Chapter 188: Big-headed monster can speak

At the dusk, the evening glow of the setting sun sprinkled through the cloud layer, and Long Yi and his group were busy preparing the supper. Magical beasts were something that didn’t lack the most in Illusion Magic Forest, and every time when it was time to have a meal, without the instruction of Long Yi, gluttonous Little Three, Fire Qilin and Violent Lightning Beast would immediately hunt down and bring back a small mountain size pile of games.

Long Yi and his group began to enjoy the foods to their heart’s content. At that time, girls were complaining about gaining the weight on one side, and on another side, they were gorging themselves without caring about their image.

“Fath…er.” Just when Long Yi was telling jokes to others, an immature voice suddenly rang out.

Then the voice of Long Yi suddenly ceased, and he looked all around. Seeing all the girls around were also surprised, he couldn’t help but asked: “Just now, did you all hear a voice?”

The girls as if chickens pecking the rice nodded their head. Then touching his head, Long Yi scanned Little Three, Fire Qilin, Violent Lightning Beast and big-headed monster, but he didn’t find anything unusual.

Long Yi frowned, and secretly feeling surprised, he patted big-headed monster that had nestled beside his leg, and asked with a smile: “You weren’t speaking, right?” After asking, he took out a kettle from inside his space ring and drank the water. After telling a story just now, he was extremely thirsty.

“Fath…er.” This immature voice rang out again, and Long Yi spat out all the water he was just drinking, completely drenching big-headed monster beside him. This time, Long Yi was sure that this voice was coming from beside his leg.

And this moment, all girls simultaneously screamed and retreated back. Then as if seeing a ghost, they stared at big-headed monster beside the leg of Long Yi.

Long Yi was stunned and seeing the expression of the girls, he was sure that the one who had just spoken was big-headed monster beside his leg.

Long Yi caught big-headed monster and hurriedly asked: “Were you talking?”

“Father.” An immature voice came out from the big mouth of big-headed monster, and its small eyes were looking at him with admiration.

Long Yi immediately felt dizzy. God, big-headed monster can speak human speech? He also couldn’t help but retreated back two steps. This was too insane for even this world.

Feeling Long Yi was alert, Little Three, Fire Qilin and Violent Lighting Beast simultaneously stepped forwards and surrounded big-headed monster and glared it like a tiger eyeing its prey. As long as Long Yi commanded them, they would immediately tear this big-headed monster to shreds.

“Father.” Feeling the aura of Little Three and others, big-headed monster couldn’t help but trembled, then looked at Long Yi feeling wronged.

Long Yi and others looked at each other in blank dismay, as if they had seen a ghost. Talking magical beast simply was something they had never heard.

Seeing the aggrieved expression of big-headed monster, the heart of Long Yi couldn’t help but soften and also began to gradually calm down. It called him a father, this seemed to be the result of Ximen Wuhen’s continuous and repetitive teaching. Although he had never heard about the magical beast that could talk before, but there was no lack of strange things in this world, so the appearance of a magical beast that could speak human speech was also acceptable.

Long Yi waved his hand to disperse Little Three and others, then catching the hold of big-headed monster, he sized it up and said: “Why can you speak?”

“Father.” Big-headed monster called out again and had a happy appearance feeling Long Yi rubbing its round body.

Just then, Ling Feng and other girls came over and stared at big-headed monster in surprise. And Ling Feng said: “In my view, this big-headed monster has just learned to speak. Its intelligence is also merely equivalent to the human child.”

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Ximen Wuhen stuck out her tongue and said with a smile: “Second brother, this time you really have a baby son.”

“It’s nice to have such son.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“My dear nephew, quickly call me aunt.” Ximen Wuhen teasingly said to big-headed monster.

Big-headed monster opened its mouth, but it only said father as before. Obviously, it could only say this world for now.

Later, all girls as if gotten the best toy, every day, they would teach big-headed monster how to talk while hurrying on with their journey. Moreover, they were never bored with it.

And what made them pleasantly surprise was, this big-headed monster was truly like a human child. It had great ability to learn. Now it would actually call Ximen Wuhen as aunt, Shui Ruoyan as big sis, Yinyin as big sis and Ling Feng as big brother, moreover could also recognize who was who.

Is this really a magical beast? It’s almost like a human child. Long Yi thought, and he began to frantically look various kinds of books inside his space ring to see if there was any record of the similar case, but unfortunately, he didn’t find anything.

“Father, hungry.” Big-headed monster suddenly stopped, then looking at Long Yi it stutteringly said.

Long Yi made a wry smile and sighed. Since the time big-headed monster learned how to express it wanted to eat something, it would use this sentence for more than 10 times in a day. It looked as if it had never eaten full because no matter how much it was given to eat, it would always have not full expression.

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Long Yi easily hunted a huge demonic deer and threw it towards big-headed monster, then continued on with their journey. This son was really difficult to raise, just its appetite was something that general people would truly be unable to support.

They walked like this for three days, and a wide river suddenly appeared before Long Yi and his group. This river was 100 meters wide, which unexpectedly divided Illusory Magic Forest into two, and its end couldn’t be seen. The river water was reflecting sunlight and was so deep that the bottom couldn’t be seen. Along the two sides of this river, a row of weeping willow grew, and when the wind blew, the willow catkins would spread all over the sky while fluttering. It looked extremely beautiful.

The expression of Long Yi however became solemn. Looking at these weeping willows in good order, and the gaps between every two trees were equal, Long Yi knew that this was absolutely not grown naturally, rather someone planted them.

“Someone lives in this place.” Ling Feng opened his mouth. All the girls were also not stupid. They immediately perceived the anomaly.

“The person living here in seclusion is definitely an extraordinary person, if meet him, be sure to not be rash. Everybody, separately look around to see if there is a house or so on.” Long Yi said.

Even after everyone dispersed to look around, big-headed monster however didn’t leave, it fixedly stared at the willows of the river bank and its expression seemed very disturbed.

“What happened, Big Head?” Long Yi squatted down and said.

“Afraid, bad person.” Big Head anxiously said in its immature voice. Its small eyes showed fear.

Bad person? Long Yi was startled in his heart, could it be a bad person is living here? His expression immediately changed, and just when he was about to call back all the girls, he heard an intense fighting sound from behind him, then he heard the groaning voice of Ling Feng, clearly, she had eaten the loss in that fight. Long Yi uttered a long and loud cry, then changing into a smoke, he dashed towards the location of Ling Feng.

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