Chapter 185: Breakthrough

The fragrance of roasted meat quickly spread out. That strong meat fragrance continuously assailed the nose of everyone present, making the worm inside the stomach of everybody to protest endlessly. Moreover, all of them continuously drooled uncontrollably.

As for that big-headed monster, it was even more unable to bear. Its saliva was gushing out from its big mouth as if it was a floodwater bursting out of the dam. It wanted to come over but fearing the might of Little Three and Fire Qilin, it was forced to use its two small eyes to unwaveringly stare at those meats on the grill.

Now the fire magic elements of Long Yi had also turned into a magic core after he had absorbed the fire energy of Fire Qilin, and he had finally stepped into Mage realm. So roasting meat was naturally smooth and easy.

This moment, Little Three couldn’t bear any longer. Just after Long Yi sprinkled seasoning, it bit the meat of fire rabbit as fast as the lightning, then chewing a mouthful of meat, oil flowed out from the corner of its mouth. After Little Three took the initiative, Fire Qilin and Violent Lightning Beast were also unwilling to be left behind, instantly more than 20 roasted meat of fire rabbits in the grill disappeared without leaving any remains.

Long Yi was indifferent, and he just looked at these cute animals competing with each other to rob the roasted meat while grinning. In any case, there were still Beggar’s Chickens, so there was no need to worry about having nothing to eat.

Just then, Long Yi sensed big-headed monster’s that yearning gaze, then turning his head, he saw that completely ignoring those thrown out games on the ground that were not roasted, big-headed monster excitedly swallowed a mouthful of saliva while fixedly staring at the things of the grill.

“Second Brother, it looks so pitiful, please give it a roasted fire rabbit.” Ximen Wuhen went beside Long Yi and said lightly.

Long Yi smiled and nodded his head, then snatching final roasted fire rabbit, he threw it towards the big-headed monster.

Big-headed monster ate this roasted fire rabbit, then was stunned on the place. After a good while, it cried which unexpectedly was somewhat mournful. Moreover, tears unexpectedly flowed out from its small eyes.

“Second brother, it…it is shedding tears.” Ximen Wuhen was extremely surprised and said. She had never heard magical beast and other animals shedding tears. Having heard what was said, others also came over in succession and for the time being, all the women expressed sympathy towards this big-headed monster.

“Looking at its appearance, it must be remembering a sad thing.” Shui Ruoyan said.

“It is definitely thinking about its family.” Ximen Wuhen said.

Long Yi was also startled, the expression of this big-headed monster was unexpectedly very similar to humans. Looking at that grieved appearance, he couldn’t help but think it was a human.

Long Yi waved his hand towards this big-headed monster, and this big-headed monster was stupefied for a little while, then it immediately rolled over towards them. And the girls behind Long Yi subconsciously retreated several steps back, because the appearance of this big-headed monster was truly underwhelming. Long Yi however didn’t mind, and somewhat hesitantly reached out his big hand and touched big-headed monster’s those tentacles in its head, and unexpectedly discovered that these tentacles were extremely warm and soft, and actually felt extremely good.

Big-headed monster issued a cry, and it had an enjoying expression on its face.

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“Feels so comfortable, do you all want to touch it?” Long Yi turned around and asked with a smile.

“As if, you are definitely lying.” None of the women believed him and not even one was willing to come up to touch.

“Why would I deceive you all, if you all don’t believe in me, then forget it.” Long Yi curled up his lip and said.

“Second brother, I believe in you, but with its big mouth, won’t it eat me in a single bite?” Ximen Wuhen nervously said.

Long Yi looked at the big mouth of this big-headed monster, yes, it indeed appeared a little frightening. So he patted big-headed monster and said: “Can’t you become a bit smaller?”

Big-headed monster seemed to not understand the words of Long Yi, so it looked at Long Yi with confused eyes.

Long Yi called over Violent Lightning Beast, then asked it to demonstrate becoming smaller from big size. After that, big-headed monster immediately understood. It excitedly cried out, then its as if a hot-air balloon body instantly began to slowly shrink, shrinking to the size of normal people’s head. This appearance unexpectedly looked a lot cuter compared to before.

Ximen Wuhen quickly ran over to touch and exclaimed: “True, it truly feels comfortable to touch.”

After Ximen Wuhen said so, big-headed monster immediately became a popular person from a horrid person. All the women compete with each other to caress the head full of tentacles of big-headed monster.

Long Yi just smiled looking at the scene, but in his heart, he was thinking about the origin of this big-headed monster. Although it was not very good-looking and its appetite was also unusually big, but it was unusually intelligent too. Its IQ was not something that a normal magical beast could possibly compare.

With clear and bright moonlight shining, Illusory Magic Forest was dyed into a silver world. And with the howling of the wind, the trees of the forest began to rustle and dance with the wind.

Long Yi sat down inside his tent in meditation, and suddenly felt a burst of impatient movement within his dantain, beginning to restlessly jump left and right.

Long Yi opened his eyes, and his luminous as if stars eyes suddenly emitted a dim light in the dark. He calmed down his qi and spirit, then calmly felt the restless movement of true qi within his body. He knew that this was the sign of his AoTianJue about to breakthrough a layer. He had been feeling this sign for a period of time, however it was never as strong as today. Perhaps, tonight AoTianJue would advance to the third layer.

The temple of Long Yi pulsate, the true qi of AoTianJue was increasingly getting violent within his meridians, beginning to attack still closed Yinwei meridian and Yangwei meridian. These two meridians were two of the eight miracle meridians. Yin operates five internal organs, yang operates six hollow organs, and after linking these two meridians, yin-yang would combine, and greatly increase his strength.

Long Yi had lived for two life and also had cultivated AoTianJue two times, so he was very clear about the pain he had to endure before breaking through. This was just like a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon, without undergoing painful struggle, how can it be so gorgeous and beautiful? He used palm wind to open the door of the tent, then using internal force, he left behind large words on the ground, then used a barrier to seal the tent.

The true qi within his body got more and more violent, and also got denser and dense, beginning to violently attack towards Yinwei and Yangwei meridians. A burst of unbearable pain spread out from these two meridians, spreading all over his body. The forehead of Long Yi was filled with sweat as he tried to relax his body as much as possible, calmly enduring this pain. This kind of ** extreme pain, he somewhat enjoyed it, yes, indeed enjoying. From enduring he reached enjoying. This absolutely was an inhuman process.

True qi began to assume the spiral form, then attacked the meridians. This feeling was as if someone was tearing apart the tissues within the body little by little. It was not a short-term process to open up these two meridians. At that time, in Lost city, when Long Yi had suddenly broken through to the second layer of AoTianJue, he had spent quite a few days. And especially, Yinwei and Yangwei meridians were very long. They spread from the inside and outside of legs to the stomach, again to shoulders and to neck, moreover, that spiral-shaped true qi had to gradually run through this entire meridians to successfully breakthrough.

Long Yi often issued a groaning voice, and this voice was not as painful as it may seem, but it was similar to the voice let out by women when they were feeling comfortable and refreshed.

This moment, the body of Long Yi emitted the radiance of seven attributed magic elements. Among them, black color was most flourishing, followed by water, lightning and fire. As for others, their radiance was very weak.

A black shadow suddenly came out from within the body of Long Yi and formed a phantom in front of Long Yi. Then it muttered in a strange voice: “This smelly brat truly is sufficiently abnormal.”

The shadow circled around Long Yi few times, then said: “Seven attributed physique, moreover the magic elements are so thick, but his realms however are so low. This truly is strange, anyway, I will help you promote your dark magic element, I hope you will help me in the future.”

The shadow said, then changing into a wisp of black smoke, it wrapped around the left hand of Long Yi.  After that, the Demonic Stone inlaid in that blood colored skull in the center of the palm immediately emitted a dark black light, which was deep as if a black hole that wanted to suck in everything. The black smoke that wrapped around the left hand of Long Yi fluctuate, then the black light of Demonic Stone began to follow that black mist and entered the body of Long Yi, directly seeping into the dark magic elements inside the sea of consciousness of Long Yi.

At this time, the sky was already bright. Ling Feng and the three girls came to the front of Long Yi’s tent.  The very first person to see the words on the ground in front of Long Yi’s tent was Ling Feng. At that time, when it was still late at night, Ling Feng tossed about on the bed and wasn’t able to calm down her heart. She really missed the warm bosom of Long Yi, thereupon she quietly crawled out intending to sneak into the tent of Long Yi. But who would have thought that the tent of Long Yi was surrounded by a very powerful barrier. And at that time, under the moonlight, she clearly saw few large words: Cultivating, don’t worry.

Time slowly passed, dawn became dark and dark again become bright, like this, it had already been three days and night since Long Yi stayed inside his tent. But as before, there was no movement. Although all of them knew that Long Yi will be fine, but they unavoidably still got worried.

“Ling Feng, you and my second brother have been together for so long, did he ever cultivated for such a long period of time?” Ximen Wuhen stepped forward, then catching the hold of Ling Feng’s hand, she asked. She knew Ling Feng was a girl like herself, and in a haste, she forgot to avoid the contact.

“He hasn’t, but I think Long Yi should be in the process of making a breakthrough, otherwise he wouldn’t have left these words.” Ling Feng smiled and said, but her eyes hinted Ximen Wuhen to pay attention.

Ximen Wuhen paused, then quickly released the hand of Ling Feng. But saw that Shui Ruoyan was smiling ambiguously at her, and Yinyin was looking at her with hostility.

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Ximen Wuhen stuck out her tongue, then turning around she squatted down and stroke the shrunk version big-headed monster. And unexpectedly as if talking with it, she muttered: “Second brother, he still hasn’t come out, do you understand what I am saying? He is the one that gave you roasted meat to eat, you should call him master…no, should call father, hee hee.”

“Wuhen, you shouldn’t arbitrarily find Long Yi a child without his consent, be careful, he might beat you when he came out.” Shui Ruoyan said with a smile after hearing Ximen Wuhen.

“He dares, what is wrong with Big Head? Having it as his child is naturally his good fortune, isn’t that so, Big Head?” Ximen Wuhen smiled and said.

Big-headed monster however somewhat confusedly squinted its already small eyes, then unexpectedly revealed an expression as if it somewhat understood, making all of them surprise in succession. They thought, could it be that it understood the words of Ximen Wuhen?

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