the only one that understood human language was that kobold elder.

This kobold guard was also not stupid, it quickly ran away. As for the rest of the kobold guard, they still prostrated on the ground trembling. They didn’t even dare to lift up their head.

As a matter of fact, Long Yi still didn’t know why Fire Qilin wanted to devour the virgin boys and maidens of Kobold Clan? It was a god-beast, so it should be able to sufficiently absorb pure energy from the lava. Could it be that it was just to have a sumptuous meal? Long Yi transmitted these question to Little Three and instructed it to ask Fire Qilin. Little Three could understand the meaning of Long Yi, but Long Yi couldn’t understand the speech of Little Three.

Little Three roared towards Fire Qilin few times, should be asking.

Fire Qilin with aggrieved face roared towards Long Yi and continuously shook its head as if Long Yi causing it grievance.

Could it be that this was not the case? Long Yi was confused. Then were Kobold clan mistaken? Thinking about it, it was not necessary for grand god beast to devour few all skin and bones kobold children. Moreover, they wouldn’t even be enough to fill a tooth gap.

When Long Yi was thinking, the sound of footsteps came from far away. Kobold elder and kobold patriarch with long lines of troops quickly came here.

When kobold patriarch and kobold elder saw the pocket-sized version of Fire Qilin beside the leg of Long Yi, with kobold patriarch and kobold elder taking the lead to kneel down, the long row of kobolds immediately knelt down. This scene was really spectacular ah.

All kobolds were murmuring, paying homage to the paramount fire god beast before their eyes.

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