Chapter 195: Holy Magic Academy’s love storm

Long Yi studied the Holy Light Jade in his hand, but he wasn’t able to find any clue. Every time when he felt that the truth seemed to slowly surface, it always divergence to some extent with his guess.

Don’t know when, but the light rain had already stopped and time also slowly passed with Long Yi being lost in thought. Now a glimmer of light began to appear on the east horizon, heralding the arrival of new day.

The figures of Yinyin and Feng Ling appeared in the view of Long Yi. He didn’t know what they talked about, but these two people unexpectedly talked for more than half of the night. The complexion of Yinyin was still not very good, but it was a lot better than before. Just imagine, she, a girl unexpectedly discovered that the boy whom she had persistent unrequited love was unexpectedly a girl just like herself, her feeling of that time was certainly not good at all. Not becoming hysterical was already pretty good.

“What did you talk about?” Long Yi asked Feng Ling.

“Why do we have to tell you about our girl’s matter?” Feng Ling rolled her eyes and said. And her electric glance intoxicated Long Yi.

Seeing Long Yi’s infatuated appearance, Feng Ling chuckled, and she felt happy as well as proud in her heart. But she suddenly recalled a matter and said: “Long Yi, we don’t have much time left. The time period of two months is going to end very soon. If we don’t rush over to Transfer Formation, then we might be in trouble.”

Long Yi nodded his head. Although he was certain that this Illusory Magic Forest was not an independent space, rather it existed in the certain corner of Blue Waves Continent, but even with the help of female dragon Liu Xu, finding the exit and returning to Mea Principality would certainly be very troublesome.

Long Yi clapped his hand and called out to girls: “Everybody, if there is nothing else to do here, then let’s set out early. There is not much time left now.”

All girls expressed they had no problem. All of them also didn’t want to spend the savage life in this Illusory Magic Forest for two years.

As if she knew that Long Yi and others were about to leave, Liu Xu came out from the Dragon Palace in the bottom of the river, truly looking as if an agile and elegant willow catkins (liuxu).

Liu Xu came beside Long Yi. Perhaps because of that Holy Light Jade, now she was watching Long Yi with a little bit peculiar gaze. Long Yi however was unaware. He was rather contented in his heart guessing whether this female dragon was also having a bit of favorable impression towards him or not.

“Liu Xu, is Big Head alright?” Long Yi suddenly recalled big headed monster who frequently stuck together with him, so he asked feeling concern.

Liu Xu nodded her head and indifferently said: “He is very fine.”

“Miss Liu, can’t you let me see my nephew again?” Ximen Wuhen asked feeling somewhat discontented.

“Now is still not good, lest he will kick up a row wanting to go with you.” Liu Xu said.

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Long Yi naturally knew the concern of Liu Xu, and he said: “Since that being the case, we are going, hopefully, we’ll see you again.”

So, five people and three beasts hurried back the road from where they had come.

“Long Yi, don’t forget, if there is any problem where you need my help, activate the transfer formation of the bracelet.” Liu Xu’s voice drifted into the ears of Long Yi.

After rushing for ten days, Long Yi and his group finally returned to their former place. Thankfully, the transfer formation still existed, moreover, two teachers were worriedly looking all around. When they saw Long Yi and his group, they finally let out a long sigh of relief.

At this time, Long Yi had already placed Little Three and others inside his dark dimension space. And for the sake of avoiding confusion, Feng Ling also had again changed back into Ling Feng.

“Teacher Shui Ruoyan, you all are finally back. If you all were two more hours late, then you all would have to stay in this Illusory Magic Forest for additional two years.” Among them, one teacher said.

“Are we the final group?” Shui Ruoyan asked.

“Yes, you are the final group. If you don’t return then wouldn’t Water Master Archmage turn the heaven and earth of Holy Magic Academy upside down?” Another teacher said with a smile.

Shui Ruoyan smiled, then suddenly looked towards Long Yi. In the improvement of the relation between her and her grandmother Shui Linglong, Long Yi’s contribution couldn’t go unnoticed.

“Oh, that’s right, how was the harvest of your group?” This teacher asked again.

Long Yi and other looked at each other, then they simultaneously laughed. Come to speak of it, they didn’t obtain any divine weapons and so on things, but the experience of this time however was absolutely a valuable wealth. The legendary Kobold clan as well as their underground kingdom, Fire Qilin as well as Fire God statue, the large-scale war of Ice Palace and Raging Flame Villa of thousand years ago, furthermore also a dragon clan, all of these were truly wonderful. Although the process was very dangerous, fortunately, they passed all of them.

As for the harvest, Heaven’s favorite Long Yi was undoubtedly the richest. The service of Kobold clan as well as the conditions of the female dragon, Long Yi had a premonition that these will be of great help to him in the future.

After talking with these two teachers for a little while, Long Yi and his group finally entered the transfer formation, then along with the view in front of their eyes blackening as well as weightlessness state for a brief moment, they had already arrived at the mountain behind Holy Magic Academy. Because they were the last group, practically all the people of the academy were in this mountain waiting for their arrival, so when the transfer formation lit up, and Long Yi and his group appeared, all the teachers and students there fervently applauded.

Long Yi took a deep breath. Returning to the familiar environment, he felt relaxed.

“Long Yi.” When Long Yi was in the process of waving his hand towards the on-looking teachers and students, suddenly a trembling voice came through the distance.

Hearing that familiar voice, the body of Long Yi quivered lightly, then he turned his head in ecstasy. He only saw a fiery red silhouette rushing towards him, then opening his arms wide open, he suddenly had a soft, warm and fragrant jade in his bosom. Smelling that light body fragrance, he knew that she was Long Ling’er who had gone to cultivate. Thinking about it, he and Long Ling’er had separated for three months.

“Darling Ling’er, you came back?” Long Yi caressed the pitch-black hair of Long Ling’er, and feeling the slightly trembling body in his bosom, he muttered. From the aura being emitted from Long Ling’er, Long Yi understood that she had successfully stepped into Mage realm. It seems that old man PuXiuSi’s cultivation method was somewhat effective.

“Long Yi, I missed you very, very much.” Long Ling’er firmly held Long Yi as if she wanted to enter into his body. These three months, as long as she stopped cultivating, the figure of Long Yi would appear, and she greatly missed him. This kind of sweet torment nearly made her go insane. So she ceaselessly cultivated again and again, as only cultivating would slightly weaken her missing sentiment. Has she fallen in love with this man? Isn’t this man the man whom she had made up her mind to use her life to take revenge upon? Long Ling’er didn’t know, she had already fallen into the invisible big net which she had woven herself sparing no effort.

“I also missed you.” When Long Yi said these words, neither his face was red nor was he breathing heavily, even though he had forgotten to miss her for a long period of time.

Although the words of Long Yi were not whispers of love, however those words made her charming body hot. She raised her head and looked at Long Yi with her autumn eyes which had a layer of hazy mist.

The love affair of Long Ling’er and Long Yi was widely known to everyone after Long Yi had courted Long Ling’er in a shocking manner, and this time, seeing these two people couldn’t refrain from hugging each other before a big crowd, while mutually telling their yearning sentiment, this simply was a romantic scene from a romantic love story. This atmosphere instantly infected all the teachers and students, and soon looking at these two people looking at each other in a trance, don’t know who took the lead, but everyone shouted: “Kiss her, kiss her.” Instantly this shouting as if the tide waves, exceeded the lineup of the time of courting.

“How about we command the popular support, we cannot disappoint everyone, right!” Long Yi whispered in the ear of Long Ling’er.

Long Ling’er’s charming body trembled, and being somewhat lost in this tides of sound, she unexpectedly didn’t reject, instead somewhat shyly had an expectation.

Long Yi smiled, then slowly lowering his head, he firmly kissed the lovely pink lips of Long Ling’er. In this instant, both of them felt as if they had entered a kind of empty state, all the hubbub instantly disappeared and in the entire world, only they two were left.

Two people passionately kissed. Their lips eagerly sucked, entangled, and kissed as if obsessed and intoxicated.

Many female students had their hands clenched in front of their chest, and they were charmed watching this pair of man and woman passionately kissing, as if they were the female lead, passionately kissing their beloved sweetheart with the blessing of many people.

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Afterwards, the entire Holy Magic Academy seemed to be enveloped in pink color romantic love atmosphere. A couple of sweethearts reached to the clouds, setting an unattainable record in Holy Magic Academy. This record will not be broken for several thousands of years, leading to the beginning of romantic love storm in the academy, and Long Yi became one of the distinguished personages as a romantic person in the history of Holy Light Academy through the ages. Naturally, this is the part of a story that is yet to come.

The expression of Shui Ruoyan, Ling Feng and furthermore Ximen Wuhen were different. And the expression of Lin Na was also somewhat complicated and for no reason, she unexpectedly somewhat envied Long Ling’er.

After an unknown period of time, the lips of Long Yi and Long Ling’er finally separated, but both of them were still tightly hugging each other.

Suddenly, Long Yi picked up Long Ling’er, then apologetically looked at Ling Feng. And Ling Feng just shrugged her shoulders. Towards the action of Long Yi, only Gods know how jealous as well as sour she was feeling in her heart.

Long Yi carried Long Ling’er in his arm, then soared up. After that, his figure unexpectedly disappeared into the thin air.

“Space Magic!” Many teachers and students exclaimed. Even if one was Master Archmage, it was impossible for one to vanish without a trace like this. Even if they could achieve extreme speed in a linear direction for a certain distance, it was also impossible for them to achieve the same result as Long Yi, so only the space magician explains this clearly.

As a result, the teachers and students of the Academy placed a high level of attention to the area of Illusory Magic Forest where Long Yi and his group were assigned. All of them basically thought that Long Yi had found the books of space magic inside the Illusory Magic Forest, thus learning the legendary space magic. More and more rumor circulated within the academy. And according to the teachers, at that time, the group of Long Yi was late, so several teachers had gone to look for his group in the area where they were assigned, but they found no trace of Long Yi and his group, so some people concluded that they must have explored the unknown region and had fortuitous encounter there.

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