Chapter 198: Youyou, my love

Long Yi recalled Feng Ling’s that devastatingly beautiful face and that distinctive temperament, then his heart suddenly became burning hot. Last time, in Illusory Magic Forest, he was unable to eat her, but tonight, he would not let her escape. Thinking this, Long Yi couldn’t help accelerating his speed.

Returning to the dormitory after two months, it was still completely neat and tidy, and the room was still filled with a faint fragrance, which made people feel very comfortable immediately upon entering. It seems, having a woman in the home was rather not a bad thing.

“Ling’r.” Long Yi called out, but even after a long time, there was no answer. He used his spirit power to sense and discovered that, Feng Ling wasn’t in the room.

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Long Yi despondingly sat on the sofa. He clearly had numerous beauties, but how come he was still reduced to the plight where he was alone in the empty lady’s bedchamber? He didn’t worry about Feng Ling. He was sure that she had gone to Intoxicated Fragrance Building, this Dark Church’s stronghold of Mea Principality. Although she had never told him about her status in Dark Church, but he guessed that her position was absolutely not low. She spent two months in Illusory Magic Forest, so there must be many things in the church waiting for her to handle.

Long Yi lied on the soft sofa and stretching out his big hand, a bottle of wine automatically floated over to him from the liquor cabinet. Sipping a mouthful of this wine, Long Yi shook his head and muttered: “Thinking about it, the Hundred Flowers Wine of Elven Forest is most authentic.”

Thinking about Elven Forest, Long Yi involuntarily recalled lively, cute and good at understanding others, Lu Xiya, that adorable elf princess.

“It’s been so long, but how come that Barbarian Bull and that girl are not coming to see me? Barbarian Bull, that burly isn’t stuck in his tender home village and indulging in pleasures, right? Ai, a land of warmth and tenderness is the grave of heroes.” Long Yi thought. He truly missed these two and missed the days when they were together.

At this time, it was already before dawn, but Long Yi wasn’t sleepy. Now, as if he was looking at flowers while riding a horse, all the scenes of the past after he arrived in this world appeared in his brain. There were happy and joyous moments, and also unsatisfactory moments.

When the first light of morning appeared in the east, the door of the dormitory opened, and Feng Ling walked in, then she shut the door.

“Long Yi, you came back, I thought you would be continuously entangling with Long Ling’er until dawn.” The face of Feng Ling distorted, then changed back to her girl appearance. After that, she lightly smiled and barged into Long Yi’s bosom.

“I missed you, so I came back.” Long Yi smiled and caressed the light blue hair of Feng Ling.

“Who would believe it? It must be Long Ling’er kicking you out of the bed.” Feng Ling said then bit the thick and broad chest of Long Yi all of a sudden.

With regarding such **-like action of Feng Ling, Long Yi immediately reacted. A burning hot stiff thing poked her soft underbelly. And caressing the back of Feng Ling, he lowered his voice: “Ling’r, how about we go back to the bedroom to sleep.”

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Feng Ling suddenly blushed. Her heart naturally agreed, merely…… Feng Ling stretched out her little hand and slipped into the pants of Long Yi, then grabbing that standing erect thick and long thing, she said apologetically: “Long Yi, now I can’t, my that came.”

Long Yi blanked out, and his fire of lust immediately disappeared. Then said with a helpless smile: “It’s okay, wait until your ‘that’ went away, then I will see where you will run.”

The charming body of Feng Ling suddenly trembled, and she became silent. Seeing the reaction of Feng Ling, Long Yi had a bad feeling in his heart. He lifted the chin of Feng Ling and saw that she unexpectedly was somewhat depressed and also exhausted.

“Ling’r, what happen?” Long Yi asked in concern. Now, Long Yi was regretting his previous action, wasn’t this sperm in the brain[1]? He didn’t even notice the unusualness of Feng Ling.

Feng Ling bit her lower lip and muttered suddenly: “If you are unable to see me, then will you miss me?”

The entire body of Long Yi shook, then firmly holding the shoulders of Feng Ling, he opened his eyes wide and said in a trembling voice: “Do you want to leave me? I will absolutely not allow you to leave, do you understand me?”

Seeing Long Yi’s somewhat twisted handsome face, although Feng Ling felt very painful on her shoulder, however she endured it, and just comforted him softly: “No, I don’t want to leave you, Ling’r will not leave you throughout my life.”

Long Yi began to sober up a little. He didn’t know why he had such a big reaction, perhaps Si Bi determinedly leaving him had left a shadow in his heart. She was the first girl he had determined to protect, but she hid from him for nearly two years.

Long Yi pulled Feng Ling in his bosom and said: “Is there some matter in Dark Church?”

Leng Feng nodded her head in the bosom of Long Yi and said: “The Dark Church is in trouble, so I must go back for a while.”

Long Yi tightly hugged Feng Ling and was rather depressed in his heart. Perhaps he also should go to Dark Church to pay a visit. Youyou also hasn’t come back for such a long time, and he also didn’t know what was happening. Youyou had escaped at that time in order to escape the marriage, still her master will not trap her being utterly devoted to the matter, right? But if that Pope’s son forced her to marry, then it was very unlikely for Feng Ling to not tell him.

While he was thinking, Feng Ling suddenly raised her head and chuckled: “Among the people of our Dark Church came today, perhaps there was someone you are missing very much.”

The eyes of Long Yi flashed, and holding the hand of Feng Ling, he excitedly said: “Don’t tell me that, don’t tell me that she is Youyou?”

Seeing the excited expression of Long Yi, the heart of Feng Ling somewhat stifled. Now, she suddenly wanted to know, among Leng Youyou and herself, who was heavier and who was lighter in the heart of Long Yi. But she was an intelligent girl, and intelligent girl knows how to please her husband and not make him feel vexed.

“You can go and see, I don’t know.” Ling Feng blinked her beautiful blue eyes, and immediately tell him the address.

Long Yi jumped up, and just when he was about to rush out, he suddenly stopped, then turning around, he tightly hugged Feng Ling and kissed her lips, then said: “Ling’r, thank you.”

Feng Ling touched her lips, and looking at the disappearing back view of Long Yi, that little bit of jealousy in her heart also disappeared without a trace. With his those words, even if she was sent down to the ninth layer of the hell, that was worth it for her.

Long Yi arrived at a luxurious inn according to the address given to him by Feng Ling. Then arriving at the room he was told by Feng Ling, he touched the door of the room, then discovered a layer of a powerful barrier.

“Who’s there?” A hoarse voice came from inside the room.

Long Yi was dumbfounded. Not Leng Youyou? The voice of Youyou is millions upon millions times pleasant to hear compared to this voice.

“I’m sorry, I was mistaken.” Long Yi was disheartened as he answered, then turning around, he wanted to leave.

Just then, the door of this room opened. And a figure shrouded all over by a black gown appeared in the doorway.

“Long Yi.” The voice of this shadow suddenly became crisp and fresh, and also was trembling.

The footsteps of Long Yi instantly stopped, and immediately turned around in ecstasy. That’s right, this can’t go wrong, this is the voice of Leng Youyou.

This figure lifted the cover of her head, revealing a young and incomparably ordinary face. This was precisely the appearance of Leng Youyou when he had seen her for the first time. This ordinary appearance had naturally left a deep impression on Long Yi. And not waiting for her to change back to her true appearance, Long Yi rushed over and hugged Leng Youyou, then with a light kick, he closed the door.

At this time, Leng Youyou had already changed back into her true appearance. It seems this magic, Changing Appearance Magic, was the distinguishing feature of Dark Church. Leng Youyou firmly hugged the waist of Long Yi, rubbed her beautiful face on the chest of Long Yi and infatuatedly inhaled Long Yi’s that manly aura which she hadn’t been able to smell for a long period of time.

“M-hm, this is the smell I missed to death.” Leng Youyou nestled in the bosom of Long Yi and muttered.

Long Yi raised the beautiful face of Leng Youyou, then kissed her. This soft and sweet fragrance was truly the unique taste of Leng Youyou. The two people kissed each other until their lips and tongues were numb. And only after that, they reluctantly separated.

Long Yi sat on the sofa and Leng Youyou sat on his thigh with her legs holding his waist. Both of them tightly hugged each other, absorbing the unique aura of each other.

“Youyou, you bad girl, why didn’t you return back as soon as possible? How can you disappear for more than half a year, I thought you were forced by that pope’s son, so was intending to visit the lair of your Dark Church.” Long Yi pinched the nose of Leng Youyou and complained.

“Ah, listen to me first.” Leng Youyou hissed charmingly and capturing the hand of Long Yi, she continued: “Because the circumstance of my master was not very good, I could only stay beside him and continuously take care of him. I missed you very much, and I wanted to write a letter to you, but your abode isn’t fixed, and I also don’t know where you went. As for the son of Pope, you don’t need to worry about him, he is not in the church, don’t know where he went.”

“By the way, how did you get here? I asked a knowledgeable person of Dark Church here, but he lied to me saying you are still in Elven Forest at this very moment. Next time I see him, I will definitely teach him a good lesson.” Leng Youyou asked.

“Naturally I am here in Holy Magic Academy as a student, hehe, by the way, the knowledgeable person you are speaking about, isn’t his name Ling Feng?” Long Yi asked with a smile. He immediately guessed that Feng Ling, that girl had intentionally played with her. This kind of small tricks between girls was not excessive at all, moreover, didn’t Feng Ling still tell him about this?

“Eh, how did you know? Could it be that you know him? But even if you know him, how can he disclose his identity?” Leng Youyou said in surprise.

Long Yi was startled, it seems Leng Youyou really didn’t know that Ling Feng was a girl. In the end, what is the status of Ling Feng in the Dark Church? Merely without the consent of Ling Feng, he wouldn’t disclose it.

“This will take a long time to narrate, my and his relation cannot be said in few words.” Long Yi sighed. He stretched out his hand and caressing the beautiful face of Leng Youyou, he muttered: “Youyou, hereafter, stay by my side.”

“That is what I also hope for, but currently there is a matter in the Dark Church, and I am responsible to handle it, so I intend to return back again with Ling Feng today.” Leng Youyou bit her lower lip, and her eyes got somewhat watery, enduring her bitterness.

Long Yi made a wry smile, then sighed. Although he hated to part with her, he had to let her go. They were his women, but simultaneously also were an individual person. He didn’t want his women to give up their matters for his sake. Since they had their own matters, then how can he bind them by his side?

“Long Yi, I……”

“Go, take care of the matter of Dark Church, then come back to me. If there is anything that you are unable to resolve, then send someone to contact me, whoever makes move on my woman, I will exterminate his entire family.” Long Yi gently looked at Leng Youyou.

Leng Youyou felt warm in her heart. Those words were obviously filled with ice-cold killing intent, but they made her feel warm. She hugged the neck of Long Yi, then half closing her eyes, she softly said: “Long Yi, love me.”

[1] Sperm in the brain: thinking only about sex or sex addict or sex maniac

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