Chapter 212: Heart-to-heart talk under moonlit night

Dim moonlight spilled inside the room from outside the window, dyeing the entire room with faint silvery white color. The muffled panting sound, and bewitching **, accompanied by the creaking sound of wooden bed, interwoven into a melody that would sway the will of people.

Long Yi leaned over and intensely stirred up the charming body of Lu Xiya as if sea waves, and Lu Xiya was just like a sailing boat in the middle of the waves, rising and falling, and her soul had already flown to the highest heaven long ago.

With breast rising and falling, and buttocks rising and falling repeatedly, Long Yi yelled, going on a campaign. His big hands unscrupulously rubbed and pinched those rising and falling plumps, while his waist tirelessly pistoned. He wanted to express and vent out all of his yearnings in this way. And as for Lu Xiya, she desperately welcomed with her heart and body perfectly agreeing with each other. This moment, she forgot everything, the world had already become ethereal for her, and she only knew to use that familiar passion to fill her empty heart.

Late at night, everything calmed down. Messy bedding, ** warp around **, and the sweat dripping down on their body appeared especially transparent under the moonlight.

Lu Xiya was nestling in the bosom of Long Yi while enjoying the comfort she had not felt for a long time.

“Long Yi, let me go with you.” Lu Xiya hated to part with her sweetheart, so she faintly said.

Long Yi smiled, and with his big hand still patting her jade back, he said: “No, this time, I can’t take anyone, so be obedient and listen to me.”

Lu Xiya pouted and twisted around in the bosom of Long Yi not complying with him, but she and Long Yi had got along for such a long time, so she knew that he was serious without a doubt this time. And again thinking about he would take no one this time, at least her heart was somewhat balanced. Moreover, if she missed him too much, then she could secretly run to Violent Dragon Empire looking for him.

Long Yi as if seeing through the thoughts of Lu Xiya pinched her nose and said: “Don’t have an evil idea, if you dare to secretly sneak off, then I will spank your little buttocks until it splits.”

Lu Xiya stuck out her tongue, then pushing down Long Yi, she heavily kissed Long Yi and said: “I can conceal nothing from you, you are not stupid, are you?”

“Of course, not. Who asked me to be your husband?” Long Yi smirked and hugging her slender waist, he said with a smile.

“Well, I love to hear this type of sentences, you are my husband.” Lu Xiya smiled charmingly, and again kissed all over the face of Long Yi. Then she stopped smiling all of a sudden, and fixedly staring at the eyes of Long Yi, she faintly said: “You are my husband, shared husband with sisters, but I am your wife, wife who only belongs to you alone.”

Long Yi was startled, then apologetically looking at Lu Xiya, he wanted to say something, but she used her hand to block his mouth. Then gently stroking the lips of Long Yi, she said with a brilliant smile on her face: “Say nothing, I understand. As long as you still have me in your heart, no matter how many women you have, I will not have any complaint.”

Long Yi was so moved that he tightly hugged Lu Xiya, unfaithfulness was the common problem of men. He always knew that he was not correct, but even if he didn’t want, he couldn’t, so he could only say that he will be affectionate and will not be ruthless, will cherishing and protect every woman beside him. He will never let them get hurt.

Even after Lu Xiya fell asleep in the bosom of Long Yi, he however was still wide awake without any trace of sleepiness.

Long Yi gently moved the hands and legs of Lu Xiya that were wrapping around his body, then getting out of bed, he wore his clothing and walked out. When he arrived at the courtyard, a cool breeze directly blew against his face, which brought a burst of delicate fragrance, which penetrated deep into his heart.

Long Yi moved sideways arriving at yet another courtyard, then pushing the door open, he directly walked inside. And just after walking inside, Long Yi was dumbfounded, as he saw two people were lying on the big bed. One was Long Ling’er and another was Ximen Wuhen. These two were wearing close-fitting thin silk underwear, revealing a large area of snow-white skin. And especially those bulging high mountain ranges, they were tempting to the extreme.

Long Yi feast his eyes for a little while, then walking to one side of the bed, he lightly pulled up the quilt, covering those charming body that could make people bleed from the nose. After that, he sat on the edge of the bed, and quietly looking at the beautiful faces of two beauties, he softly sighed. After that, reaching out his big hand, he gently caressed the beautiful face of Long Ling’er. Now he could only hope that she would not get involved in that battle of the future, although this was very unlikely, as when Long clan and Ximen clan got into conflict, how could she regard everything as if they were of no concern to her? And again, how could she only look on with cold eyes?

Long Yi bend down and kissed the lips of Long Ling’er, then looking towards Ximen Wuhen, he unconsciously kissed her forehead, then he walked out of the room.

After Long Yi walked out, Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen opened their eyes. Now they were revealing a smile on their face. As it turned out, they were obviously pretending to sleep just now.

Long Ling’er’s mind was basically filled with a grievance, and thinking about Long Yi being in another room with another woman, her heart was feeling very sour as if overturned vinegar jar. Moreover, there still was a faint feeling of heartache, always feeling as if he had abandoned her. But the kiss of just now however involuntarily made her mood better, and her heart was filled with sweetness, even to the extent that she completely forgot about that heavy sigh of Long Yi.

Although Ximen Wuhen thought that the kiss of Long Yi on her forehead was purely brothers and sister’s goodnight kiss, but her heart was uncontrollably happy. She really wasn’t able to control some of her own sentiments, this made her frequently call herself crazy in her heart.

Long Yi quietly sat inside the courtyard for a little while, then suddenly Elf Queen’s that amorous and elegant figure appeared in his mind. Recalling that feeling he felt when he had grabbed her breast using his spirit power at that time which was still lingering till now, he had a layer of ambiguous feeling towards Elf Queen. He clearly understood that Elf Queen was the mother of Lu Xiya in his heart, but this relationship made him feel very excited.

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I wonder if she is asleep or awake. Long Yi muttered in his heart. Then exerting a force on the ground, his figure disappeared from there. Avoiding several waves of patrol guards and hidden lookout, Long Yi finally reached the sleeping quarters of Elf Queen. Recalling that previous night when he and Elf Queen had drunk together in this courtyard, and also recalling that as if electrocuted feeling, his was fired up.

Long Yi stood in front of the lady’s bedchamber of Elf Queen, then walked to and fro for a while. Afterwards, suddenly laughing at himself, he shook his head. No matter how captivating Elf Queen was, she was not someone he was capable of touching.

“Smelly fellow, what are you doing here in the dead of night?” Just when Long Yi had thought to fly away, suddenly a crisp and pleasant to hear voice of Elf Queen came from inside.

“Eh…this, I was bored, so I thought to look for Your Majesty the Queen to drink wine. But I didn’t expect Your Majesty the Queen to be sleeping so early.” Long Yi laughed hollowly and answered.

At this time, the door opened with ‘creak’, then Elf Queen with her hair hung down loosely and wearing an emerald green cloak stood in the doorway. But that mature charm of Elf Queen was fatal to Long Yi who was just 20 years old brat.

Long Yi’s mouth and tongue became dry, and swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he thought whether this was a dream or not.

“Want to drink, then come in, but just this once.” Looking at Long Yi’s that perverted appearance, Elf Queen rolled her eyes, then turning around, she walked inside.

“Enter? This……” Long Yi was flabbergasted, and his imagination began to run wild. A single man and a single woman alone in a room, moreover with that room being a lady’s bedchamber, this could easily give rise to some kind of evil thoughts.

Although Long Yi was puzzled about why was Elf Queen allowing him to enter her room, but his legs however faithfully reacted to his thoughts and involuntarily followed after her inside.

After entering, Long Yi discovered that his thoughts were wrong. This place was not really the lady’s bedchamber of Elf Queen, rather a place similar to a drawing room. Her bedroom should be further inside.

Looking at Long Yi’s disappointed as well as relieved expression, Elf Queen had smile yet not a smile, and as if performing magical tricks, bottles of wine and several plates of pastries appeared on the table between them. After that, she said with a smile: “Little sly customer, don’t let your imagination run wild, excessive thinking is a bad thing, don’t you know that?”

Long Yi squinted his eyes looking towards Elf Queen and thought: “Don’t think? If I don’t think then am I still a man?”

Elf Queen poured a cup of wine and handed it over to Long Yi and said: “Drink, this is Elf clan’s special Hundred Flower Wine, is several hundred years old, lucky you.”

Long Yi took the wine cup, and lightly flicked at the back of the hand of Elf Queen, but Elf Queen just leisurely retracted her hand as if nothing had happened, and indifferently looked at him.

Long Yi drank this cup of wine, and sure enough, this was a lot mellower compared Hundred Flower Wine he had drunk before, and really left a rich aftertaste in his mouth.

“Lu Xiya, that girl must have asked to go with you, right?” Elf Queen asked.

“Uh-huh, but rest assured, I won’t take her.” Long Yi replied.

“I know that. But the undercurrents of your Violent Dragon Empire is surging nowadays, perhaps you all will stir up a fire only to burn yourself, you should be very clear about this. If my guess is correct, then you will also leave those two girls, right?” Elf Queen stared at Long Yi, and asked. This was also the part she admired about Long Yi, he was a responsible man with heavy sentiments. She knew of this from his action for Wushuang.

Long Yi made a wry smile and nodding his head, he said: “Originally I promised to take them back with me, but now I have to go back on my words with them, and I don’t know how I should tell them that?”

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“Just tell them properly, I think they are sensible children.” Elf Queen said.

Long Yi and Elf Queen drank a cup of wine, then Elf Queen suddenly asked: “Long Yi, what is your end objective? Could it be that you also want to be Overlord of entire Blue Waves Continent?”

Long Yi thought for a bit, then shaking his head, he said with a smile: “Overlord? I am not interested, I just want to go wherever I love. I am returning now only because of the blood of Ximen clan flowing inside my body, and also because the days will be more interesting after returning.”

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