Chapter 196: Gaining a maid

Just after Long Yi disappeared holding Long Ling’er in his arms, Fire Master Archmage PuXiuSi also looked towards the direction where Long Yi had disappeared from a distant place and muttered: “This smelly kid, his rate of improvement is truly terrifying. In another two years, it seems I, this old bones have to relinquish my post for someone better qualified.”

Long Yi holding Long Ling’er in his arms quickly landed in a luxurious inn. At that time, in this same inn, Long Yi and Long Ling’er were soaked in love, hate, hesitation and determination little by little. Also, this was the same place where Long Ling’er had offered herself willingly for the first time. Afterwards, Long Yi had rented this luxurious suite for a long-term, not allowing other people to move in.

With a bang, two cuddling people jumped onto the soft big bed inside the bedroom. Four eyes looked at each other, and their passionate breathing blew against the other’s face, then without speaking, two people enthusiastically hugged and kissed. After separating for too long, both of them needed each other, and also needed **. And without disguising, they began comforted their craving body and heart.

Long Yi had been suppressing his ** for a long time. He naughtily as well as gently caressed the charming body of Long Ling’er. And just like an easy drive on a familiar path, he easily took off her clothing, leaving behind only small silk bra and panties. Now the greater part of her ivory glossed-like skin was completely exposed.

“Long Yi, oh.” Long Ling’er moaned. Her jade hands were exploring the sturdy body of Long Yi. And sensing the passion of Long Yi, a layer of pink luster appeared around her body.

Long Yi roughly breathe heavily, and hearing Long Ling’er’s that overwhelming **, his fire of lust burned even more. He got away from Long Ling’er’s firmly sucking lips and tongue, then he licked her from her slender neck to all the way down, kissing that enchanting and also sexy cleavage. Then he teased her two breasts’ cherries which were separated by only an extremely thin bra until they became visible after the bra was soaked.

The breathing of Long Yi stagnated, then with his pupils suddenly enlarging, he undid her bra, revealing a pair of assertive **, and bright red pearls were proudly standing upright bursting into bloom. Looking at this, Long Yi couldn’t help burying his head in this soft land.

Long Ling’er **, and swayed her pretty waist, rubbing Long Yi’s that burning hot little brother which was separated by his pants. Her private part was already soaked with her spring dew long ago.

Feeling the burning hot hard thing between two legs, Long Ling’er swayed faster and faster. The stimulation on her breasts gave a strong impact in her private parts, and not long after, her charming body trembled nonstop, and her jade hands firmly grabbed the back muscles of Long Yi.

Seeing the foreplay was enough, Long Yi could no longer control his **. He pulled down Long Ling’er’s panties, then stick in his spear inside a cave, and began sprinting vigorously.

Ebb and flow. After an unknown period of time, now both people as if mud were lying on the bed while hugging each other. And watermarks were everywhere on the bed. Now, the entire bedroom was also filled with a kind of after love session’s lewd aura.

Long Ling’er who was tightly closing her eyes unconsciously kissed the chest of Long Yi. Now her charming body was still slightly trembled frequently, clearly, her ** had yet to dissipate completely.

After a good while, Long Ling’er sighed in satisfaction. And her consciousness again returned to her mind.

Two people cuddled together and began to talk. Long Yi told her about the experience he had In Illusionary Magic Forest. And hearing all of this, Long Ling’er was dumbstruck and sighed for her bad luck. She didn’t get to see legendary Kobold clan and their underground kingdom, and also that valiant Dragon clan. And she was most interested in the dragon who was recognized by Long Yi as his son. She thought, if he is Long Yi’s son, then wouldn’t that make him her son too?

“Long Yi, do you know where teacher PuXiuSi took me and Lin Na to cultivate?” Long Ling’er turned over and leaning her entire body on Long Yi, she said appearing mysterious.

“Where?” Long Yi asked with a smile, while his big hand was moving about in Long Ling’er smooth back and her pert buttocks. That smoother than silk feeling simply was a great enjoyment.

Long Ling’er lightly got closer to Long Yi’s ear and said: “That place is called Flames Mountain and the temperature there was extremely high. Inside there, there unexpectedly was a high-class fire magical beast, moreover, there unexpectedly was also a big tree of fire magic too. If you don’t see with your own eyes, it’s really hard to believe.”

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Having heard what was said, Long Yi thought, Flames Mountain? Isn’t that the location of Raging Flame Villa thousands of years ago? He immediately asked: “Ling’er, where is that Flames Mountain place?”

“Inside the remote mountains near the Nalan Empire, but one cannot casually go into Flames Mountain, teacher PuXiuSi said that that place would open only once every five years. You don’t know but the fire magic element of that place is very dense.” Long Ling’er excitedly said.

“Open only once every five years?” Long Yi muttered in his heart and involuntarily became absent-minded.

Two people laid on the bed till the day got dark. And only after their stomach began to protest, they recalled that they should eat dinner. And just when they were about to go out after they finished bathing, they heard Ximen Wuhen shouting and also kicking the door.

After opening the door, they saw Ximen Wuhen and Lin Na.

Long Ling’er hugged Ximen Wuhen and said: “Wuhen, I missed you so much.”

“Humph, when did you miss me, you and my second brother are similarly paying more attention to a lover than friends.” Although the mouth of Ximen Wuhen said so, but her eyes were clearly smiling happily.

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Long Ling’er lightly smiled, and releasing Ximen Wuhen, she said: “You two haven’t eaten yet, right? Let’s go to have a meal together.”

“Yes, we are about to go to Charming Love Residence.” Lin Na quickly said while glaring at Long Yi.

“Charming Love Residence is a good place, merely that place receives only females. If we go to that place, then what about my husband?” Long Ling’er held the arm of Long Yi and said.

“Just leave him here, he is already a grown man, can’t he go alone to eat?” Lin Na stretch out her hand thinking to pull Long Ling’er, but Long Ling’er however dodged and refused to let Long Yi go.

“But I don’t want to separate from him, Lin Na, let’s go to another place.” Long Ling’er said with a smile. The knot between Long Yi and Lin Na, she naturally knew. In those three months, every day, if Lin Na didn’t curse Long Yi several times, then she was unable to set her mind at rest.

Long Yi watched Lin Na who went against him in all respects, and said with a smile: “Fine, let’s go to Charming Love Residence.”


“Don’t but, I will also accompany you all together. As long as I go, I am sure that the owner of Charming Love Residence will come in person to receive me.” Long Yi confidently said. And by coincidence, he also wanted to see that stubborn little fox lady, Bertha.

“Don’t flatter yourself, I bet you will be driven off.” Lin Na coldly snorted.

“What do you bet?” Long Yi craftily looked at Lin Na and said.

Lin Na was startled, seeing Long Yi’s crafty eyes, she knew that this situation was not good, merely she didn’t believe that Long Yi could enter Charming Love Residence, no need to mention about Bertha personally welcoming him. Thinking this, she again had confidence. She guessed that Long Yi was only showing strong outer appearance, so she said: “Whoever lost will be other party’s servant for one week, no, one month.”

Long Yi secretly laughed and said: “Although I do not need a maid, moreover you also can’t attend properly, but for your grandfather’s face, I will agree. Don’t back out at that time.”

Lin Na rolled her eyes. This smelly fellow, pretending as if it would cause great inconvenience if I became his maid.

“Backing out is a turtle.” Lin Na extended her little finger.

“What are you doing?” Long Yi raised his brows.

“Pinky promise, we are sealing the promise so that we don’t need to fear backing out.” Lin Na said with a smile.

“Childish.” Long Yi was unable to resist smiling. How old are you to still play this? But he still stretched out his little finger and hooked with her little finger, then used the thumbs to seal the promise.

After that, four people excitedly flew out of the back door of Holy Magic Academy towards Charming Love Residence. Not long after, they landed in front of the main entrance of Charming Love Residence.

Lin Na looked towards Long Yi, then said with a smile: “Didn’t you say the owner of Charming Love Residence will come in person to receive you? Now begin.”

Long Yi shrugged his shoulder, then clearing his throat, he suddenly used Shaolin Lion Roar and said: “Little fox, I came, but you are still not coming to welcome me.” A light golden light passed through the wall and moved forward. This sudden loud shout greatly frightened the guests inside, moreover the tables and chairs continuously shook due to this sound wave.

“Second brother, you are awful, my ears almost deafened.” Ximen Wuhen covered her ears and said angrily.

Long Yi smirked and said: “Rest assured, your second brother have a sense of propriety.”

“Long Yi, I think this time around you are definitely losing. Now I am feeling sorry for you thinking about what Lin Na would order you to do.” Long Ling’er didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she said.

“Long Yi, you are going to become my servant.” Lin Na complacently laughed.

Just then, the magic door of Charming Love Residence opened wide, and fox lady Bertha wearing snow-white clothing angrily came out. From the form of address of Long Yi, she knew that it was definitely him outside. This was the good fellow her aunt Mea Empress repeatedly wanted to receive.

“Bertha, long time long see.  How are you? Did you gain weight?” Long Yi greeted Bertha.

Looking at Long Yi who had a bad smile, Bertha involuntarily had her heart palpitate, and again recalled that night of Barbarian Bull clan’s Martial Arts Competition. She turned around and took a deep breath, suppressing her restless heart, then said: “You are finally willing to come looking for me, I thought you died in Illusory Magic Forest.”

Long Ling’er and other girls’ expression suddenly changed. Listening to those words of Bertha, they felt, she was as if a grumbling of a wife. Could it be that Long Yi, this fellow has already hooked up with her?

At that time, Bertha also became aware of the faulty wording of her words, but she didn’t mean that way. Mea Empress had once requested Long Yi to help them unify the entire Fox clan, and if he wanted to talk with them, then he could use that necklace to call Mea Empress or he could just come to Charming Love Residence to look for her. But Long Yi however didn’t contact them for several months, and later they discovered that he had participated in the Adventure Convention of Holy Magic Academy which was held only once every two years.

“Bertha, aren’t you going to invite us in?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Come with me.” Bertha blushed and turned around. She also didn’t know why, but as long as she saw Long Yi, her trained manners and experience would completely disappear without a trace.

Listening to these words of Bertha, the mouth of Lin Na and other girls became ‘O’ shaped. And Lin Na wanted to sneak away now, God, becoming a maid of this fellow for a month, it is better to kill me off. Why am I so unlucky like this? Lin Na resentfully lamented in her heart.

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