Chapter 204: Awkward, helping younger sister comb her hair

Perhaps returning was not the wrong choice. Long Yi thought in his heart, but he didn’t want to get involved in kindness and resentment between clans. Otherwise, at that time, he inevitably will involve in the interest of many people, and that undoubtedly will be truly troublesome.

Soon, Long Yi arrived at girls’ dormitory, and seeing Aunt Ou was busy doing her work, he dashed into the girls’ dormitory.

Aunt Ou immediately raised her head and her eyes glimmered, then turning around her head, she saw Long Yi with a smile yet not a smile expression.

“Aunt Ou, did you sleep well yesterday?” Long Yi asked while grinning.

The expression of Aunt Ou had a minute change, and said in a hoarse voice: “Smelly brat, still not rolling out quickly.”

Long Yi smirked and was sure that this Aunt Ou was female Sword Saint who had a love affair with his grandfather. At first, he merely suspected this, because last time when he was participating in Adventure Convention, he felt that the eyes of this Aunt Ou were seemingly familiar. And after seeing that female Sword Saint yesterday again, he had a suspicion, so today he tested her, and sure enough, he was able to confirm his suspicion.

Long Yi went upstairs, but he was still lost in thought in his heart. There were truly strange matters every year, and this year, in particular, had even more strange matters. She, a dignified Swords Saint, why was she willing to change herself into an old woman, and become the guard of Holy Magic Academy? In any case, there should be a purpose.

Long Yi effortlessly opened the door of Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen’s dormitory room, and entering the room, he gently closed the door. There was no one in the hall, and a gurgling sound of water was coming from the bathroom, presumably, someone was bathing inside. Long Yi gently opened the door of Long Ling’er’s bedroom, and seeing the brocade quilt was thrown aside and the bed was empty, he guessed that the one inside the bathroom was definitely Long Ling’er.

Sitting on the soft sofa, Long Yi stared at the bathroom door, while thinking Long Ling’er was in the process of using her little hands to caress her whole body, including that pure white jade neck, exquisite collarbone, those jade peaks, and moving down towards the smooth lower abdomen, then further down…….

Long Yi felt terribly hot while thinking, and his gaze also became scorching hot. Perhaps he should go in and have a couple bath with Long Ling’er, then she might be surer of her own heart. Long Yi smirked while thinking this.

Since his desire was aroused, he had to take action. Long Yi stood up and lightly walked over. Then holding the bathroom’s handle by his big hand, he lightly turned it around.

The door of the bathroom slowly opened, and in the midst of vapor, a curvy and exquisite snow white back view appeared in front of the eyes of Long Yi. That back view could be rated as perfect, and especially that pert snow-white buttocks, it simply swayed the feeling of people.

This is not Long Ling’er, Long Yi was startled in his heart, as he was incomparably familiar with every part of her body. Although her ** was also equally beautiful enough to suffocate people, but this person before his eyes was definitely not her.

“Ling’er, I am bathing, why did you open the door and come in?” A crisp voice resounded and ** figure slowly turned around. Then, seeing Long Yi’s that expression that had changed from infatuated to shock, her charming body stiffened, immediately entering into a petrified state.

Long Yi was stunned watching at the stark naked **, those ample **, and a faintly visible gully in front of him. Merely, this person was actually his little sister Ximen Wuhen, this……,

Both of them were stupefied looking at each other for a while. Suddenly, Long Yi was the first to wake up with a start. He hastily turned around and leaving the bathroom, he sat on the sofa while gasping for breath. He was unable to stop his mind from having erotic thoughts recalling that scene of just now.

Long Yi shook his head, then gave himself a hard slap, while repeatedly thinking: “She is your sister, so why are you letting your imagination run wild?”

But his heart however had a kind of taboo pleasure, and there was another voice in his heart, that said: “What sister, you are not real Ximen Yu, in terms of souls, you two are complete strangers, so why not?”

The heart of Long Yi trembled, but he firmly pinched himself with his big hand, until these evil thoughts completely vanish.

Here Long Yi was in dilemma not knowing how to disciple himself, and there inside the bathroom, Ximen Wuhen however was even more unable to bear. She had squatted down, while burying her face in her palm, letting the water spray on her smooth back.

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Ximen Wuhen was very embarrassed in her heart, but the most important matter was not this embarrassment, rather that happiness welling up in her heart in the midst of shame. Long Yi was her brother, and she loved him, so she didn’t feel that she suffered a loss after he saw her body, instead felt somewhat happy. But because of this feeling, she didn’t know how she should face Long Yi now. She was afraid to let him know her little secret, otherwise wouldn’t he hate her and not allow her to stay by his side?

Ximen Wuhen hesitated in the bathroom for a long time. And finally, she stood straight and looked at that dainty and delicate girl with hazy eyes, bright red cheeks and emitting love aura standing in the midst of mist, reflected on the magic mirror.

Ximen Wuhen took a deep breath and recalled the talk she had with Aunt Ou. Aunt Ou had said that if she couldn’t separate herself from worldly prejudice and forcibly love Long Yi, then she should leave him. But if she absolutely wanted to stay beside him, then don’t have any distracting thoughts and just be his blood sister.

Throw away worldly prejudice, it’s not that Ximen Wuhen had not thought of this, she had considered so much so that even if she was doomed to be a moth darting into a flame, she would burn her own life to love him. Her love was strong, and her love will not budge even if the mountains collapsed and the earth cracked up. But, she really wasn’t a girl without intellect. She and Long Yi weren’t a single individual. If the matter was exposed, then her clan would be shamed. Moreover, what she was most worried about was, after learning of this, Long Yi would leave her. So, because she had too many scruples, she decided to stay beside Long Yi throughout her life as his little sister. Even if he cared about her as only his younger sister, she would be satisfied.

After thinking this, the complexion of Ximen Wuhen gradually reverted back to normal. She wiped her body and after putting on her clothing, she walked out.

“Second brother, why didn’t you knock when coming in? Fortunately, you are my second brother, otherwise, I would have been so ashamed that I would have committed suicide.” Ximen Wuhen said with discontent and lovely tone. Then sitting down beside Long Yi, she held his arm without any hesitation, just like before.

Long Yi was startled, these light words of Ximen Wuhen which didn’t even try to cover up made the awkward atmosphere between them to disappear without a trace. This made Long Yi ashamed for having such evil thoughts just a moment ago, and at the same time, he secretly admired his little sister too. She truly was very intelligent.

“Yes, second brother is wrong, second brother saw that there was no one inside the bedroom of Ling’er, so I thought the one inside the bathroom was her, heh heh.” Long Yi smiled and said while caressing the wet hair of Ximen Wuhen.

“Stupid second brother, early in the morning, Ling’er came to my room and fell asleep.” Ximen Wuhen smiled just like a flower, but no one knows the bitterness in her heart.

“This, your second brother isn’t a celestial being, so how can I know that she ran to your room.” Long Yi laughed then turning around, he picked up the hair of Ximen Wuhen with his hands, and using internal force, a pleasantly warm air wrapped her long hair. After that, with dense water vapor rising, her hair quickly dried, becoming supple and smooth.

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Ximen Wuhen half closed her eyes, enjoying this warm move of Long Yi. Now she was even more determined to bury her love in the bottom of her heart, like this she would always be Long Yi’s closest little sister and draw such natural and comfortable warmth from his heart.

“Second brother, can you help me comb my hair?” Ximen Wuhen suddenly muttered.

“Comb your hair? Okay, your second brother’s craftsmanship is unparalleled in the world.” Long Yi said with a smile. In his previous life, he had dabbled into hair styling too, because sometimes his mission target was a woman, and talking about the things the women were most interested in was the most effective way to approach them, so he had to be aware of this aspect to some extent.

Ximen Wuhen sat down with her back facing towards Long Yi. And her pitch-black smooth hair was straightly hanged down as if a waterfall. Her hair was soft as if a satin, honestly was too beautiful. Long Yi had never seen such beautiful hair in his previous world.

Long Yi’s hand in the hair of Ximen Wuhen moved skillfully. The temperament of Ximen Wuhen was very graceful, and there was a little of ‘above worldly material attraction’ appearance too, so Long Yi didn’t decorate her hair too excessively, merely he moved up the smooth hair of beside her two ears and rolled them into a lily shape, then fixed them. After that, he combed her bangs, and combed the hair on her back, piling up layer upon layer, and used his true qi to roll them. Like this when they were hanging down loosely, she will look just like a beautiful young girl of an anime, appearing unreal.

“Second brother, still not finished, are you making your devastatingly beautiful little sister into a female devil that came from hell?” Ximen Wuhen asked somewhat worriedly.

“It’s almost done.” Long Yi answered, and after fiddling few times, he stopped. Then walking to the front of Ximen Wuhen, he looked at her, then he immediately shook his head and sighed.

“Why? Am I not good-looking?” Ximen Wuhen asked.

Long Yi shook his head and said while sighing: “No, too beautiful, simply is peerlessly beautiful, ah, if you walk out like this, then you will definitely slaughter us, men.”

“Why?” Ximen Wuhen asked.

“When they saw you, you will steal their soul, isn’t this slaughtering?” Long Yi smiled and said.

“Hateful, then second brother, how come your soul isn’t stolen by me? Ximen Wuhen giggled and said.

“Because, your second brother has experienced countless beauties, so how can you compare your second brother with those green kids.” Long Yi spoke nonsense. He didn’t say, but in fact, even he also lost his spirit for an instant just now. He had to admit that Ximen Wuhen was really an exceptional unique beauty in this world, and especially after just bathing, her body was scattering that clear and sweet fragrance, which was absolutely a fatal temptation for any men.

At that time, the door of Ximen Wuhen’s bedroom suddenly opened, and Long Ling’er wearing pajama stood in the doorway. She was dumbfounded looking at laughing siblings.

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