Chapter 205: Angry Shui Ruoyan

Ximen Wuhen turned around, and her expression stiffened, then soon afterward again revert back to normal, and she said with a smile: “Ling’er, you woke up, look, second brother helped me to tie up my hair, isn’t this beautiful?”

Long Ling’er timidly took a fleeting glance at Long Yi, and walked over, then looked at Ximen Wuhen’s that strangely beautiful hairstyle, those two lilies made from her hair beside her ears, and that long hair hanging down on her back. This truly was very beautiful.

At this moment, Ximen Wuhen stood up, she rotated around two times, and her pitch black silk hair hanging down to her waist flew around along with the rotation of her body, and she looked as if a female celestial that had descended to the human world.

“Beautiful.” Long Ling’er muttered, and her eyes showed envy.

“Really? I will go and see it myself.” Ximen Wuhen smiled and rushed into her bedroom, then sitting in front of her dressing table, she blankly stared at that devastatingly beautiful young girl without even a bit of inelegance in the mirror, she thought, was this really her?

Ximen Wuhen looked left and right, then she dashed out happily. After that excitedly hugging Long Yi’s neck, she kissed his face all of a sudden. Then looking at Long Ling’er, she said while grinning: “Ling’er, I kissed you’re your husband, don’t mind okay.”

Long Ling’er looked towards Long Yi, she naturally didn’t mind this. Although siblings being so close like this was very rare in Blue Waves Continent, but it was not like there really was not any of them, so this didn’t appear abnormal in her eyes. Now she was only worried about whether Long Yi was still upset with her in his heart after that matter of yesterday. She thought throughout the night, and now although there was still some confusion, but she knew that she had really fallen in love with him. But there was still that pain coming from the bottom of her heart, and if she were to falsify that, then one could only say that her spirit has a serious problem.

Long Yi looked at Long Ling’er who was staring at him with pitiable expression, then holding her waist with his big hand, he pulled her into his bosom. After that, before Long Ling’er could be happy, he heavily spanked her buttocks several times. And the burning pain made Long Ling’er tear up, but she was happy in her heart. This means Long Yi forgave her.

“Ling’er, from now on, your body as well as your heart are all mine, if you dare to let them run off the track by even a bit, then I will spank your buttocks until they split. Do you understand?” Long Yi raised the chin of Long Ling’er and said while staring at her with a deep gaze.

“Mhm.” Long Ling’er bit her lower lip and nodded her head.

Long Yi nodded his head in satisfaction, then bending over, he pecked the lips of Long Ling’er all of a sudden.

“Smelly second brother, if you want to be intimate, then look for a place with no-one around, here, you are poisoning I, this grown-up maiden’s mind.” Ximen Wuhen pouted in dissatisfaction.

Long Ling’er shyly struggled free from the bosom of Long Yi, then withdrew behind Ximen Wuhen.

Long Yi just smiled, then sitting on the soda, he said leisurely: “I have decided. After few days, I will return back to Soaring Dragon City, will you two also return back together with me?”

“Of course, it’s terrific, we are finally returning home.” Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er excitedly jumped. Looking back, it had already been more than a year since they had left home. They had never left home for such a long period of time before.

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After being happy for a while, Ximen Wuhen came back to her sense and said: “Second brother, why are we not setting out immediately? Do you have something else to handle?”

Long Yi nodded his head. Elf princess Lu Xiya, furthermore Barbarian Bull, that burly hadn’t come to look for him and he was longing to see them, so he decided to go to Elven Forest before returning home.

“Second Brother, what’s that matter? Aren’t you just going to look for another little sister?” Ximen Wuhen chuckled and ask.

“You are right, I am going to Elven Forest.” Long Yi admitted with a smile. In any case, they were already clear about his romantic behavior, so it was not necessary to be secretive.

“Is it to look for that beautiful elf?” Long Ling’er asked while recalling that beautiful and pure elf beside Long Yi she had seen at that time in Mea Principality.

“Yes.” Long Yi nodded his head.

“Then take us together, I want to see the legendary Elven Forest very much. I heard that place is comparable to a fairyland and is the most beautiful place of Blue Waves Continent.” Ximen Wuhen pulled the sleeve of Long Yi’s garment and requested. And Long Ling’er also showed earnestly hoping expression.

Long Yi thought for a bit, there seemed to be no problem in taking them to Elven Forest. Moreover, he didn’t know when he will come back to Mea Principality again, so he nodded his head in agreement. Seeing this, both women immediately cheered and became excited.

And after chatting and laughing for a little while, the barrier produced by Long Ling’er quickly disappeared with a trace. Now they revert back to the state of sticking to each other like a glue.

At noon, Lin Na came over looking for two women, and seeing Long Yi, she was stunned for a little while. And again seeing Long Ling’er was sitting on the lap of Long Yi, she muttered in her heart. These two were strained yesterday because of unknown reasons, but how come they are again like a pair of lovers today? I truly can’t understand them.

“Second Brother, your maid is here, quickly make her run for errands.” Ximen Wuhen chuckled.

Long Yi smiled and said: “Since she didn’t admit, forget it. I don’t need this kind of maid who doesn’t acknowledge her defeat.”

The beautiful face of Lin Na became red, then she snorted: “Who said I will not admit, I, Lin Na am a person true to my word.”

Long Yi was surprised, then curling his lips, he said: “Didn’t your grandfather give you a lesson yesterday? I don’t need a maid whose heart is unwilling.”

Lin Na glared and shouted: “Don’t talk nonsense, since I agreed to the bet I will accept the loss, I will not become a tortoise.”

Long Yi smiled, so it was like that. But his handsome face sunk and he said: “Bold Maid, actually using this kind of tone to speak with master, still not pouring a cup of tea for your master.”

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Lin Na was stunned for a bit, then said with a smile: “Yes, master.” Finished speaking, she poured a cup of tea, then handing it over to Long Yi, she said with a smile: “Master, please have a tea.”

Long Yi took the cup of tea, then seeing high spirited Lin Na, he couldn’t help but think: “How come this girl is so happy, could it be that a masochist tendency lurks inside her innermost heart?”

Long Yi sipped a mouthful of tea, and carefully sized up Lin Na’s fine facial features, red hair, and her figure with nice curves, which gave people a kind of provocative feeling.

“Why are you looking me like this?” Seeing Long Yi was staring at her, Lin Na couldn’t help but said angrily, feeling somewhat shy.

The eyes of Long Ling’er flashed. Hearing the tone of Lin Na, which seemed to somewhat have the composition of acting coquettishly, she knew that this absolutely was a dangerous signal.

“Hehe, can’t I see my maid? I will not be able to see after I leave.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Lin Na was dumbfounded and asked: “You all are going?”

“M-hm, it’s already been a long time since we come out, so we have to return now, so you can forget about that bet.” Long Yi said.

“But…but…” Lin Na stuttered as she didn’t know what to say. Now she was having complex feeling in her heart, and also had some bitter and sad feeling.

“Don’t but, you however are that old man PuXiuSi’s granddaughter, and I still fear him using his fire to roast me into charcoal.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Lin Na twisted the corner of the lower hem of her robe, then with a stiffened face, she said: “Guess you have a conscience, I was also eagerly looking forward to this, who want to become the maid of you, this smelly fellow.”

Long Yi shrugged his shoulder, then feeling his stomach, he said: “So hungry, let’s go to have a meal.”

After four people left the building, en route, who would have thought that they would coincidentally come across Shu Ruoyan who had just got out of the class, and she also joined them. With beauties surrounding him, he naturally attracted thousands and tens of thousands of gazes, among which, some were filled with jealousy, and some were filled with admiration.

Long Yi being thick-skinned, neither his face became red, nor he felt nervous, and casually accepted the gazes of everyone. Honestly, this kind of feeling was very good. Now he however was a big legend of Holy Magic Academy. Even if he left Holy Magic Academy hereafter, no one could reach his legend.

In Intoxicated Fragrant Building, that proprietor respectfully welcomed them and led them to that VIP private room of before. It seems Feng Ling had instructed him.

Inside the room, Shui Ruoyan finally learned about the news of Long Yi leaving from the mouth of other girls. She was startled all of a sudden, and that spoon she was holding also fell down. Her reaction was so big that it surprised all others.

After a long time, Shui Ruoyan came back to her sense, and silently picking up her fallen spoon, she unconsciously mixed the foods inside her bowl. And after a long time, she softly asked: “Are you really leaving? Are you not coming back?”

Long Ling’er look at Long Yi, then used her little hand to ruthlessly pinch his waist. This flirtatious dirty bastard, he even fooled around with teacher, she truly wanted to tear out the corner of his mouth which frequently had a seductive smile hanged on it, then see how he will charm other women again.

Long Yi hissed, then stretching out his big hand, he reached out between the thighs of Long Ling’er, then the entire body of Long Ling’er suddenly weakened, and her little hand located on his waist also changed from pinch to hug.

“Of course, I will return, I wonder how long you will wait for me.” Long Yi said.

“Is that so?” Shui Ruoyan absent-mindedly answered. The atmosphere of the room suddenly cooled down and all the other women also seem to be lost in thought, becoming absent-minded.

Long Yi put down his chopsticks, then looking at the different expressions of all women, he made a wry smile in his heart, damn it, all are making me depressed.

“You all continue to eat, I am going to the washroom.” Long Yi was somewhat unable to bear such depressing atmosphere, so he got up and left.

After entering the toilet, he undid his pants and comfortably whistled while releasing his liquid waste. And at that time, the door of the toilet was suddenly opened with a bang, and Shui Ruoyan with furious expression rushed in.

Long Yi who was in the process of feeling comfortable and refreshed, seeing a woman rushing in, his body suddenly shook and he nearly peed on his own pants. Then hastily holding back his pee, he confusedly squeezed his big fellow into his pants.

“What do you come here for, the ladies’ room is on the opposite.” Long Yi said while making a wry smile.

Shui Ruoyan angrily glared at Long Yi, then after locking the door of the toilet, she walked towards Long Yi step by step.

Long Yi felt very nervous, this woman is not very normal, can it be that she wants to push him down inside this toilet.

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