Chapter 200: Shameless Lin Na

The gaze of Xiao Yi glimmered a little, then sighing all of a sudden, she sorrowfully said: “Do I have any other choice? You are my master, and I am merely your dallying maid, so why are you asking?”

“No, you have another choice, just disappear from my sight and never appear before me.” The smile on the face of Long Yi disappeared and said indifferently, while expressionlessly looking at Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi suddenly raised her head and looked at Long Yi, then gritting her teeth, she said: “Xiao Yi will not choose the latter option, Xiao Yi wish to attend master, if…if master has such needs, then I am willing, willing to let……”

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Long Yi sighed, he didn’t like his current relationship with Xiao Yi, his former relationship with her was quite good. Thinking this, he bluntly asked: “If there is something you want to say, then say quickly, I don’t have time to dawdle with you.”

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Xiao Yi turned around, then began walking towards the direction of her courtyard.

This woman will not carry out a sinister plot again, right? Long Yi muttered in his heart, but thinking about how people or magical beasts who had signed the blood contract wouldn’t be able to injure their master, he followed behind her.

After reaching the courtyard, Long Yi sensed various kinds of auras inside the courtyard. There should be several hundred people, presumably, all the members of Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group were present here. However, although he sensed killing intent, but it was not directed towards him.

Xiao Yi took off the manteau, revealing her delicate and pretty face and a pair of transparent pupils. But this time, Long Yi didn’t need to guard against her, because as his maid, she could no longer look over his interior thoughts like before. She just opened the courtyard door, and stood at one side, waiting for Long Yi to enter.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows and stepped in with large strides, then he saw the spacious courtyard was densely packed with mercenaries wearing the insignia of Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group. Among them, Tyrant Bear was standing at the front with a man and a woman, two vice-leaders, standing on his either side.

Seeing Long Yi had entered, Tyrant Bear immediately stepped forward two steps, then bending his knees, his huge body knelt before Long Yi. Shortly afterward, all the subordinates behind him also knelt down. Now in this entire courtyard, only Long Yi alone remained standing.

“Tyrant Bear vows to the Heaven, henceforth I will serve Long Yi as master, if there is any command, no one will dare to not obey it, I request master to take us Tyrannical Bear mercenary group under your wings.” Tyrant Bear with the huge body bowed down. Probably this was prostrating oneself in admiration.

At the same time, the mercenaries behind Tyrant Bear also followed the suit. They also vowed to heaven and prostrate before Long Yi.

The gaze of Long Yi flashed, then looked towards Xiao Yi. Needless to say, this girl was definitely the director of this scene. Because of the connection of blood contact, Long Yi knew that she had no ill intent, merely making her elder brother with whom she had depended on for survival his servant, this was a little bit too loyal.

Long Yi didn’t answer for a long time, but Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group didn’t dare to get up. In that instant, Long Yi considered many things inside his brain. After that, he slightly smiled. Since a group of fellows sent themselves to serve him, moreover each and every one of them was not that weak, such being the case, he decided to accept them.

“Well, since you all are so sincere, I’ve decided to let you all follow me. Hereafter, don’t call me master, call me young master.” Caressing his lower chin with his right hand, Long Yi said with a smile.

“Yes, thank you, young master, for taking us under your wings.” Tyrant Bear rose from the ground and said respectfully. Now his dazzling pair of bear-eyes were enthusiastically looking at Long Yi. His younger sister Xiao Yi had said that, only following Long Yi, his dream would be realized.

Long Yi nodded his head, then looked at these mercenaries all around him. Everyone avoided his cold gaze and no one dared to look at him face to face.

“Because I believe in Tyrant Bear, I will also believe people under his leadership. I, Long Yi demand absolute loyalty, if anyone dares to have treachery, then I will make sure that he can neither live nor die.” Long Yi’s ice cold eyes were brimming with threatening killing intent while speaking. After that, he raised his big hand, then a boulder as tall as a person which was used to decorate the courtyard flew towards him as if it was weightless. Then Long Yi merely clenched his hand, and this boulder suddenly stopped in the air. After that, this huge boulder changed into stone powder, and this stone powder fell to the ground, forming a large word of Blue Waves Continent: Kill.

All the people felt cold in their heart. All of them had already experienced the strength of Long Yi before. In the act of last time, all of them had used real attacks, but they were not able to injure even his hair. And now, seeing this word filled with killing intent, no one dared to have any thoughts of treachery, and everyone also felt fear as well as respect towards him.

Long Yi signaled Xiao Yi to follow him and led her to the inner room. Then with a snap of his finger, the door was slammed shut.

The heart of Xiao Yi jumped crazily and started sweating in the center of her palms due to nervousness. Could it be that Long Yi want me to fulfill the duty of maid here? Then what should I do?

Long Yi sat on a chair, and said: “Speak, what did you predict? Why did you ask your brother with his entire mercenary group to pledge loyalty to me?”

Xiao Yi standing in front of him lightly nodded her head and said: “When you were not here for two months, the circumstance of Blue Waves Continent has already become more and more unstable. The war scale of Nalan Empire and Proud Moon Empire is increasingly becoming larger. And your Violent Dragon Empire is also gradually inclining towards Nalan Empire. They have stationed a large number of army troops at the battle frontier of Proud Moon Empire, and are coordinating action with Nalan Empire.”

“Oh, is that so?” Long Yi frowned, then slightly smiled all of a sudden. It seems breaking that one leg of Proud Moon Empire’s second prince seemed to have played some role.

“Master, the constellation of your life is moving eastward, presumably you will return home very soon, and will certainly involve in this war which is about to affect the entire Blue Waves Continent. My big brother’s dream is to sweep over the battlefield, and serve as the pioneer to expand the territory of the country, and only beside you, his dreams would be fulfilled.” Xiao Yi slowly said.

Long Yi shook his head, then said with a smile: “Aren’t you predicting wrong? I don’t plan to involve myself in this war, whatever happens to Blue Waves Continent, it has nothing to do with me.”

Xiao Yi confidentially looked at Long Yi with a smile and said: “Master, you will surely get involved, even if you don’t want it, you will be powerless in the future.”

Long Yi smirked and said: “As long as I am unwilling, in this world, there is no-one capable of forcing me.”

“Future will show that.” Xiao Yi raised her head and smiled faintly.


This moment, the sky was already dark, and colorful magic lamps brightly lit Mea City, making the entire city look very beautiful.

Long Yi walked towards Holy Magic Academy while pondering. Those confident words of Xiao Yi were still reverberating in his ears. In fact, Long Yi was also not as confident as he had spoken. He clearly understood that in the big river of humans, he alone was nothing, and he alone had not yet reached the level where he could affect the entire world.

“Long Yi, where did you go? How come you are returning back only now?” While he was pondering, Long Yi suddenly heard protesting coquettishly voice. Only then he noticed Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen as well as Lin Na were standing in front of boys’ dormitory, looking at him.

Long Yi raised his head, then stepping forward, he hugged the waist of Long Ling’er, then kissed her lips all of a sudden, causing a pack of wolves, who were appreciating beauties from far away, to howl. And Long Ling’er bashfully buried her head in the bosom of Long Yi.

“Humph, pervert.” Lin Na discontentedly said.

“Lin Na, my obedient maid, quickly come over here and give your master a kiss.” Long Yi maliciously look at Lin Na and said with a smile.

“Who is your maid, don’t talk nonsense, you will be responsible if it affects my unblemished reputation.” Lin Na unexpectedly didn’t want to acknowledge the previous bet.

Long Yi rolled his eyes, women ah, they are like this. He waved his hand and said: “Forget it, I’m not in the mood to argue with you, you can go become tortoise or dog yourself.”

Seeing the indifferent appearance of Long Yi, Lin Na got angry for an unknown reason.

“Lin Na, how can you speak like this? Yesterday, I clearly heard you personally promising the bet. Since you have lost, obediently become my second brother’s maid for one month, otherwise, I will look down on you.” Ximen Wuhen seriously said to Lin Na. Hearing her remarks, the crowds of onlookers made an uproar.

“Wuhen, let it be.” Long Ling’er raised her head from the bosom of Long Yi and said. She however was unwilling from the bottom of her heart, as if Lin Na, such a beauty, was to become Long Yi, this big pervert’s maid, then she was sure that he would eat her up without leaving even the bones. Then wouldn’t she be forced to share this warm bosom with one more woman? So she was unwilling.

But, because Ximen Wuhen’s voice was rather loud, all the onlookers had heard her. Instantly, this news spread throughout the Holy Magic Academy from one mouth to another. Holy Magic Academy’s dean PuXiuSi’s granddaughter Lin Na has become the maid of Long Yi, this news was known by more and more people now. Truly, wherever Long Yi went, there would definitely be an ambiguous matter that causes people to enjoy talking about.

Seeing more and more people spreading this news, the beautiful face of Lin Na turned pale, then stamping her leg, she snorted: “Still not leaving quickly, are you feeling well make other people seen as a monkey?”

Several people rushed out of the encirclement, then arrived at a remote place of Holy Magic Academy.

“Wuhen, aren’t we sisters? How come you are helping your this smelly second brother? Now I cannot avoid the scolding of grandfather.” Lin Na complained.

“I only spoke the truth, who asked you to speak like that.” Ximen Wuhen smiled and said.

“You are still smiling. At that time, what I said was, if I lose, I will become the maid of Long Yi for one month, but I never said anything about when. It could be one month after 10 years, or 100 years.” Lin Na strongly argued.

Long Yi looked towards Lin Na, never thought that this woman was so thoughtful, she truly hadn’t mentioned anything about when.

“You are clever, that bet really doesn’t mention anything about when to fulfill.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulder.

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