Chapter 211: Cosmos Touch of Death

lf Queen calmly sat as before without disturbing, as she knew that these two were immersed in the joy of reunion. And she also knew that these two wouldn’t be together for a long time, as Long Yi had to leave, and she feared that Lu Xiya wouldn’t be able to meet him again for a long period of time. Elf clan would never rashly involve themselves in the war of the continent, and once the full-scale war of Blue Waves Continent explode, it was absolutely impossible to stop the war in one or two years, moreover, the war within Violent Dragon Empire would also escalate very soon too, and at that time, would Long clan still stand tall, or would Ximen clan replace them, it was still unknown.

“Boss.” When Long Yi and Lu Xiya were still kissing, a rough voice as if thunder exploded inside the hall.

Long Yi finally let go of Lu Xiya’s pink fragrant lips, and raising his head, he saw an eight feet tall man with two long ox horn on his head who was excitedly standing not far away from him. This fellow was precisely Barbarian Bull whom he had not seen for many months.

Lu Xiya cutely left the bosom of Long Yi, then turning around, she looked towards Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er, these two girls whom she had completely ignored just a moment ago, then giving a charming smile, she went towards them. Although they were once antagonistic at that time when she had arrived at Mea Principality with Long Yi, but such antagonistic was already unnecessary today.

“Barbarian Bull, you are here.” Long Yi happily walked over, then punching the robust chest of Barbarian Bull, they hugged in man style.

“Burly, weren’t you trapped in your tender home village? You unexpectedly didn’t look for me for such a long period of time.” Long Yi jumped and give Barbarian Bull a knock on his head.

Barbarian Bull rubbed the place Long Yi had hit him, and he suddenly felt that he truly missed this kind of feeling. It seemed he was accustomed to the mistreatment of Long Yi.

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“Boss, I’ve always wanted to come looking for you in Mea Principality, but the Evil Vanquishing Rod and Golden Bell Canopy techniques you have taught me just happened to be in the bottleneck, so I thought that I will come after breaking through these bottlenecks.” Barbarian Bull said with a smile, and his words were filled with excitement. It seems he had already broken through those bottlenecks this time.

Long Yi sized up Barbarian Bull and also used his spirit power to scan him, then he suddenly palmed him. The palm directly hit the chest of Barbarian Bull, and with a bang sound, Barbarian Bull tumbled several steps back, and with his blood and qi churning nonstop, his bull face became red.

“Pretty good, you have progressed.” Long Y smiled in satisfaction. With his AoTianJue already reaching the third layer, this skill was incomparable to before, but Barbarian Bull was able to withstand his palm attack at 50% power without any injury when he was caught unprepared. This sufficiently explains his progress.

Barbarian Bull was glowing with pride and happiness hearing the praise of Long Yi. After that, with a flash, divine artifact Greenstone Rule appeared in his hand, then with indistinct green light, domineering aura dispersed, causing people’s heart to give rise to a fear.

“Boss, try my Evil Vanquishing Rod.” Now that Barbarian Bull was interested, he ignored the current circumstance and shouting loudly, he brandished Greenstone Rule, emitting dazzling green light. After that whistling fierce winds from all direction attacked towards Long Yi.

Bang bang bang, the furniture inside the hall cracked in succession, and all the wine bottles and fruit trays on the table also break into pieces due to this momentum.

“You two stupid brats, want to fight, then go out to fight.” Elf Queen got furious. These two fellows were truly outrageous, actually fighting in her drawing room.

Long Yi soared up and using his finger, he received the attacks with his finger. Then with ‘clang clang’ sounds, the green light emitted by the brandishing of Greenstone Rule instantly disappeared. And Long Yi also felt tingling in his finger. The power of divine artifact truly couldn’t be underestimated, moreover, after Barbarian Bull made his progress, the power of Greenstone Rule had also increased. If Barbarian Bull could only use 20% of Greenstone Rule’s power before, then now, he could use at least 30%. If he was able to use the complete power of Greenstone Rule, then it was impossible for the current Long Yi to resist.

Seeing Elf Queen was discontented, Long Yi flashed and as if a ghost, he instantly appeared behind Barbarian Bull, then poked the acupoints of Barbarian Bull, and with internal force piercing through the Golden Bell Canopy of Barbarian Bull, his movements were stopped immediately.

After that Long Yi clapped his hand, this was Touch of Death [1] skill he hadn’t use for a long time and was less useful in this world. In this world, who would go and study Touch of Death. The majority would solve resolve with a sword, moreover, with regarding Magical beasts, Touch of Death was basically useless, as only ghosts know where the acupoints of magical beasts were located.

“Boss, what is this magic, why can’t I move?” Barbarian Bull stiffly stood while carrying Greenstone Rule. Now he noticed that he couldn’t move, so he shouted loudly.

Long Yi smirked and said: “This isn’t a magic, this is Cosmos Touch of Death, enjoy it slowly. After two hours, you will be able to move on your own.”

“Two hours, no, please spare me, boss.” Barbarian Bull begged.

At this time, Elf Queen walked over. At first, she thought that Long Yi had used his spirit power to bind Barbarian Bull, but after scanning him, she discovered that there was no spirit fluctuation, magic elements fluctuation on the body of Barbarian Bull, and naturally, there was also not douqi fluctuation.

“Long Yi, what method did you use to stop him in this state?” Elf Queen curiously asked.

“I can only say this is Touch of Death skill, even if I speak more about it, you will not understand. Your Majesty the Queen, can you try to undo it?” Long Yi said with a smile.

The competitive nature of Elf Queen rose and she nodded her head. Then she began to walk all around Barbarian Bull studying him. And Lu Xiya and others also curiously surrounded him, making Barbarian Bull a living specimen.

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Even after studying for a long time, Elf Queen was unable to understand what was going on, and all the methods she tried didn’t work, so Barbarian Bull was still unable to move at all.

“Second brother, what skill is this, can I lean it?” Ximen Wuhen said with interest.

Long Yi smiled, recalling the scene of Ling Feng having a headache at that time when she wanted to learn about these meridians. The cultivation techniques of this world were already ingrained, and furthermore, unless they start to study from childhood, his techniques were very hard to understand.

“Of course you can, but there will be no result unless you train for eight to ten years.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Then forget it.” Hearing Long Yi, Ximen Wuhen immediately dispelled the thoughts.

Long Yi smiled looking at Elf Queen’s helpless appearance. The acupoints were intangible things, and was the accumulation of China’s long civilization, so how could Elf Queen understand these things?

“I cannot undo it, come and undo it yourself, I want to see how you will do it.” Elf Queen said to Long Yi, and seeing that proud with himself smile of Long Yi, her mood turned bad.

“Heh heh, then look carefully.” Long Yi smiled, then used his two fingers to poke Barbarian Bull. Then with Barbarian Bull’s ‘aiyo’ scream, his stiff body softened. After that he waved his hands and legs, only to find that that paralysis feeling had already dispersed.

After one hour, this five young men and women arrived on the other side of the lake and sat down on the grassland. Lu Xiya innately had a cordial temperament, and with few sentences, she quickly got closer with Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er, then all three of them talk happily. The subject of their talk generally revolved around Long Yi. Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er explained the deeds of Long Yi in Holy Magic Academy, and Lu Xiya spoke about the matters of Huangmang plain to which two girls listened in interest.

“Long Yi, are you returning to Violent Dragon Empire?” Lu Xiya had learned about this matter from the mouth of Long Ling’er, so turning around, she asked softly. Mea Principality was not that far from Elven Forest, and within few days they could arrive the other place, but Violent Dragon Empire was far away in the east and Elven Forest was far away in the west, and the distance between them was far more than thousand li. So if they wish to see each other, then it would be extremely difficult, as a result, Lu Xiya was reluctant to part.

Long Yi nodded his head, then picking up Lu Xiya, he placed her in his lap and said: “Yes, I must return.”

Lu Xiya leaned on the warm chest of Long Yi and muttered: “Then when can we meet again? And when I miss you very much, what should I do?”

“Then shout my name in your heart, I will definitely feel it.” Long Yi stroked the hair of Lu Xiya.

“Is that so? You’re not going to forget me, are you?” Lu Xiya worriedly said.

“Silly girl, how can I forget you? Even if I forget myself, I will definitely remember you.” Long Yi gently blew air beside the ear of Lu Xiya.

The charming body of Lu Xiya trembled and revealed a sweet smile, as she was not able to withstand such passionate whispers of love.

“Smelly fellow, really good at coaxing the girls.” Long Ling’er unwittingly pulled out green grasses from the ground, while jealously looking at two people hugging each other. Although she already knew that this man was not destined to be hers alone, but hearing him telling other woman honeyed words with dense feelings, her heart was somewhat uncomfortable.

With the sun setting beyond the western hills, the evening sun used its final heat to warm this restless world.

Lu Xiya quietly shrunk in the bosom of Long Yi, enjoying the warm bosom of her lover.

Long Ling’er gritted her teeth, then softly sighing, she stood up and said to Ximen Wuhen: “Wuhen, let’s go over there to look.”

Ximen Wuhen turned around and nodded her head. She understood that Long Ling’er wanted to let Long Yi and Lu Xiya have space for themselves. It seems love can really change a person, even if the heart is uncomfortable, she still considered the other party. This is the magical power of love.

Two people walked away, and Barbarian Bull also walked away tactfully, leaving behind only embracing Lu Xiya and Long Yi sitting beside the lake under the silent evening sun.

The air seemed to be somewhat restless, and the little hand of Lu Xiya began to unconsciously move about on the sturdy back of Long Yi. Then with her breathing suddenly becoming hurried, her charming body also began to twist in restlessness in the bosom of Long Yi.

What kind of signal was this, Long Yi who was a veteran in the arena of love, how could he didn’t recognize this?

Long Yi’s big hands slowly slide down, then grabbing Lu Xiya’s plump buttocks, he began rubbing and pinching.

“Long Yi…” Lu Xiya called out passionately and feeling that fiery hot hard thing in the soft place between her legs, her body limped without any strength. Her mind slowly began to blank out, and ** slowly began to boil over.

Long Yi picked up Lu Xiya, then disappeared from that place, leaving behind only the fragrance of love in the air.

“Damned pervert, bastard, smelly fellow.” Seeing the disappearance of two people, Long Ling’er who was far away cursed with tears in her eyes. Her heart after all was still feeling uncomfortable.

[1] Touch of Death: Dim Mak. Dim Mak is depicted as a secret body of knowledge with techniques that attack pressure points and meridians, said to incapacitate or sometimes cause immediate or even delayed death to an opponent. (Source: Wiki)

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