Chapter 207: Kick Your A**

Long Yi stared tongue-tied and was dumbfounded on the spot, God, what am I seeing? He saw the room was in a fearful mess, there were burning trace and also frozen trace. Naturally, these were not enough to make him react like this. He saw the clothing of PuXiuSi was tattered, revealing more than half of his buttocks, and was pushing down a woman whose face he couldn’t see from there. The bodies of both of them were shaking, and their mouths were also issuing panting sound.

F*ck, this old b*stard, he is already so old yet he is eating secretly. Looking at your unfirm muscles, how can your ‘that place’ still stand, could it be that you are taking a medicine? Long Yi cursed in his heart.

The heart of Long Yi naturally was in disequilibrium. PuXiuSi was so old, but he was unexpectedly making love with a young woman, this simply was too excessive. Why did Long Yi know that this woman was young? Because from the tattered pants of this woman revealed a snow-white skin, how could an old woman have such resilient skin?

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Long Yi was indignant in his heart. Seeing the clothing of two people were torn like this, he presumed that the course was considerably intense. Both of them probably were thirsting for it, so they hit it off, this adulterous couple.

Looking for a little while, Long Yi slowly felt something was not right. How come they were continuously shaking nonstop? Even if they reached **, he had never seen nor heard anyone’s ** lasting for so long without dissipating. Furthermore, listening to those panting sounds carefully, they didn’t seem delighted moaning rather groaning in agony.

Long Yi hastily pushed open the door and rushed in, then saw the forehead of PuXiuSi was full of cold sweat, and his face was twisted due to pain. Long Yi helped PuXiuSi turn over to the side, and saw the face of the woman under him. Sure enough, she was Shui Ruoyan’s grandmother Shui Linglong. She had closed her eyes tightly with her face showing agony, and similarly, she was also not properly dressed, revealing the large portion of her snow-white skin.

Could it be that all the old women of this world take good care of their looks like this? Even though they are very old in age, but they still look so young. Long Yi muttered, involuntarily recalling that female Sword Saint, who was said to be grandmother level personage. It’s truly unfair for only them to appear so young.

Long Yi finally stopped letting his imagination go wild, then extending his hands, he examined the pulse in the wrists of them two. He felt their pulse was chaotic, sometimes it was strong, sometimes it was weak. Then again looking at the mess of the room, he was certain that they had an accident when they were testing magic.

Long Yi found that the entire body of these two people was flooding with dense water and fire magic elements. These elements were rampaging within their body, destroying their body from inside.

Long Yi no longer hesitate to use his internal force to quickly absorb and assimilate those uncontrollable magic elements within their body, enhancing the magic cores in his sea of consciousness a little.

After everything was settled, two Master Archmage who were at the highest level of magic in Blue Waves Continent woke up. Sure enough, the older the ginger the spicier, they must have experienced too many stormy waves, as even when they saw the appearance of each other, they didn’t scream in panic like a little girl and a little boy, rather they immediately take out clothing from their space ring and wore it.

“Well, you two were a bit too intense, no matter how craving you two were, there is no need to be this way, you two even injured your body.” Long Yi smirked and said. In this entire world, only Long Yi would be brave enough to joke around two Master Archmage.

PuXiuSi instantly got so angry that he was fuming, and his face turned red. If it was not for him being in a weak state now, then he truly would have used a forbidden magic spell to burn this smelly kid until even his bones were not left.

Shui Linglong nevertheless didn’t take offense, was gentle as before. She smiled thinly and said: “Long Yi, is it? I have already heard your famous name at an earlier time. In the future, I will definitely repay you back for saving this old woman’s life.”

“Truly? How will you repay me?” Long Yi immediately asked with a smile. He didn’t care whether these words of Shui Linglong was merely polite words, he shouldn’t let this kind of gain slip by, as Shui Linglong’s influence in Blue Waves Continent was too big.

Shui Linglong was startled for a moment, then scolded in jest: “This smelly kid, you are truly just like how Ruoyan had stated, fine, as long as you have a demand, I will do my best to help you.”

“This however is something you said yourself, and as Master Archmage, you cannot go back on your words.” Long Yi smiled and said, then turning towards PuXiuSi, he said: “Old man, how will you repay me?”

“Smelly kid, you still want me to repay you? Isn’t it enough that you trick my good granddaughter to become your maid? Moreover, you extorted 1000 Amethyst coins from me under false pretenses, what else do you want?” PuXiuSi said panting in rage. Looking at his appearance, it seems as if he wanted to peel off the skin of Long Yi and eat him.

“Your granddaughter is not qualified to be my maid, so I decline her. Besides, your matter and your granddaughter’s matter is separate.” Long Yi smirked and said.

“Humph, this brat is truly too cunning, Shui Linglong, you must be careful, he might steal your granddaughter and run away.” PuXiuSi coldly snorted and said to Shui Linglong.

Shui Linglong smiled but didn’t speak. Only after sizing up Long Yi for a while with her beautiful eyes, she nodded her head and said: “I fear he has already stolen my granddaughter long ago, merely he is also not bad, other than him being fickle in love matters.”

Long Yi rolled his eyes and said to PuXiuSi: “Old man, why did you call me?”

PuXiuSi found an intact chair to sit on, then said: “Of course I have a matter, tell me what you encounter in Illusory Magic Forest. I heard you all went to the place outside of the map.”

Long Yi raised his eyebrows, and said with a smile: “This, why should I tell you?”

PuXiuSi was stagnant for a moment, then said while glaring at Long Yi: “I am the dean, and you are a student, so you must tell me.”

Long Yi curled up his lips, then turning around, he walked out. And just when wanted to step out of the doorway, a shrunk version Fiery Dragon Roar came from behind him. But Long Yi just slapped without even turning his head. It was simply a dream to injure him with this level of magic. But who would have thought that, just like living thing, this fiery dragon unexpectedly dodged him, and from another tricky direction, it attacked towards his crotch.

Long Yi immediately got angry. This old b*stard was unexpectedly attacking his family jewels. His body flashed and instantly appearing behind PuXiuSi as if a ghost, he kicked towards his buttocks.

Since PuXiuSi had already fought with Long Yi before, he knew that Long Yi’s that ghostly ability, so he had already prepared a sealed forbidden level fire barrier magic spell to protect himself. He unsealed it in this instant. This however was something he had spent a very long time to make. A blazing white flame suddenly flashed from his body, and this room immediately changed into a smelting furnace. This extremely high temperature instantly burn everything inside the room into ashes. Fortunately, the range of this protection forbidden magic spell was relatively centralized, mainly to protect the caster himself, otherwise, this building would have collapsed.

According to the circumstance, as early as PuXiuSi released this Fire Protection Barrier, Shui Linglong also released an Ice Protection Barrier, so she was not affected.

After dazzling white light dispersed, Shui Linglong opened her eyes and saw ** Long Yi standing in the same place. His leg was still maintaining a kicking posture, but PuXiuSi who was originally standing beside Long Yi had disappeared without a trace. And looking around, she discovered PuXiuSi was sticking on the wall with his arms and legs spread open, and couldn’t help but chuckle.

Shui Linglong walked over, then pulled down PuXiuSi, but the wall still had a human-shaped dent. She couldn’t help but find this slightly strange. This wall however was made using special materials, so denting it like this shows that the strength of that kick was very big, but how come PuXiuSi with a weak body of magician appear completely fine?

Shui Linglong again looked towards Long Yi and saw that he was still motionless, moreover, she clearly saw that completely exposed huge thing in his crotch.

This brat, how come he is so big down there? Shui Linglong thought in her heart, and her old face also couldn’t help turning slightly red. Although her age was enough to become the grandmother of Long Yi, but looking at a young man’s ** like this was truly embarrassing.

PuXiusi also came back to his senses, he knew that Long Yi’s that kick had skillfully used his strength, and all the strength had hit the wall via his body, otherwise even if he didn’t die, he should have shed a layer of skin. But being kicked by a junior was truly losing his face. He looked back at motionless Long Yi, and similarly seeing his crotch, he was very jealous. Both of them were a man, but how come only this smelly kid’s asset was so ample? Moreover, seeing there wasn’t even a trace of any burn on the body of Long Yi, he was surprised. According to his estimation, this forbidden magic spell would definitely not harm his life, but it ought to at least damage him a little, merely it seems that was not the case.

Long Yi was having his own bitterness. Although that protection barrier of PuXiuSi didn’t burn him, but a lot of fire magic elements seeped into his body, making him unable to move even a bit. His fire magic core in his sea of consciousness began to crazily absorb the fire elements within his body. And absorbing a part of fire elements would brighten his magic core.

After a long time, Long Yi was finally able to move and seeing PuXiuSi was staring straight towards the lower part of his body, he hastily took out clothing from his space ring and quickly wore it, with goosebumps appearing all around his body. He knew that this old man was jealous looking at his appearance.

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“Smelly old man, you are too excessive, actually using such insidious move. I showed you mercy, but you nearly took my life.” Long Yi angrily rained curses to PuXiuSi. If he had not absorbed the fire energy of Fire Qilin by chance, then he feared that he would have been burned to unrecognizable this time.

PuXiuSi laughed hollowly and said: “You have gotten a lot stronger, I naturally have a sense of propriety, how can such small flame burn you to death?”

Long Yi coldly snorted, and said: “I don’t feel like arguing with you madman, you two can continue to get intimate, I will not disturb any longer.”

“You smelly brat, what kind of nonsense are you talking? I and PuXiuSi merely had an accident while studying magic, if you talk nonsense again, then I will cut off your tongue.” Shui Linglong wasn’t happy this time, and blocking Long Yi, she resolutely said.

Long Yi raised his hand to surrender and said: “I won’t say again, can I return now?”

Shui Linglong just stepped aside, but PuXiuSi got up and said: “Well, smelly kid, I was wrong, now tell me what happened in that unknown area you were in?”

Long Yi smirked and said while blinking his eyes: “Now that your manner is better, I will tell you, but if I say I met a dragon there, do you believe it?”

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