Chapter 187: Warm night

Long Yi also noticed that Ximen Wuhen had again fallen out with him. In the beginning, she was still fine, but after returning back from the bath, she unexpectedly was cold and indifferent to him. Every time, their eyes met, she would snort and turn her head. This made Long Yi endlessly laugh a bitter laugh in his heart, this girl, how did I offend her again?

The entire group of people again set out towards the inner part of the Illusory Magic Forest. And this moment, big-headed monster had already mingled completely into their group, and it particularly liked to stick together with Long Yi. Wherever Long Yi went, it would go there, perfectly worthy of the name stalker.

And the mood of Ling Feng who had received favor was even more excellent. Frequently when everyone was not paying attention, she would stealthily tease Long Yi by sometimes lightly scraping the palm of Long Yi and sometimes throwing provocative and seductive glances.

Deep in the night, Long Yi got up and went out from inside his tent for a stroll. And he saw Ximen Wuhen sitting on the grassland not far away. She was mumbling to herself and her little hand however was ruthlessly pulling out little grasses from the ground.

“Damned second brother, smelly second brother, scoundrel, hateful demon, I will beat you to death, beat you to death.” On one side Ximen Wuhen was pulling out the grasses, and on the other side, she was muttering.

Suddenly black lines appeared on the forehead of Long Yi, what did he do, actually making this Miss so unhappy. He lightly walked over to Ximen Wuhen and said with a smile: “As it turned out I still have so many nicknames, how come I never know them before?”

Ximen Wuhen just snorted, and turning around, she showed him her back.

Long Yi sighed, and sitting beside Ximen Wuhen he said: “Come, tell your second brother, how did your second brother offend and make our princess angry?”

“You are always messing with me, I hate you.” Ximen Wuhen pouted.

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“Turn around and look at me.” Long Yi said.

“No.” Ximen Wuhen said in the fit of pique.

Long Yi stretched out his hands and putting his hands on the beautiful face of Ximen Wuhen, he gently turned her head towards him, then said with a smile: “When did our princess change into a piggy? Look, two bottles of oil could be hung on your mouth.”

Ximen Wuhen shook off the big hands of Long Yi and rained down the barrage of punches on Long Yi, then snorting, she said: “Hateful, so hateful. Bad second brother.”

The big hands of Long Yi held the little hands of Ximen Wuhen, and gently said: “Well, little sister, tell your second brother, how exactly did your second brother make you angry?”

Hearing the gentle tone of Long Yi, Ximen Wuhen no longer kicked up a row. She looked at Long Yi with hidden bitterness in her beautiful eyes, and said: “Second brother, you are always dallying with women, do you still remember Ling’er who is head over heels in love with you?”

Long Yi was startled, so it was for this. He asked himself honestly, and he couldn’t help but got somewhat ashamed, indeed, after Long Ling’er went away, he recalled her very rarely.

“Second brother isn’t neglecting her, really. Aren’t you getting angry for the matter of Feng Ling?” Long Yi asked.

Ximen Wuhen nodded her head, then placing her little head on the shoulder of Long Yi, she moved towards him and muttered: “I also don’t know why I am getting angry. In any case, my heart is uncomfortable, with so many female confidantes beside you, wouldn’t you forget about me one day?”

Long Yi couldn’t help laughing, Ximen Wuhen is still a child. He caressed her long silky supple hair and said with a smile: “How can that be? You are my little sister, even if your second brother has many beauties, you will always be a very important person in your second brother’s heart.”

“Really? If………” Ximen Wuhen stealthily smiled in the bosom of Long Yi. And she wanted to say something, but she stopped and her beautiful face turn red. She originally wanted to ask, if she wasn’t his blood sister, then would he regard her as his confidante too?

“If what?” Long Yi curiously asked.

“No, nothing, do you miss home?” Ximen Wuhen confusedly changed the subject. Just thinking about the time she had spent underground, she couldn’t settle down her heart.

Home? Long Yi was dumbfounded, does this home means Ximen clan? Long Yi carefully thought for a bit and found that there truly was a kind of unusual concern in his heart. Although the soul was already of a different person, but the blood flowing in his body however was thoroughly branded with the mark of Ximen clan.

Long Yi nodded his head and said: “I suppose, it’s already been a year and a half since I left the home, I wonder how father and mother are doing?”

Ximen Wuhen in his bosom suddenly became silent, and at that time, Long Yi felt damp in his chest, then lifting up the chin of Ximen Wuhen with his hand, he saw tears were streaming down her eyes.

“Little sister, what happened? Do you miss home?” Long Yi gently wiped the tears of Ximen Wuhen and asked in a soft voice.

Ximen Wuhen nodded her head and said while sobbing: “I miss my mother, I really miss her very much.”

Long Yi was startled. From his memory, he knew that the mother of Ximen Wuhen had already passed away long ago. He didn’t know what to say to console her for the time being, so he hugged and lightly patted her back.

“Second brother, you know? I truly hated you very much in those days but was also very jealous of you. You were so bad, but you had everything, and even father doted on you very much, but he kept me and eldest brother at arm’s length. Moreover, you also have your mother who loves you dearly and protect you, but my mother however passed away quite early. I often thought, why Heaven was so unfair.” XImen Wuhen was unable to control her emotions and wailed.

Hearing the words of Ximen Wuhen, the heart of Long Yi ached. Yes, although Ximen Wuhen was the eldest Miss of noble Ximen clan, and lived in luxury without short of anything, but she lacked familial affection. He also didn’t understand too clearly, with such golden branch and jade leaf clan, they should have held her in their hands, fearing she would fall down; and cherish her in their mouth, fearing that’ll melt her, but how come father treated her so coldly?

“Good little sister, don’t cry. Hereafter, your second brother will dearly love you, and let no one bully you.” Long Yi said to Ximen Wuhen in his bosom.

“Second brother, can you dearly love me throughout this life?”  Ximen Wuhen asked while choking with sobs.

“Of course, I can, anyone that bullies you, second brother will definitely beat him till he will be looking for his teeth all over the floor.” Long Yi patted his chest and pledged.

“Then second brother, you bullied me, what’s to be done?” Ximen Wuhen turned tears into laughter and asked.

“How can your second brother bully you?” Long Yi smiled and said.

“How can’t? You frequently bullied me before, so why don’t you beat yourself until you are looking for your teeth all over the floor? Hee hee.” Ximen Wuhen smiled and said.

Long Yi rolled his eyes, the matters of before are not done by me. He lightly pinched the nose of Ximen Wuhen and teased: “Crying a second and again laughing another second, you puppy.”

“So hateful, you are a puppy.” Allowing no explanation, Ximen Wuhen squeezed into the bosom of Long Yi, then wiped her nasal mucus and tears on the clothing of Long Yi.

“Ah, my new clothing, I have just worn! This silly girl doesn’t want to live.” Long Yi pretended to be angry and tickled Ximen Wuhen with his hands.

Ximen Wuhen laughed and struggled. Two people made noise on the grassland.

Suddenly, Ximen Wuhen’s charming body stiffened, and her face became red looking towards Long Yi. And Long Yi also quickly retracted his hand. Just now, he accidentally touched something soft and elastic, making him somewhat awkward.

“Smelly second brother, taking cheap advantage of other people.” Ximen Wuhen pouted playfully. She said like this, but changing the side, she again leaned against the body of Long Yi, as the other side had her nasal mucus and tears.

Staring at this siblings’ affection from the distant point, Ling Feng was feeling somewhat weird in her heart. She was a woman, and the intuition of woman was usually very accurate. Perhaps Long Yi treated Ximen Wuhen with familial affection, but she however felt that the feeling of Ximen Wuhen towards Long Yi somewhat exceed that bounds.

“Very warm, isn’t that so?” Suddenly the voice of Shui Ruoyan came from behind.

“Is it? Is teacher Shui Ruoyan also longing for this? I’ll lend you my shoulder.” Ling Feng said without any trace of the joke.

Shui Ruoyan cast a glance at the thin shoulder of Ling Feng, then said in disdain: “Don’t be talkative, I fear your bamboo pole-like body is unreliable.”

“Heh heh, then is the shoulder of Long Yi thick and broad enough?” Ling Feng strangely laughed and said.

The pretty face of Shui Ruoyan become red, but she raised her head and said: “Yes, his shoulder is much warmer than yours.”

Ling Feng stared at Shui Ruoyan, and her eyes glimmered with a hint of vexation. She already knew that Shui Ruoyan had an extremely good opinion of Long Yi, however she had never thought that she would speak out so openly. And as a woman of Long Yi, her heart was naturally not very comfortable.

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“Long Yi has so many female confidants, teacher Shui Ruoyan should make an extra effort.” Ling Feng said with a smile, then return back to her tent.

Shui Ruoyan was dumbfounded. The tone of Ling Feng was somewhat not too right, it seemed as if he was jealous. Could it be that, with regarding Long Yi, he……… Shui Ruoyan couldn’t help but shiver, is this the reason why he was treating so cruelly to gentle and beautiful Yinyin?

Shui Ruoyan didn’t think about this matter too much, only watching the back view of Long Yi, she lightly sighed. These past few days, this smelly fellow was obviously playing dumb with her. She had already shown off her feeling so obviously, but he didn’t express anything. Could it be that he wanted her, a girl, to express him clearly?

The night passed with everyone having different thoughts. And after a night, Ximen Wuhen who had fallen out with Long Yi again was in intimate terms with him. And as for big-headed monster, it was still the stalker of Long Yi.

In just this fashion, the entire group of people went towards the inner part, but until now, there was no sign of Dragon Clan. These days, Ximen Wuhen always called big-headed monster as Long Yi’s son, and sometimes when talking with the big-headed monster, she would always point towards Long Yi and tell it, Long Yi was its father.

With regarding Ximen Wuhen forcibly giving him a son, Long Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but under the pressure of little sister, he was forced to recognize this fellow as his son. As for big-headed monster, as if it was accustomed to being addressed as a son, whenever Long Yi called ‘son’, it would eagerly roll over.

These were also nothing, but the matter that happened afterwards greatly shocked Long Yi and others as if struck by lightning strike, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, as if they had seen a ghost.

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