Chapter 189: Female Dragon

Just after Long Yi arrived there, he saw that a blood was flowing out from the corner of Ling Feng’s mouth and she was struggling to climb up. And opposite to her, a very beautiful young girl was standing. That young girl was wearing strange skintight scale armor and her facial features were very exquisite. Her long cyan-colored hair was rolled up high above her head with a hairpin, and she had noble’s air of arrogance as if everything in this world was beneath her eyes.

Not waiting for Long Yi to step forward and support, the eyes of Ling Feng, who similarly was extremely haughty, flashed with black light, then she summoned the refined specter which was successfully refined not long ago from the different space. The refined specter issued a vigorous roar, then emitting a bloody aura, he rushed towards that young girl.

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“Refined specter, you are a necromancer.” Young girl indifferently said. And there was not a single wave in her expression as if a pool of stagnant water, seemingly she didn’t care about this refined specter even a bit.

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The young girl didn’t make any movement, merely a pale golden light appeared around her body, then that refined specter screamed in fear and no longer dared to advance forward.

Ling Feng frowned, and just when she wanted urge refined specter to attack, Long Yi lightly supported her, and gently wiped the trace of blood from the corner of her mouth. Then using his true qi, he stabilized her internal injury. After that, he coldly looked at that young girl. No matter how beautiful she looked, and how noble her temperament was, she had to pay price for injuring his woman.

The eyes of Long Yi flashed, and a huge amount of spirit power formed into a sharp awl, attacking towards that young girl, and immediately afterward, waving his huge sword, Ice Douqi’s Whirlwind Chain Slash followed closely behind, slashing towards that young girl.

The always cold and indifferent beautiful face of that young girl finally showed a trace of surprise, but she still didn’t move, unexpectedly directly withstanding the spirit awl attack of Long Yi, then stretching out her snow-white jade hand which was covered with golden light, she dispersed that Ice Douqi’s slash of Long Yi. Moreover, she actually grabbed the huge sword of Long Yi.

Long Yi remained in the midair, while that young girl was quietly standing on the ground. And with her jade hand grabbing the huge sword of Long Yi, their eyes met face to face, and sparks unexpectedly burst out.

“Very strong woman.” Long Yi secretly thought in his heart. Even his now third layer AoTianJue mixing together with his magic douqi was unexpectedly neutralized easily by her. And the most important matter was, her this stretched out unassuming hand was unexpectedly unscathed. Just looking at this skill of catching his sword, Long Yi felt inferior to her.

Long Yi was not a person that would easily give up, moreover encountering such a formidable opponent was his good fortune. Long Yi looked at this young girl, and his face unexpectedly showed a brilliant smile. Then his hand holding the huge sword trembled, and the huge sword also trembled unexpectedly, then with a clang sound, the huge sword got free from the hand of this young girl.

In the sea of consciousness of Long Yi, silverish-purple magic elements began to circulate violently. Then pointing the huge sword towards the sky, unexpectedly a layer of lightning appeared around it. After that, he smiled, and his figure began to move at extreme speed. With his huge sword covered in high-voltage electricity mixing with douqi and Chinese ancient martial arts, he attacked the young girl from all direction.

The young girl trembled due to the electric shock. Then her charming body finally retreated several steps back, and with her eyes flashing with golden light, a layer of thick golden with black color in the middle scales covered her both hands. Then coldly snorting, she began to fiercely fight with Long Yi, and immediately sand flew about and stones hurtled through the air, and a powerful pressure forced all girls to step back. As for Little Three, Fire Qilin and Violent Beast, they had received the instruction to not step into the battle from Long Yi.

“Ling Feng, are you alright?” Yinyin asked with concern.

“Ling Feng, what actually happened here? And who is fighting with Long Yi?” Shui Ruoyan asked. This moment, they could only see afterimages, basically unable to see their figures.

Ling Feng took a deep breath. Just before all of them had arrived here, she had put away the refined specter. But the golden light on the body of this girl unexpectedly made this incomparably fierce refined specter to not dare step forward, which surprised her.

“I just came over here, then a strange young girl appeared in front of me. She was strong to the point of being crazy, and she directly attacked me without giving me any chance to explain. The earth barrier I have erected was instantly destroyed when it came into contact with her move.” Ling Feng said.

The girls were simultaneously startled, and again looking towards the sky where Long Yi was locked together in a battle, they couldn’t help but began to guess the identity of this mysterious young girl.

“She shouldn’t be a human.” Ling Feng recalled seeing the hands of this young girl was covered with scales as she mutters.

“Not human? Could it be that she is a ghost?” Ximen Wuhen exclaimed in surprise. But she didn’t sense any yin qi in this place.

“No, if I am not wrong, then she should be a dragon.” Ling Feng slowly said.

“Dragon! You are not joking right?” The girls exclaimed in succession, clearly not believing the guess of Ling Feng. Although they could only see afterimages in the sky, but they were also clear that both of them were human figures, not a dragon.

“I am absolutely not joking, I am 90 percent sure that she is a dragon.” Ling Feng frowned and said.

“But how could dragon look just like a human?” Ximen Wuhen asked.

Ling Feng covered her chest. Just a moment ago, a single punch of this young girl gave her internal injuries, fortunately, the true qi of Long Yi suppressed them. Recalling this, she said: “It is said that Dragon clan’s royal family Divine Dragon clan can change into human shape after they grow up to a certain extent. I guess this young girl is the descended of Divine Dragon clan.”

Long Yi and young girl fought for a long time, and gradually his ability fell short of his wishes. The young girl waved her hand and that golden light with powerful momentum and penetrating power unexpectedly suppressed him firmly. Moreover, he felt that this young girl was not going all-out yet. In fact, he also had already guessed that this young girl should have some kind of relation with Dragon clan. Those scales covering her hands were definitely dragon scales, and no matter if it was magic, douqi or internal force, it was very difficult to injure her. Such terrifying magic control and defense, he feared only the legendary Dragon clan was so abnormal, merely he also didn’t understand, why Dragon clan was able to change into human form.

Ding, the claw of young girl stopped the huge sword of Long Yi, and her other claw slashed as fast as lightning towards the chest of Long Yi. Cloth tearing sound resounded as a large piece of Long Yi’s clothing was torn.

Now Long Yi got mad and again jumped into the battle using Great Cosmos Shift, moreover, he silently recited an incantation, beginning to insanely compress lightning magic element. A thick layer of black cloud suddenly shrouded the sky, and natural might covered the entire surroundings.

The complexion of this young girl changed slightly, and she looked at Long Yi in surprise. This human youngster gave her too many surprises. He had entire series of magic physique and had the genius type douqi physique, and now he was unexpectedly using compressed magic too. Merely, his current cultivation realm was too low, if he was given another two or three hundred years of time, then his strength might completely surpass herself.

The young girl didn’t take the opportunity of the time when Long Yi was compressing magic to attack, merely sized him up curiously. Because she knew that, even his compressed magic would be unable to injure her.

The entire body of Long Yi was soaked with sweat due to the intense consumption of his spirit power. Now he didn’t dare to relax even a bit. After compressing lightning magic elements until he felt that he could no longer persist in, he shouted, and he waved his hand, then compressed bolts of lightning suddenly struck down from the dark clouds. Those more than ten roughly as thick as thumb lightning struck down with violent momentum several times faster compared to usual.

The young girl smiled slightly, and Long Yi however smiled strangely.

This time it would not be that easy for this young girl to resist this several times compressed lightning. Even if it was her parents, it would still be hard for them to resist this, as the might of nature after all was difficult to contend against. Even if she didn’t receive severe injury, but the wounds of skin and flesh were definitely inevitable.

The young girl still stood in the same place, but her body emitted golden light, and Long Yi unexpectedly saw the shadow of a divine dragon in the middle of the golden light. And more than 10 bolts of lightning strangely disappeared after encountering this golden light. And just after young girl retracted her golden light, she felt a violent gust of the wind under her foot, and hailstones whistled towards her from both sides, moreover, the figure of Long Yi had also disappeared into thin air.

She had never thought that, after that lightning attack, he still unexpectedly had backup move, as seeing his expression, she thought that he was an arrow at the end of its flight. But this despicable fellow, did he believe that he could injure her with sneak attack? The young girl thought angrily in her heart. Just when she thought to put good use of her body technique to dodge, she suddenly heard as if child wailing sound, then her charming body suddenly trembled and she unexpectedly stood still in a daze. Then the violent Wind Coiling Hailstone Roar instantly hit her directly, followed by Long Yi’s all-out palm seal landed on her chest.

Long Yi had basically never expected that this young girl would be motionless, and even if he wanted to withdraw his palm, it was already too late. With a bang sound, young girl let out a muffled groaning sound and flew out. She somersaulted few times in the air and landed on the ground. And the hairpin that had rolled up her hair was also blown away by the wind, unexpectedly revealing two small dragon horn, and from the corner of her mouth, a tinge of golden blood flowed out. She obviously was injured by that all-out palm attack of Long Y.

Long Yi also descended to the ground and looked at those two little horns in the head of this girl in a daze. She truly was a dragon. What Long Yi didn’t understand was, she obviously was more than capable enough to dodge his attack, but why did she stay still in the final moment?

The young girl got up, and not looking towards Long Yi, she stared at big headed monster not far away from Long Yi. She didn’t even wipe off her blood.

“Father.” Big-headed monster excitedly called, then rolled to the side of Long Yi’s leg.

Hearing big-headed monster addressing Long Yi as father, the charming body of this young girl violently trembled, and her complexion also became ghastly pale. Then slightly opening her pink lips, she issued a loud and sonorous syllable.

The round body of big-headed monster trembled, and its small eyes looked towards the young girl with surprise and confusion. It merely felt that her body possessed very familiar aura.

Seeing the big headed monster didn’t recognize her, her expression looked incomparably sad. She raised her head and let out a resonant dragon roar, then her charming body unexpectedly changed instantly into a huge golden with black lines dragon.

The small eyes of big-headed monster fixedly stared at this dragon, then it’s ugly looking body unexpectedly also emitted a layer of pale nearly invisible golden light.

The young girl changed back into human form, then quickly rushing over, she hugged big headed monster. Big headed monster cried, and suddenly used human speech: “Big sister.”

The young girl cried tears of joy. Seeing this, Long Yi thought that, as it turned out, other than humans, dragons also shed tears. Not after a long time, this young girl glared at Long Yi with a hostile gaze, and using somewhat strange human speech, she said: “Where did you pick up my younger brother? Why is he calling you a father? He already has his father.”

“Younger brother? You are saying this big headed monster is your younger brother, then is he also a dragon?” Long Yi asked in surprise while pointing at the ugly big headed monster.

“Yes, although he looks somewhat odd but he truly is my blood brother, and he is a noble dragon.” This young girl said with her face full of arrogance.

Long Yi slightly curled up his lip, noble dragon, but he nevertheless is my good son. Now if we look at the seniority, then you are my daughter.

“Big Head, come here to aunt.” Ximen Wuhen suddenly called out.

Big Head looked towards Ximen Wuhen, then excitedly jumping out from the bosom of the young girl, it eagerly rolled over to Ximen Wuhen.

“You, you all, return my brother, I will not hold you all responsible for trespassing my, Dragon clan’s territory.” Young girl coldly snorted, but her eyes were anxiously looking at big headed monster.

“Big Head is ours, do you think we will just return him if you say so?” Yinyin didn’t like the air of arrogance of that young girl and retorted coldly.

The eyes of this young girl suddenly emitted a dense killing intent, then coldly said: “If you don’t return him to me, then you all will also not return from here alive.”

Long Yi however was someone who didn’t like being threatened by other people the most. He took the big-headed monster from Ximen Wuhen and patting the soft tentacles of Big Head with a smile, he said: “Son, we are returning, such elder sister doesn’t matter, follow us and we’ll have tasty food and strong drinks. Speaking this, he turned around and began walking. If they truly fought, then the one to emerge victor was still not certain. With god beast Fire Qilin and Violent Lightning Beast as well as himself, he didn’t believe that they would not be able to not win against this yet to mature dragon.

The young girl instantly appeared in front of Long Yi, blocking his way, then pressured Long Yi with ferocious momentum.

Long Yi immediately used his powerful spirit power and internal force to surround his body, blocking this powerful dragon might. And seeing the present situation of Long Yi, Little Three roared, and as for Fire Qilin and Violent Lightning Beast, then immediately changed into their true form. Then Fire Qilin spat out a mouthful of god fire right away, which changed into innumerable fire lines flying towards this young girl. Thinking back, at that time, this move alone had made Long Yi suffer a huge loss.

“God beast Fire Qilin.” The complexion of this young girl changed. She immediately waved her jade hands covered in dragon scales, then several golden lights received those fatal fire lines.

The young girl looked at Long Yi who had a smile yet not a smile expression, and gritting her teeth, she said: “Tell Fire Qilin to stop, we will sit down and talk properly.”

Seeing this young girl was admitting defeat, Long Yi instructed Fire Qilin to stop, and said with a smile: “This is how you should treat a guest, although your Dragon clan is powerful, but you should always understand some manners.”

The young girl was angry but said nothing, then ferociously glaring at Long Yi, she flew towards the great river, and Long Yi and his group followed behind her.

The young girl stood in the sky above this great river, then sending out golden light from her hands, the 100 meters wide torrential river unexpectedly standstill in an instant, then split open from the middle, revealing a sparkling palace on the bottom of this river.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful.” The girls couldn’t help but exclaim in wonder and the dazzling rays of light of palace dazzled their eyes.

Long Yi thought to himself, long ago, he had heard that Dragon clan was the richest race in the world because it is said that they loved to gather all sparkling things. Inside the den of many dragons, gold, silver, jadeware and so on things would be piled up as high as mountains. But to his surprise, this little female dragon was even more incredible, actually learning from human to build a palace. Moreover, this entire palace was built using best quality jade.

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