Chapter 210: Meeting Elf Queen again

“Then, are you saying Lu Xiya doesn’t have a vision?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and said.

Ni Ka was dumbfounded, as answering either yes or no seemed not too correct, so she hatefully stamped her foot, then stepped aside, no longer blocking him.

Long Yi just smirked, then leading Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen, he entered Elven Forest. In any case, he was very familiar with this place, and even if there was no one to show the way, he could go in and out of here with his eyes closed.

“Long Yi, don’t you have ambiguous relation with that elf captain?” Long Ling’er was unable to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Elven Forest, and after entering Elven Forest, she pinched the soft flesh of Long Yi’s waist, extorting a confession.

“Of course…not, didn’t you see how ferocious she was towards me, how can there be an ambiguous relationship?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“I just see that she was clearly jealous, humph, and you are still saying there is nothing ambiguous.” Long Ling’er said painting with rage.

Long Yi rubbed his nose, he wasn’t an idiot, so how could he not sense the mentality of Ni Ka. So he just changed the topic: “I think you are jealous right now, well, don’t think about these trivial matters, and just look how beautiful this scenery is.”

Long Ling’er pursed up her lips and no longer pursue this question, fearing she would make Long Yi unhappy. Just now, before Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen could enjoy this as if fairyland scenery, they were focused solely on jealousy without looking, and now seeing the environment for the first time, they couldn’t help but exclaimed with admiration immediately. That fragrant air, fresh flowers and grasses all over the mountains and plains, emerald green trees, flowing brook, and various kinds of beautiful and cute little animals among them, this truly was too beautiful.

“Second brother, how about we live here hereafter, I think we will be able to live for a long time like elves.” Ximen Wuhen said with a smile.

Long Yi looked at Ximen Wuhen and said with a smile: “How about you two not return this time, and stay here for a period of time. Elven Forest is big enough for you two to wander around for a period of time.”

Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er immediately stopped after hearing Long Yi, then simultaneously staring at Long Yi, Long Ling’er said: “What do you mean, you don’t want to return or don’t want to take us back?”

Long Yi made a wry smile, and all of a sudden, he truly didn’t know how he should answer. And just when he wanted to open his mouth, he heard a sound coming from behind. Turning around, he saw that smallest elf of the elven guards was rushing towards them.

“Mister Long, I will lead you, otherwise, if Queen knows of this, then she will scold Captain Ni Ka.” This elf said.

This elf was very lively, all along the road, she chattered continuously, introducing the scenery on the way to these two girls, making these two girls forget to question closely for the time being.

Now long after, they arrived at that lakeside residence of Elf clan. Looking at those rows of exquisite log cabins, a cordial feeling well up in the heart of Long Yi. Little princess Lu Xiya whom he had yearned for day and night was certainly inside one of them.

Long Yi was also an old acquaintance of this place, so he greeted the elves outside. And when he was affectionately greeting elves one after another, the guards outside immediately ran inside to notify.

And not long after, with a burst of delicate fragrance, a familiar figure came out from the main entrance of the elven imperial palace. But it wasn’t Lu Xiya, rather was Elf Queen.

“Your Majesty the Queen, long time no see, I trust you have been well since we parted?” Long Yi stepped forward, and looking at Elf Queen with a smile, he said. Her graceful bearing was unchanged, and she still was enchanting and noble.

“Little brat, finally willing to come back, Lu Xiya was missing you every day.” Elf Queen’s gaze wandered about and seeing Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen behind Long Yi, a trace of surprise involuntarily flashed in her eyes.

Long Yi said with a bitter face: “I thought that Lu Xiya would come to see me. It must be Your Majesty the Queen not permitting her to come and see me, you are too heartless.”

Elf Queen faintly smiled and said: “Lu Xiya is my successor, how can she have a free time to stroll all around?”

Long Yi looked left and right, and asked: “Your Majesty the Queen, where is Lu Xiya? You didn’t put her under house arrest, right?”

Elf Queen nevertheless didn’t answer, she just looked towards two girls behind Long Yi and said: “Aren’t you going to introduce these two little girls behind you to me?”

Not waiting for Long Yi to speak, Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen stepped forward and introduced themselves.

A trace of surprise flashed through the eyes of Elf Queen, then with a smile yet not a smile, she glared at Long Yi. This suddenly accelerated the heartbeat of Long Yi, the charm of this mature woman was really hard to withstand ah.

Since Elf Queen already knew the true identity of Long Yi, she naturally knew what sort of person was Long Ling’er. She however was the little princess of Violent Dragon Empire who was raped by this fellow, Long Yi. Now seeing how intimate she was with Long Yi, it was obvious that this bad fellow, Long Yi had stolen her maiden heart.

Elf Queen turned around, leading them inside. But Long Yi quickly stepped forward, and walking beside Elf Queen, he eagerly asked: “Your Majesty the Queen, don’t toy around with me, quickly tell me where is Lu Xiya.”

Elf Queen rolled her eyes looking towards Long Yi, then slightly turning her head, she said: “Don’t pretend, you have outstanding beauties around you all the time, so how can you still have time to miss my Lu Xiya?”

“Of course, I miss her, I missed her every day, missed every night, missed when eating, missed when sleeping and missed even when going to the toilet, and that is not limited to Lu Xiya, I also miss Your Majesty the Queen very much.” Long Yi smiled and said. But he lowered his voice when saying the last sentence so that only two of them could hear.

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The eyes of Elf Queen flashed, and the smile on her face widened a little, then she scolded in jest: “Flippant, I wonder how many ignorant girls were deceived by this mouth of yours. Less ** to me, this kind of behavior is of no use against me.”

Long Yi smirked, is it really useless? Looking at the smile on the face of Elf Queen, he knew that every woman loved to hear sweet words and honeyed phrases. Even though they knew that it was bogus, they would still enjoy it as usual.

Arriving at the hall, the guards left, leaving only Elf Queen and Long Yi’s group inside the hall.

“Your Majesty the Queen, instruct people to bring Hundred Flowers Wine, I truly miss it ah.” Long Yi sat down, putting one leg on top of his another leg. He didn’t seem to consider himself an outsider at all. As for Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er, they appeared rather reserved. And seeing Long Yi was so casually talking with the queen of the legendary proud race, they couldn’t help but were surprised, because looking at how they got along with each other, they didn’t resemble having the relationship of son-in-law and mother-in-law, instead resembled to have the relationship of older sister and younger brother.

Elf Queen instructed people to bring several bottles of Hundred Flowers Wine and some fruit pastries, then said with a smile: “This glutton…, no need to be polite, Miss Ximen and Miss Long, you can treat this place as if your home just like this smelly brat.”

Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er nodded their head. With them being people from the upper-class family, after talking merely few sentences, they naturally relaxed. And that temperament and quality and style of speech they displayed were natural.

Long Yi drank a bottle of Hundred Flowers Wine, then closing his eyes, he immersed himself in the fragrant smell of wine and sighed: “Truly excellent, the wine outside is not even one-ten-thousandth as good as this wine.”

“Since you like this so much, why don’t you stay in Elven Forest hereafter, don’t go anywhere.” Elf Queen said with a smile.

Long Yi smirked and assuming an air of self-satisfaction, he said: “Good wine is indeed praiseworthy, but the price of freedom is higher. Although this place is fairyland in the mortal world, but if I have to stay here throughout my life, then it would be better off killing me.”

“I knew you would say that, you brat. Speaking about it, why did you think of coming here this time, is there something happening?” Elf Queen didn’t feel like hearing the nonsense of Long Yi, so she bluntly asked.

Long Yi smiled. He knew that he couldn’t hide the truth from her, so he nodded his head and said: “Yes, I am returning to Violent Dragon Empire very soon, so I came here to bid you all farewell, and also to see my little darling.”

Elf Queen closed her eyes and thought for a bit, then nodding her head, she sighed and said: “The situation of Blue Waves Continent has deteriorated to the extreme, and there is even more undercurrent in your Violent Dragon Empire, Ximen Nu……” Elf Queen stopped suddenly, then looked towards Long Ling’er beside Long Yi.

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“Ah, don’t talk about it, where is Lu Xiya?” Long Yi immediately changed the topic and asked.

Long Ling’er nevertheless slightly shook, and she slightly frowned. Being born in the imperial clan, she had a certain degree of sensitivity towards politics, merely because she had fallen in love, moreover the partner was Long Yi, she had subconsciously evaded these problems from the bottom of her heart.

Ximen Wuhen also worriedly looked towards Long Yi. She had also heard some rumors, and she clearly knew how her father was. Could it be that those rumors were real? After all those matters, what would happen to her relationship with Long Ling’er, and where would it head to?

Just when Elf Queen was about to open her mouth to answer, the door of the hall suddenly opened with a bang, and Lu Xiya, who was gasping for breath, wearing green elf dress, holding Nature’s Breath appeared in the doorway. Her big eyes idiotically stuck at Long Yi from the very beginning, and they gradually became misty.

“Long Yi.” Lu Xiya called out with a trembling voice which was filled with emotions.

Long Yi stood up, seeing this little elf after a long time, his heart was unexpectedly rather excited. He spread open his arms wide, then dashing over, he hugged her tightly. Smelling her body’s that faint lavender fragrance, he suddenly had a sour feeling in his heart.

“Long Yi, I missed you very much.” Lu Xiya muttered, rubbing her face against the bosom of Long Yi. She deeply inhaled that body fragrance of Long Yi which she had missed very much.

“I also missed you very much.” Long Yi held the beautiful face of Lu Xiya, and lightly caressed her face. The eyes of two people met each other, voicelessly expressing their feelings.

Lu Xiya suddenly tiptoed, and hugging the neck of Long Yi, she kissed Long Yi. They acted as if no-one else were present, and kissed passionately. This kissing lingered, filling the entire hall with stirrings of love.

Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er felt somewhat complex looking at this kissing couple, and simultaneously felt somewhat grieved in their heart. Moreover, they unexpectedly were touched, after all, good things always infected people easily.

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