Chapter 190: Dragon clan’s behind-the-scenes story

The young girl floated down to the white jade stone steps, then silently recited an incantation. After that, the door of this palace opened wide, and dazzling rays of light came out from inside. This palace unexpectedly was luxurious beyond the imagination of people.

After all of them came down to the palace, the parted river suddenly joined once again. Long Yi noticed a layer of a strong barrier just outside the palace, and the waters basically were unable to permeate inside.

Long Yi entered this palace, and looking at those ornaments that were emitting various kinds of radiance, he couldn’t help but mutter in his heart. Dragon clan is truly too rich. Just this palace alone was something the three great Empire of Blue Waves Continent couldn’t compare. Even a little piece of this place, when taken outside, would fetch a price as high as heaven. Merely, although this palace was luxurious, but inside was too cold, not warm at all. If he had to live here for a long period of time, then he would certainly go insane.

At this time, the big-headed monster nevertheless excitedly shouted, and its round body rolled on the walkway made up of amethyst. On the one hand it was rolling, and on the other hand, it was swallowing gleaming ornaments, proving itself a species of Dragon Clan.

In the incomparably luxurious hall of dragon palace, all of them sat down. After sitting down, looking at big headed monster beside the leg of Long Yi, the expression of the young girl became somewhat complicated and somewhat sad.

“Please forgive my earlier rudeness, I hope you will return my brother back to me. He is my only family left.” The young girl slowly opened her mouth. And she finally looked away from the big-headed monster.

Ling Feng and other three girls looked towards Long Yi, this clearly stated that he was the person in charge. Long Yi helplessly smiled, although he had developed some feeling towards big headed monster in this period of time, but if it truly was the younger brother of this young girl, then he surely cannot not let it go.

“Your Dragon clan should have your own territory, but why are you staying in this Illusory Magic Forest?” Long Yi however didn’t answer the question of young girl immediately, instead asked her a question with keen and sparkling eyes.

The young girl was startled. Her expression suddenly became somewhat sad, but very quickly revert back to her usual ice-cold expression and said coldly: “This our Dragon clan’s matter, you don’t need to know.”

“What if I say I have to know?” Long Yi smiled and said. With regarding the Dragon clan that exist only in legends, he truly was very curious.

The young girl coldly glared at Long Yi with her eyes filled with cold qi, she truly wanted to kick the face of this smelly fellow who had a bad smile, but looking at big headed monster beside his leg, she still endured.

“If I answer, then will you return back my brother to me?” Young girl gnashed her teeth and said.

“As long as my good son is willing to follow you.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“No, no matter whether he is willing or unwilling, he has to stay. He was gone shortly after he was born. At that time, he still wasn’t able to recognize people, so he doesn’t remember me, his big sister, now.” Young girl coldly said and had somewhat frustrated expression.

Long Yi was speechless. In fact, Long Yi was somewhat reluctant to leave behind the big-headed monster, after all, he had become its father for quite a lot of days, but, it was a dragon, the strongest and bravest life form of Blue Waves Continent. Moreover, he didn’t understand the dragon language and also didn’t understand dragon’s techniques, so big headed monster following him was really not a good thing for it.

When Long Yi was intending to agree to the young girl, she suddenly opened her mouth: “I want to talk to you alone, come with me to the inner room.”

Long Yi was somewhat surprised, and he said with a smile: “No problem, but can I take along these little ones.” Long Yi pointed towards Fire Qilin, Little Three and Violent Lightning Beast. If he were to fight alone, then he wasn’t the opponent of this little dragon, so he wanted to bring these helpers for insurance.

The young girl looked at Long Yi in disdain then nodded her head. This human was too narrow-minded, as a noble dragon, did he think that she would play dirty against him?

“You all, wait for me here. I’ll return right away.” Long Yi said to girls.

“Second brother, be careful.” Ximen Wuhen stood up and worriedly said.

Long Yi gave her a comforting smile, then stepped into the inner room.

This inner room was not big, and the entire room was built using white jade. Inside the room, there were one black and one gold, two dragons’ relief sculptures. Their bearing appeared extraordinary. And with those two dragons entangling with each other, it could be seen that they should be a pair of couples.

The young girl looked at Long Yi looking towards the wall’s two dragons’ relief sculptures and said indifferently: “They are my parents.”

Long Yi nodded in understanding. He finally understood why this young girl had black lines in the middle of her golden scales when she changed into her dragon form. He turned around and said with a smile: “Your parents are truly well-matched.”

Suddenly a layer of sadness appeared in the ice-cold expression of this young girl, then she lightly sighed: “But some people don’t think so. Not only they don’t approve it, they also wanted to forcibly separate them.”

The eyes of Long Yi flashed, and he felt that the following should be a wonderful story.

“The territory of our Dragon Clan is an island that is located in the center of the south sea of Blue Waves Continent. The royal family of Dragon clan is Divine Dragon clan and when they reach 3,000 years old, they could change into a human form. My mother is the princess of that Divine Dragon clan.” The young girl said with a blurred gaze.

The princess of Dragon Clan? Then isn’t this young girl also the princess of Dragon Clan? Good gracious, he had never thought that the background of this little dragon was so big. And here I was thinking why she could change into a human form, as it turned out, she was royal kin of Dragon Clan. Long Yi muttered in his heart.

“15,000 years ago, my mother was just 3,000 years old. And at that time, when she sneaked out of Dragon Island to play, she met my father, the prince of Demon Dragon clan……” The young girl began to narrate about the tortuous love story between her parents.

Originally, Dragon clan was not divided into Divine Dragon clan and Demon Dragon clan long ago. The current Demon Dragon clan was also the royal family of Dragon clan of that time. But, later the ancestors of Demon Dragon clan wallowed in degeneration, breaking the restriction of clan’s rule. Then receiving the wrath of Heaven, their golden dragon scales turned into black and were expelled from Dragon clan. Afterwards, Demon Dragon clan expanded, but they couldn’t forget the humiliation of being expelled out of Dragon clan, so they regularly opposed the Divine Dragon Clan. And in Dragon clan, it was absolutely not allowed to even talk about friendship and romantic love with Demon Dragon clan, otherwise, they would receive severe punishment in the clan.

But, as if the will of Heaven, the princess of Divine Dragon clan and the prince of Demon Dragon clan, after a big fight, unexpectedly had a good opinion of each other. Ask the world, what this thing called love was, it makes people promise life and death with each other. This romantic love made this young man and woman of Dragon clan approach each other as if a moth darting into a flame. They began to stealthily have lovers’ rendezvous and even stealthily tasted the forbidden fruit.

But, as paper eventually couldn’t wrap the fire, two patriarchs successively discovered their illicit romantic love, then began to carry a strong suppression, making this young dragon couple to suffer sufferings to the greatest extent. Finally one day, they decided to abandon everything and flee to a place where no one could find them and live a happy life there. After that, they continuously hide in Blue Waves Continent, and finally found Illusory Magic Forest which had a strange magnetic field. This place was a perfect place for them as even the elder of Dragon clan couldn’t sense this place.

Thus, this dragon couple stayed in Illusory Magic Forest, spending ten thousand years of happy life here. And after thousand years of pregnant, she gave birth to a girl, which was this young girl. And miraculously, after 3,000 years, she again gave birth to a dragon son. This was a true miracle for Dragon clan. Heaven was fair, Dragon clan was powerful and had a long lifespan, these were their advantage, but the pregnancy rate of the female dragon was utterly low. Many of the female dragons couldn’t conceive even once in their lifetime, and even if they become pregnant, they could give birth only once throughout their life. But this dragon couple however gave birth to a dragon daughter, then again a dragon son. They had to say that this was the favor of Heaven.

But, as if the favor of heaven had stopped at this point, thousand years ago, a large-scale clash between Raging Flame Villa and Ice Palace occurred in this Illusory Magic Forest. Then the news of Illusory magic Forest having dragons spread out. And 100 years ago, the elders of Divine Dragon clan and Demon Dragon clan gathered here, and this dragon couple was arrested and taken back to the Dragon clan to receive punishment. At that time, in such precarious situation, the young girl’s mother hid this young girl and her just born brother into two separate places inside Illusory Magic Forest. And later after this young girl came out, she wasn’t able to find her younger brother no matter how she searched, so she thought that her younger brother was also caught and taken away by the elders of Dragon Clan. But to her surprise, her brother was still inside Illusory Magic Forest, and after several tens of years, she met her younger brother once again. At that time, she felt indescribable happiness in her heart.

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After speaking, the ice-cold eyes of this young girl unexpectedly was flooded with a layer of water mist and she had a very sad expression.

Long Yi sighed lightly, the mutual love must stay together. Although this affectionate couple was not human parents, he greatly sympathized with this girl’s situation. How can he have an extravagant hope from a girl that had grown up in the midst of hatred to show consideration?

Long Yi soothingly patted the shoulder of this young girl, but he felt the body of this young girl stiffened, then a powerful dragon might instantly force him to retreat several steps back.

Long Yi awkwardly smiled. The feeling of the action of just now was rather fierce. Habits ah, habits truly were scary things.

“I’m sorry, it was just my instinctive reaction.” The young girl unexpectedly apologized to Long Yi.

Long Yi was startled and he immediately became alert. With the character of this young girl, there was no reason for her to so humbly apologize to him. As they say, a person who often discard norms flourish demon, in other words, things oppose to norms were evil and fraudulent. Long Yi realized the attempt of this girl. Could it be that she had taken a fancy on his elegant and graceful bearings?

“Since Big Head is your younger brother, I will definitely return him back to you. If there is nothing else, I want to take a leave first.” Long Yi cupped his hand towards this young girl and said with a smile, then turned around to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Young girl urgently cried out.

“Is there anything else?” Long Yi paused and putting on a false smile, he asked.

“I would like to ask you to help me.” The young girl came straight to the point. And her cyan pupils emitted dense hatred.

Eh……Long Yi was stunned, he knew that if he allowed this young girl to open her mouth, then she would speak nothing good, help her? How to help? Looking at the appearance of this young girl, he knew that she wanted to return to the Dragon Island for revenge, and if he went with her, then wasn’t that just courting death?

Seeing the expression of Long Yi, the young girl said: “I feel that my parents are still alive, and I just want to ask you to help me in rescuing them.”

“Are you kidding me, I can’t even defeat you, and asking me to go to deal with those old fellows of Dragon clan, isn’t that just courting death? I am not tired of living yet.” Long Yi said with a bitter face.

“Perhaps you are unable to defeat now, but after several hundred years from now, your strength will surely surpass mine by a great extent.” Young girl confidently said.

After several hundred years, perhaps I might have already changed into bones. Long Yi muttered in his heart.

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