Chapter 191: Liu Xu (Willow Catkins)

“Then we’ll talk about it after my strength surpasses yours.” Long Yi said in a perfunctory manner. He wasn’t a little boy with an excessive sense of justice. Helping depends on what to help. Involving himself in the dispute of Dragon clan was undoubtedly very unwise.

The young girl naturally realized Long Yi was acting in a perfunctory manner and said: “Your help will not be for nothing, I can promise you three conditions. As long as you raise them, I will absolutely try my best to accomplish them.”

Long Yi rolled his eyes, and again recalled that time when Mea Empress, that lascivious fox had also requested him like this, moreover that developed into pledging to marry as well as Fox clan subordinating under him, generous give-and-take conditions. Could it be that this Dragon clan’s young girl also wanted so? Marrying a dragon as a wife, this was too valiant.

Seeing Long Yi was strangely sizing up her body, young girl curiously asked: “Do you have any other demands?”

Long Yi smirked, then looking at young girl’s that demonic figure, he said: “Will you agree to any of my conditions?”

“Of course.” The young girl said in all seriousness.

“What if I say I want you to accompany me to sleep?” Long Yi smirked and said, then prepared to dodge the fury of this young girl.

But to his surprise, this young girl however asked confusedly: “Accompany you to sleep, why? Can’t you fall asleep alone?”

Long Yi instantly fell down, could it be that she is still a pure and innocent little dragon? And he simply said bluntly: “What I mean is, you becoming my woman.”

The young girl finally understood the meaning of Long Yi, and her complexion immediately changed and looked as if she was about to attack, but she used her strong self-control to suppress her impulse to punch the handsome face of Long Yi and send him flying, then gnashing her teeth, she said: “When you are stronger than me, I will consider it, we, the girls of Dragon clan never accompany worthless wretch whose strength is lower than ourselves.”

“Well, I was only joking, that’s all. Do you think I want to take an old witch who is several thousand years older than me as my wife?” Long Yi sneered.


Two people glared at each other, refusing to yield an inch.

“If there is nothing else, I am leaving first.” Long Yi said and turned around to leave. But who would have thought that that young girl would block his path.

“I’m sorry for just now, I hope you will help me.” The young girl firmly bit her lower lip. Her eyes clearly revealed grievance look.

Long Yi lightly sighed, seeing a proud dragon becoming so meek and subservient to save her parents, he sincerely admired her, merely…Long Yi slowly opened his mouth: “It’s not that I don’t want to help you, I am really powerless here, but I can promise you that, if one day my strength really surpass yours, moreover, I am still not dead, then I will help you.”

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The young girl was dumbfounded, then gratefully looked towards Long Yi. She really hadn’t misjudged him. This man was so young but his skill so high, and the most important thing was, he had several god beasts beside him. Perhaps he had some kind of relationship with several deities. Moreover, what she regarded as important was really not his skill. The reason why she wanted his skill to surpass her was, because, like that, he could at least be able to defend himself against Dragon clan. And what she saw most important was his wisdom. Mankind has always been deceitful, so he might be able to rescue her parents using schemes and intrigues.

The young girl took out a golden dragon-shaped bracelet from her wrist, then handing it over, she said: “If you encounter any difficulties afterwards, then open the transfer formation set up inside the bracelet, I will come to help you. Also please keep your promise, after your strength surpasses mine, you will accompany me to go and rescue my parents.”

Long Yi took the bracelet, then looking at the grateful expression of this Dragon clan’s young girl, he smiled and said: “Fine, since you are so persistently asking for a favor, I will reluctantly agree.” He wore that golden bracelet on his wrist. This business could be counted as not too much of a loss, later if he had any dangerous situation, then he could just summon this female violent dragon. As for him surpassing her, who knows how long it would take.

“Oh, that’s right, my name is Long Yi, I still don’t know your name?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Liu Xu, you can call me that.” Liu Xu answered.

“Liu Xu?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and recalled two rows of weeping willows planted on both sides of the river bank.

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Two people came out from the inner room. Only then, the girls began to relax.

“Father.” Seeing Long Yi, big-headed monster immediately used its immature voice to call, then rolled over to Long Yi’s side.

Long Yi squatted down, then patting the head of the big-headed monster, he said: “Son, in this world, there is no never-ending banquet, fate brought us, father and son together, but hereafter, you should stay beside your elder sister.”

The big-headed monster nevertheless didn’t understand what Long Yi was saying. Mistakenly believing Long Yi teasing, it enjoyed, continuously rubbing his hand.

“Second brother, do you want to leave my nephew?” Ximen Wuhen asked in dissatisfaction.

Long Yi sighed and said: “Little sister, this place is the home of this big-headed monster. Only here, it can grow up healthily. Could it be that you want it to follow us and learn human’s douqi and magic?”

Ximen Wuhen immediately had nothing to say.

“Well, let’s go. Now, there are only ten days remaining for the time limit of two months to be over. If we missed this time, then I can see all of you wailing for not being able to return.” Long Yi stood up and said with a smile. He took a look at the big-headed monster, this son who had spent a period of time with him. After that, he led girls towards outside the palace.

“Father, wait.” Seeing the leaving figure of Long Yi, big-headed monster reluctantly looked towards the golden wall of this glorious Dragon Palace, then followed after Long Yi.

Liu Xu intricately sighed, then a golden light from her hand entered the body of the big-headed monster, immediately causing the big-headed monster to collapse on the ground and sleep.

Long Yi turned around, then couldn’t help but said: “Liu Xu, be sure to take good care of Big Head.”

“Rest assured, he is my younger brother, I will definitely take good care of him. I thank you for taking care of him for this period of time. I have already opened the barrier outside, excuse me for not sending you off.” Liu Xu picked up Big Head from the ground and indifferently said to Long Yi and others.

Long Yi nodded his head, then leading everyone, he flew out of the river. Just after they came out, the river closed and the rapid current surged forward again.

“Let’s return home.” Long Yi waved his hand, then began walking in the front. Come to speak of it, he had a great harvest in Illusory Magic Forest. Not only did he see legendary Kobold clan, he even obtained fire god beast Fire Qilin, moreover had unexpectedly recognized a dragon as his son.

Long Yi and others were filled with joy while returning hurriedly. After staying in this Illusory Magic Forest for more than a month, they were already fed up with this kind of savage life without any comfortableness of Holy Magic Academy.

But before they had walked away too far, Long Yi in the front suddenly stopped his steps. And reflexively raising his head, he looked towards the sky and saw a golden shadow flying past in the sky, and immediately disappeared towards the direction of the great river where Liu Xu was staying.

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