Chapter 213: Lovesickness Sword’s lovesickness without end

The Elf Queen nodded her head and become lost in thought. From the very beginning when she had seen Long Yi, she knew that he absolutely wasn’t a mediocre man. His eyes and that flamboyant temperament he showed unintentionally, all explained that he possessed one dissatisfied spirit. In the big war of the near future, what kind of role will he play therein? Everything was all up to his decision.

“Then what exactly is your goal? Is it just looking for excitement?” Elf Queen couldn’t help but ask.

Having heard the words of Elf Queen, Long Yi pondered, and in an instant, he was at a loss.  He had arrived in this world without rhyme and reason, and experienced multiple life and death situations, but what exactly was his goal? Contend for hegemony, he wasn’t interested, and becoming an emperor was even more troublesome, as he had to look out for the necessities of all the people under the heaven, and had to worry about the schemes of people, guard against rebellion and moreover guard against assassins too, is there any meaning in this kind of life? Long Yi laughed and spat out all of his chaotic thoughts and said: “Only looking for excitement is really not all, my biggest wish is to bring along beauties with me everywhere under the heaven without any constraint, heh heh.”

Elf Queen was dumbfounded, then staring at Long Yi, she made a wry smile and said: “Do you think it is very easy to achieve your this goal?”

“Of course, it is not easy to achieve, so for my goal, I will make great efforts to cultivate, and naturally even if my cultivation is very high, I will not necessarily be the opponent of millions of people. So I want to help Ximen clan to obtain the world, like that, who will dare to find trouble with me.” Long Yi laughed, suddenly feeling this idea was pretty good.

Seeing the relaxed and casual smile of Long Yi, Elf Queen also smiled slightly. Her judgment of Long Yi was not wrong. If one wishes to have true freedom, then not only one’s strength should be very high, moreover, their backer should also be very strong, standing at the pinnacle of this world’s pyramid while looking down all the living creatures. Only like this, one would be able to do as one pleased.

“Your Majesty the Queen, it seems I have drunk a little too much, how about I stay here and sleep for this night?” Long Yi drank another cup of wine and said while staring at Elf Queen with glazed eyes.

“If you want me to call guards and drive you out, then feel free to sleep here.” Elf Queen indifferently said with a smile. But there was a trace of unspeakable, unknown and peculiar taste in her heart.

Long Yi breathe out a mouthful of alcoholic smell, then he suddenly leaned forward with his hands supporting on the table, and his handsome face stopped less than 2 inches away from the beautiful face of Elf Queen. And being so close, he was able to smell Elf Queen’s that aromatic delicate fragrance.

“What are you doing?” Elf Queen was still calm on the surface, but her eyes showed a hint of panic and shyness.

Long Yi observed Elf Queen from close proximity. Her skin was truly quite fine and smooth, there was not even a little bit of flaw, and with her pretty jade nose, and rosy alluring lips, she truly gave him an impulse to kiss her regardless of everything.

“I think…think…” The heartbeat of Long Yi suddenly speed up, and the big mouth of Long Yi moved towards the rosy lips of Elf Queen.

But just when Long Yi wanted to touch the rosy lips of Elf Queen, he felt an emptiness in front of him. Elf Queen was already standing several steps away from him, furiously glaring at him.

Long Yi woke up with a start. With this kind of night and this kind of atmosphere, it was easy for people to make a mistake.

“What I mean to say is, Your Majesty the Queen is really beautiful. And since it is already quite late, I will not disturb your rest.” Long Yi awkwardly smiled, then turned around wanting to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Elf Queen suddenly called out to stop Long Yi.

Long Yi turned around again and saw Elf Queen walking towards him. After that, she raised her head looking at this youngster, a human man who had become her son-in-law, then she suddenly stood on her tiptoes and lightly peck on his cheek. Long Yi felt her lips were soft and warm, moreover, he also felt that they were slightly trembling.

“You are the husband of Lu Xiya and is also my half-son. This is just a goodnight kiss, don’t let your imagination run wild. If you act like that again next time, then don’t blame for falling out with you, do you understand?” Looking at Long Yi under the moonlight, Elf Queen said in a serious and stern tone.

Long Yi touched his left cheek, feeling as if there still remained that ** feeling. He didn’t answer, just deeply looked at Elf Queen, and then disappeared from that place. Long Yi understood in his heart that even if Elf Queen also held the favorable impression of him, this was absolutely a taboo affection. If Lu Xiya was to know of this, how would she react? Now, all of this matter dispersed with the night wind. The kiss of Elf Queen was to console as well as also to warn him. Regardless of anything, this kind of feeling should be deeply buried in the bottom of the heart, as something were beautiful and good if they were not obtained, and if one was too open, then everything would only get worse, so treating it somewhat ambiguously might be a good choice.

Looking at the night sky where Long Yi had disappeared, Elf Queen stood there for a long time. Long Yi was a kind of man with deadly attraction power towards women. His handsome and light-hearted appearance, noble temperament, heavy sentiment, heavy righteousness, calmness, wise and farsighted, humorous but not frivolous, and that bad smile that often hanged on his face were very seductive. Yes, she admits that she was also attracted, and from the beginning when he touched her body, the relation between them had become somewhat subtle. And especially, with the layer of relation they had with Lu Xiya, that taboo feeling made them somewhat unable to stop even though they wanted to.

Tonight, Long Yi was rather out of control, but Elf Queen didn’t follow him to get out of the control. This taboo love was not only unacceptable within this Elven Forest, even in the entire Blue Waves Continent, this absolutely was something that was unacceptable. Lu Xiya was able to accept Long Yi having other women, but if she knew that her mother and her husband had such impure and unclear relation, then how sad she would feel.

Elf Queen lightly sighed, then turning around, she walked towards her bedroom, turning the matter of tonight into memory.

In the Elven Forest, Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen played for two days. Seeing such beautiful place for the first time, they were attracted by the fairyland-like scenery of Elven Forest so much that they seemed to forget about returning. As for Long Yi, after that night, his relation with Elf Queen unconsciously drifted apart greatly. In the past, he used to joke unscrupulously, but now he was polite. Both of them subconsciously distanced themselves from each other. This change made Long Yi have a knot in his heart, always feeling not very comfortable.

This day, the weather was not as fine and clear as former days, but it rained heavily with a fierce wind blowing up. Lu Xiya accompanied Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen while chattering continuously. And as for Long Yi, he was staring at the pouring rain outside sitting under the eaves. And as for Barbarian Bull, he was standing behind Long Yi as if a pillar.

“Boss, when are we leaving?” Barbarian Bull asked. In fact, before Long Yi had come to Elven Forest, he was already planning to leave for Mea Principality with Lu Xiya to visit Long Yi, but who would have thought that Long Yi would actually come first.

Although Barbarian Bull also liked the beautiful scenery of Elven Forest, however he even more looked forward to the adventure around the Blue Waves Continent with Long Yi.

“What? Unable to stay here any longer?” Long Yi turned his head and asked with a smile.

Barbarian Bull grabbed his ox horn and said with a foolish smile: “Although this place has good wine and good foods, but I have already had enough of them.”

“Well, after the rain stops, we’ll leave.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Barbarian Bull immediately got excited, and earnestly hoped for this heavy rain to stop quickly.

Long Yi leaned on the pillar and no longer speaking, he looked at this heavy rain and his eyes began to lose focus. Rainy day was an overly sentimental weather. With raindrop falling on calm heart lake, it burst forth into sparkling and translucent water blooms, with every bloom engraving a word: Missing.

Innumerable memories covered with dust resurfaced again like a flood. The faces of past life and this life appeared vividly in his mind. After that, all the faces gradually disappeared from his brain, leaving behind only peerlessly beautiful faces, including Long Qi of his previous life, Si Bi and Wushuang of this life.

Long Yi suddenly felt somewhat depressed. Now missing was engraved on his bones like this, making him somewhat unable to adapt. Suddenly, he got up then uttered a long, loud cry, letting out all the depression in his heart. The three girls who were chatting with each other in high spirit were so frightened that they jumped, then simultaneously looked at Long Yi. But they saw Long Yi leaping swiftly and rushing into the rain, then with a willow branch in his hand, he actually began to sword dance in the midst of heavy rain.

“By the railing, the air is free of dust, the water by the bamboo is clear and bright, My thoughts and feelings are of distant places, and the city of a lofty height, In the evening the frosty wind blows and the Autumn haze remains, All I hear is the withered lotus leaves crackling in the rain. [1]” Long Yi’s muffled voice resounded throughout the Elven Forest, and with an unusual footwork, his figure looked illusionary in the midst of the heavy rain with many afterimages.

This swordsmanship of Long Yi was Lovesickness Sword created by his senior in his previous life. This only had heart law without any style, and purely moved through the heart desire. The first dance was Birds’ Forlorn Cries, second dance was Weeping Ghosts and God and final third dance was Sorrowful World, making this Lovesickness Sword move. The senior who had created this swordplay was truly a lovesick person of his generation.

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Looking at the afterimages in the rain, and feeling that bone piercing feeling of missing made the three girls feel very sympathetic. And they simultaneously thought: “Who is he missing so much?”

“Ah, look.” Just then, Long Ling’er suddenly exclaimed, pointing towards the sky.

And everyone simultaneously looked, only to see countless birdies flying out in the midst of the heavy rain, practically covering the entire sky. All of those birdies uttered sad calls in unison and circled around the sky. They were so concentrated together that they completely blocked the heavy rain.

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Elf clan had never seen such spectacular scenery. They immediately came out from their house in spite of the rain and began discussing spiritedly.

This moment, Long Yi was already dancing in the air instead of ground. And seeing more than ten illusionary Long Yi dancing with sword moves in the air, spiritedly discussing elves quieted down all of a sudden. Looking at Long Yi in the sky who was completely drenched in such rain, each and everyone began to miss their life’s most important as well as other people. Some missed their deceased relatives, and some missed their first love, the atmosphere of the entire Elven Forest became abnormal.

“Even the sky and the earth have their limits, Only lovers’ yearning would linger on and never break.” The deep voice of Long Yi reverberated through the sky once again, and suddenly his afterimages merged into one, then the willow branch in his hand violently emitted green light and shadow, and broke inch by inch, fluttering down to the ground [2].

After the first dance of Lovesickness Sword was completed, the birdies circling around in the sky began to disperse. And at this time, Long Yi noticed that the heavy rain had already stopped before he knew it. Black clouds had already dispersed, revealing a clear blue sky.

“It’s time to leave.” Bathing in the warm sunlight, Long Yi muttered.

[1] Poem written by “Li Shangyin” titled “Sent to Officials Cuiyong And Cuiyan, While Lodging at Luo Family Pavilion”. This poem’s translation was copied from “”] [2] This is also a poem, but only the last two verses of a poem “Magnolia Lyrics” by “YAN Shu”. Copied from “”.

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