Chapter 206: Evil, again seeing evil

“What do you want to do?” Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked.

“What to do? I will beat you to death.” Shui Ruoyan pounced on Long Yi and began scratching and biting, making Long Yi not know whether to laugh or to cry. In any case, she was a teacher, so how could she be so violent like a little girl.

“All right, all right, stop it.” Long Yi reached out his hands to push Shui Ruoyan away, and he happened to feel he was grabbing warm and elastic soft ample flesh with his hands. Having fought a hundred battles, he instantly knew what he was grabbing, so he immediately let them go and retreated two steps back.

Shui Ruoyan with red face stared at him without even blinking, and said: “Bastard, you still dare to take cheap advantage of me.”

“I didn’t mean to.” Long Yi said but he suddenly felt as if this reason was somewhat forced.

“You…taking cheap advantage is taking, but don’t think that you can sneak off after eating without taking responsibility.” Shui Ruoyan said while glaring at Long Yi.

“Haven’t I not eaten yet?” Long Yi muttered.

“So…that’s why you are treating me so coldly like this. Aren’t you deliberately retaliating against me?” Shui Ruoyan glared at Long Yi and saying such words, she blushed and her heart palpitate.

Long Yi endlessly made a wry smile in his heart. In the beginning, he truly had such thoughts, but in the final analysis, it’s just a means of loosening the reins only to grasp them better, nothing else. This little girl was intentionally leaving his appetite hanging, as in every crucial moment, she would leave. But later in Illusory Magic Forest, there were many troubles on one side and on the other side, there was Ling Feng, this girl disguising as a boy, passionately in love with him, so he naturally was unable to attend each and every aspect of this matter. Looking from this aspect, having many women was also not a good thing ah.

“You are not answering, that means I am right, aren’t I? If you want to retaliate then retaliate, but after messing with me so much that I wasn’t able to sleep soundly due to distress, how can you abandon me and leave?” Shui Ruoyan hatefully stamped her feet, then mustering her courage, she leaned into the bosom of Long Yi.

Holding a warm fragrant jade inside men’s lavatory, Long Yi suddenly felt a kind of different stimulation. He didn’t push away Shui Ruoyan again, as that would appear somewhat hypocritical. With such peerlessly beautiful woman throwing herself into his arms, which man would be stupid enough to decline?

Long Yi embraced Shui Ruoyan’s fragrant shoulder and sighed: “No, I am not thinking of slipping away, rather I have to return. Whatever one says, the blood of Ximen clan flows within my body, so I have to bear some responsibility.”

Shui Ruoyan tightened her hold on Long Yi’s waist and mutter: “Then I will also go with you.”

Long Yi smiled, and just when he wanted to nod his head, he suddenly recalled something. He was not that blockhead Ximen Yu of before. His father, Ximen Nu, was secretly hoarding such power, moreover, with all sorts of signs of before, he absolutely was not a loyal subject, and now had already revealed his aspiration to the throne. He had mentioned about the situation of Soaring Dragon City in the letter, moreover, on the surface, he showed that he was of one mind with Emperor Long Zhan to form an alliance with Nalan Empire to resist Proud Moon Empire, but in fact, currently the waters of Soaring Dragon City was very deep, and if careless, one might drown there. As an emperor of an empire, Long clan’s position was deep-rooted in the heart of common people, and they definitely also have a large secret force in private, so when Ximen clan and Long clan fight against each other, victory or defeat was still unknown. The only thing that was certain was, in the future, Soaring Dragon City would definitely be stormy. And under the situation of open strife and veiled struggle, was it a good thing to bring back the girls with him? Especially Long Ling’er, she was the daughter of Emperor Long Zhan, at that time, when she had to choose between her clan and lover, how would she choose?

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Seeing Long Yi not answering for a long period of time, Shui Ruoyan’s nose become sour and she said sadly: “You don’t want to take me, right?”

Long Yi came back to his senses, then caressing her face, he said: “It’s not like I don’t want to take you, rather I cannot, as even I don’t know what will happen after I return this time. You stay here in Holy Magic Academy, the children here need you, don’t tell me that you have the heart to abandon them? You also know how much they love you.”

Shui Ruoyan was dumbfounded, she truly hated to part with those girls of her class, but……

“Don’t make excuses, aren’t you taking Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen with you?” Shui Ruoyan said.

“They……they will also not return.” Long Yi sighed and made up his mind to leave two girls in Holy Magic Academy.

After hearing Long Yi, Shui Ruoyan couldn’t find any other reason to refute.

When two of them returned to the room, Lin Na and others used a strange gaze to look at them in jealousy, then all of them simultaneously snorted to show their dissatisfaction.

Now that Long Yi had already decided to not take these two women with him, he feared for these two women’s emotional rebound, so he naturally wanted to curry favor with them. He had already made a promise to take them back, but now he wanted to go back in his words, this naturally was wrong.

“Long Yi, go to the office of my grandpa. He told me to asked you to find him if I see you.” After the lunch, Lin Na said to Long Yi.

“That old man is looking for me? Do you know why?” Long Yi asked.

“I don’t know, but always calling my grandpa old man this, old man that, that’s disrespecting him.” Lin Na angrily said.

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“Nonsense, little girl, know what, calling him old man is already the biggest respect for him, if I call him dean, he will definitely be terribly suspicious.” Long Yi smirked and said.

“Twisting words and forcing logic.” Lin Na snorted.

Long Yi smiled and said nothing. He also wanted to look for that old man PuXiuShi. He wanted to ask him about the matters of Flames Mountain, how he knew the existence of Flame Mountain and also wanted to ask how to open that place.

Returning to Holy Magic Academy, Long Yi asked women to return, then he headed towards the dean office of PuXiuSi. The dean office of PuXiuSi was separate two-storey peculiar shaped building. This was his personal space. Moreover, there was also had two-storey basement underground. He generally tested new magic in this building.

Just after walking to the front of this building, Long Yi sensed a layer of a powerful barrier. This barrier seemed to be the combination of water and fire elements.

Breaking the barrier was naturally Long Yi’s forte. His internal force, other than using for attack purpose, he could use it to absorb magic powers effortlessly.

“Really strong, can it be that Shui Linglong is also here.” Long Yi muttered, then speed up the circulation of his internal force.

After about ten minutes, Long Yi successfully passed through the barrier and got inside. After getting inside, to his surprise, he heard panting sounds. If he didn’t guess wrong, these sounds should be coming from a man and a woman, could it be that…… Long Yi immediately had wicked thoughts in his heart.

Following the sound, Long Yi arrived outside the two-storey building. The sounds were definitely coming from inside. He gently turned the doorknob to open a small crack, then from the chink in the door, he looked inside. The scene he saw inside stupefied him, and his eyeballs nearly jumped out from his eye sockets.

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