Chapter 184: Unexpected news of Dragon Clan

It took half an hour for the Kobold Clan’s ritual of paying homage to finish. And when kobold elder saw Fire Qilin meekly squatting beside Long Yi, his eyes had a little fanatical glint looking towards Long Yi.

Kobold clan again welcomed Long Yi and his group with great respect in the underground kingdom. Fire Qilin, as well as Little Three and Violent Lightning Beast, also received paramount reception.

After coming to the kobold imperial palace, Long Yi told them that his three companions were already found and simultaneously expressed his intention to leave.

Kobold elder nodded his head and asked reverently: “Then what about the holy beast?”

Long Yi patted the head of the Fire Qilin, greatly frightening both kobold elder and patriarch, then Long Yi said with a smile: “It will be leaving together with us.”

Kobold elder and patriarch looked at each other, then simultaneously knelt down towards Long Yi. At that time, they knelt to Fire Qilin, now, they however were kneeling to Long Yi.

“Your humble slaves didn’t know you were the emissary of Fire God and were rude before, still please forgive us, Fire God emissary.” Kobold elder prostrated on the ground and said respectfully. He deemed that, since Fire Qilin was so willing to be ordered around by him, then Long Yi definitely was the emissary of Fire God beyond doubt.

“Emissary of Fire God?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows, and he wanted to deny this, but thinking about something, he changed his mind. Since they were regarding him as the emissary of Fire God, then afterwards, wouldn’t they listen to his commands?

“Well, if I have a request for your Kobold clan in the future, then will your Kobold clan help?” Long Yi cleared his throat and asked in all seriousness.

“Of course, even if we have to go through water and tread on fire, we will not hesitate.” Kobold elder immediately replied.

“What if it is not limited to the boundary within the Illusory Magic Forest?” Long Yi smiled and asked.

“When your humble slaves didn’t know you were the emissary of Fire God, we have offended you, but as long as you, Fire God emissary commands, no matter where the place is, we Kobold clan will spare no effort to help out.” Kobold elder respectfully said.

Long Yi suddenly beamed with joy. This business without any cost is really worthwhile. For now on, he could use Kobold clan for him.

At that time, Long Yi suddenly recalled the original agreement where he had promised them to speak about the current situation of Blue Waves Continent, so he raised this kobold elder and briefly told him about the current situation of Blue Waves Continent.

“Ai, war, every age isn’t short of war.” Kobold Elder sighed as if he had a lot of feelings.

Seeing the girls behind him had ‘very impatient to leave this place’ expression, Long Yi ignored the sighing kobold elder and said: “The time is already late, I think we have to go now, I hope elder will lead the path.”

Kobold elder nodded his head and asked: “Will you go back after you all go out?”

“It’s still early to go back, we are thinking of going to the inner part and see.” Long Yi smiled and said.

The complexion of kobold elder changed and he said: “You shouldn’t go to the inner part. That side was occupied by several dragons more than ten thousand years ago. I don’t need to speak about the might of Dragon clan, and especially even His Excellency the Fire God had to show some courtesy seeing Dragon clan.”

“Dragon clan!?” Long Yi and others simultaneously exclaimed. Each and every one of them was excited. Dragon clan, they however were the mightiest living being in the legend of Blue Waves Continent.

“Is there truly the Dragon Clan? Elder, are you sure?” Long Yi asked.

“The Dragon clan existed ever since the ancient times, and they had their own territory. Usually, very rarely born, but in those years, mankind also had Dragon Slayer warriors, merely now……ai. I don’t know why these several dragons run away from their territory and stay here, but you all shouldn’t go there and provoke them.” Kobold elder advised.

Long Yi just replied in a perfunctory manner. Now that he knew that there was Dragon clan in front of him, how could he not go to widen his knowledge, otherwise wouldn’t it be a great regret in life?

Seeing the expression of Long Yi and others, kobold elder knew that persuasion was useless, and again thinking about Long Yi was an emissary of Fire God as well as he also had fire god-beast, Fire Qilin beside him, he thought that Dragon clan will be somewhat sensible giving a face to Fire God.

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Kobold elder personally led Long Yi and others towards the surface of the ground. All along the path, they encountered various mechanisms which made Long Yi and others greatly gasp in admiration. Kobold clan was deserved to be called the real founder of mechanisms. Even if they were able to somehow find the way to the underground kingdom, it would be even harder than reaching the sky to attack it. This however was the culmination of Kobold clan’s ten thousands of years and countless generation’s painstaking effort.

With the opening of a final mechanism, the ground above the head of Long Yi began to shake, then the piece of ground slid to two sides. And with the dazzling sunlight shining upon them, Long Yi and others, who were living underground for some days, were practically unable to open their eyes.

After a little while, Long Yi adapted to the brightness of outside. Only at that time, he saw that this entrance leading to the underground kingdom unexpectedly had 100 meters height, in other words, the ground that was used to make this entrance unexpectedly had 100 meter thickness, and moreover with various kinds of metal crammed, even if cannons were used, it would be hard to blast it open. He really didn’t have any idea how Kobold clan was able to accomplish this?

Kobold elder waved his hand bidding farewell, as Long Yi and other people soared in the sky and flew over to the ground leaving behind dazzled and stunned kobold guards below the ground.

After that, the ground closed leaving behind not even a little crack.

“Ah, we are finally able to once more see the light of day.” All of them were wild with joy while running in the thick clump of grasses. The saying that you will understand the value of what you possess after losing was truly correct.

“Second Brother, are we really going to see dragons?” Ximen Wuhen asked.

“Of course, it didn’t matter when we didn’t know, but now that we know about it, we must go and see, otherwise I will die with a remaining grievance.” Long Yi raised his head and shouted loudly.

“It doesn’t matter, if you die, then I will use holy light to help you pass through.” Ximen Wuhen chuckled and said.

“You girl, are you hoping for your second brother to die?” Long Yi cried loudly, and pounced on Ximen Wuhen, then subconsciously spanked the little pert buttocks of Ximen Wuhen few times. He seemed to be accustomed to spanking. And after the spanking, he came back to his sense, Ximen Wuhen however was an unmarried young woman, so spanking her seemed rather inappropriate.

The scream of Ximen Wuhen ceased abruptly, and her beautiful face became bright red. Then struggling free from the devil’s clutches of Long Yi, she said with a grimace: “Bad second brother, you are truly hateful.”

All of the people laid on the grassland feeling the sunlight that they had not seen for a long time. Now the mood of everyone was brilliant just like the shining sunshine.

Shui Ruoyan and Ximen Wuhen, one on the left and one on the right, were lying beside Long Yi. This made Long Yi shout loudly in his heart, being a man is so nice. Three wives and four concubines are too few.

At that time, looking at Ling Feng who was sparing no effort to avoid approaching Yinyin, Ximen Wuhen suddenly chuckled.

“Little sister, why are you laughing?” Long Yi asked.

Ximen Wuhen also didn’t know that Long Yi already know the real gender of Ling Feng, and said while pouting: “Not telling you, who asked me to always bully me.”

Long Yi smiled, then dotingly rubbed her head. And Ximen Wuhen half closed her eyes, enjoying the doting of Long Yi very much.

Ling Feng looked towards Long Yi but saw him smiling while looking at her, this made her feel bitter in her heart and she ferociously glared at him. At that time, in order to not stimulate Yinyin, she had to again change back to Ling Feng, but now she had some regret. Originally she could have rested comfortably in the bosom of Long Yi, but now that place was forcibly occupied by other people.

“Wa, wa, wa.” The wailing sound resembling child’s wailing made Long Yi to suddenly turn over and rise. And others also stood up simultaneously with an alarmed expression.

“Why is that monster here?” Shui Ruoyan asked in surprise.

“No need to fear, it will not hurt us.” Long Yi consoled.

At that time, a big-headed monster whose entire body was covered by tentacles which Long Yi and other had come across before emerged not far away from them. Seeing Long Yi and others, its eyes shone. Then its round body rolled towards them.

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The girls screamed and used Float Magic to fly up. And Yinyin who was only Advance Magician rank catch hold of Ling Feng and flew up. Now on the ground, there were only Long Yi, Little Three, Fire Qilin and Violent Lightning Beast.

With Fire Qilin beside him, Long Yi naturally wasn’t afraid of this hard to deal with big-headed monster, but with regarding this big-headed monster’s that abnormal swallowing everything big mouth, he somewhat had a lingering fear. He didn’t know to what extent it could grow, if it could grow limitlessly, then wouldn’t it be able to swallow even heaven and earth someday?

Feeling the god-beast aura of Fire Qilin and other two, big-headed monster felt some fear and didn’t dare to come over, merely used its small eyes filled with a grievance to look at Long Yi.

Looking at this ugly big-headed monster, Long Yi felt that it seemed harmless. So he waved his hands towards girls in the sky and said: “Come down, see, you all fear it for nothing.”

The girls descended to the ground, then withdrew behind Long Yi. Even if this big-headed monster didn’t have any malice, that ugly appearance was absolutely not charming.

“Long Yi, should we shake it off again?” Shui Ruoyan asked.

“Forget it, let it follow.” Seeing that pitiful expression of big-headed monster, Long Yi smiled and said. He also didn’t know why this big-headed monster liked to follow them so much like this. Could it be that it was because of beauties?

Since then, Long Yi and others hurried on with their journey in the front, and this big-headed monster followed behind them. Even if sometimes Long Yi and others throw it off due to their speed, soon it would somehow again appear and follow behind them.

After walking like this for a long time, the sky slowly got dark, and the stomach of everyone began to rumble to protest. Long Yi found a place to camp and lit a bonfire.

Gluttonous Little Three hadn’t eaten the meat roasted by Long Yi for a long time, so now its mouth was salivating. And without waiting, Long Yi instructed Violent Lightning Beast and Fire Qilin to go out and hunt. And very soon, they flew back in their true form. Their mouth and claws were full of the games they had hunted. There were huge magic bears and also small wild chickens. And naturally, Long Yi was regarded as the chef.

And big-headed monster who was not far away salivated seeing these games, and it couldn’t help but take several steps forward, but the fierce aura of Little Three forced it to retreat again. Then in a blink of an eye, shrinking its body, Little Three shook its head and wagged its tail, acting like a spoiled child in front of Long Yi.

“Well, today I am happy, so I will make a good food for you.” Long Yi patted the head of Little Three and said with a smile.

“Long Yi, I want to eat that Beggar’s Chicken.” Shui Ruoyan pulled the sleeve of Long Yi and also used the strongest weapon of the woman while acting coquettishly. Since she had eaten that Beggar’s Chicken of Long Yi, she had never forgotten about its taste.

“Second brother, I also want to eat.” Ximen Wuhen also raised her hand to agree.

Long Yi laughed and agreed, then began to wield his strong chef power. With left hand’s flame, he roasted the bear paw, and right hand’s flame roasted Beggar’s Chicken. Moreover, beside the campfire, the rows of over 20 fire rabbits were being roasted, truly was a sumptuous banquet.

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