Chapter 209: Nika, you like me?

Early morning in the next day, Long Yi took Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er, setting out towards Elven Forest.

The Elven Forest was not far away from Mea Principality, so they could reach there in just a few days. All along the road, the moral of both women was unusually high. Other than talking about Elven Forest, they mostly talked about the matter of returning home. This made Long Yi somewhat helpless. Now, he didn’t know how these two girls would react at that time when he told them they couldn’t return.

Long Yi had already made two round trip on this road, and this was the third time, so he had many memories on this road. At that time, it was truly lively, as there were Wushuang, Lu Xiya, Yu Feng and Barbarian Bull beside him. And in a blink of an eye, one year had already passed, and now Wushuang was in distant Ice Palace, he didn’t know how she is doing, and after Yu Feng returned back, he had no news of her, and he also didn’t know whether she was missing him or not.

When Long Yi and two girls were passing through a woods, Long Yi suddenly stopped and looked towards the sky, recalling Nalan Empire’s Princess Nalan Ruyue and her maid Xiao Cui. The circumstances of at that time were still vivid in his mind, and also this was the place where the water magic elements of his sea of consciousness had transformed.

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“What happen?” Long Ling’er confusedly asked.

“It’s nothing, let’s continue.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Second Brother, looking at your moral character, you are definitely thinking about women.” Ximen Wuhen said hitting the nail on the head. It seems she deeply understood Long Yi.

Long Yi smirked and said: “Really intelligent, I was truly thinking about women, thinking about you two beauties.”

Although they knew that Long Yi was not speaking the truth, but with regarding their beloved’s sweet words and honeyed phrases, both women were very happy.

After running for few days, Long Yi and two girls finally arrived at the periphery of Elven Forest.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful.” Two women exclaimed in admiration and were intoxicated inhaling this particularly fresh air.

Long Yi looked left and right, then stepped forward while thinking, they will not shoot arrows again, right? He had just thought and he heard several ‘swish’ sounds, and with a flashing of green light, several arrows nailed in front of Long Yi.

Long Yi rolled his eyes, if the captain is still that silly girl Ni Ka, then I will definitely spank her buttocks. We are obviously old acquaintance, but she is still shooting arrows to greet.

Long Yi stretched out his hand, and few arrows fell into his hand. And at this time, a group of female elves guards came out from inside the Elven Forest. And the person walking in the front was naturally Ni Ka.

“This is Elven Forest, outsiders are forbidden to enter.” Ni Ka coldly said to Long Yi and others, as if she never knew Long Yi.

Ximen Wuhen pulled the sleeve of Long Yi’s garment and said: “Second Brother, didn’t you say you can enter and exit Elven Forest as you please? How come this beautiful elf is not buying your account?”

“That’s because she suffers from short-term memory loss, so I need to beat her up to make her remember me.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Long Yi stepped forward, and said: “Little Ni Ka, come.”

“Who are you? I don’t recognize you. Leave now, or else don’t blame me for attacking you ruthlessly.” Ni Ka coldly said.

At this time, an elf guard beside Ni Ka said: “Captain, he is Mister Long, Her Majesty the Queen instructed us to let him enter and exit Elven Forest as he please.”

Ni Ka ferociously glared at that elf, and that elf didn’t dare to speak again, merely winked cutely towards Long Yi.

Long Yi merely smiled. He recalled this elf was that elf guard who accompanied him and Lu Xiya to wander around the Elven Forest at that time. And at that time, this simple elf gave him a very deep impression.

Ni Ka raised her green elven bow and aimed at Long Yi, but other elf guards however looked at each other helplessly. They also didn’t know what was happening to their capital today, and why she, who was still fine just a moment ago, changed like this. Just after seeing Long Yi and those two beautiful human girls beside him from inside the Elven Forest, her complexion had instantly become ice-cold.

Long Yi frowned and instantly shot towards Ni Ka as if a lightning. Seeing this, Ni Ka panicked and her grip loosened, causing the arrow to shoot towards Long Yi.

Long Yi immediately got angry, this girl who cannot tell good from bad, he flicked his finger, breaking the arrow into several pieces, after that he caught Ni Ka with one hand, and another hand firmly spanked her buttocks.

Pa, pa, pa…sounds echoed in the ears of everyone present. Seeing this scene, Long Ling’er, Ximen Wuhen as well as other female elven guards were dumbstruck.

“Ah, damned Long Yi, smelly Long Yi, quickly let me go, I want to kill you.” Ni Ka shouted loudly with a red face, don’t know whether this was because of anger or because of shame.

“Now you recognize me, let’s see if you can still dare to be willful hereafter.” Long Yi heavily spanked her once again, then let her go. This was truly sinful ah, he also didn’t know when it began, but now he seemed to be addicted to spanking the buttocks of women as punishment.

Ni Ka covered her scorching little buttocks with her hands, while ferociously glaring Long Yi as if she wanted to eat him.

“Why are you glaring at me like this? Are your little buttocks still itching?” Long Yi reached out his hand and pinched her nose.

“Don’t touch me, I hate you, you fickle, inconsistent, loving new and forgetting old bastard.” Ni Ka slapped away the hand of Long Yi and said hatefully.

Hearing Ni Ka’s words, Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen suddenly got angry and then glared at Long Yi. They thought that there definitely was something going on with Long Yi and Ni Ka.

“I am fickle and inconsistent? Loving new and forgetting old? Why are you saying such things? If you don’t make it clear today, then I will take off your pants and spank you.” Long Yi frown and said, causing elven guards to laugh secretly.

“Did I speak incorrectly? You are obviously engaged with princess Lu Xiya, but you didn’t come to see her for such a long time, moreover, this time you brought women with you, you are clearly not attaching any importance to our Elf clan, and also not taking princess Lu Xiya seriously.” Ni Ka stared at Long Yi without yielding and said coldly.

“What? Nothing to say?” Seeing Long Yi making a wry smile, Ni Ka said.

“You know what? This matter is clearly something that is outside of your jurisdiction. If someone wants to ask this to me, then it should be either Elf Queen or Lu Xiya. Looking at your reaction, it looks like you are the concerned party here, can it be that you like me?” Long Yi smiled and said.

Ni Ka was stunned for a moment, and other elven guards were also startled, then one elf muttered: “I say, Captain Ni Ka definitely likes the husband of the princess.”

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Hearing this elf’s words, the other elven guards also recalled at that time’s preoccupied appearance of Ni Ka. At that time, this elf had also said this, provoking a very big anger of Captain Ni Ka, and since then, no-one had dared to mention this topic again.

“I like you? Are you saying I like you? What a joke, I am not as naïve as Her Highness the Princess to like you, a shameless bastard.” Ni Ka came back to her senses and retorted, but her heart however was in chaos.

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