Chapter 201: Love or hate?

“What’s the use of saying it now, it’s already spread throughout the academy, and even my grandpa might have already heard of it by now.” Lin Na angrily said.

Long Yi curled his lip, then coldly snorted: “Bringing calamity to yourself, who can you blame, this is your own retribution.”

“You…” Lin Na hatefully turned around and walked away, then looking at them from a distant place, she got lost in thoughts. Was she really a person whose words couldn’t be trusted? The gaze of Long Yi filled with disdain and the words of Ximen Wuhen made her feel unhappy in her heart. But could she, a proud woman, become his maid for a month?

Ling Na struggled in her heart, and somehow, seeing Long Yi’s disdainful expression, she felt stabbing pain in her heart, or to say, she didn’t want her image to be like this in the heart of Long Yi.

Just when Lin Na was hesitating over there, Long Yi sat down on the grassland. Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er, one on the left one on the right, sat beside him.

“Little sister, Ling’er, you two also haven’t returned home for a long time, are you homesick?” Long Yi recalled the words of Xiao Yi, so he couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes, I’m truly somewhat homesick, should we return?” Long Ling’er hugged the arm of Long Yi and asked. Looking at it, it had already been a year or so since they had left Soaring Dragon city, so if she says, she didn’t miss home, then that would just be deceiving people.

“Yes, second brother, are you planning to return?” Ximen Wuhen also hugged another arm of Long Yi with her soft breast stuck to his arm without scruple.

Long Yi didn’t speak. Towards Ximen clan, he truly had a kind of peculiar sense of belonging in his heart, but did he really want to return? Now he had completely integrated into this world, and in this world, Ximen clan was his home and Violent Dragon Empire was his country. So if Ximen Nu called him back, then should he return? Recalling the benevolent eyes of Ximen Nu and the tearful eyes of reluctant to part Dongfang Wan before parting, Long Yi lightly sighed.

“I also don’t know. Thinking about it, if I return, perhaps I will be drowned to death by the saliva of millions of common people of Soaring Dragon city.” Long Yi said with a self-deprecating smile.

Long Ling’er trembled, and looking at the outline and brilliant starry eyes of Long Yi, as well as recalling that bad smile that always hung on his face, which would unconsciously attract others, she thought, is Long Yi really that ignorant and incompetent tyrant Ximen Yu who had done all kinds of evils in former days?

Long Yi as if sensing her gaze, slightly looked towards her, and just happened to see Long Ling’er dodging his gaze in panic. After that, he softly asked: “Ling’er, do you still hate me?”

Long Ling’er remained silent, merely hugged the arm of Long Yi tightly. She seemed to be afraid as well as hesitating.

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“Second brother, do you still have to ask? Ling’er is so happy now, how can she hate you?” Ximen Wuhen was confirming on the surface, but in fact, she was reminding Long Ling’er.

After hearing the words of Ximen Wuhen, Long Ling’er blanked out, yes, staying beside Long Yi, she truly was very happy. Merely, was this happiness an illusion or not? Moreover, at that time, wasn’t she just pretending to make Long Yi lower his guard? Now Long Ling’er was confused. She was not able to understand her own heart clearly, that bone-deep hatred of that time had made her blind, and she was unable to differentiate rights and wrongs. If not for this talk, then she might have never thought about it, but now that this problem is mentioned, as if a bucket of cold water was poured down to her heart, that pain of before awakened in her spirit.

Long Ling’er raised her head, and said forcing herself to smile: “What did you say just now, I didn’t hear, ah that’s right, yesterday, Wuhen said that Ling Feng is actually a girl, where is she now?”

Seeing Long Ling’er releasing his arm, Long Yi got angry from the bottom of his heart without any reason. He took a deep breath to forcibly suppress his anger and replied her: “She had her matters, so she left.”

“Ah, left, second brother, how can you let her go without letting us bid farewell to her?” Seeing the anger in the eyes of Long Yi, Ximen Wuhen hurriedly changed the subject of talk.

“She had an urgent matter, so she had no time.” Long Yi replied. And looking at that changing irregularly beautiful face of Long Ling’er, Long Yi could no longer see this, so standing suddenly, he turned around to walk away.

“Long Yi.” Long Ling’er was startled, and subconsciously caught the sleeve of Long Yi’s garment.

Long Yi turned around, then looking straight at that somewhat panicky beautiful eyes of Long Ling’er, he said: “Answer me now, do you still hate me? Were all those sweet smiles you had when you were with me, originate from a faithful heart or just pretending?”

“I…Long Yi, you……” Long Ling’er was rather at a loss. Now her brain was in chaos. And that as if nightmare night began to flash before her eyes again, then her face revealed hatred as well as a trace of confusion.

Long Yi felt pain in his heart, he had always believed that Long Ling’er had thoroughly fallen in love with him, and the hatred in her heart had already disappeared without a trace long ago, but seeing hesitation and uncertainty of Long Ling’er as well as the hatred of just now, his anger soared, because he cared about her, and because he had already regarded her as his woman long ago.

Perhaps, in the eyes of other people, this kind of rage was unreasonable. Wasn’t he himself responsible for Long Ling’er to hate him? Didn’t he rape her that night? But, a man, especially like Long Yi who was ** person in the matter of affection, how could he endure his own woman still hating him? At the very beginning, he had accepted Long Ling’er purely to see what tricks she had, but now that the affection was born, he felt rather unbearable, after all, a pure affection was unable to tolerate even a grain of sand.

Long Yi took a deep breath, then lightly shaking off her hand, he walked away with large strides. Ximen Wuhen looked at blankly staring Long Ling’er for a while, then hurriedly ran after Long Yi.

At this time, Lin Na came back to her sense and seeing Long Yi storming away, she was unable to understand the circumstance, and muttered: “Why are you so angry, do you really want me to do as promised?”

Ximen Wuhen chased after Long Yi, then holding the hand of Long Yi, she squatted down, acting just like a child showing her temper.

“Smelly second brother, you promised me that, no matter what Long Ling’er do, you will forgive her.” Ximen Wuhen said while nervously looking at Long Yi.

Long Yi sighed, then patting the head of Ximen Wuhen, he forced a smile and said: “In fact, I am not angry at her, I am angry at myself. Why am I so repulsive? It’s already been so long, but I am still unable to make Long Ling’er let go of her hatred.”

Ximen Wuhen stood up, and said: “Second brother, I don’t believe that you are unable to see Ling’er has already fallen in love with you long ago, merely Ling’er herself isn’t able to see this clearly, that’s all. The matter of two years ago has harmed her greatly. Since that is your fault, can’t you tolerate a bit?”

Long Yi got stagnant, then making a wry smile, he touched his nose, accepting the lesson of Ximen Wuhen, he said: “Go, accompany Ling’er, I will go to take a breather.”

Ximen Wuhen released the hand of Long Yi, then worriedly looking at Long Yi for a little while, she returned back. This moment, Lin Na was sitting beside Long Ling’er, and no matter what she said, she didn’t get any response from Long Ling’er, so she was somewhat puzzled as she was unable to understand how the atmosphere changed into this.

“What happened here? What happened to Ling’er?” Seeing Ximen Wuhen coming, Lin Na asked in concern.

Ximen Wuhen shook her head and said: “This cannot be explained in a short while, we are returning.”

Lin Na wanted to accompany them, but seeing Ximen Wuhen’s appearance as if she didn’t want to let her know, she returned back alone.

Ximen Wuhen led pale-faced Long Ling’er to their girls’ dormitory. And at this time, seeing Long Ling’er who was happy just a moment ago change into this, Aunt Ou couldn’t help but ask worriedly: “What happen to this child? Is she sick?”

Ximen Wuhen shook her head and said: “Something happened, but it will be fine soon. No need to worry, Aunt Ou.” Finished speaking, she pulled Long Ling’er and went up.

Long Ling’er sat on the bed with her head lowered, and with tears streaming down her cheeks, she hugged Ximen Wuhen and muttered: “Wuhen, you say, what is happening to me? Do I love him or hate him?”

Ximen Wuhen soothingly patted the back of Long Ling’er and said: “Ask your own heart, I heard that, if you don’t see the person you have fallen in love, then you’ll miss him and also yearn to see him again. You will be happy if he praised you, you will be jealous if he is with other women, you will be happy if he is happy, you will be sad if he is sad, and you will like to share everything with him.” Ximen Wuhen said and while speaking, her eyes began to blur. Heard? Just listen to yourself?

Long Ling’er was startled, everything Ximen Wuhen had stated seemed to be very identical to her feeling.  When she didn’t see Long Yi, she missed him, she would become jealous if other women were beside him, she would feel happy if he was happy, and she would feel sad if he was sad, so does this mean she had truly fallen in love with him? And wasn’t acting just because she wanted to retaliate?

“Well, don’t think about it, just sleep, and when you wake up tomorrow, perhaps, everything will be clear.” Ximen Wuhen said, then pushing Long Ling’er over to the bed, she covered her with a quilt.

“Wuhen.” Long Ling’er suddenly called out to Ximen Wuhen.


“You say……is Long Yi angry?” Long Ling’er asked.

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“Yes, he is angry with himself, thinking why he is so crazy about you.” Ximen Wuhen smiled and said, then seeing a smile appear on the face of Long Ling’er, she went out and shut the door.

The smile of Ximen Wuhen disappeared, and somewhat powerlessly leaned on the door. The remarks of just now weren’t something she had heard, rather existed in her heart from long ago. If those really were the condition to measure whether one had fallen in love or not, then wouldn’t she……

“Ximen Wuhen, what are you thinking?” Ximen Wuhen firmly thumped her head and circling two laps around the living room, she suddenly opened the door and walked out.

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