Chapter 208: Undoing emotional entanglement

PuXiuSi snorted and said: “You are lying, granted that Illusory Magic Forest is mysterious, but it’s impossible for dragons to be there. Although Dragon clan hasn’t appeared for a long time, but I know that their territory absolutely isn’t located in Illusory Magic Forest.”

“Heh heh, old man, if you don’t believe, then forget it. Nowadays no one believes when someone speaks the truth.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulder and said with a smile.

“Believing you is plain stupid, do you have any proof that proves you have seen a dragon?” PuXiuSi said.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows, of course, he had a proof. With the dragon-shaped bracelet around his wrist, he could summon that female dragon Liu Xu, but he was not a fool. Why would he waste a valuable chance just to show off?

“I don’t have any proof, and I don’t care whether you believe me or not. Moreover, I also have a question I want to ask you, how did you know Flames Mountain and what is its opening method?” Long Yi came straight to the point and asked because he was somewhat involved in these matters to some extent.

The complexion of PuXiuSi changed, but revert back to normal very quickly, and said: “This is my personal secret, I will not tell anyone about it.”

Long Yi fixedly stared at PuXiuSi, he knew the temperament of this old man, and if this old man didn’t want to speak, then no matter how he pried, he wouldn’t be able to make him talk. But looking at that change in the complexion of this old man just now when he had just mentioned Flames Mountain, could it be that he was also the later generation of Raging Flame Villa, then wouldn’t that means he has countless ties with Phoenix clan too.

Long Yi didn’t question again, just turned around and walked towards outside, but he suddenly stopped and slightly turning his head, he said: “Water and fire aren’t compatible with each other, and changing the configuration of magic elements can deal with it.” Finished speaking, Long Yi disappeared into the thin air.

PuXiuSi and Shui Linglong looked at each other in blank dismay, then simultaneously clapped their hand, that’s right, why didn’t they think about this way? But this was easier said than done, as even the lowest level magic contain an extremely large amount of magic elements, and to change their configuration, they had to spend an unusually large amount of their spirit power.

Perhaps in magic theory, these Master Archmages were many times more excelling than Long Yi, but they had natural disadvantages because their thinking paths were already fixed. But Long Yi being a newcomer, moreover coming from the Earth with different perceptive, he was naturally talented in innovation.

Long Yi left the dean building, then went to Mercenary Guild to find Tyrant Bear to instruct him to make preparation to leave, so that when he came back from the Elven Forest, they would set out to Violent Dragon Empire.

Tyrant Bear was very excited. He had waited for this day for a long period of time. According to Xiao Yi, when Long Yi set foot on the return journey, that was the beginning. His fate wheel has already begun to rotate, and the structure of Blue Waves Continent will thoroughly change, moreover, he, Tyrant Bear’s dream would be realized beside Long Yi.

Long Yi walked towards the Advance Magic Department’s building, arriving at Water Magic Class A. It was a recess at this moment, and the arrival of Long Yi invited female students to besiege him, then tease him nonstop. Now, Long Yi was surrounded by all kinds of beauties. Some girls were teasing him with their mouth only, and some bold girls were directly flirting in public with him, making him unable to breathe properly.

At this moment, Long Yi suddenly saw a lonely figure sitting on the back of the classroom from the corner of his eyes, precisely was Yinyin. Her eyes didn’t have any focus, and she was staring out the window with somewhat pale complexion, just like a flower that was about to wither, that was standing alone between the heaven and earth. And she looked as if nothing of this world could attract her interest.

Long Yi sighed, Feng Ling ah, this girl really made this girl miserable. Long Yi left the crowd of female students and came to the front of Yinyin.

The sudden appearance of the shadow in front of her made Yinyin came back to her senses, then raising her head, she saw Long Yi with his signature smile.

“This beauty, why are you so depressed here? How about you go out for a walk with me?” Long Yi said with a smile. He tried to talk gently with her as much as possible. He didn’t want this sensitive girl to become aware of the sympathy that was being unintentionally revealed in his eyes.

Yinyin silently stood up, then took the lead to walk out of the classroom. And after arriving in the small woods outside the building, Yinyin stopped, turned around and faced Long Yi.

“I heard from teacher Shui Ruoyan that Ling Feng has left.” Yinyin slowly opened her mouth, but she was somewhat at loss.

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Long Yi made a wry smile. He had never thought that as soon as she opened her mouth, she would still mention Ling Feng, this really was ill-fated relationship ah.

“Well, she has left, you…do you still love her even after knowing that she is a girl?” Long Yi asked very cautiously. Whatever one says, Yinyin could be counted as a friend that had experienced trials and tribulation with them, moreover, this disaster was provoked by his woman, so he was always feeling a responsibility to make Yinyin walk out of this shadow.

“I don’t know, really don’t know, but I dream only about him every day. A moment it is Ling Feng and another moment, it is Feng Ling, I am about to go insane.” Yinyin squatted down and hugging her head, she said in agony.

Long Yi sighed and shook his head. this infatuated silly girl, he walked to the front of her and squatted down, then placing his big hand on her head, he consoled her.

Yinyin cried voicelessly, and tears flowed down. She obviously wanted to wail aloud, but her voice didn’t come out. This kind of crying was most agonizing, and it also shows that the pain Yinyin was enduring had truly reached the limit.

“Cry, cry out loud, everything will be better. You can borrow my shoulder to lean.” Long Yi lightly patted the head of Yinyin and said softly. He was sympathizing this girl from the bottom of his heart, and naturally, he absolutely didn’t have ** component.

Yinyin felt grieved in the innermost part of her heart, and under the consolation of Long Yi, she threw herself into his bosom and catching his clothing, she opened her mouth several times, but still wasn’t able to let out her voice.

Long Yi rhythmically patted her shoulder, and simultaneously led her slowly, finally, Yinyin let out a first sharp crying voice, then as if she found a gateway to release her grief, she began to cry loudly. Her wailing was just like mountains collapsing and the earth cracking up, sea withering to death, and also enough to shock the ghosts and gods.

Long Yi cast a Sound Insulation Barrier, otherwise he was afraid that the teachers and students of the entire academy would be alarmed, still, he had never seen any girl cry like this.

Yinyin cried for no less than two hours, then slowly stopped. Now the clothing in Long Yi’s chest was so wet that if he wrung it, water would come out.

Long Yi took out a brocade handkerchief, then gently wiped the tears from the face of Yinyin. After that, looking at her swollen into two walnuts like eyes, he gently said: “Hereafter, don’t cry like this again. Romantic love is not everything in life, so crying once is enough. Afterwards, you will encounter a person who will truly love and cherish you wholeheartedly, believe me.”

Yinyin took a deep breath. After crying out, she felt a lot more relaxed. She had never felt this relaxed since she had fallen in love with Ling Feng. She nodded her head and gratefully said to Long Yi: “Thank you, Long Yi. Thank you for lending me your shoulder, I think I will not cry like this hereafter.” The eyes of Yinyin glowed anew. Because of Ling Feng, she lost a lot, but in coming days, she will retrieve all of them.

Long Yi smiled and nodded his head. He believed that now Yinyin was a completely new Yinyin, and he and Feng Ling no longer need to feel burdened in their heart.

Yinyin spread out her hands, then looking towards the azure sky, she took a deep breath and ran forward. And after running two laps around the grassland, she looked at Long Yi with a brilliant smile and said while waving her hands: “Thank you, Long Yi.”

Looking at the disappearing back view of Yinyin, Long Yi was also happy. Pleasure from helping others, this idiom absolutely had a factual base, after helping other, one could obtain an unspeakable sense of satisfaction in one’s spirit.

After walking out of woods, he discovered that the class of afternoon was already over, and students were continuously walking out in a line. Long Yi looked around and noticed the figure of Shui Ruoyan.

“Ruoyan, are classes over?” Long Yi quietly appeared beside Shui Ruoyan and asked.

Shui Ruoyan was startled, and after seeing it was Long Yi, she immediately revealed a pleasantly surprised expression, then grumbled: “Are you a ghost, walking without making a sound like this.”

“Heh heh, I am a ghost that steals beautiful women’s soul, are you afraid?” Long Yi smiled and said.

“Afraid, I’m afraid, you playboy ghost, oh, that’s right, I just saw Yinyin, where did you take her? It seems she cried, but her expression was very relaxed. It’s been a long time since I last saw her this relaxed.” Shui Ruoyan asked.

“We didn’t go anywhere, merely she had sealed herself for too long, and I only broke that layer of shell around her heart. Hereafter, she will be happy.” Long Yi said with a smile, revealing his spotlessly white teeth, which was unusually brilliant.

The big eyes of Shui Rouyan glittered looking at Long Yi, and her eyes became blurred in intoxication. This time, Long Yi really looked very enchanting.

“Long Yi, did you come to see me today?” Shui Ruoyan asked.

“M-hm, tomorrow I am going to Elven Forest, so I came to inform you.” Long Yi said.

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Shui Rouyan was startled, and instantly became sad, then she faintly said: “Are Wuhen and Ling’er going with you?”

“Yes, if you want to, then you can also come.” Long Yi lightly pulled Shui Ruoyan’s little hand and said.

Shui Ruoyan suddenly had a pleasantly surprised expression, but she shook her head very quickly and said: “You all can go, you are mistakenly believing that I want to go, but I don’t feel like seeing you with your other women.”

Long Yi faintly smiled, then lightly flickering the nose of Shui Ruoyan, he said: “Double-faced.”

Shui Ruoyan cried in pain and covering her nose, she buried her head in the bosom of Long Yi, then lightly pounded him, while looking at Long Yi with her charming eyes. She truly wanted to go, but on one hand, the studies of the girls of Water Class A was at the critical moment, and on the other hand, she was somewhat afraid. She was afraid because if she was too happy now, then after Long Yi left, she would be unable to free herself from the sadness she felt.

Two people holding their hands walked down the small path of Holy Magic Academy, and just like other lovers, they greeted brilliant red sunset glow, feeling warm and romantic. At this time tomorrow, in the same sunset glow and in this same small path, they would definitely have the different state of mind. Shui Ruoyan thought in her heart.

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