Chapter 186: Lovers bath

At this moment, the breakthrough of Long Yi had already reached a critical moment. The radiance of magic elements also flourished more and more, unexpectedly illuminating the opaque tent with seven colors in riotous profusion. This looked incomparably gorgeous.

With a ‘bang’ sound, that black smoke that was wrapping around the left hand of Long Yi suddenly bounced out, then again condensed into a shadow.

“Strange, this boy, what kind of chaotic physique is this?” Shadow muttered. When this shadow was bringing in the dark magical power contained within the Demonic Stone into the sea of consciousness of Long Yi, at the critical juncture, this shadow however was bounced out by the surging qi of Long Yi, which made this shadow feel rather inconceivable.

The multi-colored radiances of Long Yi’s body suddenly shone, and the space around his body also began to twist. The shadow knew that that strange technique was about to breakthrough, so the shadow immediately changed into a black smoke and entered into the Demonic stone embedded in the left hand of Long Yi.

Suddenly, Long Yi opened his eyes and his black pupils that could cause others palpitate, as if ripple, moved about. The magic elements and true qi surrounding him collided and violently blew out, then the powerful qi wave spread in all direction. Suddenly the tent as well as the barrier were blown away, Long Yi also uttered a long and loud cry while soaring towards the sky, and his long black hair messily fluttered in the air.

Feeling comfortable and refreshed all over his body, Long Yi laughed. Then his figure flashed and changing into 18 phantoms in the sky, each of them swung the huge sword in their hand, sending out deep blue light and shadow. These lights and shadows interweaved into an unusual pattern, which advanced towards the woods.

The pattern formed by lights and shadows effortlessly pass through the woods, and silently entered underground, and those 18 phantoms of Long Yi merged together into one.

“Three, Two, One.” Long Yi began a countdown, and just after he said one, the ground began to shake suddenly, and a burst of qi wave exploded, soaring to the sky from the ground, moreover, big trees together with earth were also blown up, flying to the sky. In a little moment, this woods was leveled to the ground, and the ground had a crater in the shape of that pattern, which precisely was made by Long Yi’s interweaving lights and shadows.

Ling Feng, Ximen Wuhen and others were dumbstruck looking at Long Yi in the sky. His that illusion like technique as well as the huge destructed power created by him made them mystified.

The figure of Long Yi flashed and instantly appeared before the girls, then smiling happily, he hugged Ximen Wuhen who came flying into his bosom.

“Second Brother, you are really great.”Ximen Wuhen excitedly said.

“That’s natural, whose second brother do you think I am?” Long Yi flung back his head and said proudly.

Just then, Ximen Wuhen suddenly wrinkled her beautiful nose, then pushing long Yi, she retreated few steps back and said: “Second brother, you didn’t take a bath for several days, your body stinks.”

The smile of Long Yi stiffened. Only then he recalled that with each breakthrough of AoTianJue, the filth within the body would be pushed out until one reached the fifth layer, which was the natural realm.

Fortunately, Long Yi selected the place with a water source nearby to camp. There was a clear brook nearby.

“My body is also rather filthy. I will also go with you.” Ling Feng smiled and went together with Long Yi. Slightly turning her head, she saw Ximen Wuhen looking at her with a stunned face. And her beautiful face involuntarily reddened. The women who had just fallen in love were crazy, and Ling Feng was also no exception to this. She was not able to see Long Yi for several days, and she greatly missed him. As a result, at this time, she didn’t care what Ximen Wuhen would think, she only wanted to enter into the bosom of Long Yi and tightly hug him.

After Long Yi and Ling Feng disappeared, seeing the complexion of Ximen Wuhen, Shui Ruoyan was rather surprised and asked: “Wuhen, what happened? Are you unwell?”

Ximen Wuhen smiled with great difficulty and said: “No, merely these past few days, because I was worried about my second brother, I wasn’t able to have a good rest, now I will return to the tent and rest for a while.”

Looking at the back view of Ximen Wuhen, Shui Ruoyan shook her head in confusion. The girl obviously has something weighing on her mind, but she is not saying it.

Ximen Wuhen laid inside the tent, but her heart was somewhat chaotic. When did the relation between Long Yi and Ling Feng reach to this extent? What would happen when a man and a woman have a bath together? Ximen Wuhen imagined the scene of Long Yi and Ling Feng entangling in the water, then she couldn’t help but felt discomfort in her heart.

Ling Feng and Long Yi came to the brook. And seeing there was no one behind them, Ling Feng wasn’t able to bear and threw herself into the bosom of Long Yi.

“Ling’r, right now I am dirty, wait a minute.” Long Yi said. He naturally knew that he was covered with filth and smelled very bad.

“No matter, I don’t care, I missed you so much.” Feng Ling said in a trance. Her appearance also changed, immediately changing back into her girl’s appearance. Her azure blue eyes fixedly stared at Long, and these eyes clearly revealed greatly missing feeling of Feng Ling.

Feng Ling hugged Long Yi’s neck, then standing on her tiptoe, she kissed Long Yi. Then two people passionately kissed while their hands feeling about each other’s body.

Two people walked towards the brook water while kissing. They tore apart each other’s clothing, and in a blink of an eye, two people became completely naked.

Even after seeing the black filths on the body of Long Yi, Feng Ling didn’t think it was too dirty. Her jade hands lightly hand-washed him from head to foot, chest to back and even the little brother of Long Yi was no exception.

The hands of Long Yi were also not idle. He softly caressed Feng Ling’s those as if jade **, and skillfully teasing, he stimulated the thoughts of the love of this beautiful woman as if tide.

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Feng Ling with a red beautiful face, passionately breath out, slightly opening her little mouth. But her jade hand however slid towards that proudly standing little brother of Long Yi.

“Long Yi, take me.” Feng Ling nestled her head into the neck of Long Yi and her ** rubbed his chest.

Having heard what was said, the breathing of Long Yi stagnated, and sparks flew out from his eyes. He also thought, after self-restraining for such a long time, he, as a strong and healthy young man, was also having a hard time to bear, but she however was being too hasty here. First, no need to mention how a woman would be unable to move freely after having her first time, still this surrounding might have concealed powerful Dragon clan, so this was not an opportune moment.

“Ling’r, now is not the time, after a period of time, I will definitely let you become I, Long Yi’s real woman.” Long Yi sucked the exquisite earlobe of Feng Ling and softly said.

Long Yi hugged Feng Ling and sat on the stone which was half submerged inside the water of the brook, then lowering his head, he kissed the bud on the top of Feng Ling’s **, and his one big hand rubbed and pinched her another **. As for his other big hand, it slid past the smooth abdomen of Feng Ling and slipped between her legs, reaching her delicate place.

“Oh, Long Yi.” The red lips of Feng Ling slightly opened, and being unable to bear, she raised her hips, as if she wanted Long Yi to caress her more.

With Long Yi using his mouth and hands simultaneously, the moaning sound of Feng Ling became louder and louder. And her hands firmly pushed down the head of Long Yi in her chest, and her charming body began to quiver uncontrollably.

Finally, Feng Ling uttered a long drawn-out moan, and warm current spurt out from her flower, reaching ** for the first time in her life. And she firmly coiled on the body of Long Yi as if an octopus.

Only after a good while, Feng Ling began to slowly descend from the place high in the clouds and her charming body also slowly become soft. Then she gently sighed with an intoxicated and satisfied expression on her face.

Feng Ling was satisfied, Long Yi however was suffering. With the fire of lust which was being suppressed for a long time provoked, but wasn’t able to vent, this was no less than an inhuman torture for men.

Feng Ling opened her still hazy eyes and felt that there was not even a little bit of strength in her soft body now. And on the other side of her thigh, she felt Long Yi’s that burning hot hard-on. This heat couldn’t help but made her heart undulate again. Feng Ling wasn’t a little girl who didn’t understand anything, she immediately realized that Long Yi was suppressing his ** with great effort, and she couldn’t help but endlessly felt sorry in her heart.

“Long Yi, if it’s really unbearable, then you can vent on me.” Feng Ling raised his hand, then caressed the handsome face of Long Yi.

Long Yi smiled and shook his head: “Just be obedient.”

With the various feeling in her heart, Feng Ling’s little hand caught the hold of Long Yi’s sturdy little brother, then stroke up and down. Long Yi let out a pleasant moan, and his fire of lust simultaneously became even more vigorous. This measure of Feng Ling was merely using a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood in front of his burning desire.

Long Yi caught the little hand of Feng Ling and said in the hoarse voice: “Forget it, let’s go back to the camp.”

Feng Ling however stubbornly refused let go, she absolutely wanted to take care of Long Yi’s fire of lust.

“Do you really want to help me?” The eyes of Long Yi shone brightly looking at Feng Ling.

“Mhm.” Feng Ling resolutely nodded her head.

Long Yi mischievously laughed and whispered few words in the ear of Feng Ling. And the beautiful face of Ling Feng suddenly burned.

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“Is that for real?” Feng Ling stared at Long Yi’s big fellow and asked nervously.

“If you really want to help me then that’s the only way.” Long Yi said with a smile, but that smile was clearly lewd no matter how you look at it.

Feng Ling bit her lower lip with her pearly white teeth, and with turbulent maiden heart, she slightly opened her little mouth and bent her body……

“Oh…ah…darling, don’t use your teeth.” The little brother of Long Yi was originally feeling pleasure, but being scraped by the teeth of Feng Ling, he suddenly felt pain and he inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Feng Ling raised her eyes and looked at Long Yi. And under the guidance of Long Yi, inexperienced Feng Ling finally found a little feeling. And like this, after half-an-hour, under the stimulation of Feng Ling’s lips and tongue, Long Yi’s ** finally burst out, and a great amount of ** spurt out inside the mouth of Feng Ling.

Feng Ling covered her pink lips, then fiercely glaring at Long Yi, she quickly used the water of the brook to rinse her mouth.

And after Feng Ling again changed back to Ling Feng, two of them return back to the camp. And Shui Ruoyan immediately smiled and said: “Why did you two grown man take so long for a bath? I thought you two were drowned.”

“My body was too dirty, so I have no choice.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Hearing the voice of Long Yi, Ximen Wuhen came out from her tent. And seeing the relaxed and cheerful face of Long Yi which was strikingly alike as a cat that was able to steal a fish, she dared to confirm that something unspeakable must have happened in the bath.

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