Chapter 193: A Kiss

Seeing the appearance of the shadow, Long Yi involuntarily became delighted. This mysterious fellow, who was sealed inside the Demonic Stone for unknown numbers of years, perhaps had a way to escape from this disaster, after all, as a host, if he were to die, then it would be just as bad for this shadow too.

The dragon elder revert back to human form, then stared at Long Yi with an ice-cold gaze, as if he was staring at petty mole cricket and ants. Then stretching his hand, he tightly clutched the neck of Long Yi. Cracking sound resounded as he suddenly tightened his hand, and veins became visible on the forehead of Long Yi. And because of the obstruction of the smooth flowing of his blood and qi, now his handsome face became purple.

Ximen Wuhen and Shui Ruoyan sadly screamed, then holding their magic wand high up in the air, when they were about to use a magic attack, they didn’t know what magic this dragon elder used but the spirit power of both of them was instantly exhausted, then they powerlessly collapsed on the ground.

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“Youngster, since you didn’t cherish the chance I gave you, then sleep eternally here.” Dragon elder coldly said with a smile.

Blood spilled out from the corner of Long Yi’s mouth, and while angrily staring at this dragon elder, his eyes began to slowly become blurred.

“Take out Holy Light Jade from inside your space ring, it will protect your life.” The shadow in his sea of consciousness indifferently said.

F***, why didn’t you say it earlier? Long Yi cursed in his heart. Then forcibly circulating his spirit power, he threw out Holy Light Jade from inside his space ring.

After Holy Light Jade came out, it immediately released a dazzling white light, floating in the sky. And simultaneously, Little Three suddenly issued a vigorous and drawn out tiger roar, then its white pupil emitted terrifying radiance, which coordinated with Holy Light Jade from afar. This actually made dragon elder not dare to look face to face.

“Light Spirit Tablet.” Dragon elder muttered as if he was out of his wits, and had ‘didn’t dare to believe’ expression on his face. His big hand unconsciously loosened and merely stared blankly at Holy Light Jade in the sky.

After a long time, dragon elder came to his senses and looked at gasping for breath Long Yi with a complex gaze. And seeing Long Yi’s those black pupils that could cause people’s heart to palpitate, he couldn’t help but felt threatened in his heart. This human youngster truly gave him many surprises, not only was he unusually endowed with talent, he had fire god beast and light god beast beside him, moreover, he unexpectedly possessed Light Spirit Tablet too. In the future, he feared Blue Waves Continent will have an eventful period. Even their Dragon clan might be involved because of today’s matter and change greatly.

Thinking this, dense killing intent that could make people’s heart to go cold resurfaced in the eyes of this dragon elder once again. His expression fluctuated for a little while, then the dragon elder sighed lightly, and his figure, changing into a golden light, disappeared into the horizon.

Long Yi finally sighed out of relief, but he however was coldly looking towards the direction where this dragon elder had disappeared. One day he will return back the humiliation of this day hundredfold with thanks. Sharp pain coming from his internal organs made Long Yi let out a muffled groan. After that, he instantly sat down cross-legged, and enduring the pain, he circulated the true qi inside his dantian to treat the injuries.

And this moment, Ximen Wuhen and Shui Ruoyan had already recovered their spirit power, and Ling Feng had also struggled to sit up. And now, they were simultaneously looking at meditating Long Yi in distressed.

At that time, the river water not far away from them began to fluctuate, then a golden light came out from there and landed in front of everybody, precisely was a female dragon, Liu Xu. She looked at everybody with apologetic eyes, and finally, her gaze fixed on Long Yi’s that stained with blood handsome face. Tiger cub Little Three held Holy Light Jade in its mouth and walked over to Long Yi. And the expression of Liu Xu suddenly changed greatly, moreover she nearly screamed. After that, her two beautiful eyes fixedly stared at Holy Light Jade in the mouth of Little Three. Originally she was wondering why dragon elder had easily spared the life of Long Yi and others, and it turned out because of this Holy Light Jade. After that, Liu Xu looked towards Long Yi and her expression involuntarily became somewhat unusual.

Long Yi woke up from this meditation only after several days. Everybody was forced to look after him in turns in that period of time. And in order to avoid unexpectedly affecting the condition of Long Yi, even though they didn’t know the secret of internal force, they knew that, right now, they absolutely shouldn’t disturb Long Yi.

This evening, it suddenly began to drizzle. In the dim light of a magic lamp, this very fine rain with the rustling sound of the leaves after being blown by strong wind appeared somewhat melancholy. The windy raining night could be said to roughly describe this kind of scene.

With the barrier of Long Yi surrounding them, they didn’t have to fear getting soaked from this light rain. Ling Feng turned sideways reclining on the grassland and watched all over Long Yi with an infatuated gaze. Firmly engraving this man in her maiden heart, she smiled sometimes, and purse up her lips sometimes. Her expression fluctuated as if looking at flowers while riding a horse.

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Suddenly, Long Yi opened his eyes. First, he heard pleasant to hear pitter-patter rain sounds and then saw Light Feng was blankly staring at him. After that, he lightly spat out a mouthful of turbid qi. Now his internal injuries were almost healed.

“Ling’r.” Long Yi softly called out.

Ling Feng immediately came to her senses and seeing Long Yi was already awoken, she was pleasantly surprised, but immediately became motionless again and unexpectedly began shedding tears.

“Long Yi.” Ling Feng also called out.

Long Yi slightly surprised, then he spread open his arms, and said with a smile: “Why are you motionless, quickly come over here and give me a hug.”

Ling Feng immediately ran over and jumped into the bosom of Long Yi, then tightly embraced the waist of Long Yi with her small hand.

“Long Yi, wasn’t I very useless? I always thought that I am very powerful, but now I find that I cannot help you with anything. When you are in danger, I can only watch from the sidelines.” Ling Feng said from the bosom of Long Yi.

Long Yi lightly patted Ling Feng in his bosom and said: “Don’t say such things, if you say such things, then that will make me even more ashamed. I am your man, but wasn’t able to protect you, isn’t that even more useless?”

“No, it’s not, you are strongest in my heart. There will come a day when you will be standing at the pinnacle of this world.” Ling Feng hurriedly said.

“Well, hereafter I forbid you to say such words. Don’t think too much, as long as you obediently be I, Long Yi’s woman, it’s fine.” Long Yi softly said, then holding onto Ling Feng, he rolled on the ground and indistinctly felt sleepy.

The heart of Ling Feng was filled with sweetness, then nestling into the bosom of Long Yi, she felt as if she had already found her world. And not hearing Long Yi speaking for a long time, Ling Feng raised her head from his bosom and found that he had already fallen asleep.

Ling Feng sweetly smiled, then gently tried to wipe of bloodstain and dust from his face and carefully looked at her man. This was her, Feng Ling’s man, although she was only one of his women. And at this time, she secretly made up her mind that she would strive to cultivate and become Long Yi’s indispensable left or right arm.

Ling Feng lightly pushed down the body of Long Yi, then her little hand caressed his forehead, eyes, nose and lips. After that, Ling Feng stared at the lips of Long Yi. His lips still had a slight smile he had before he had fallen asleep and appeared very warm. The heart of Ling Feng suddenly jumped, then she looked all around just like a thief. Then lowering her head, she lightly kissed the lips of Long Yi.

“Ah.” Suddenly, a trembling scream pierced through the night sky.

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