Chapter 214: Returning Journey (Part one)

Long Yi walked away with Barbarian Bull, Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er.

And as for Lu Xiya, she was leaning on the body of Elf Queen, looking at the disappearing back view of Long Yi with tears. Now her heart felt empty, as he had again taken her heart away with him.

“Mother, when will I meet them again?” Lu Xiya muttered.

“Silly child, you will meet them very quickly, remember what Long Yi had once stated, parting is for a better reunion. If you want to see him earlier, then quickly learn everything, then mother will allow you to go out of Elven Forest.” Elf Queen lovingly consoled her daughter. It seems they truly owed a debt to that stupid brat in their previous life, ai.

“M-hm.” Lu Xiya forced herself to nod her head.

Ni Ka who was standing behind them nevertheless was having another thought. She firmly held the elven bow in her hand, and her maiden heart was restless as well as wavering with complex feelings, and even she herself didn’t know what was happening? After Long Yi came here several days ago, other than having a conflict with him when he first arrived here, she hadn’t uttered a single word to him.

“Don’t have unrealistic thoughts, just carry out your own duty.” Ni Ka muttered in her heart, somewhat mocking to herself and somewhat feeling sad.

After a period of time since the disappearance of the figures of Long Yi and his group, Elf Queen led the crowd back. In her heart, Long Yi appeared more and more mysterious, whenever she considered she understand him to some extent, she would again fall into uncertainty. His that sword dance in the midst of rain was very extraordinary sight, and that strange appeal truly was too freakish.

After rushing for few days, Long Yi and his group quickly arrived at the outskirts of a town of Mea Principality.

“Second brother, are we directly returning to Soaring Dragon City or staying here for the night?”Ximen Wuhen asked excitedly.

The steps of Long Yi began to slow down. This time, he had to tell them his decision.

Long Yi stopped, then looked back at Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er.

“Long Yi, do you have something to say? I think it’s not good words, right?” Seeing the expression of Long Yi, Long Ling’er said feeling restless.

“Well…this, I think it would be better for you two to stay at Mea Holy Magic Academy, because…” Long Yi pondered for a little while and said, but Long Ling’er interrupted before he could finish speaking.

“No, you promised to let us return together with you. But now, why do you want to leave us here?” Long Ling’er discontentedly said.

“Yes, second brother, what’s the problem?” Ximen Wuhen also questioningly chimed in.

“Nowadays, the situation is unstable, so it is better for you two to not return and stay in this safe Holy Magic Academy.” Long Yi said.

“Excuses, who are you coaxing? The situation of the entire continent is unstable, but it will not spread to Soaring Dragon City in a short while. Besides, we Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire are in an alliance, so how could that Proud Moon Empire be our opponent?” Long Ling’er angrily said.

Long Yi made a wry smile, even if the entire Blue Waves Continent went to a full-scale war, the war will not affect Violent Dragon Empire’s center city, Soaring Dragon City in a short time. But the problem here was, now the situation of Soaring Dragon City in itself was unstable.

“Don’t be too naïve, two empires are now allied together because of benefit. As long as Proud Moon Empire is destroyed, this kind of political relations will basically collapse at the first blow in front of the interest.” Long Yi said.

“No matter, in any case, we want to return. And even if you return without us, do you think that we cannot return by ourselves? Do you think that you have control over whether I can return my home or not?” Long Ling’er stamped her legs and said, launching her temperament of Miss. In fact, her heart just didn’t want to separate from Long Yi, that’s all. If Long Yi leave, then she will inevitably choose to return too.

Long Yi rubbed his temple and said: “Well, don’t quarrel now, let’s return to dormitory first.”

Just when Long Yi and his group arrived at the entrance of Holy Magic Academy, two unassuming men walked over towards them from the different direction. These two people appeared to be not from the same group, but at the same time, they seemed to know each other.

Among two people, one walked towards Ximen Wuhen, and another walked towards Long Ling’er. That person walking towards Long Ling’er made a kind of sign behind Long Yi, then the complexion of Long Ling’er changed all of a sudden. After that, looking at Long Yi, she walked to one side with this man.

And the middle-aged person walking towards Ximen Wuhen directly made the sign of Ximen clan in the presence of Long Yi, presumably, he knew the identity of Long Yi. Then he took out a secret letter from his sleeve and handed over to Ximen Wuhen and said: “This is patriarch’s secret letter to Miss,” Finished speaking, he turned around and disappeared into the crowd.

Long Yi thought for a bit, then looked towards Long Ling’er. That man also gave her a letter, then walked away. Long Ling’er opened the letter, then her complexion became unusually unsightly. After that, with a red light flashing from her hand, the secret letter was turned to ashes.

Ximen Wuhen also opened the letter, and her complexion also changed greatly.

“What’s going on, little sister?” Long Yi asked in concern.

“You are satisfied this time, look yourself.” Ximen Wuhen handed over the secret message to Long Yi in a bad mood.

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Long Yi spread out and looked, this indeed was the handwriting of their old man. It stated that Ximen Wuhen was absolutely not allowed to return, otherwise, she will be punished according to family rules.

Long Ling’er ran over, then furiously said to Long Yi: “Smelly Long Yi, isn’t this your work, my father emperor send someone to say that I am not allowed to return.”

Long Yi was startled, with Long Zhan and Ximen Nu having a tacit agreement like this, it seems the situation of Soaring Dragon City is really not too good.

Long Yi pinched the bulging beautiful face of Long Ling’er and said: “Why are you suspecting me? This truly is not right. And don’t be angry, now you look just like a swelling toad, looking very ugly.”

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“Ugly then ugly, in any case, you don’t want to see me.” Long Ling’er slapped off the hand of Long Yi and grumbled.

“How can that be? I am dying to tie you on my body, but this time, please listen to me, okay?” Long Yi pulled the little hand of Long Ling’er and softly coaxed her.

Long Ling’er raised her head, then stared at Long Yi with complicated gaze for a long time, and finally nodded her head, but afterwards, she acted in a fit of pique. She no longer talked with Long Yi, even to the extent that she didn’t even look at him.

Long Yi send two girls back to their dormitory. And Long Ling’er immediately went inside her dormitory without even looking back. But Ximen Wuhen however hesitated and looked at Long Yi, then she suddenly said softly: “Second brother, I have something to talk with you.”

Long Yi nodded his head, then instructing Barbarian Bull to wait for him in the same place, he led Ximen Wuhen to a secluded corner.

“Second brother, tell me honestly, is our clan really scheming to usurp the throne, and really want to fight with the emperor?” Ximen Wuhen somewhat nervously looked at Long Yi. She truly wanted him to shake his head and deny her guess.

Long Yi was startled, then patting the head of Ximen Wuehn, he said: “I am also not too clear about these matters.”

“Then, if it is true, then what should we do? And what should Ling’er do?” Ximen Wuhen caught the sleeve of Long Yi’s garment and said worriedly.

“There will be a way to settle this, don’t let your imagination run wild.” Long Yi consoled her. Now the discernable person could easily see the internal disorder of Violent Dragon Empire. Ximen Nu was already planning to take advantage of a favorable situation and rise. Now, they were just maintaining a kind of delicate balance between them, and once one party make an unusual move, that inevitably will stir up a chaos.

“Second brother, I don’t know whether you are well aware of the situation or not, but if I can see this much, then Ling’er also can similarly see this much, but now she is deliberately pretending to not understand, merely don’t want to face the reality, in fact, she is suffering greatly in her heart.” Ximen Wuhen faintly said.

Long Yi sighed, how could he not about this? He already knew this. But he just said: “Well, go upstairs and accompany Ling’er.”

Long Yi returned towards his dormitory with Barbarian Bull. He decided to let Barbarian Bull sleep in his room, while he would go to sleep in the room of Feng Ling.

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