Chapter 194: Identity exposed

Ling Feng immediately raised her head and saw Yinyin standing beside her tent with shocked, grief and indignation expression.

Long Yi also woke up with a start because of the scream of Yinyin. He opened his eyes and looked around, and happens to saw Shui Ruoyan and Ximen Wuhen coming out from their respective tents.

“Ling Feng, I’ve never thought that you…you actually liked men, you……” Yinyin pointed at Ling Feng with her quivering hand, then rushed into her tent while crying.

Ximen Wuhen stealthily chuckled looking at the funny face of Long Yi, here, only she knew that Ling Feng was actually a girl. Perhaps they two were already doing sneaky things, thinking this, she again couldn’t help but rolled her eyes, revealing gloating over other people’s misfortune expression.

Shui Ruoyan however didn’t know this, and hearing the words of Yinyin, moreover seeing Ling Feng and Long Yi ambiguously cuddling together at this moment, her complexion suddenly changed. She gloomily went over to the front of Long Yi and Ling Feng, then tearing away Ling Feng from the body of Long Yi, she angrily said: “Both of you are grown man, so how can you be like this, no wonder Yinyin misunderstood.”

Long Yi sat up, then said with a smile: “Yinyin isn’t misunderstanding, I and Ling Feng are truly a harmonious couple.”

Immediately, Shui Ruoyan was dumbstruck, and said stutteringly: “I…I don’t believe it, don’t try to trick me.”

“Don’t believe, then see.” Long Yi firmly kissed the lips of Ling Feng in his bosom. And under panic and embarrassment, Ling Feng tried to struggle free, but Long Yi held her tight, and she was unable to move at all. Gradually her mind became blank, beginning to respond somewhat shakily.

“What about now?” Long Yi moved his lips away, then asked Shui Ruoyan with a smile. And Ling Feng however powerlessly collapsed in his bosom.

Shui Ruoyan trembled and shook her head. Then biting her lower lip, she said in a trembling voice: “Long Yi, you idiot.” Finished speaking, she turned around and rushed to her tent.

At this time, Ling Feng recovered a bit her strength, then pinching the waist of Long Yi with her jade fingers, she angrily said: “So hateful, how can you make such joke?”

Long Yi smirked and begged for mercy while laughing, then catching her little hands, he didn’t let her use her divine fingers.

Looking at these two people laughing noisily, Ximen Wuhen was rather upset in her heart. She went over to Long Yi and sat beside him, then bumping her shoulder against him, she said: “Smelly second brother, you are having fun here, but now, teacher Sui Ruoyan and Yinyin are broken-hearted to death.”

Long Yi laughed and shrugging his shoulder, she said: “Yinyin might somewhat be unable to accept, but Shui Ruoyan is very intelligent, so I don’t believe that she will not be able to figure this out.”

Just after he said, they saw Shui Ruoyan furiously coming out from inside her tent. Just now, the more she thought the more she found this abnormal, Long Yi, this promiscuous fellow obviously was only interested in girls, so how could he suddenly start to like men. Moreover, looking at the expression of Ximen Wuhen, it seems she was not surprised at all, instead had ridicule expression. As a result, after careful thinking, she felt something was wrong.

Shui Ruoyan angrily glared at Long Yi, then towards Ling Feng. Then after carefully sizing up the delicate and pretty face of Ling Feng, she suddenly said: “Ling Feng, speak honestly, aren’t you a woman?”

Ling Feng was startled and somewhat hesitated to whether answer her or not in the bottom of her heart. But she thought, now that she had already reached this point, there was no reason to hide any longer. Moreover, now it was truly getting hard to handle Yinyin, so after clearly stating her identity, she might truly give up. Thinking this, Ling Feng hesitantly nodded her head.

“I knew it, I knew it, every day, you two were always together with arms around each other’s shoulder, I should have already guessed that you two have a problem.” Shui Ruoyan didn’t know why but felt relief in her heart, and also felt somewhat sour in her heart.

Long Yi and Ling Feng looked at each other and smiled, then involuntarily recalled the time of the academy when they were close brothers. Now with the present relationship between them, perhaps they wouldn’t have that kind of feeling hereafter. Thinking this, they felt somewhat regretful.

“Teacher Shui Ruoyan, you know, Feng Ling is very beautiful. Her eyes are blue just like the pure blue sky, I am very envious of them.” Ximen Wuhen said.

“Feng Ling? Ling Feng, so that’s how it is.” Shui Ruoyan suddenly understood, then again looking towards Ximen Wuhen, she said discontentedly: “Wuhen, you already knew, but why didn’t you tell me, do you still regard me as a teacher?”

Ximen Wuhen happily smiled and said: “If I treat you as a teacher, then it certainly is inappropriate, as you are my sister-in-law.”

Shui Ruoyan blushed, then she stealthily shot a glance at Long Yi, but she saw that he didn’t even have the slightest reaction, and her heart suddenly stifled. She truly wanted to ruthlessly kick him, this smelly fellow obviously liked her. In those days, he frequently took cheap advantages of her, but now he doesn’t want to take responsibilities for those cheap advantages? Don’t imagine that it’s possible.

“Wuhen, call me big sister hereafter, calling teacher appears too unfamiliar.” Shui Ruoyan sulked in her heart, and stepping forward, she held the hand of Ximen Wuhen and said with a smile.

“Okay, then I will truly call you big sister hereafter.” Ximen Wuhen lightly smiled and said. Then she freed her hand from the hold of Shui Ruoyan leaving no trace.

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Shui Ruoyan nevertheless didn’t sense the attitude of Ximen Wuhen was somewhat wrong! She turned around and curiously looking at Feng Ling, she said: “Little sister Feng Ling, can you let big sister see your true appearance?”

Feng Ling smiled and nodded her head. After that, her face distorted, and her delicate and pretty face suddenly become lovely enough to cause the fall of the city. Her pupils and hairs changed into light blue in color, and her fairy-like beautiful face unexpectedly had a special kind of flavor with men’s magic robe.

Shui Ruoyan was stunned watching Feng Ling who was not any inferior to herself and muttered: “Little sister Feng Ling, you are truly beautiful, no wonder Long Yi, this lecher is so infatuated with you.”

Feng Ling indifferently smiled, then warmly looking at Long Yi who had a bad smile on his face, she said: “Long Yi isn’t crazily infatuated with me, I am crazily infatuated with him.”

Long Yi smiled, his man’s vanity was greatly satisfied. Feng Ling, this girl can truly be an intimate good darling.

Shui Ruoyan was astonished in her heart. When Feng Ling was speaking, she was natural and at ease, there wasn’t any shyness or embarrassment. And again looking at Long Yi’s that intoxicated as if a drunken toad expression, she began to understand in her heart that Feng Ling was able to obtain a proper place in the heart of Long Yi with her unique charm.

“Second brother, are you alright now?” Ximen Wuhen beside Long Yi softly asked.

“Do you see anything wrong with my appearance?” Long Yi smiled and asked.

“Well, after you woke up, you only considered Feng Ling and even forget your litter sister.” Ximen Wuhen banteringly grumbled. She also didn’t understand her current mentality. Was it normal or abnormal, she didn’t dare to think much about it.

Long Yi’s big hand rubbed the head of Ximen Wuhen and said dotingly: “This girl, you are eating the vinegar of even your sister-in-law.”

“Jealous[1]? Who asked you to forget your sister just because you have a woman?” Ximen Wuhen purse up her lips and said.

“Who said I forget you, even after you get married and have children, you will still be my good little sister.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Ximen Wuhen lowered her head and remained silent, but absent-mindedly catch the corner of Long Yi’s clothing.

When Long Yi was about to speak, from the corner of his eyes, he saw Yinyin with deathly pale face blankly looking at Ling Feng who had become an outstanding beauty, Feng Ling. In fact, they hadn’t used sound insulation barrier, so their every remark was definitely heard by Yinyin who was inside the tent. He had done this deliberately. The emotion matters’ most taboo thing was not making perfectly clear, especially when this was basically an impossible love. Meeting the wrong person at a wrong time, Feng Ling also had to bear a large part of the responsibility, who asked her act to provoke others with no sense of priorities.

Feng Ling lightly sighed, then slowly walked in the rain towards Yinyin, then opened a barrier to shroud both of them.

“Yinyin, let’s talk.” Feng Ling looked at despaired Yinyin face to face, then led along Yinyin who looked as if puppet towards a distant place.

Ximen Wuhen however didn’t know why but her mood was rather not very good, then bidding farewell, she turned around and left, leaving behind only Shui Ruoyan and Long Yi.

Long Yi again laid down, watching the very light rain in the night sky, unknown what he was thinking about.

“Has someone ever told you that you are very narrow-minded?” Shui Ruoyan kicked Long Yi’s heel and gloomily said.

Long Yi looked at Sui Ruoyan and raising his brows, he said: “What?”

“Aren’t you asking while knowing the answer? You are taking revenge on me, right?” Shui Ruoyan snorted.

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“Revenge? Why would I want to take revenge on you?” Long Yi curiously asked.

“You…because, because I treated you like that before.” Shui Ruoyan said feeling somewhat embarrassed. She and Long Yi were basically at when conditions were ripe, success was naturally achieved, but because she was a little bit reserved and not resigned, often getting into conflict with him, Long Yi, this smelly bastard intentionally treated her coldly. She knew that he was pretending, making her gnash her teeth and wanted to tear off a piece of his body.

“How did you treated me? How come I don’t know anything about it?” Long Yi strangely asked again, revealing a slight smile on his face.

“Bastard.” Shui Ruoyan bit her lower lip, then firmly kicking the calf of Long Yi, she angrily went into her tent.

“This girl not surprisingly has violent tendencies.” Long Yi stroke his calf, but he nevertheless hand smile on his face.

Just then, Little Three, Fire Qilin and Violent Lightning Beast ran over to Long Yi. Long Yi took the Holy Light Jade from the mouth of Little Three, then turning it around and around, he recalled the words of that dragon elder. This was indeed Light Spirit Tablet. But does Dragon clan also believes in Light God? If not, then why did that dragon elder immediately run away after he saw this Holy Light Jade? From the words of dragon elder, Long Yi was able to make guesses. At that time, when dragon elder had knocked down Fire Qilin, he had said that without Fire God’s Spirit Tablet, god beast Fire Qilin was a trash. From these words, god beast and Spirit Tablets should have certain kind of relation. Then from the reaction of Little Three and Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade, will he be able to discover few things?

[1] Jealous: eating vinegar, if you want to learn more about eating vinegar, then go to

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