Chapter 202: Meeting female Sword Saint again

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Ximen Wuhen felt her heart stifled and panicky. With thousands of strands and loose ends winding around her heart as if tangled skein, her thoughts were in chaos. She slowly walked downstairs, and walking out of the dormitory, she sat on a stone bench under a big tree. She raised her head and looked up at the starry sky, feeling somewhat scared and also somewhat confused.

Long Yi was like a radiant sun, he always attracted the attention of people all the time, and especially for girls, it was simply hard to resist his charm. His that sometimes brilliant sometimes evil smile, sometimes honest sometimes grinning cheekily manner, powerful strength, remarkable appearance, and funny humor, even an ice-cold girl would be melted by him.

Ximen Wuhen lightly sighed, was the master mentioned by her second brother truly so powerful? He thoroughly remolded the ignorant and incompetent profligate son of rich parents into such personage. Other than appearance, everything else seemed to be changed into another person. Sometimes she really doubted whether this person really was her second brother or just another person who resembled her second brother.

If he wasn’t her second brother, then how wonderful it would be. Ximen Wuhen subconsciously muttered.

Aunt Ou who was paying close attention to Ximen Wuhen, seeing the lonely figure of Ximen Wuhen under the moonlight, she secretly sighed: “What a sin ah, Ximen Nu, that stupid brat gave birth to a good son, ai, don’t tell me that it is destined by the Heaven?”

Aunt Ou walked out of the dormitory. With her seemingly slow steps, she unexpectedly arrived beside Ximen Wuhen in a blink of an eye.

“Child, what’s bothering you?” Aunt Ou sat beside Ximen Wuhen and patting her shoulder, she kindly asked.

Ximen Wuhen turned her head and seeing Aunt Ou’s that gentle and deeply concerned gaze, her nose unconsciously turned sour and tears flowed down from her eyes. She didn’t know why she lost control of herself like this, merely seeing Aunt Ou’s very warm eyes, she felt very cordial.

Aunt Ou hugged Ximen Wuhen feeling sorry, and said: “What’s the matter, tell this aunt, when all is said and done, aunt has lived for several years longer, perhaps I might be able to think of a way.”

Facing Aunt Ou to whom she always felt very affectionate, Ximen Wuhen suddenly had a kind of strong feeling to pour out her **. She had buried this matter in her heart for a very long time. She also didn’t dare to speak this matter, so much so that she even forced herself to not think about it, and had endured it with great difficulties.

“Aunt Ou, it’s very painful, truly is very painful.” Ximen Wuhen gritted her teeth and sobbed. Her entire body was trembling and her hands were tightly clenched into fists.

Seeing the suffering appearance of Ximen Wuhen, the eyes of Aunt Ou turned red. Nearly shedding tears, she cursed in her heart: “Smelly brat of Ximen clan, don’t tell me that you were born to harm girls?”

“Child, don’t be like this, say it, you will feel a little bit better after speaking.” Aunt Ou patted the back of Ximen Wuhen and said softly.

“Aunt Ou, I actually…actually have fallen in love with my own blood brother, I am a shameless bad girl. Wuwu, I am a bad girl with no sense of shame.” Ximen Wuhen choked with sobs in the bosom of Aunt Ou, and she had bitten her lip so hard that blood was already coming out.

“Who said you are a shameless bad girl, who said? What’s wrong with falling in love with Ximen Yu, that smelly brat? That’s his good fortune of several lifetimes for you to fall in love with him.” Aunt Ou suddenly exclaimed agitatedly.

Ximen Wuhen was startled and raising her head, she said: “But he is my blood brother.”

“He isn’t.” Aunt Ou blurted out without thinking.

“Ah?” Ximen Wuhen was in dazed looking at Aunt Ou.

“What I mean is, perhaps he isn’t your brother. You look nothing like him.” Aunt Ou forcefully corrected herself in a haste.

Ximen Wuhen shook her head, and muttered: “How can that be? How wonderful it would be if that was the case.”

“Ai, silly girl, if you really love him, then just continue to love him, regardless of identity, and regardless of how other people think, can’t you do this?” Aunt Ou caressed Ximen Wuhen’s hair, and her other hand wiped the blood off her lip.

Ximen Wuhen shook her head in pain and said: “No, I can’t, if second brother knows my thoughts, then he will definitely not talk to me ever again, and if I let other people know, then that inevitably will shame my clan, so I can’t do that.”

“If it is impossible, then silently lock everything in your heart, and time will dilute everything.” Aunt Ou softly said.


“Don’t but, leave him, and go far away, then perhaps you will forget him.” Aunt Ou as if hypnotizing said slowly.

“Leave him, leave him.” Ximen Wuhen muttered repetitively, and her eyelids as of filled with leads began to close down.

Just when Ximen Wuhen was about to completely close her eyes, her entire body suddenly shook and she opened her eyes wide, then shaking her head, she said: “No, I cannot leave him, I do not ask too much, as long as I can stand beside him and look at him, it’s fine.”

Aunt Ou gently sighed, it seemed this really was destined by heaven. Now that she couldn’t redeem, she could just let nature take its course. If Ximen Yu, that smelly brat dares to make this child Wuhen suffer grievance, then I will peel off his skin.

Ximen Wuhen seemed to find an objective, yes, that’s right, compared to not being able to see him, everything else seemed to be nothing. After thinking clearly, Ximen Wuhen suddenly relaxed a lot. And feeling sleepy, moreover being in Aunt Ou’s that as if mother’s warm bosom, she fell asleep with tears stains still on her face.

Looking at sleeping soundly Ximen Wuhen, Aunt Ou lightly sighed and muttered: “Child, you must be happy.”

At that time, Aunt Ou’s appearance changed. Her grey hair instantly turned into pitch-black, her face full of wrinkles become smooth, and was full of mature charm. She unexpectedly was mysterious Sword Saint who had attacked Long Yi last time, or perhaps might be a female Sword God. Carefully looking at her outline and Ximen Wuhen’s outline, they unexpectedly had a resemblance. If someone saw this scene, then they would definitely think that they were mother and daughter.

Long Yi was silently sitting on the hilltop of Holy Magic Academy, and as if an old monk sitting in meditation, he was completely motionless. Long Ling’er was the first girl he had a relationship with in this world, and especially in such circumstance, so he had a kind of guilt and special feeling towards her and coupled with love that came with time, his reaction to just a moment ago was big like that.

“Well, tomorrow I should go and coax her. Looking at her appearance, she has clearly fallen in love with me, but just like little sister said, she herself is not clear, that’s all.” Long Yi thought in his heart. If all sorts of reactions of Long Ling’er of before was acting, then she was too frightening.

Just then, Long Yi instinctively felt danger, and his nerves immediately collapsed. After that, he instantly disappeared from that place and appeared in the sky. Just after that, the stone block he was sitting just now was crushed into pieces with purple sword qi.

“It’s you, big sis, at least greet me before attacking.” Long Yi looked at the beautiful middle-aged woman dressed in purple gown not far away in surprise, then said with a smile. Right now his body was wet due to cold sweat seeing that attack.

Beautiful middle aged woman coldly snorted and said: “Smelly brat, your realm rose again.”

Long Yi smirked and said: “Big sis, I don’t know what matter you have with me to look for me in the dead of the night?”

The beautiful middle-aged woman looked at Long Yi with her beautiful eyes, which send down chills down the spine of Long Yi, as he felt as if a viper was closely watching him.

“Didn’t I tell you to take good care of Long Ling’er and your little sister before, otherwise I will beat you until you became pig head?” The beautiful middle-aged woman said coldly.

Long Yi touched his nose and laughed hollowly while thinking confusedly. Don’t tell me that this woman is always looking at me? Otherwise, how did she know the instant there was a sign of disturbance, moreover, why is she so concern about Long Ling’er? Could it be that she is Ling’er’s biological mother? Long Yi let his imagination ran wild.

“Still daring to laugh, it seems your body is itching.” The beautiful middle-aged woman glared Long Yi and said.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulder, and said sternly: “I know you and my grandfather have a little deep friendship, and I respect you as a senior to some degree, but the matter between me and Ling’er is a private affair, don’t you feel you are meddling a little too much?”

The beautiful middle-aged woman snorted coldly and said unyieldingly: “There is no matter under the heaven that I cannot meddle.”

Long Yi laughed and said: “There is one thing that you certainly couldn’t meddle.”

“What?” The beautiful middle-aged woman asked.

“My grandfather’s heart.” Long Yi smiled and looked beautiful middle-aged woman face to face.

Sure enough, the complexion of the beautiful middle-aged woman changed after hearing the words of Long Yi, then with the sword of her hand pointing towards Long Yi, a powerful might covered the heaven, pressuring Long Yi.

“I say, big sis, even if I guessed right, no need to be so upset and angry, in any case, it’s already been a long time.”Long Yi used his spirit power and internal force to resist and said with a smile.

The beautiful middle-aged woman lowered her sword, and her might completely disperse, merely leaving faint distress and melancholy.

Seeing the sad complexion of this beautiful middle-aged woman, Long Yi suddenly felt somewhat sorry for her, so he said: “Big sis, that was just my nonsense, don’t take it seriously, you are so beautiful, my grandfather must have been fascinated by you in those years.”

The beautiful middle-aged woman raised her head and said with a slight smile: “You brat, all of you of Ximen clan are the same, deceiving people to death with sweet words and honeyed phrases.”

“Sweet words and honeyed phrases? What is that? I only spoke the truth.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“Well, you don’t have to flatter me, hereafter, don’t make those two girls sad, if I know that you make them sad again, then I will peel off your skin.” The beautiful middle-aged woman indifferently said.

“Rest assured, today is my fault, hereafter, I will not.” Long Yi admitted his mistake and said. But in the bottom of his heart there was a question, did he also make Ximen Wuhen sad? Why was this beautiful middle-aged woman always putting them together? He had an illusion as if Ximen Wuhen was the one who this beautiful middle-aged woman genuinely wanted to mention.

The beautiful middle-aged woman nodded her head and said: “Nowadays, the circumstance of the continent is bad and complicated, and your carefree days are also almost over, so always be sure to think thrice before you act.”

After speaking, the beautiful middle-aged woman disappeared in the night sky as if a ghost.

Long Yi habitually caressed his chin. This woman spoke to him just like his old man, and recalling the time when he was leaving at that time, Ximen Nu had also exhorted him like this.

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