Chapter 203: Ximen Nu’s secret letter

When the east sky brightened, in the mansion house of Ximen clan of Violent Dragon Empire’s Soaring Dragon city, the magic lamp of Ximen Nu’s study was still lit. Ximen Nu put down a thick stack of intelligence and rubbed his temples.

After that, Ximen Nu took out and spread open a picture scroll. Inside, there was a painting of three people. One of them was himself, another one was his first wife Dongfang Wan, and between them, there was a little boy who looked only two or three years old. This little boy had a pair of beautiful big eyes, which showed a trace of intelligence and vigor.

Looking at this painting, Ximen Nu’s exhausted face showed a trace of a smile, and he muttered: “This stupid boy, he finally didn’t let me down, he hooked up with even that girl Long Ling’er, truly making your father proud. Long Zhan ah, let’s see who will win the battle.”

At this time, Dongfang Wan pushed open the door and enter the study with a ginseng tea. And seeing Ximen Nu was looking at the portrait of Ximun Yu who was only two or three years old in the family portrait, she gently said: “Lord, you are also missing Yu’er.”

“Humph, why would I miss that dumb idiot, I am just casually looking through, that’s all. But you, your health isn’t good, so why are to waking up so early in the morning?” Ximen Nu put down the portrait and said in concern.

Dongfang Wan lightly sighed and said: “Lord, this is merely my heart disease. It’s already been two years since Yu’er left the clan, I wonder how he is getting by, have he eaten enough food or not, and is he wearing warm clothes or not. Without the protection of clan, is he being bullied by others or not.” Finished speaking, the eyes of Dongfang Wan turned red.

“Why are you crying again, aren’t I saying he is doing very well?” Ximen Nu said.

Dongfang Wan picked up the portrait from the table, then looking at the handsome little Ximen Yu on the portrait, she said: “Yu’er is my heart and soul. Unable to see him, my heart is always restless. Every time I dream, I only dream about him, Lord, can you send someone to bring him back? I am almost going crazy.”

“Well, I have already sent someone a few days ago. After next few days, you mother and son can meet again.” Ximen Nu caught the little hand of Dongfang Wan and said with a smile.

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“Really? Can I really see my Yu’er in the near future?” Dongfang Wan being wild with joy asked.

“Of course, it’s real, when have I ever lied to you.” Looking at his wife’s happy appearance, Ximen Nu nodded his head. When she saw the changes of her son, I fear she will be even happier.

Dongfang Wan happily circled around the study two times and said: “This won’t do, I have to buy some furniture for him, and also have to order several hundred clothing. Moreover, he likes to eat my cooking, but it’s already been so long since I last cooked, I have to practice cooking for these few days.”

“Wan’er, you…aren’t you being a little too excessive?” Ximen Nu said making a wry smile.

“Excessive? What excessive? My son is coming back, even these are not enough. Oh, that’s right, that girl of Nangong clan, has she returned? Let’s get them married when Yu’er came back, that will save me from worrying too much.” Dongfang Wan said.

Ximen Nu stroked his chin’s beard, then nodding his head, he said: “Yes, Yu’er should get married. In the blink of an eye, he is already 20. After few days, I will go to speak with Nangong clan’s elders to make the preparation.”

Just then, a knocking sound with strange rhythm came, and Dongfang Wan immediately said tactfully: “I am leaving first, Lord, you haven’t slept the entire night, please be sure to take a rest in a moment.”


Long Yi floated down the mountain. At this moment, it was already early morning. And when he reached the foot of the mountain, he saw teachers and students exercising. Seeing Long Yi, each and every one of them greeted him with all smiles, as Long Yi was a celebrity in Holy Magic Academy.

Long Yi also greeted them back with a smile, then walked towards the girls’ dormitory where Long Ling’er lived. This girl was depressed the entire night, so she ought to be calmed down now.

“Long Yi, please stop.” At that time, a loud and clear voice came from behind.

Long Yi confusedly turned around and saw a middle-aged man with a small beard was walking towards him. Long Yi recognized him, this person was a teacher of Douqi Department’s Thief class, named Na Yitian [1]. At that time when he heard this name, he had nearly laughed. The naming sense of this teacher’s father was truly matchless.

“What’s the matter, teacher Na Yitian?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Do you know me?” Na Yitian somewhat confusedly asked.

“Heh heh, in Holy Magic Academy, who don’t know you, famous teacher Na (teacher That).”  Long Yi answered with a smile.

“Is that so? So I am also famous like this?” Na Yitian said with a smile.

“Yes, you are a legend in the world of Thief, but, why are you looking for me?” Long Yi flattered with a smile and then asked. This Na Yitian truly had no small reputation in the world of Thief. Other than few retired old timers, no one could match his skills. [T.L Thief as in class, not the literal thief]

Na Yitian looked left and right, and seeing no one was paying attention to them, he suddenly crisscrossed his hand, making a strange signal.

The pupils of Long Yi shrunk. This was the unique signal of Ximen clan and was used for the initial confirmation of the identity.

Two people came to a secluded place, and Long Yi casually set up a barrier.

“Subordinate Na Yitian greets young master, this is the secret letter patriarch has sent, please look over, young master.” Na Yitian went down to one knee, then taking out a sealed bamboo roll from his space ring, he handed it over to Long Yi.

Long Yi was startled while taking the bamboo roll. He had never thought that the tentacles of Ximen clan were stretched so long. There was a spy even in Holy Magic Academy, moreover, his status wasn’t ordinary too.

Long Yi unfold the bamboo roll, and a silk rolled out from inside, then he read it.

Not long after, after he finished reading, he clutched his big right hand, and when he opened his hand again, there was only a wisp of smoke curling upwards. That silk had already disappeared without a trace.

“I wonder what position teacher Na have in Ximen clan?” Long Yi asked curiously.

Na Yitian was dumbfounded, and he answered: “Without the permission of patriarch, I cannot reveal my identity as I please.”

Long Yi nodded his head and said: “Forget it, if there is nothing else, then you can leave first.”

“Yes, young master.” Na Yitian got up and turned around to walk, but he suddenly stopped and again turning round, he asked: “I hope young master will remove the barrier first.”

“Well, I forgot that, heh heh.” Long Yi smiled and removed the barrier and looking at gradually getting further back view of Na Yitian, he seemed to be lost in thoughts.

This letter was indeed written by his father Ximen Nu. The letter stated that the situation of Blue Waves Continent was getting more complicated, and Soaring Dragon city was also cloudy due to the unexpected turn of event, so Ximen Nu asked him to return back to help. The letter also mentioned that his mother Dongfang Wan was missing him so much that now she was ill. She hoped to see him soon.

Should he return? Long Yi walked towards girls’ dormitory while thinking. To tell the truth, he had already stayed in Mea Principality for a long period of time. After Adventure Convention, if he didn’t get involved in this great flames of war, then the days would definitely be without storm and surprise. These kind of days were not bad to experience once in a while, but if this kind of days stays for a long time, then Long Yi’s that restless heart would yearn for even more stimulating life.

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[1] Na Yitian: That Day or That One Day

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