Chapter 197: Sauna bathing

“Don’t have any idea to escape now. You can run only if you don’t plan to stay in Mea Principality.” Long Yi smiled and threatened her.

Lin Na immediately paused, and then followed after them in dejection, hanging down her head. She couldn’t help but blame herself in her heart. She clearly knew this smelly fellow’s endless means, still, why did she persistently not become scared of evil forces? Now, she was reduced to his maid who had to follow his instruction. Moreover, she knew how he would create difficulties for her, wouldn’t this lecher ask her to warm his bed? According to the laws of Blue Waves Continent, as long as master demands, maids had the obligation to accompany him to the bedroom. If he put forward this demand, then what should she do? Thinking this, the beautiful face of Lin Na was boiling hot.

Humph, if he dares to make such demand, then this Miss will castrate him. Before Long Yi had said anything, Lin Na let her imagination run wild and was already planning to castrate him.

The misses and madames of noble clans dining in Charming Love Residence, seeing Long Yi, this very handsome man entering this place where even a male pet wasn’t allowed to set foot on, all of them involuntarily stared at him curiously. Again seeing Long Yi’s that trademark bad smile and that indescribable temperament, their eyes changed into heart-shaped, and some of the discontented ladies were even throwing seductive glances. These unhidden seductions provoked the jealousy of Long Ling’er. And she emitted fire magic elements, immediately elevating the temperature by several degrees.

Bertha led Long Yi and others to the luxurious private room of the second floor. Long Yicuriously size up all around. This Charming Love Residence was decorated sufficiently and had some quality, merely the aim of this place was unknown, and only a three years old child would believe the lies of Mea Empress.

“Long Yi, do you know Bertha?” After Bertha went out to instruct something, Long Ling’er grabbed Long Yi and asked.

“I know, do you still need to ask? When I was in the beast-men territory of Hengduan mountains, I got to know her.” Long Yi smiled and confessed. The knew that jealous women could certainly pester endlessly, so he took the initiative to answer for good.

“You promiscuous ghost, attracting bees and butterflies everywhere.” Lin Na fanned the fire from one side.

Long Ling’er bit her lower lip and didn’t say anything. Long Yi was a romantic-type person, and he showed compassion everywhere, so attracting a beautiful fox lady was also not surprising, but her heart was uncomfortable. If she had known earlier about this, then she wouldn’t have come here.

Long Yi smiled looking at furious Long Ling’er, and under the table, his big hand caught the hold of her small hand, then scratched the center of her palm with his finger.

Long Ling’er firmly slapped off the big hand of Long Yi, then angrily glared at Long Yi, but the corner of her mouth had a smile.

After eating to heart’s content in Charming Love Residence, the sky was already dark completely.

“Little fox, thanks for your hospitality, but your this Charming Love Residence should be more than just eating and drinking, isn’t there any other facility?” Long Yi smiled and asked looking at Bertha.

Bertha also smiled and said: “Naturally, we furthermore have our original sauna bath. And there is also a specialized young fox girl to attend, do you all want to try?”

“Sauna bath, how come I’ve never heard of this?” Ximen Wuhen asked.

“The sauna bath has the effect of beautifying and nourishing the skin, moreover, it also makes the entire body relax. It’s very comfortable, you all should give it a try.” Bertha smiled and explained. Other than facing Long Yi, she could basically maintain this amiable smile while talking with everyone else.

Hearing Bertha’s words, Ximen Wuhen and other girls were suddenly eager to have a try.

“How about I also join together with you all?” Long Yi smiled and said.

“Go to hell!” Three women simultaneously scolded in jest.

The result, naturally Long Yi, a grown man was by himself in the bathroom. When Long Yi entered the wooden bathroom full of vapor, he couldn’t help muttering, isn’t this sauna bath of his previous incarnation? How was it invented in this different world?

Long Yi warped a towel around his waist, then lied on the wooden seat. After that, he removed the protection of his internal force and spirit power, and then he began sweating, once again experiencing the feeling of the sauna.

Creak. The door of the bathroom was suddenly pushed open, but Long Yi didn’t even open his eyes, as he already knew that Bertha, this little fox lady would seize this chance to come over.

Seeing Long Yi’s naked sturdy body, Bertha’s beautiful face became red, and that snow-white tail on her buttocks also couldn’t help but quivered. She sat down a little farther from Long Yi, and said: “Long Yi, what do you think about my aunt’s request?”

Long Yi opened his starry eyes, then suddenly crying ‘aiyo’, he shouted: “I have a sore waist, back pain, and my muscles are stiff, quickly come here and help me by massaging.”

“You…….” Bertha got angry, but for the great cause of Fox clan, she endured.

When Bertha sat down beside Long Yi, Long Yi had already turned over and was lying on his stomach, revealing his sturdy back. Seeing those beads of sweats on the body of Long Yi, the heart of Bertha suddenly jumped, skipping a beat. Only now, she felt that the body of Long Yi emitted amazing attraction force, unexpectedly making her tongue and mouth somewhat dry.

“Don’t just look in a daze, massage me nicely, otherwise don’t expect the payment.” Long Yi teased.

“Who is looking at your disgusting body, after a pork is sold once, no-one wants it any longer.” Bertha snorted, then her trembling little hands reach out towards the shoulders of Long Yi. She just made contact with his skin, but she trembled as if she got an electric shock. Now she could feel the explosive power hidden in his muscles.

Bertha began to massage the shoulders of Long Yi. Feeling the small jade hands on his body, Long Yi comfortably let out a moan. Hearing this, Bertha blushed and her heartbeat accelerated, then she angrily said: “Don’t shout randomly just like a pig about to be slaughtered.”

“Hehe, you don’t understand the appreciation, forget it, what were you asking just now?” Long Yi smiled and said.

“I asked, what do you think about the request of my aunt?” Bertha asked again.

“Oh, this matter, I didn’t have any time to think about it, if you massage me nicely, then perhaps my body will relax and I might consider that matter clearly.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Bertha just snorted but spared no effort to massage Long Yi. And again heard him instructing: “Use strength, again a little bit more, a little to the left side, a little to the right side, oh, very comfortable.”

Bertha massaged for half an hour. Now her hands were aching and were also tired. But still hearing Long Yi was talking nonsense, she couldn’t help but firmly slapped his back.

“Aiyo, trying to kill your husband?” Long Yi hissed in pain and shouted loudly.

“Talking nonsense, I will kill you.” Bertha angrily rained down punches on the body of Long Yi.

“Don’t hit, don’t hit, where are you hitting? My little brother has no enmity or hatred with you.” Long Yi said to Bertha. And seeing her fist was punching towards his crotch, he immediately stopped her somewhat scheming little hands.

Bertha clicked her tongue, then freeing her little hand from the big hand of Long Yi, she turned her back towards him.

“I thought over the request of your aunt, the conditions are very attractive, merely among the beauties your Fox clan is presenting me, does that includes you?” Long Yi smirked and asked.

“In your dreams, until my clan’s Thousand Extreme Illusions reach a certain level, I cannot lose my virginity.” Bertha blurted out, but soon after that, she noticed her wrong wordings and wanted to take back her words, but it was already too late.

“That means, after your Thousand Extreme Illusions reached a certain level, you can follow me, right?” Sure enough, Long Yi grabbed her faulty wordings and directly stared at her that provocative figure.

Bertha glared at Long Yi, merely she felt that this topic of conversation was truly somewhat ambiguous, moreover with both of them alone in a single room, and Long Yi being half-naked, this scene suddenly magnified this ambiguousness by several times.

Long Yi knew that the joke was almost about to go too far, and if he teased her anymore again, then this little fox would definitely slam open the door and leave. So withdrawing his smile, he seriously said: “I still haven’t carefully considered the request of your aunt. You still haven’t started to practice Thousand Extreme Illusions, right? I’ll give you my reply when you’ve completely mastered it to 100 percent.”

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The heart of Bertha trembled. She didn’t know whether Long Yi was intentional or not, but after she completely mastered it, wouldn’t she be able to do that matter between men and women? Does his word still contain a layer of another meaning inside them?

In fact, she had subconsciously blurted out the matter of Thousand Extreme Illusions, but she had basically never thought that this would be the end result of that.

Bertha nodded her head, then confusedly left the bathroom, however Long Yi called her.

“Is there anything else?” Bertha turned around and asked.

Long Yi took out a snow-white fox-fur robe from inside his space ring, then handing it over to Bertha, he said: “Thank you for your robe that evening, it was really, very warm.”

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Bertha looked at Long Yi with her sparkling eyes and recalled the matter of that night. She also didn’t know why she told him everything about her childhood as well as when he fell asleep while listening to her recounting, she took off her fox-fur robe that was making her warm and draped it over to him, then ran down the mountain while shivering in the cold. She had never expected her robe to be with him until now, doesn’t this mean he had a good impression of her? Bertha began to let her imagination run wild.

Bertha didn’t take this robe, merely with a red face, she said: “This fox robe is a gift from me to you, keep it for yourself.” After speaking, she turned around and ran out from the bathroom.

Long Yi was dumbfounded, then looking at the woman’s style fox robe in his hand, he shook his head with a smile. A gift to me? Could it be that she was indirectly telling him to wear woman’s style robe?

When it was late at night, Long Yi and his group came out from Charming Love Residence, and now the skin of everyone was fair and tender.

“Wow, this sauna is really comfortable, next time, we should ask Bertha how they made it, then should make them in the academy too.” Lin Na flung the drops of water from her hairs and said.

“Yes, those fox ladies’ technology is very good. Now my body is feeling comfortable to death, and I feel like I’ve even lost few jin of my weight.” Long Ling’er also smiled and said.

All the way back, three women chattered continuously about that strange sauna, leaving Long Yi out alone in cold.

Lin Na was naturally returning home to sleep. And Long Ling’er wanted to go together with Long Yi to sleep, but Ximen Wuhen pulled her away, saying she wanted to have some girl’s only talk with her. Poor Long Yi was left alone again.

Since he was all alone, Long Yi didn’t intend to go back to the inn, as in the dormitory, a great beauty was waiting for him.

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