Chapter 199: The duty of a maid

Perhaps because they had not seen each other for too long, the suppressed lovesickness of two people burst out just like volcano eruption and insanely explored each other’s body. They perfectly intermingled with each other while sweating, and the sensation of every time directly hit their innermost soul. And the ** of every time explained their unspeakable cordiality.

At the first break of **, Long Yi tightly hugged Leng Youyou, then sighed lightly. Looking at the sunlight sprinkled into the room from outside the window, he slightly narrowed his eyes. Time, as if the sand grain sliding off from the spaces between the fingers, always passed coldly and also ruthlessly like this, speeding up the growth of the body, and also speeding up the growth of the people’s heart, while bringing pleasure and also parting simultaneously.

Leng Youyou raised her head, and seeing Long Yi was in a trance while frowning, she reached out her hand and lightly smooth down the wrinkles on his forehead then said softly: “Long Yi, don’t frown, I love seeing you smile.”

Long Yi grabbed the little hand of Leng Youyou affixed on his face, then sighing, he said with a smile: “Am I very handsome when I smile?”

“M-hm, very handsome, very warm, and brilliant just like a sun.” Leng Youyou smiled and nodded her head. Then she used her finger to softly touch the lips of Long Yi.

Long Yi opened his mouth and letting her finger enter his mouth, he nibbled her finger, and as if her finger was a peerless treasure, he was gentle and attentive.

The beautiful eyes of Leng Youyou shone looking at Long Yi while feeling somewhat bashful in her heart. A burst of as if getting electric shock feeling came from her fingertip, and this feeling made her lose herself.

“Long Yi, promise me, regardless of any setback you encounter, you have to face it with a smile, and no matter how much broken-hearted you are, you have to smile, okay?” Leng Youyou leaned over and kissed the lips of Long Yi.

Long Yi while hugging Leng Youyou turned over and put her on the other side of the bed, then he said with a smile: “Youyou, my darling, don’t you think you are asking too much? You want me to smile even when I am feeling broken-hearted, isn’t this forcing me to do something, I am unable to do?”

“It is difficult to be strong. You are not allowed to be sad, promise me to always be happy.” Leng Youyou said acting dumb.

“As long as you are by my side, I will be happy every day.” Long Yi lowered his voice, then burning his head in the neck of Leng Youyou, he inhaled her body fragrance.

Leng Youyou caressed the black hair of Long Yi. This moment, a kind of thick feeling fermented in her heart, and felt as if those feeling wanted to explode out from her heart. She grabbed the big hand of Long Yi, then placing it in her soft left bosom, she softly said: “Although I cannot always accompany you around, but my heart, my heart will always accompany you. I gave my heart to you on the day I met you, and it will never return.”

Long Yi raised his head, and seeing glistening teardrops on the beautiful face of Leng Youyou, he lightly smiled and said: “Silly girl, I will carefully hold your heart for safekeeping.” And feeling, pengpeng, pengpeng, the heartbeats of Leng Youyou in his big hand, his palm squeezed and released her with her heartbeat rhythm.

“Big pervert, what are you doing?” Leng Youyou suddenly shouted angrily. While talking about the serious matter, Long Yi, this shameless fellow unexpectedly began to tease her.

“Well, I am feeling you, you are really big here, and it feels very comfortable.” Long Yi smiled and said while molesting. He didn’t like sentimental parting, so he had to do like this to divert his attention.

The beautiful face of Leng Youyou reddened, and was also elated in her heart, then said: “If you act like this again, then I will not let you off.”

“Bring it on! Just a moment ago, who was begging for mercy at the bottom of my body?” Long Yi smirked and said.

Leng Youyou snorted, then overturned Long Yi. After that she sat on his waist while her two hands pressed down his wrists, not allowing him to move.

“What are you doing? Is it possible that you want to rape me?” Long Yi pretended to be scared and said. Previously, they used to often play this kind of play. This increased the fun as well as made them feel a kind of distinctive feeling.

“Right, I must squeeze you dry today, then I will see how you will seduce other girls?” Leng Youyou smiled and said. Then her snow-white pert buttocks moved down, touching Long Yi’s dishonest little brother. Then sitting down, she brought his little brother thoroughly into her body.

Leng Youyou as if a horsewoman moved up and down, and her perfect bosom forming ** also jumped around, dazzling the eyes.

And just when they had reached the critical moment, Leng Youyou who was moving on the body of Long Yi suddenly stopped, as she felt someone had broken past her barrier. And sensing the aura of that person, she knew that he seemed to be the knowledgeable person of Mea Principality, Ling Feng.

“Are you ready, it’s almost time to depart.” The voice of Ling Feng came from outside. Knowing two people were loving inside, she felt somewhat inexplicably uncomfortable in her heart.  So when it was almost the promised time, she immediately came over and shouted. If she said that there were not even a bit of selfish motives, then even she herself will not believe.

Long Yi and Leng Youyou were at the critical moment, and with her not moving up and down in this moment, it was very difficult for Long Yi. And just when Leng Youyou wanted to get up, Long Yi held her, then pushing her down, he again regained the dominance and said: “Leave her, we’re continuing.”

After that Long Yi began pistoning on the body of Leng Youyou, and flesh slapping sound resounded, which made Ling Feng who was waiting outside to blush and palpitate. Then jealousness mingled with a little bit of unable to speak feeling emerged in her heart.

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Under such stimulation, Leng Youyou and Long Yi quickly reached **. Then letting out a loud **, their large-scale flesh wrestling finally came to the end.

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After bathing themselves in the bathroom of this bedroom, they came out from the room and saw Ling Feng sitting on the sofa in a foul mood.

“Long Yi, come here, I have something to speak with you.” Ling Feng got up and grabbing the hand of Long Yi, she walked out with Long Yi, leaving confused Leng Youyou alone in the hall.

Two people came to the attic of this inn, then set up a barrier around them. After that Ling Feng restored back to her female appearance, changing into Feng Ling, then without any demur, she stood on her tiptoe and hugging Long Yi, she kissed him.

Only after a good while, their lips separated. Long Yi patted the beautiful face of Feng Ling with a smile and said: “Are you jealous?”

“M-hm, will you think I am very petty?” Feng Ling admitted and raising her head, she asked.

“Of course not.” Long Yi somewhat feeling guilty in his heart. All of his women love him wholeheartedly, but his heart however was divided into several unequal parts, truly was rather unfair.

The eyes of Feng Ling emitted extraordinary splendor looking at Long Yi and said softly: “Later I will try my best to become close sisters with Youyou, hee hee. Did you tell her that I am in fact a girl?”

Seeing Feng Ling smiling for an unknown reason, Long Yi was somewhat confused and said: “No, this matter is something you have to say yourself, moreover, without your consent, how can I disclose it?”

“Well, Long Yi, you are truly nice.” Feng Ling threw herself into the bosom of Long Yi and hugged tightly.

When two people came downstairs, looking at beaming with joy Ling Feng and again looking at Long Yi with a bad smile on his face, Leng Youyou altogether felt something was fishy between these two people, but she said nothing about that.

Before leaving, Long Yi and Leng Youyou tightly hugged. Before the joy of reunion had passed, the parting time had already arrived again. Although he was somewhat sad, but this was life. The parting of today was for an even happier reunion.

After a long time, two people parted, then Long Yi turned towards Ling Feng and hugged him. And while patting her back, he used the voice which only they could hear to say: “Lingr, take care of yourself.”

“M-hm, you have to think about me, okay. Every day you have to think about me 100 times because I will be thinking about you 10000 times every day.” Ling Feng whispered in the ear of Long Yi, and her little hand lightly hugged the waist of Long Yi.


The room was empty and the dear ones were no longer there, Long Yi didn’t see them off, as he didn’t like this kind of parting sentimental, and was also afraid to see the tearful eyes of two women. Long Yi blankly sat inside the room of the inn, and smelling the remnant faint fragrance of two women, his thoughts were somewhat erratic.

The parting came so suddenly and quickly, to such an extent that Long Yi was not able to accustom, and was tired emotionally. In his past life, Long Yi was cold-blooded, other than Long Qi, he didn’t care about anything else, but in this world, Long Yi however had too many people he was concerned about. He had suffered various sorrows and had also obtained gentle affections, and had seemingly courted a lot of girls wherever he went.

When the day approached dusk, the magnificent sunset glow dyed the entire world red, and the sky of the town also began to become lively as dusk was the time when little birds return back to their nests. Now with the chirping sounds interwoven into a wonderful music, the people that were returning back to their home also spread on the road.

Long Yi also got up and left the inn, then feeling a little lonely, he walked along with the endless crowd aimlessly. Suddenly, Long Yi stopped his footsteps, then turning around his head, he looked and saw a figure wearing white manteau standing not far away was fixedly looking at him. And as if she had blended into the heaven and earth, even though she was standing there like this, the people walking beside her seemed to treat her as air. Only Long Yi was able to feel her, even to the extent of her heartbeat.

“Xiao Yi?” Long Yi muttered in his heart. This girl who had eaten her own bitter fruit and turned into his maid, he had nearly forgotten about her, or subconsciously didn’t want to recall her.

Long Yi separated from the crowd and coming to the side of Xiao Yi, he asked indifferently: “Are you looking for me?”

“You are my master, aren’t you?” The voice of Xiao Yi was a little bitter and astringent.

“Didn’t I say don’t look for me unless there is a serious matter? Seeing you always remind me of certain unpleasant things.” Long Yi indifferently said. Before, he had always treated Xiao Yi as a sister, but he had never thought that she would repay him like that.

Xiao Yi lightly trembled, and her heart suddenly ached all of a sudden, and she sadly said: “From the moment the blood contract was done, I am destined to be your maid, and maid naturally has to be beside master. If you are unhappy, you can kill me.”

Long Yi was stunned and hearing the tone of Xiao Yi, it seemed as if he had wronged her.

“Beside me? Heh heh, you probably don’t know the duties of the maids, not only are they responsible for the basic needs of the master, in master’s……ahem, when there is a need in that aspect, they must give priority to resolve that, can you do that?” Long Yi evilly smiled, then sized up the body of Xiao Yi. And only at this time, he suddenly recalled Lin Na, she also was his maid for a month, doesn’t that mean he could do whatever he likes?

Xiao Yi trembled, and her heart almost jumped out of her body. And her face instantly became very red. Under the peculiar gaze of Long Yi, she was rather at her wits’ end. She felt as if his gaze could see through her clothing, and her stark naked body was laid bare in front of him.

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