Chapter 192: Dragon clan’s Elder

“Long Yi, what happened?” Seeing Long Yi had suddenly stopped, Ling Feng couldn’t help but ask.

Long Yi frowned and pondered, then shaking his head, he said: “Looking at that golden light, it seemed not very good.”

“It’s good to see a golden light, as golden light indicates good luck. This shows that we will definitely be able to safely return to Holy Magic Academy.” Shui Ruoyan happily said.

“Is that so?” Long Yi muttered and again began to move his steps.

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But after walking two steps, Long Yi stopped again, then with his complexion suddenly changing, he said: “Not good, you all continue to walk forward, I will return to the Dragon Palace to take a look, don’t come over, Ling Feng, stay with them.”

Finished speaking, Long Yi took Little Three, Violent Lightning Beast and Fire Qilin then dashed towards the great river. Just after that golden light had flashed by, Long Yi had sensed a wisp of aura, and only now he realized that that aura was dragon’s aura. It seems Divine Dragon clan had again dispatched a dragon to inspect. Perhaps they’ve already realized the existence of Liu Xu and Big Head.

Not long after, Long Yi arrived at the river bank, and seeing there was not even a bit of unusual movement in the river water, he couldn’t help but hesitate for the moment. If it was really the elder of Divine Dragon clan, then wouldn’t he just be courting death if he rashly went in?

In the moment when Long Yi was hesitating, a golden light shot up, and in the sky behind Long Yi who was looking towards the river bank, an old man with golden pupils and golden hair wearing jade clothes sewn with gold thread appeared. He had placed both of his hands behind, and his eyes revealed the might of looking down on the entire world.

The eyes of Long Yi flashed, and he suddenly exclaimed loudly: “Oh God!” Then he venerably looked towards that old man in the sky, but countless thoughts were flashing through his brain. Looking at the appearance of this old dragon, he shouldn’t have discovered Liu Xu siblings. Perhaps, Liu Xu noticed him first, so she hid in advance. Little Three and other behind Long Yi also sensed the thought of Long Yi and laid on the ground without any movement.

This old man stared at Long Yi, and his dragon might unexpectedly oppress Long Yi, making him gasp for breath. His chest felt stuffy and he nearly spat blood. This was the gap between their strength. In front of this old dragon who had lived for several ten thousand years, the strength of current Long Yi was undoubtedly just like that of a child in front of an adult.

“Who are you? Why did you come here?” The vigorous voice of this old man exploded in the ear of Long Yi, ringing his eardrum.

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This old bastard, ** your grandmother, Long Yi covered his ears and rained curses in his heart.

“Your father, I have finally see you clearly, you damned dog-ass god, who your father, I am is not your goddam business.” Long Yi also lost his temper and rained down curses. If this was his previous incarnation doing a mission, then he might have restrained himself and pretended to be a grandson. But he was also very arrogant to the bones, and he also thought that this old man who had lived for several ten thousand years would not go out of the ways to deal with him.

Sure enough, the elder of Dragon clan frowned and muttered: “Petty human!” Finished speaking, he prepared to leave. He felt that, with his noble status, staying here with this inferior creature for even a second was a disgrace.

And just when this old man of Dragon clan withdrew his dragon might, his golden pupils suddenly opened wide, then with a flash, he instantly arrived in front of Long Yi.

Then the claw of Dragon clan’s elder as if lightning clutched the right wrist of Long Yi. Then directly staring at that dragon-shaped bracelet on his wrist, he ferociously said with dense killing intent: “Petty human, quickly speak, where did you obtain this bracelet?”

Long Yi only felt as if an iron clamp was clamping his wrist. Even the defense of his internal force unexpectedly wasn’t able to defend against this, and he sweated cold sweat due to pain.

“I say, aren’t I saying I will speak? This is a love token given to me by my wife.” Long Yi spoke, then without waiting for the reaction of this Dragon clan’s elder, he suddenly used Bone Contract Skill he had not used for a long time, and freed his hand from the claw of this elder. After that, Fire Qilin, Violent Lightning Beast and Little Three immediately changed into their true form and got into attack position.

Dragon clan’s elder looked at Long Yi who was being protected by three god beasts in surprise, then again looked at his palm, as if he was not able to understand, how this human was able to escape his iron claw.

“God beast Fire Qilin, humph. Today, if you don’t tell me where you obtain this bracelet, then even if Fire Goddess herself came in person, don’t imagine that she will be able to save you.” The elder of dragon clan coldly snorted.

“Heh heh, I already said that my wife gave it to me, but I can do nothing about it if you don’t believe.” Long Yi smirked and said looking towards the elder of the Dragon Clan.

“Reckless human.” The Dragon clan’s elder angrily said, then shoot out a golden light towards the chest of Long Yi.

Long Yi was already prepared for this and dodged using Great Cosmos Shift, but the golden light scraped his clothing, unexpectedly penetrating through his spirit power and internal force defense outside his body without any obstruction.

At that time, Fire Qilin spat out god fire towards dragon elder, and Violent Lightning Beast cast lightning forbidden magic. Then, purple lightning and blazing god fire fiercely attacked towards dragon elder.

Dragon elder just snorted, and with a burst of dazzling golden light emitted from his body, he unexpectedly turned into a huge golden dragon. After that, he spat out golden dragon flame to offset the god fire of Fire Qilin. As for the lightning forbidden magic of Violent Lightning Beast, he took it head-on as if it was nothing. Next, he whipped Violent Lightning Beast with his dragon tail and sent it flying, and with the surplus might of destroying heaven and exterminating earth, his dragon tail continued to sweep towards Long Yi.

Just when Long Yi had begun to use Great Cosmos Shift to dodge, he was hit, then spitting out blood, he was also sent flying. His internal organs spasm and entangled together due to this hit.

“Long Yi!”

“Second Brother!”

Several screaming sounds resounded. As it turned out, after sensing that worldly might, Ling Feng and others understood that Long Yi had met an accident, so ignoring the warning of Long Yi, they rushed over and just happens to see Long Yi sent flying by the attack of the huge golden dragon.

Ling Feng immediately flew over to catch Long Yi, but she didn’t know that Long Yi still had huge remaining impact force, causing even her to be sent flying after the collision. Blood spilled out from the corner of her mouth, and that internal injury she had obtained from that attack of Liu Xu which was not thoroughly healed relapsed again due to the surplus impact force of dragon elder’s attack.

After that Ximen Wuhen and Sui Ruoyan scrambled to catch two people. And now, looking at the state of battle between Fire Qilin and dragon elder, it was obvious that Fire Qilin really wasn’t his opponent.

Bang, the attack of dragon elder caused Fire Qilin to fall from the sky to the ground.

“Without Fire God’s spirit tablet, even 10 Fire Qilin isn’t my opponent.” Dragon elder proudly said.

“Youngster, I will give you the last chance, tell me the origin of the bracelet, otherwise you and your companions will be buried here.” Coldly staring at Long Yi, dragon elder coldly said.

Long Yi tightly clenched his hand into a fist and vowed, if he didn’t die today, then one day, he would return this multiple folds with thanks. He touched the dragon-shaped bracelet on his wrist and felt somewhat complicated, does he really have to speak? If it was him alone, then he believed that he still could find an opportunity to run away, but if he ran now, then what about them? He couldn’t leave them to die here.

When dragon elder really wanted to kill them, a shadow began to condense in the sea of consciousness of Long Yi.

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